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Ugh, stop twitching
november miscellanea
minutiae Posted 2008-12-04 00:00:55 by Jim Crawford
I think I'll feel better about these anthologies if I stop using the word ?Twitter? to describe them.


Nov 1st

  • Autechre music video.
  • The only non-spam messages I still get on MySpace are from Tom. I keep blocking him but he keeps sending messages anyways.

Nov 2nd

  • I still have a hard time believing that consciousness isn't something special. How does this me-ness arise from simple physics?
  • I can understand how everyone else is a simulation, though. No problem with that.
  • Jonathan Blow talks to AV Club about the intended meanings of Braid.
  • -- Megan was really bothered by the tiny animation loops in Viva Pinata's pinata habitats
  • Does Flash have any runtime error checking *at all*? I just tried calling undefined as a function and it just silently does nothing.
  • Oh good, one of the new features of ActionScript 3 is that it assumes that operating on undefined might've been unintended.
  • Four hours later, turns out that the copyPixels call didn't work because it isn't a method of BitmapData. Wait, no, because it *is*. What?
  • I'm not crazy. Or my lunacy is self-consistent, at least. The drawing methods that *don't exist in this class* are the ones that work.

Nov 3rd

  • I review the Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts demo.
  • Google image search has banner ads now. When did this happen?
  • Gradius reimplemented in Little Big Planet.
  • If they can see your house keys, they can get into your house. Hups!
  • -- Historical electoral data. Before 1992, California voted red! In 1968, a 3rd party got some electoral votes!
  • I write about focus and versatility and how heavily creators are influenced by their tools.
  • -- My best idea so far: "I'm voting for Bono because if you really think about it, McCain and Obama are *both* niggers."
  • @phetus My absentee ballot hasn't arrived yet. I wonder whether they'll let me come in and vote in person after all.
  • (8:57:13 PM) Danny: hm, i wonder if the nsa is wondering why you're googling 'advanced research facility blueprints' :)

Nov 4th

  • They didn't have my name, so I cast a "provisional" ballot. I'll worry later about whether "provisional" actually means "placebo."
  • When I run I'm constantly aware that I'm one tiny mistake away from smashing into the pavement. Running for fun strikes me as irresponsible.
  • It's not like I've smashed into any pavements lately. But when I run my memories of doing so are so *vivid*. And I'm old and fragile now.
  • "Proposition 8: Defines marrige as 'Between a man and a woman.' without eleminating any rights." -- Ah, wikipedia.
  • Rands on optimism:
  • Cats like to be in things. I guess?
  • New best term evar for man-hours available for expenditure on a project: "manwidth."
  • -- John Carmack's posts on the Armadillo Aerospace forum. He used to write like this about code :(
  • Megan just called me from Sproul Plaza on Berkeley campus. SO LOUD. I heard fireworks. They sounded illegal.
  • Open letter to Spider Jerusalem: I can't even tell what I'm supposed to be thanking you for, but fuck you for being presumptuous anyways.

Nov 5th

  • I thought I was running a pretty clean system, but it turns out Vista hides 80% of processes in the Task Manager by default.
  • Hi guys, I just disabled the software licensing DRM service. Why is slsvc.exe still running?

Nov 6th

  • I love the bizarre perspective shifts in stitched-together satellite shots.
  • Today I've wanted to link to like 12 different posts on Eliezer Yudkowsky's blog. Here's the whole blog instead:
  • The new Futurama movie is called "Bender's Game." Just thought you ought to know.
  • Hey, someone worked out how to save YouTube videos again. Good for terms of use violations you know are going down.
  • Megan shaved her head in protest of prop 8. I'm not sure it's sending the message she wants, because it looks really cute.

Nov 7th

  • Poor, doomed Martin Periard, fighting the good fight against the established legal interpretation of Fair Use.
  • "Reduction of certain diphthong forms to monophthongs" -- Oh screw you. The root is "phthong"? Seriously? (
  • @ShawnElliott It gets so much better. has excerpts from his book, songs, and music videos.
  • I hear Mirror's Edge is Portal-length. Good. I see the time trial mode as the real game, which would make the campaign an extended tutorial.

Nov 8th

  • Being able to break into the debugger in a busy loop rather than the busy loop freezing the Flash IDE would be nice too.

Nov 11th

  • A raccoon is cleaning himself atop the fence outside my window. So ungainly, not like the cats that trot by -- how did he even get up there?
  • Meat is muscle. I bet a steak would flex if you shocked it hard enough. You could build robots that use steaks in place of electric motors.
  • -- adrift on a sea of sulfur hexafluoride.
  • -- "Jabba the Hutt's gay uncle, based on Truman Capote."

Nov 12th

  • I wore Indy's welding goggles while coding yesterday. I need to get a pair. They really put me in the mood to build stuff for some reason.
  • I wish they'd hurry up and put reality-augmenting HUDs in goggles so I'd have an excuse to wear them in public.
  • -- Party van calling!

Nov 14th

  • What is it with the spoken word bits in 1940s-era music where the singer repeats the lyrics he just sang as if he's monologuing onstage?
  • Example: every Inkspots song I've ever heard. -- Hah, the Inkspots were black! I see what you did there.
  • Had chilaquiles with Megan at Country Joe's Cafe, right downstairs from -- and sharing a kitchen with -- Cafe de la Paz. Recommended.

Nov 16th

  • Fuck it. Take the generalization Graham made to turn 3^^^^3 into Graham's Number, and apply it Graham's Number times. Then add 1! Top THAT.

Nov 17th

  • @sugigrl Thanks, I've been meaning to find a reliable source of Conan O'Brien ever since I stopped keeping a TV in my room ten years ago.

Nov 20th

Nov 21st

Nov 22nd

Nov 23rd

Nov 25th

Nov 26th

Nov 30th

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