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Ugh, stop twitching
january microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2009-02-01 15:44:58 by Jim Crawford
Yep, still doing this.


Jan 1st

  • -- Man, the Village People were totally awesome.
  • Magnetic poetry on Elena's fridge: ice, my warm friend
  • -- Painkiller played with only one hand on Rock Band 2 expert drums.
  • The pad noise bit makes it clear that Rock Band 2 has an enormous timing window. I wish there were a "super expert" mode with a tighter one.
  • -- "I don't think I'm really into minds. I've been thinking maybe about flaying something else."

Jan 2nd

Jan 3rd

  • -- Papercraft retro synthesizers.
  • -- Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D-minor with piano roll visualization. The color-coding really helps you pay attention.
  • Magnetic poetry on Elena's fridge: ancient mountain want other squirrel

Jan 4th

  • -- Rock Band 2 vocals played on a theremin.
  • @polpo Yeah, it looks plausibly like cheap 1980s-era CG.

Jan 5th

  • -- In a fit of usefulness, XKCD provides us with a handy chart of reference points for converting to metric.
  • Sometimes the earlobe cyst thread on my blog worries me: "I hope my brain doesn't get infected. How will I know if this is happening?"
  • -- The superstimulus that leads to the voluntary extinction of the human species, in prototype form.
  • -- I *think* that's Tijuana on the right and San Diego on the left.
  • @polpo Maybe they're labeled in imperial liters!
  • -- Xtreme literal barrel rolling.
  • New most fun song evar on Rock Band drums:

Jan 6th

  • Just got an HTTP POST that somehow put a foreign host in SERVER_NAME. The post content purports to probe for an open mail proxy. Disturbing.
  • Ukulele serendipity: I'm too fat-fingered to reliably form D, but my usual screwup makes it sus4, so fixing it sounds like a resolution.
  • Ziff Davis just sold EGM and the 1up Network. 30 people laid off. Edge's non-ad-supported $70/year subscription looks pretty good right now.

Jan 7th

  • @AdamMil Most likely there is a standard set of conventional connotations for the word as used. The dictionaries just haven't caught up yet.

Jan 8th

  • "Many of these [autonomous] polar nuclear lighthouses are now radioactive deadzones."
  • @phetus Yeah, I was never completely satisfied with that flash mp3 player. I should look into alternatives.
  • -- Photos from the Oakland riots.

Jan 10th

  • Berkeley's XKCD geohash is easy this week, on Bancroft. Unfortunately, Matt has work so we can't hijack the meetup for his birthday party.
  • Great news! I hear this whole "television" thing is over in February. TV addicts will finally be free to play video games all the time!
  • -- Adam Buxton introduces NWA to the younger generation: "[Help] the police! [Help, help, help] the police!"
  • From the Windows 7 beta FAQ: "What web browsers support the Windows 7 Beta Download Experience?" -- new best band name idea evar.
  • I'm goin' to the XKCD meetup at 4pm. Here's the calculated location:
  • Eight people showed up! After 15 minutes we left a note and went to play board games at Looking Glass alumnus Marc LeBlanc's house.

Jan 11th

Jan 12th

  • -- Elaboration on the geohash event I went to. Plus three bonus stories about groping, knives, and blisters!
  • Just set up the RB 3-cymbal kit. They're fun, adding a lot of depth. Trying to compromise the layout with my real kit's layout is tricky.
  • -- It doesn't really look like newsprint and they misspelled "hurriedly" and "Internet." I suspect an Adobe Photoshop(r).
  • -- In a utopia optimized for fun rather than safety and comfort, science books are banned because they contain spoilers.

Jan 13th

  • -- "Open-plan offices are making workers sick, say Australian scientists" Sick, also stressed and less productive.

Jan 14th

  • -- 4chan is Wikipedia's featured article today. It's a really good writeup. ...I guess that's how articles get featured.
  • Just spent 10 minutes debating with Elena how to edit a potential twitter post down from 141 characters to 140. Outlook not so good.
  • -- Country Joe's Cafe, I only partook of your delightful chilaquiles once :(

Jan 15th

  • -- Jolt Online is working on a Zork browser MMO. Really? Zork's setting was never its strong suit.
  • -- So who wants to bet that this is a Game Maker game and Bob hasn't even thought about how to produce a DS binary?
  • You know the mug shot sequences police web sites show of progressively deteriorating drug addicts?

Jan 16th

  • -- Color photographs from before the invention of color film.
  • -- Wait, Circuit City isn't the same company as Best Buy? Has anyone ever seen them in the same room?
  • -- We need to find out whether human meat really is the tastiest meat. The assumption is too convenient for urban legends.
  • @phetus I remember that one. Man, nomeone ought to tell Bill Watterson about web comics. He could do something completely on his own terms.
  • -- "Premise: Cowboy numismatists get in touch with their inner child during the Crusades."

Jan 17th

  • -- "Your data suggest a strong automatic preference for Judaism compared to Other Religions." I blame Natalie Portman.
  • -- You sing, and Microsoft Songsmith plays backup. I think it just tries to find a key and tempo, then assumes I IV V.
  • Just passed Painkiller! Four stars, and my right leg is *killing* me. Someone better than me playing it, for reference:

Jan 18th

  • "February Stars" just suddenly jumped onto my top 100 favorite songs. One of these days I should actually hash out what that list is.

Jan 19th

  • I wonder if Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C# Minor would still have driven David Helfgott insane had it used a less stupid key signature.
  • -- What you get when the less-sarcastic Gallagher brother takes over vocals after the one who usually sings calls in sick

Jan 20th

  • -- "The singer ... is an astrophysicist named Jessica. I gave a her a chainsaw for her wedding and we never spoke again."
  • -- Set your preferences aside for a moment: what will it take for you to consider Obama an actually-good president?
  • Google's been getting a lot worse lately about providing search results that don't contain -- or remotely relate to -- every search term.

Jan 21st

  • @polpo "These terms only appear in links pointing to this page" used to mean the search DB was out of sync. Now it's pure bullshit, I think.

Jan 22nd

  • -- "In Queensland, Australia, policemen are arresting fewer people because their new data-entry system is too annoying"
  • "Muriel's Wedding" has the only convincing Pygmalion-style visual character arc I've ever seen. And it's not even the point of the movie.

Jan 23rd

  • "I'm thrilled to say that I'm bored with WoW." "DING GRATZ" "Best part of WoW is quitting. I always feel like a million bucks when I do it."
  • Nonplussed that this method call is necessary: Request.QueryString.ToString()
  • Charlize Theron in two of her career-defining roles:
  • I saw "The Devil's Advocate" about 20 hours ago. I think I'm convincing myself that I love it. Very surreal, deep-seated religious themes.

Jan 24th

  • -- Spiritual sequel to Robot Odyssey, the Apple II classic in which you build a robot to solve puzzles.
  • My main issue with Wii Fit is that there's never an option to refuse to play its oh-so-Japanese psychological games.
  • In fact, a lot of software would be vastly improved by the addition of a "Software, I hate you" button, prompting an apology when clicked.
  • -- Fez is going somewhere! What a relief. I hadn't heard anything of it since this year-old trailer:

Jan 25th

  • -- New get-rich-quick scheme: guess someone's Facebook password, log in, pretend to be kidnapped and ask for money.
  • -- The Many-Worlds interpretation of Quantum Physics demonstrated in Super Mario World.
  • -- Good summary of what was wrong with combat in Mirror's Edge. I would only add that it shouldn't have existed at all.
  • -- I've had this link open in a tab all day. I keep hoping I'll eventually remember why I went there.
  • -- 2D computer-generated art. Source code available!

Jan 26th

  • -- No really cute sneezes like some girls have. If he's trying for sneeze porn he needs to try harder. (Pretty much SFW)
  • @johnbellone I'm a fan of podcasts, myself. Do you mean books on tape? I'm having trouble imagining holding a book while working out.
  • -- 31 rules for utopia designers. Game developers take heed as well.

Jan 27th

  • News: "Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Raidou Kuzunoha vs. The King of Abaddon" may be coming to the US! I donno, I just love the name.
  • You know what makes great dipping sauce? Cranberry mustard. Cranberry mustard makes great dipping sauce.

Jan 28th

Jan 29th

  • -- 1982 ad for Yars' Revenge, a dramatized design session where a corporate drone brainstorms the whole game.
  • -- Tyler Glailel takes the lighting-CSG mechanic demonstrated in Mario Sunshine and runs with it in this 2D platformer.

Jan 30th

Jan 31st

  • I owe taxes again this year. I'm annoyed more about having to go through the hassle of making the payment than the money itself.
  • -- Dresden Codak's Aaron Diaz guesting on Pictures for Sad Children today.
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Posted by Anonymous (Adam) on 2009-02-09 05:04:49
I guess Estonia last week was about half way between "Cold day (Moscow)" and "FUCKFUCKFUCKCOLD", which seems about right.

"what will it take for you to consider Obama an actually-good president?": Let's see... eliminate warrantless wiretapping, indefinite detention without charge, and security theatre; reduce military spending by a few hundred billion and channel much of that into science...

Matt, GTA IV shorts, 2D computer-generated art. -- That's great stuff. There was some other great stuff, but I don't remember what it was.

nonplussed about Request.QueryString.ToString(): you should use Request.Url.Query instead. Request.QueryString is a collection of the parsed key/value pairs. Request.Url.Query is the query portion of the original URL.
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