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Ugh, stop twitching
fixing things Posted 2002-10-13 01:46:58 by Jim Crawford
“Today” has been a productive day for I've finally gotten around to implementing many of the changes I've been meaning to for months, including:
  • The content now comes first when the page is rendered linearly.
  • There's now proper quoting in comments. I also threw in some HTML tags in case you can't spell your name properly without italics or something.
  • The naughty word filter no longer smashes case... at least not in the first letter. Also, it checks for word boundaries around the word “ass”. Heh.
  • The search function now searches the subject as well. Still no comment search, though.
Also, some cosmetic changes:
  • The background color is slightly darker, because... I'm not sure. I guess I just didn't want anyone to take it for granted.
  • I'm using a serif font now. I was using Arial before, mostly because it's what every other site on the web uses. I like the looks of Georgia more, and I hear serif fonts supposed to be more readable anyways. Although sans-serif fonts are supposed to be more legible. Huh?
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