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Ugh, stop twitching
music Posted 2008-02-19 01:43:57 by Jim Crawford
I bought a DTXPress III electronic drum kit on the 13th. The same day, I ordered a kick pedal to go with it, which hasn't arrived yet -- frankly, I probably should've just gone to interact with the staff at the Guitar Center a few blocks away -- but I put my Rock Band kick pedal in its place and have been playing for a couple hours a day. Even without the kick actually making any noise, drumming is a whole lot of fun.

I can play some pretty compelling stuff now, within certain genres and tempos, but I don't think I actually have much actual limb independence yet. What I do have is a bunch of copypasta limb patterns I can move around the kit. For instance, I could bust out some sweet triplet-based fills, but there's no way I could keep time during them -- or, I should say, I can't express time. Since I do know where in the beat I am. Or maybe I just know when I get it wrong. Hm.

For another instance, when keeping time in eighth notes with my right hand on the hihat or ride, I have sort of a muscle memory that knows where to place snare hits, but if I'm playing quarter notes with my right hand, I would be hard pressed to place the snare hits at the same point in the measure.

I imagine it'll all come with practice.

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