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demos on youtube
software Posted 2008-06-13 22:13:57 by Jim Crawford
A couple days ago I discovered that DosBox ran all of the demos I made with Chris 10 years ago, so I've made videos of all of these and uploaded them to YouTube. Bonus DVD material: I was thinking of recording audio commentary for these. I certainly have a lot to say about them. I'd have to do a lot of research first, because half of the commentary would be “and this is a reference to such and such,” where such and such is usually an obscure demo made by a group whose name is a sequence of letters that makes sense only to a Finn.

But I started writing up some commentary for Foolish, and I realized that the audio commentary medium is really tight when you're dealing with such short videos. I could probably do Foolish justice in its 6.5 minutes, but most of the others are too short. The SB99 Invtro is actually very long, though I capped it at 10 minutes, but the scroll text really sort of provides its own commentary. And Not Foolish 2 fills two 10 minute videos, but 90% of it is a game of Nethack! I guess I could talk about my Nethack play-style, but that isn't really what I wanted to discuss in that venue.

I might just end up writing up some text commentary. I'll certainly be taking a look at the video annotation feature that YouTube provides now.

I'm also thinking of uploading some of my other demos. I made a bunch of demos in Qbasic at one point. I've also written some BBS intros, though the one I'm proudest of is long gone. There's also the aborted Foolish 2 production that I half-implemented in an ASCII-mation-oriented scripting language I developed back when we were considering doing episodic releases. And the other even-more-aborted Foolish 2 production that I built a 3D engine for. That might be interesting.

Danny:I really like the effects.
Me:Yeah, I was really proud of the dogvortex.
Danny:Why is it called that again?
Me:Because there's a dog!
Danny:In the vortex?
Me:Off to the side. You noticed the cowboy with elf shoes but not the dog?
Danny:I thought it was a cow!
Me:It's on a leash!
Danny:Oh, I guess the first image it looks a lot more like a dog. The second one, though, he's all big!
Me:That's just because I flipped their z-order without changing their projected size on the screen!
Danny:That's how I turn my dogs into cows too.

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