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Ugh, stop twitching
adam sandler crossed with the unabomber
life Posted 2005-03-30 03:47:37 by Jim Crawford
<pf_> -- apparently i share the political ideology of adam sandler
<Defho> you guys are in the same corner as the unabomber!
<pf_> -- thankfully not in the same colored region
<Defho> in fact, you're right between adam sandler and the unabomber!!!
<pf_> that's going in my next rap song
<Defho> who's the woman on the bottom?
<pf_> i think that's hillary clinton
<pf_> but i actually only recognize half of those people
<pf_> and i have no idea who the guy i said was adam sandler actually is :)
<pf_> i note that hillary clinton's chest is a socialist but her head is just a democrat
<Defho> it is adam sandler
<pf_> are you sure? :)
<Defho> pretty
<AdamMil> so, where's the test that generated those pictures?

... time passes ...

<AdamMil> hey, those assholes called me a democrat!
<AdamMil> a "strong democrat"!
<pf_> ha ha!
<Defho> i'm a democrat too!
<pf_> ha ha! wait, i don't know if that's a bad thing in your opinion :)
<Defho> neither do i!!!\
<pf_> you pinkos
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who's who
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2005-03-30 04:00:55
For what it's worth, these are the people I recognize: Reagan, GWB, Trump, The Unabomber, Pope Juan Paul, Kerry... Robert Redford? MLK, Osama, Stalin, Darth Vader, Gorbachev, Hillary Clinton, Gandhi. Anyone care to fill in the blanks? I feel especially like I should know the 18th-century-looking libertarian. And I still doubt that that guy is really Adam Sandler :)
Posted by DefHo on 2005-03-30 11:37:28
I think the 18th century guy is Thomas Jefferson. I also just noticed that they put the republicans on the left and the democrats on the right. They got it backwards!
re: politics
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2005-03-30 13:43:51
Jefferson looks right.

I'm sure the inspiration for this test was the "World's Smallest Political Quiz":

Which is almost certainly going to classify you as a libertarian, because it's a recruiting tool. But the reason I bring it up is that the test results are graphed on a square -- like the "okcupid" test -- but flipped and rotated 45 degrees, so that libertarians are at the top, liberals are on the left, conservatives are on the right, and totalitarians are on the bottom. A nice way of mapping a new visualization onto an old one.
no subject
Posted by Anonymous (David Q. Carder (subnubilus)) on 2005-06-07 20:25:18
I can't compare the tests because I -should- test libertarian and do on both, but, having done more than my share of OkCupidding, I can safely say that their version does not bias towards "Libertarian". Most profiles have Socialist, Democrat, or Strong Democrat, which may or may not be accurate (but I suspect it is). Oddly enough, there seem to be more Totalitarians than Republicans, and I've never seen a Strong Republican or something to that effect. If you plan on using OkCupid, the test (which is undeletable from your profile) is a double-edged sword; it will deter any close-minded "open-minded" people from contacting you (unless you happen to be some form of liberal), but on OkCupid that seems to mean (unless you happen to be some form of liberal) that hardly anyone will contact you. Or maybe I was just picking out the wrong people... hard to mix and match desirable traits in -people-, you know. Anyway, I don't mind people having any opinion they'd like, or even being admittedly close-minded (depending), but it seems the more someone insists that they are open-minded, the more aggressively close-minded they are. You'd think apolitical people would be a good bet, but they always turn out to be the type who don't care because it (probably) doesn't affect their sex life. I'm almost positive that's Adam Sandler, by the way.
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