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Ugh, stop twitching
and all it costs is your self-worth
horror Posted 2004-09-11 18:59:48 by Jim Crawford
This is some repugnant shit. The short version: sign up for some promotional offers and get five others to do the same, listing you as a referrer, and they send you an iPod.

Maybe I'm biased, because my first taste of the “Free iPod!!” syndrome was spam on my entry about how my grandfather had just died. I'm seeing see it everywhere now, in Slashdot signatures, in sponsored links, and on weblogs of people I used to respect. It's pretty clear to me at this point that it's a legitimate company and a legitimate offer, in the same way that you really can get cash money for sucking cocks on the street.

It does not please me that grass-roots spam is becoming socially acceptable. At least in the cocksucking situation, you're generally not expected to convince five others to do the same thing.

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cock suckers
Posted by DefHo on 2004-09-13 15:45:45
Ha. Sound's like one of those pyramid schemes. I have more respect for the cocksuckers. At least when you suck cock you're giving something in return.
re: cock suckers
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2004-09-13 19:05:48
Capitalism at work is a beautiful thing.
grass roots spam
Posted by Anonymous (Craig Timpany) on 2004-09-14 00:00:36
Man, the companies paying for sign-ups are really getting a raw deal. As soon as people have been joined for the required length of time they're going to leave. The companies are paying significant amounts of cash for temporary customers.

What's more, this is a pyramid scheme, so that means at some point it'll stall and new referrals will be hard to find. Hundreds of thousands of people are going to be signed up to shitty promotional offers (and they will be shitty if people need bribed to join) with no chance of getting an iPod.

It's even more of a raw deal if you're one of the companies that bought the last group of bitter, angry customers. On top of this, you've just associated your brand with a just-collapsed pyramid scam. Oops!
re: grass roots spam
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2004-09-15 00:17:36
I hadn't considered their side of it at all. I've said it before and I'll say it again, capitalism at work is a beautiful thing :)
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