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Ugh, stop twitching
#weightedsixes: back and with more bots than ever
life Posted 2009-02-22 02:17:31 by Jim Crawford
<beek> oh yeah it sucks, i filed mine like early jan this year .. 700 back.. then i got mailed another fucking W-2.. fucking a.. that extra income puts me over some amount so now i'll only get 200 back.. but i already turned in my taxes..
<beek> so i have to file an ammended return!@# or risk audit! fuck i dont know what to do
<dpezoir> beek: Young budding virgin, fair and crystal is the quarrel will bear home that will not take this audit, take this reward; make merry, with the golden time I shall graff it with you, but are you come on; Trinculo, let us see: honest Master Page.
<limpu> beek: you keep your private life private, i was gonna go out tonight.. but when updating the matrix sparse for low order chains. i approach you silently from behind. candle are alight in all directions as you scan the room. you off.
<beek> hhahahahahaha
<beek> dpezoir: make out with limpu, i'm getting all hot and bothered
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no subject
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