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Ugh, stop twitching
horror Posted 2006-02-06 05:51:26 by Jim Crawford
So the story is, Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten decided that the media was self-censoring Muslim issues, and in an effort to correct this, asked cartoonists to make fun of the Muslim prophet, Muhammad.

“Thousands of Muslims rampaged Sunday in Beirut, setting fire to the Danish Embassy, burning Danish flags and lobbing stones at a Maronite Catholic church as violent protests over caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad spread from neighboring Syria. ... Syria blamed Denmark for the protests, criticizing the Scandinavian nation for refusing to apologize for the caricatures of Islam's holiest figure.”

When I saw this image, I assumed that the word “freedom” was just a word, a symbol that stood for the differences between Islam and the rest of the world. I assumed he was using it in much the same way that George Bush slings the word around to justify actions that are antithetical to freedom. But then I read this quote from Al-Thawra, a newspaper run by the Syrian Government:

“It is unjustifiable under any kind of personal freedoms to allow a person or a group to insult the beliefs of millions of Muslims.”

Refresh my memory, weren't the Japanese this backwards before we nuked them?

On the other hand, this is a promising reaction which will hopefully prove enlightening to somebody.
[link to this] [See more on “horror”]

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