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coding Posted 2006-01-24 11:18:32 by Jim Crawford
I've recently read a few interviews with Bill Roper, who is a part of a team made of a bunch of ex-Blizzard folks. Their upcoming game Hellgate: London promises to be even more generated than Diablo II was, with random events as well as levels and items. I like how he says “We're getting a load of weapons, armor and monsters in right now” as if they just dump them into the database and the level generation algorithm starts spitting out levels with that stuff in. Because I'm hoping that's how it is!

On events: “For instance, you could be battling along a street when a Templar comes running out of the Underground pursued by demons. If I help him fight off the monsters he'll then stick around and I'll get a companion.”

This might not be obvious from my lack of faith in the erasmatron, but I'm really looking forward to see how far they can push generated content. If they can make it really work, we get rid of all these goddamn level designers, reduce development costs by millions, and save the entire games industry. Phew!
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