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Ugh, stop twitching
ghost story
life Posted 2006-12-20 14:14:19 by Jim Crawford
A friend and I take the bus to Sipz, a vegetarian restaurant specializing in the sorts of Chinese and Thai dishes that normally have meat, replacing it with a reasonably impressive fake meat.

There's a Native-American-looking guy sitting at the back of the bus, apparently asleep. The brim of his baseball cap is pulled down over his eyes.

I hadn't paid too much attention to the bus route to get there before embarking, so we spend a lot of time discussing when to get off, whether we've gone too far, or whether we've even gone in the right direction. Turns out we had, because we eventually spot the Sipz logo while scanning a plausible plaza. We pull the cord to stop the bus, cross the street, and head inside.

About ten minutes after we're seated, Native-American-looking guy walks in and hands me my wallet.

True story.

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re: off subject
Posted by Anonymous (nanapodes) on 2007-01-31 16:54:45
where are you!
re: re: off subject
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2007-02-12 02:18:46
I've kind of been in transit. I thought I mentioned it; sorry!
no subject
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