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Ugh, stop twitching
new super mario bros.
games Posted 2006-07-03 01:09:55 by Jim Crawford
New Super Mario Bros. is a tribute to historical Mario platformers, which in a way is very cool. If you lived through the '80s, chances are excellent that Mario was a part of your life, and nostalgia is a powerful force. Jason, who grew up with the NES but is not particularly a Mario fan, picked up the game and was enthralled with it for three worlds.

In another way, it's somewhat disturbing that the new 2D Mario platformer is a deliberate nod to the past, as if this kind of game can't stand on its own any more. A more hopeful interpretation is that it's a recap made necessary by the 15 year gap since the last one, and that it's the first of many. The upcoming sequel to Yoshi's Island supports this idea.

It has the robust physics I wanted to implement in Swarm. Everything just works. Everything that should logically be supported by a platform is, regardless of whether the platform is moving or rotating. They throw in rope physics too, stopping just short of implementing rigid body dynamics.

The level design is solid and inventive, on par with Super Mario Sunshine, i.e. not the pure magic we've come to expect from Mario games. Disappointing, but what I should've expected. I'm just glad it exists at all.
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