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Ugh, stop twitching
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minutiae Posted 2008-11-02 00:57:58 by Jim Crawford
I've been posting to Twitter recently, if you're interested:

It scratches vaguely the same itch as blogging, which is probably a good argument for stopping, because I don't think the result is as interesting. But it is an interesting writing exercise in that it forces me to write very concisely to condense my ideas into 140 characters. Unfortunately, it only exercises half the problem: it tells me how to write concisely, but not when to.

Until I decide to give up, I'll anthologize my Twitter posts occasionally on this blog. The first such collection follows.

Sep 11th

  • Worried about the Large Hadron Collider killing us all?
  • Great, this web page on how to use rsync to do backups has an "abstract."
  • Maybe I'm gonna disconnect this backup drive and see if my machine stops bluescreening.
  • Good news! I'm still bluescreening periodically, so the backup drive is probably perfectly fine.
  • Damn it! The build in the intro of "Aqua Petzold" turns out to just be bVI bVII over and over, inverted to keep rising in pitch.

Sep 12th

  • I wonder whether the MadCatz Rock Band cymbal attachments will work on my DTXPress III drum brain.
  • Median relocation device:
  • Yeah, now my desktop machine crashes in ntfs.sys on boot, and when I boot in safe mode, attempting to back up my data also crashes. Hups.
  • xcopy runs a lot faster in textmode. The safe mode display driver must be really... safe. Like, check-for-buffer-overrun-per-pixel safe.
  • Prototypes of Spore's gameplay:
  • Hah. Watching the filenames scroll by out of the corner of my eye, this old shirt design popped out at me:
  • Now I'm pulling all the Smush master tracks through a USB 1.1 straw. Luckily, I never bothered *saving* most of the Smush master tracks.
  • I won't be able to compose for a while until I install the tools on my laptop, but here's a work-in-progress:

Sep 13th

  • Been manually copying directories for a while now and no crashes. I suspect there's just one file somewhere that doesn't like being read.
  • Turns out ntfs.sys was choking on a years-old copy of SDL. I can skip that; it's not even archaeologically interesting.
  • Filling your drive with crap means random corruption is unlikely to do much harm. Same way garbage data in DNA protects against mutation.
  • Why Blizzard has bulletproof glass in their offices:
  • This one's gonna be rough.
  • If I owned I'd build a tool that served the requested text to the user who entered it, and 'fart fart fart' to other users.
  • I enjoy how when installing an Eclipse plugin pulls in a couple dozen dependencies, it wants me to read each dependency's EULA separately.

Sep 14th

Sep 15th

Sep 16th

  • "It stands for Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir and Indus-Sind. The stan suffix means 'land.'" I'm spelling it P.A.K.I.stan from now on.

Sep 17th

  • "Sources tell us that Google is going to be buying Valve any second now" -- What. The. Fuck. ?.
  • New most fun Rock Band drum song evar: Livin' on a Prayer. Esp. when your fills coincide with the dotted-8th hits leading into the chorus.
  • I wonder what level of copyediting quality you could get out of Amazon's Mechanical Turk.
  • "omfg he sez you gotta kill someone you trust, like your parents, a police officer"

Sep 18th

  • PSA: The U.S. dollar is going to shit. Like, right the fuck now.
  • My flatmate was an economics major. She's going to be so pissed if she finds out I contributed to a bank run.

Sep 19th

  • It bothers me that I don't know anybody who isn't white. I don't know whether it should. I guess Chris is technically hispanic.
  • My backup process didn't get the Application Data directory because it's marked hidden. There go all my IM logs and lord knows what else.
  • Ah, Chrome doesn't have "undo close tab." Possibly because there's no "undo terminate process" in the Windows API.

Sep 21st

  • De-Luxe by Lush:
  • "Your video will start in NaN"
  • New most fun song evar on Rock Band drums: "You Oughta Know."
  • A friend of mine in high school was in a band that he wanted to call "Metallica Jr."
  • Jeff Green's plans for his new job at EA:

Sep 22nd

  • First 64-bit incompatibility! I installed the AMD 64 build of Python and got "error code 193" when trying to import a 32-bit DLL.
  • My lipid panel result is crazy talk. How can anyone eat as much cheese as I do and have a healthy cholesterol level?
  • Rock Band 2 drum trainer beats:
  • Sweatshop of the future:

Sep 23rd

  • Brilliant video of new Wario Land game:
  • Adam's custom dvorak driver seems to break Vista's ability to translate scan codes to code points. i.e. I CAN'T TYPE.

Sep 24th

  • New trolling trend: uploading screenshots of Rock Band with random music, titled like 'ROCK BAND 2 PAINKILLER FULL BAND EXPERT 100%'

Sep 25th

  • -- When the game you play is so boring you need to play an *additional* game to pass the time, somebody fucked up.
  • More upgrade fun: taskeng.exe -- a Vista component, not some 3rd-party bullshit -- is using 50% CPU (on a dual-core CPU) and 3.5 gigs of RAM
  • The "security question" is every dumb password you're supposed to avoid, except attackers don't even need to guess you used your pet's name.
  • Holy cats, I beat Everlong on expert drums on my first try.

Sep 26th

Sep 27th

Sep 28th

Sep 29th

  • Adam lives in Estonia now. "Clothes dryers haven't caught on here. Somebody told me I'd be lucky if they were dry in a week."
  • I gotta find someone to play this with me --
  • "The Guitar Hero World Tour song creator is the new Mario Paint." -- Picture playing this in a rhythm game.

Sep 30th

  • If you ever install Vista, let me know if you figure out how to navigate up a directory in Vista explorer.

Oct 3rd

  • New second-most fun-to-listen-to song that's no fun to play on any instrument in Rock Band evar:
  • Huh. Sometime in the past year or so, someone added a node to without me noticing.

Oct 4th

  • I just assumed "American Woman" was about the everywoman. But the band is Canadian, so maybe it's about the only american woman they know.
  • (Canadians don't identify as American even though they technically are, because in colloquial use "American" means "from the United States")
  • Too many options might be a net negative. No clue how to apply the idea, though!

Oct 5th

  • So what's with "Kids in America" namechecking "East California"?
  • "Crawling Neutrophil Chasing a Bacterium" --

Oct 6th

  • How can game developers take advantage of their relationship with gaming press to subvert player expectations?
  • Somehow, near-future-SF authors always have the most plausible takes on the near future.
  • World of Goo is the videogame equivalent of Schindler's List.
  • Half-Life: Source disables the in-game brightness slider when run in a window. I guess not being full screen breaks the FMUL opcode?

Oct 7th

  • Google is here to protect you from your drunken self:
  • The rational economic model of terrorism doesn't fit terrorist behavior. New model: they just want to fit in. --
  • First-person platforming possibly done right for the first time ever. Since Portal. --
  • Just 5-starred Spoonman on drums! The patterns wouldn't be so hard if they were *patterns* rather than a four minute tribal improvisation.
  • Adam Cadre: "I estimate that there is a 56% chance that Barack Obama will be assassinated before Election Day." -- He doesn't show his work.

Oct 8th

  • New most interesting microtonal singing exercise in Rock Band vocals evar: (also a bitchin' tune)
  • Holy. Shit.
  • Damn it, I'm trying to scan Shannon's tablecloth crayon portait of me, but it's a fax-style scanner, not a flatbed, and the paper won't fit.

Oct 9th

  • Tired of Youtube's pathetic video resolution?
  • I'm now #93 on vocals and #919 on drums in the Rock Band 2 XBL leaderboards. If I never check again I will forever be that high in my mind.
  • My flatmate made onion rings. I think she wanted to fry the sink too but gave up between the "cover with batter" and "put in hot oil" stages
  • I just got a 2nd issue of Blender. I'm pretty goddamn sure I didn't subscribe to this. I can't even quite tell who the target audience is.
  • This is why I don't cook. You can't just bake *one* cookie, and more than one of these is a terrible idea:
  • Well, technically you can bake just one cookie. You just have a lot of dough left over, so you end up eating that and all the raw bacon.

Oct 10th

  • My standards aren't high. Ask anyone I've lived with. Just, try to not slather the kitchen with batter and bacon fat before going to bed?
  • Did I already link to this grindcore song in Rock Band 2? This is the lead singer:

Oct 11th

  • I had tomato sorbet today. Tasted like tomatoes.
  • Google Calculator doesn't do time zone conversion.

Oct 13th

Oct 14th

  • This ad is asking what I'd say if I killed my best friend. Is this the next step from the "You wouldn't download a car..." anti-piracy ads?
  • When hit "block" on spam followers I get annoyed by the "are you sure you want to block this person" prompt, because THIS IS NOT A PERSON.
  • I'm impressed by this parent's guide to video games, but I don't know any worried parents to inform about it:
  • New most fun song on Rock Band drums evar:
  • Chess on other geometries: and

Oct 16th

  • I don't know if I just can't figure out how to record from the stereo mix in Vista or if Vista's disabled that function for DRM purposes.
  • Sound Recorder will do it, but no other recording programs I tried will. Sound Recorder now only saves in WMA format.

Oct 17th

  • How to think about death: -- or more precisely, why you're incapable of doing so.
  • Megan has me covering Tori Amos.
  • Rock Rock Revolution is out. -- *yikes*.
  • Also, Harmonix is putting out a Nirvana DLC pack for Rock Band, and still no sign of Smells Like Teen Spirit, Come As You Are or Lithium.
  • Little Big Planet has been delayed a week because it includes a song that quotes the Qur'an. Organized religion strikes again!
  • Um. Grab that Mr. Zebra cover again if you got it before about 10 minutes ago. There was an E in the bass that should've been an F.
  • -- I wish there were an emoticon for my reaction to this. It's sort of an appalled grimace. But in a good way!
  • Hm, 98.7. That's *like* a fever, for me.

Oct 18th

Oct 19th

  • In my dream I fought R2D2 on the set of The Terminator. I force-pushed him into a closet and he got dizzy, blue stars circling his head.
  • It just occurred to me, R2D2 didn't whistle or beep at all during the fight. What does it mean when your robot nemesis won't talk to you?
  • If you want to see a video of a squirrel eating a squirrel, I know a guy.
  • YouTube's retardo redline limiting of audio is really playing hell with music. James Jamerson deserves better.

Oct 20th

  • I don't have any particular idea to share at the moment, but I thought this was delightful:
  • Read this 3-part essay about one of the most artistically brilliant unplayable games of the past decade. Do it.

Oct 22nd

Oct 25th

  • It turn's out Ping's name is short for Ka-Ping! He should totally legally change his name to add some exclamation points.
  • I think I like Rock Revolution's scoring system more than the Guitar Hero's or Rock Band's. Too bad about, y'know, the rest of the game.
  • Oh shit. Win64 won't run DOS executables. I guess it's pretty telling that I haven't noticed until now, but it's an unpleasant shock.

Oct 26th

Oct 27th

Oct 28th

  • -- I'm loving this tool. I've got my todo list and my current coding project synced between my desktop and laptop.

Oct 29th

Oct 31st

  • Evidently the movers "lost" all 4300 troy oz. of Adam's silver on the way to Estonia. That's what you get for declaring your imports.
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