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life Posted 2006-03-14 10:46:48 by Jim Crawford
Often times when I visit my mother, I write things on her calendar. Yesterday, in my infinite wisdom, I designated one day in late March -- the 19th, perhaps? -- as “Pee in the Shower Day.” The next day became “Pee in the Sink Day,” which was followed by “Pee in the Garbage Can Day” and “Pee in the Clay Oven Day.” That last probably should've just been “Pee in the Oven Day,” or perhaps “Pee in the Baking Flour Day,” but I foolishly opted to sacrifice brevity and flow to include an in-joke that only one person, who will never see the calendar, would get. And wouldn't think was funny.

Later on in the month came “Poo in the Sink Day.”

I spent some time afterwards thinking about where else one might pee and poo to celebrate a federal holiday, in case I was ever called upon to come up with an entire year's worth of these days. The most interesting of these was “Poo in the Womb Day,” and I mentioned this potentiality to my mother, who knows about these things.

Did you know that the amniotic fluid is manufactured entirely by the fetus itself?

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