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Ugh, stop twitching
celebrities in prison
games Posted 2006-06-03 21:54:50 by Jim Crawford
Following a burst of inspiration on Wednesday night, I put up

It is a user-written work of interactive fiction, of the pick-a-path variety. Imagine reading a Choose Your Own Adventure book, except the author never bothered writing any endings, and left a bunch of blank pages for you to write bits, and the book is lying on the couch in your dorm so anyone can add to it. It's sort of like that, except on the Internet.
“After the public outcry in 2009 that imprisoned celebrities might be treated badly by their fellow prisoners, the United States government designated the newly-constructed, unisex SuperCIP prison for celebrity use only. Since that fateful year, celebrity incarceration has skyrocketed, and the SuperCIP initiative has backfired, instituting some of the most brutal inmate-on-inmate violence programs of any prison in the U.S.

Will you, SuperCIP's latest celebrity inmate, be able to turn the program around? Or will you become ... just another victim?

Your cellmate is Mel Gibson.

What do you do?”
I'm pretty pleased with the response so far, some very entertaining people have written some very entertaining stuff, and I've also written for it myself. I've been working on the interface, and it seems just about ready for prime-time, now. So go add some story nodes!
[link to this] [See more on “games”]

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