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games Posted 2008-12-24 03:22:06 by Jim Crawford
Imagine that the film industry started out by making only porn. And imagine that they never moved on from it. Ambitious pornographers would put astounding, literate, nuanced story-lines into their porn films, marveling at the unique storytelling power of their medium, compared to books and comics. When porn consumers watched that porn, they'd claim that finally, here is unassailable proof that porn is truly art, and wonder why the mainstream doesn't take porn seriously as an art form. Other porn consumers would wonder why anyone gives a fuck whether porn is art and remind everyone that porn doesn't even need a story to be great.

Whenever one of these groundbreaking porn titles was released, even porn consumers with no interest in the particular fetish the title served would watch it anyways, just for the story, wishing they could skip the sex scenes. Maybe they'd post on porn message boards, asking whether there have to be any sex scenes at all. And other forum posters would respond with such retorts as “Of course it has to have sex scenes. It's porn!” Well, when you put it that way...

Maybe at some point along this timeline, a crazy pornographer creates one of these groundbreaking porn films. It features top-tier writing, directing, acting, cinematography and editing, but happens to have no sex scenes at all. He'd quickly discover why nobody does this: porn culture doesn't know what to do with it. The title would get critically slammed: “Great storytelling and atmosphere I guess, but it didn't get my rocks off at all! Three out of ten.” Nobody would buy it. Those porn aficionados I mentioned above, the ones who watch porn that's not of their particular fetish, are a tiny fraction of the porn-buying demographic. And the mainstream, the ones who would note the absence of extended sex scenes as a benefit? They wouldn't be caught dead with a porn playing machine in their living room in the first place.

Historical science fiction authors should take a break from writing Nazis-Won-WWII alternate universe stories and write that one.
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Posted by Anonymous (meh) on 2009-01-15 21:01:19
The entire time I thought that was going to be a metaphor for something, like violence or linear storytelling in video games or even something I could not have even expected. Mind-blowing averted. Still, I like the idea.
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