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Ugh, stop twitching
nethack; a winner is me
games Posted 2004-05-12 18:03:10 by Jim Crawford
Been playing Nethack on's server, so anyone who wants to skip reading this and just watch the ttyrec playback, you go have a blast. I think it starts at 2004-05-10.20:40:28.ttyrec.

I'd been playing through the classes in alphabetical order, just for the hell of it. I just ascended a Samurai the day before yesterday, which makes this Tourist two in a row, my fourth win in about 10 years of playing. The Samurai wasn't that interesting, but here's a summary of the Tourist's adventures:

Though I was pretty careful in the early game, with the excellent +2 darts and strong pets, I mainly succeeded because I was lucky, lucky, lucky. Sokoban started on dungeon level 5, so I took it immediately, letting my pets clear out the zoo. Got reflection. Found Trollsbane, which served me well in the early game. The first thing I identified with my ID scroll was a pile of 2 blessed enchant armor scrolls, and since I started with a Hawaiian shirt, I had the first part of my ascension kit very early on.

Found a couple cursed bags of holding and gauntlets of dexterity in a pre-minetown bones file (sorry, don't remember the name of the character!) but didn't acquire any holy water until after I cleared out the mines and found a coaligned altar later in the main dungeon. Wore the gloves anyway; I hadn't ID'd them, but I assumed they were good. Got a magic lamp somewhere along the way.

By the time I started on the quest, I had -15 or so AC, and clearing out all the barracks was already more tedious than dangerous. Zapped the master of thieves with a wand of death I acquired from a soldier.

The Platinum Yendorian Express Card is great! I suspect that after the quest, the tourist actually has it easier than any other class. The PYEC's magic resistance means I can equip an amulet of life saving, an oilskin cloak, and two weapons, relying on silver dragon scale mail for reflection. With the AoLS on, I felt safer through the rest of the game than I did with my Samurai. And the charging meant I could ditch all of my extra wands.

After the quest, I repeatedly used a wand of create sacrifice and ended up with four or five artifact weapons, eventually deciding to go with Frost Brand.

I used four blessed scrolls of genocide, for all the stuff that either has given me trouble in the past, or that I've just heard about: L's, h's, R's and ;'s. I finished the game with two spares. Enchanted armor with some more written scrolls. I'm starting to think magic markers make the game too easy...

Found another bones file right before the castle, which gave me speed boots, possibly some other stuff that I forget. Thanks, Congressman! Sorry about that arch-lich...

Wished for the aforementioned SDSM and helm of brilliance to go with my gauntlets of dexterity. Couldn't think of anything else to wish for! I ended up ascending with two magic lamps and two charges left in my wand.

Ditched the dwarven shield in favor of a silver sabre. I tried polypiling to get a silver saber because I didn't want to bother going all the way back to minetown, but no dice. Once I had my kit all ready, though, I could actually cast spells! I'd been reading all the spellbooks I found, not really paying attention to them, before ditching them, just in case this happened.

Turned out that one of the spells was magic mapping, which made Gehennom so much less tedious. I burned out wands of digging quickly, though, even with the PYEC recharge, and ended up going back upstairs to find a pick-ax.

The rest of the game was pretty uneventful. On the way back up from retrieving the amulet, I decided to try the _ command... very nice! I just hit _<. and as often as not, I ended up on the up-starcase.

I breezed through the elemental planes, this time, having some high level spells and gold detection scrolls in my pack. I gotta remember that for next time. Second altar was mine. A winner is me!

I still haven't finished going through all the classes yet, but here's hoping! I think after I'm done, I may try a little harder for a wizard ascension; up until this one, they've all been hack and slash classes.

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Posted by Jim Crawford on 2004-05-12 18:14:48
God damn, I'm so great.
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