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Ugh, stop twitching
rock band vocals
music Posted 2008-01-18 02:23:01 by Jim Crawford
Five-starred everything on the Rock Band vocal career. Still can't pass Green Grass and High Tides on guitar. So the verdict is in: I'm a much better real-life singer than plastic guitarist.

Update on how I'm doing compared to the rest of the world: now that the game's been out a few months there's some actual competition, so my easy #13 has turned into a hard-won #39. You can probably see me here. If not, try paging down! Paging up will probably be futile; I'm more restricted by my free time rather than my abilities at this point, and am intending to go back and make a concerted effort to gold-star everything I can, but I doubt I'll be able to crack the top 20.

Interestingly, the songs that I had the most trouble five-starring, the ones I had to practice the most to reach the five-star score cutoff, are also mostly the ones I'm doing best at on the individual song leaderboards. Which pretty much means that Gimme Shelter, Mississippi Queen and Blood Doll are not just the hardest songs for me, they're the hardest songs for everyone.
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