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Ugh, stop twitching
stoking the paranoia Posted 2004-05-18 16:15:23 by Jim Crawford
While updating's DNS info, I discovered that if you do a domain lookup on, and it tells you that this domain is taken, there's a link to “backorder” the domain. The idea being that you can reserve a domain for instant registration if it ever expires.

Seeing this link on my own personal domain name was pretty disturbing. What it said to me was that if I let up my guard for a moment and let expire, it would be instantaneously replaced by something soul-deadening like this.

It's as if I were looking at my my personal information on Yahoo! People Search and seeing a link exhorting the reader to “Order this person killed! Only $29.95, we accept PayPal!”

[link to this] [See more on “”]

verisign is pure evil
Posted by Anonymous (Craig Timpany) on 2004-05-20 21:21:54
Network Solutions is a subsidiary of Verisign, and is now free from all ethical constraints, so it can explore new possibilities, such as:

* Offering domain owners the chance to be exempt from certain "outages" for a fee.

* Offering "domain name security" from people's back orders. Continue to take back orders irrespective of whether they're disabled or not.

* Selling a domain to more than one party. DNS requests would be randomly dispatched to one of the owners.

* Mugging the elderly.

I agree verisign is the devil
Posted by Anonymous (sugigrl) on 2004-05-21 10:18:56
verisign truly has no ethics, I was duped into renewing with them when I registered with another initially. they were NOTHING but headaches and I immediately transferred the domain again to the place that hosts my site. I know very little but I know verisign is a sign of the apocalypse
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2004-05-23 14:15:05
 * Selling a domain to more than one party. DNS requests would be randomly dispatched to one of the owners.

I would pay money to see this happen.
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