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Ugh, stop twitching
threat part ii
horror Posted 2003-04-11 17:22:00 by Jim Crawford
I don't see how anyone can give a fuck, in relative terms, about “The War” when this sort of precedent-setting Gestapo Shit is going on right here in our own fine country.

All these people are protesting the war. “Stop The War,” they say. You can't swing a cat without knocking over an oh-so-clever “drop bush, not bombs” sign. Folks, the war's gonna end by itself. The aforementioned Gestapo Shit isn't. Where the fuck are all the “Stop imprisoning people indefinitely with no trial or access to a lawyer” protests?

The upshot of these recent events is that They can lock you up whenever They feel like it, for however long They feel like, without providing any reason whatsoever, without providing you any legal recourse whatsoever. So you've got a bone to pick about the war in Iraq? Your right to dissent is slipping away right from under your very nose. Wake the fuck up.

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Posted by Anonymous (sugi_grl) on 2003-04-11 17:57:19
yeah that's horrifying, even murderers can't be held for more than 24 hours without enough evidence of the right kind gotten the right way
That's not the worst of it
Posted by AdamMil on 2003-04-12 01:13:09
At least he (Mike Hawash) is going to be released eventually. I wouldn't doubt that it has something to do with all the press he's receiving. At least Mike was only detained as a "material witness". But there are many, many more in worse straits than him -- all the people who've been classified as "enemy combatants" -- people who've been locked up for over a year in military prisons inside and outside the country. It's likely that they'll never receive a hearing of any kind, or even see the light of day again. We don't know where they were taken, and Bush wants to make it illegal to tell anybody that somebody has been disappeared (or any details about it). So, they snatch your brother... and if you say anything, they get you too. Thankfully, that one hasn't quite been signed into law yet. I think it's part of PATRIOT 2.

The US government also seems to have no qualms about grossly violating the Geneva convention (while complaining loudly about violations by other countries).,3858,4632629,00.html
Posted by theexaltedkarphoozi on 2003-04-20 13:01:08
well, pfister, you were certainly feeling your oats when you wrote that. but i agree about how annoying the antiwar protest signs can be when there is better stuff to be protesting. The war is out there, it's happening, and because it is happening, we should be supporting our troops and hoping for the best, not randomly insulting figures of authority because we dont like their policy and the fact that they got us pulled into this mess. It's happening. And when life gives you lemons.....
Posted by AdamMil on 2003-04-24 14:27:37
Remember that the military, while composed of fellow Americans, is essentially a tool of force by violence under the direct control of the government. Their duty is to follow orders, and dissent is punished.

I can support the troops as fellow human beings and fellow Americans, but I certainly would oppose blind, blanket support of the troops, since their actions directly represent the policies and desires of those in power.

Remember that the militaries of the world have, historically, been used for evil (probably more often than they've been used for good). And I'm sure that individuals in those militaries were mostly good guys with families. And they were supported by their countrymen.

I think we need more thoughtful, intelligent debate here, and the awareness of what's actually happening in the world and in our own country which would be a prerequisite for such debate. Most people do blindly "support the troops", get all their information from the highly biased "Operation Liberate Iraq" on CNN and Fox News, and are generally content that with their "support" (which generally boils down to spouting data from goverment-approved sources and actively stifling intelligent debate), they're having some great effect on the world. In truth, they're totally ignorant of the horrendous violations by our own government of the very rights they profess to be standing up for.

And if you try to mention any of this to them, they either say "Why do you hate America so much?" or "Well, -I'm- supporting our troops!"

People do need to "wake the fuck up".
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