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Ugh, stop twitching
february microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2009-03-03 01:29:08 by Jim Crawford
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Feb 1st

  • Heard someone pronounce "Siouxsie and the Banshees" for the first time today.
  • Just got a 2271 note streak on Lazy Eye on Rock Band drums. Not a full combo!
  • Looking an art form to replace political punk rock after its assimilation into the mainstream? Look no further:

Feb 2nd

  • -- "Wait, have *you* licked a zombie?" "For a while in college I thought I was undead. It was a confusing time."
  • @JPLS Yeah. The pronunciation is obvious-ish now that I know it. But I'd never even tried to read it aloud, since it was clearly gibberish.
  • @phetus Huh, Aaron McGruder's Boondocks?
  • -- Fully automated custom-printed cakes not quite ready for prime time.
  • -- I can't imagine why anyone would use a non-functional ocular prosthetic.

Feb 3rd

  • -- The world needs more footage of heavily sedated seven-year-olds.
  • -- Interfaces for directing military robots are modeled after the Playstation controller.
  • New most fun song on Rock Band drums evar, now that I'm good enough: -- note the phase of the kick drum.
  • -- Summary of my visit to Lucky Juju's Pinball Museum.
  • Counterculture-in-the-scary-way girls seem to really like my OkCupid profile. Wonder if the goggles are making me look more punk than I am.
  • -- 43 / 84 songs gold-starred on RB2 drums. Four more within easy reach, but my right arm can only take so much abuse.
  • -- Y'know, Kip Winger is like 50 now, and still singing "She's only seventeen, but she's old enough for me" at concerts.

Feb 4th

  • Sewing curtains, talking about crumpets, listening to Cypress Hill.

Feb 5th

  • -- Interesting article on the state of e-books (i.e., why aren't they ubiquitous yet?)

Feb 6th

  • -- Interview with Greg Johnson, designer of Toejam and Earl, the quintessential co-op console roguelike.
  • -- Probably the most prescient, forward-looking, first-contact SF story I've read. Also one of the worst-written, but.
  • Lego cosplay:
  • -- Matthew Thorson's "Flail": what you get if you take Metanet's "N" and fix the parts that make "N" a shit game.

Feb 7th

Feb 8th

Feb 9th

  • @loresjoberg GHWT still does solo guitar better. Rock Band 2 does everything else better.

Feb 10th

  • Messin' with the Korg DS-10. A lot of fun, relatively flexible, but a 16-step sequencer is *miniscule* for anything but minimalist techno.
  • You know what's going to be awesome? Buying or renting DS-10 cartridges in a couple years, to load up the tunes the previous players saved.
  • -- "I see friends shaking hands, say 'how do you drrr'"
  • -- Joss Whedon's new series first airs a few hours after 1234567890. (
  • Oh, you bastard. This live video of "February Stars" cuts off right at the end, during the four drawn-out measures of vamping on V.

Feb 11th

  • post ruminating aimlessly and conclusionlessly re the DS-10:
  • Tom Chick on Eve Online's real-time skill system: "The limit is how long you, the person reading these words, will live."
  • My guess is that everybody on efnet #teens is probably in their early 30s by now.

Feb 12th

  • -- Metacritic is edited by a single person. "I really see myself as a kind of gatekeeper."
  • -- "I demand to speak to the evil head of your corporation, now. We just want some answers. Why are you being so evil?"
  • As a platformer junkie, these shows make me wish I were more physically fit:
  • Trying to revive #weightedsixes, on EFnet. Louis recommended, if you don't know of any servers closer than Holland.
  • -- "Image Resizing by Seam Carving." Automagically adds and removes content rather than just stretching. *boggle*

Feb 13th

Feb 15th

  • The DS-10 frustrates me. It's really pretty powerful ( but the 16-step sequencer limitation is driving me up the wall.

Feb 17th

  • Jesus, have you seen the Tropicana branding redesign? They went all Web 2.0 on it and made it look like a store brand.
  • @phetus Luthiers are awesome. I also love the techs who maintain old analog synthesizers and pinball machines.
  • @polpo For years I've been flirting with the idea of turning off the Internet while I'm working. Of course, I'm telecommuting now.

Feb 18th

  • @telesaur I use RDP. But actually, I'm not sure I follow you; I can't imagine a telecommute that *would* work without an Internet connection
  • -- A story about my sister and the unforeseen consequences of poor sex education.
  • Season 2 of the Penny Arcade D&D podcast is starting:
  • -- "You could burn off the 120 calories from this Olive Oil in a variety of ways: -working sheet metal for 44 minutes"

Feb 19th

  • -- I explain why everyone who grew up playing the NES needs to play Retro Game Challenge.

Feb 21st

Feb 22nd

  • -- The video of this platformer isn't as spoilery as it seems; the rest of the game is just as inventive.

Feb 24th

  • -- "Newly surfaced 11-minute outtake ... bridges the gap between Revolution #1 and Revolution #9"
  • -- In re "meh": stop trying so hard to prove you're bored.
  • D.C. residents wanted to put "taxation without representation" on their quarter. Do other state quarters have angry forum posts on the back?

Feb 25th

  • -- Cursor*10 gets a sequel!
  • -- Charles Stross on the tricksiness of writing a single-story-arc series with multiplying parallel viewpoints.
  • -- Darren Aronofsky hired an artist/coder team to make a working faux-retro game for actors to play in The Wrestler.
  • @AdamMil Slightly related: I want an iPhone app that uses to GPS to score me based on how much of the world (or neighborhood) I've visited.
  • ... Going jogging in a new neighborhood would be like exploring a new zone in WoW. Cars trying to run you over would be the high-level mobs.
  • ... Somebody stop me from buying an iPod touch and a Mac to build this. Would I need to buy a developer license and learn Objective C too?
  • -- Lordy, "interesting" surely is the word. Original version:
  • Chris wrote the original in half an hour, by the way. He was really a force of nature back in the day.

Feb 27th

  • Just noticed, my laptop sucks for recording. Every 12 seconds or so, 6000 samples go missing and show up as silent.
  • Finally got a clean recording. I'm actually really stretching the DS-10 here:
  • -- "The people who are really strict about grammar. You know."

Feb 28th

  • Just gave blood. They only had junk food in the canteen. One of the employees gave Megan an apple out of her lunch bag.
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Posted by Anonymous (Adam) on 2009-03-04 19:11:10
Having to wait days or weeks while your Eve Online character learns something sounds pretty awful. More interesting would be if they required that you learn the skill, or a watered-down version, and then tested you on it somehow. :-)

"Image Resizing by Seam Carving": That's pretty amazing. Things like that make me wish I was a computer scientist and not just a programmer.

I think the best way to burn calories is to be a bit cold, since it doesn't require any real effort, might save you money, and isn't even noticeable once you get used to it. I know that people who work outside in cold weather need over 6500 calories per day. To burn those 4500 extra calories with exercise, you'd have to jog about 9 hours...
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