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Ugh, stop twitching
march microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2009-04-01 18:07:27 by Jim Crawford
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Mar 1st

  • -- I use YouTube video annotations to break down that DS-10 track I posted earlier.

Mar 3rd

  • -- "Chimpanzees aren't bad, they just don't adhere to the human moral code." Isn't that the definition of "bad"?
  • -- Buy his $20k album and Josh Freese will write two songs about you. The $75k album, he'll join your band for a month.
  • -- "If you suffer from an overwhelming sense of dread, then you could be at risk to exposure to flying polyps."
  • -- Hunh. "Escalate" is a back-formation from "escalator," which is a registered trademark!
  • -- The new "A Life Well Wasted" is about collectors, including bits about the Pinball Museum I'd discussed earlier.
  • Been playing Stuntman: Ignition recently, and have been instinctively going for near-miss bonuses on fences and trash cans while jogging.
  • Also, ended my jog near El Cerrito Natural grocery, so figured I'd go shopping. Forgot that I left my wallet at home to stay light.
  • -- Like wearing an echidna.

Mar 4th

  • -- Too early to really tell, but we might be looking at "Poochy"-grade culture-altering satire with this series.
  • Firebug seems like it would be a great tool if it didn't mysteriously stop all Javascript from ever executing.
  • Am I reading this right? The only way to defrag an ext3 filesystem is to convert it to ext2 first?

Mar 5th

  • Wikipedia: "501 Urhixidur is a relatively large (ranked 372nd by IRAS) main belt asteroid." Google: "Did you mean to search for: hinder"
  • CutePDF wants me to disable Vista's User Account Control in order to install. Seriously, that's the way you want to play it?
  • @phetus Feel free to hit me up on IM with questions about it.
  • The mixing is rough, and I still need to find a squeaky Japanese girl to write lyrics and sing, but:
  • Rockstar sent me a physical "key to Liberty City" for 100%ing GTA IV. Timed perfectly to get me in the mood for the DLC episode. Clever!
  • Not *quite* Watchmen Babies:
  • -- The key is actually really classy. And it's pretty amazing to have a physical token representing the time I invested.
  • -- Ogod. This was my stylistic template for Rimushotto Bungie Jump, and listening again reminds me just how much I suck.
  • @phetus I've never tried multitrack recording with FL, but you pick the time signature in the project general settings.

Mar 6th

  • Accidentally printed my tickets to Watchmen on festive birthday card stock. Hope the ticket taker doesn't think it's a weird fanboyism.
  • Cleaned up the mix a bit and gated the snare. I think I'm done, at least until a vocal part falls into my lap:
  • corners = [[y & 2**x and 1 for x in xrange(dimensions)] for y in xrange(2**dimensions)] -- Python has hex() and oct() but no bin() :(
  • -- "Why do Cars have windows and seats? It?s like the people stepped out just before the film was made. It?s spooky."

Mar 7th

  • Watchmen was good. Effectively told the same story. Rorschach translated well. Choreographed, protracted fight/sex scenes detracted a lot.
  • The "I'm not locked in here with you; you're locked in here with me" line got a big laugh, which I thought was weird.

Mar 8th

  • Lease is up at the end of the month. I could renew, wouldn't be so bad, but I think I can do better. Know anyone looking for a roommate?
  • Oh man, I just found out that Star Foster died in 2006. I've really lost touch with the Interactive Fiction crowd.

Mar 9th

  • -- Light gun games may have just, uh, what do you call the opposite of "jumped the shark"?
  • @wootheweb Dissatisfaction with the status quo is a crucial component of the human mind. If amazement stuck, we'd still be living in caves.

Mar 10th

  • -- Leaked story meeting transcript for Raiders of the Lost Ark.
  • Wells Fargo Bill Pay just sent my landlord a second rent check for this month. Thanks, Wells Fargo!
  • NES Title screen arrangement of Rimushotto Bungie J.U.M.P.:
  • Notepad can edit C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc\hosts, but cmd.exe and emacs can't. And they're behaving correctly: the file doesn't exist.
  • Rsync under cygwin says: "mkdir "/cygdrive/c/home/jim/./\#015" failed" -- #015 is a carriage return. I bet this is a CRLF issue.
  • WTF, Hatebeak doesn't play live? You might as well record your toilet flushing and say the toilet is fronting your band.

Mar 11th

  • -- 73-year-old actress Keiko Awaji is afraid she won't get to play enough Dragon Quest before she dies.
  • -- Nick Montfort interview about his book on the Atari 2600. (The title is a reference to its lack of a framebuffer)
  • Paraphrase: "People still make Atari 2600 games? Why?" "Why does somebody write a sonnet? They're interested in what it is as a form."
  • -- Jordan Mechner edits a playthrough of his brilliant, should've-been-seminal "The Last Express" into a 75 minute movie
  • Took a wrong turn whilst jogging and got lost on a filigree of highway on- and off-ramps. "Pedestrians prohibited" signs at every turn!
  • Trying Burnout Paradise. It's played the first 30 seconds of "Paradise City" about eight times; no sign of gameplay yet. Three out of ten.

Mar 12th

  • -- 2 gig mp3 player for $16! Way cheaper than replacing the battery on the mp3 player I only use for podcasts anyways.
  • @sugigrl Heard good things about TweetDeck. It freezes up for me, but maybe the Mac version would treat you better.
  • @Lena_ They actually just recently added race restarts in a patch. That's one reason I'd been reluctant to pick it up before.
  • "Microsoft's Windows NT operating system uses an embedded Prolog interpreter to configure its local and wide-area network systems." -- Hunh!

Mar 13th

  • dfan at Harmonix says: "Just checked in code that made the Beatles game twice as fun."
  • When you go idle in Burnout Paradise it plays classical top 40 (e.g. Moonlight Sonata and The Aquarium). Wish I could listen while driving.
  • -- Birds flocking around power lines.
  • "There's a recording of Aquarium featuring virtuoso harmonica player Tommy Reilly ... hired by mistake instead of a glass armonica player."
  • "Tip: These results do not include the word 'old'." -- So, what, does Google think I just type "old" at random, a nervous tic perhaps?
  • -- "Houses with views." Don't think I'd actually want to *live* in any of these places. It'd be like camping all year.

Mar 14th

  • -- Never got the complaint that RE5 is too close to RE4. Co-op isn't a world-changing distinction? Opinion disqualified.
  • -- I don't think the Advice Dog meme is ever going to top this.

Mar 15th

  • Visited Noisebridge ( with Molly. Quinn Norton ( and her daughter watched us play Boggle.
  • Also went on a three hour walk around The Mission and nearby parks. San Francisco has some pretty stupendous parks.

Mar 16th

  • Tank Hill was a highlight. 240 degrees of this:
  • Game Genie on steroids: -- the FCEUX NES emulator now supports LUA scripting.
  • GCC seems to be *trying* to implement decltype (a.k.a. typeof) but chokes on templated types. Or I'm an idiot?
  • That $17 MP3 player runs on AAAs. I just *assumed* internal rechargables. But it has a neat keychain attachment, so I'll call it a wash!

Mar 17th

  • -- "The local government actually supports the entertainment industry ... San Francisco: You got served. By *Texas*."
  • -- Out of the Game podcast. Amazing lineup: Robert Ashley, N'Gai Croal, Shawn Elliott, Jeff Green, Luke Smith.
  • Hunh. Facebook got my latest Twitter post, but Twitter itself lost it? Anyway, listen to this not-about-gaming podcast:
  • Scary factoid of the day from Shawn Elliott: "World of Warcraft is what everyone in game design plays, night after night after night."

Mar 18th

  • -- Interesting-looking Deus Ex mod for serious Deus Ex fans. And what other kind of Deus Ex fan is there, nowadays?
  • Hm. I've had a dark red spot on my left middle toe for like a month now. I think it's kicking the inside of my shoe whilst I'm jogging.
  • Found a recording of that performance of Aquarium that subbed in a harmonica for a glass armonica. Sounds just as goofy as you're imagining.
  • Jeff Green: "Back in high school, Black Sabbath was this evil forbidden fruit ... Listen to it now, and it's like the Yu-Gi-Oh! of metal."
  • Phew! I'd been worrying, as I was working up to it, that Bookworm Adventures wouldn't accept "ratatouilles."
  • Twitter has lost several of my posts now. Is this a known facet of Twitter's appalling unreliability, or a fresh, new one?
  • As someone who's ascended every class: Nethack's floating eyes are bullshit. They test a skill completely orthogonal to its core skill set.

Mar 19th

Mar 20th

  • -- "The Bayer company is refusing to talk about a fatal accident at a West Virginia plant, citing a 2002 terrorism law."
  • -- "I kind of don?t like the game. This is not a criticism. If anything, it?s the highest compliment I could pay it."

Mar 21st

  • I am really digging the scoring system of The Club. The rest of the game could go.
  • Trying to think of the origin of the combo/multiplier system The Club uses. Maybe Super Mario Bros, actually.

Mar 22nd

  • - "For hours, GTA 4 doesn't make you do anything illegal or even put a gun in your hands. This is not GTA. It's better."
  • Finally got around to remastering the cover of Auld Lang Syne that we recorded over at Alex's place on New Year's.
  • Finally cut together the music video for The Free Software Song via Microsoft Songsmith. Lip-syncing proved problematic:

Mar 23rd

  • Primer presents itself as a puzzle box movie, and it's solvable, but the solution isn't satisfying. You're better off just absorbing it.
  • Hm. No idea how the ".NET Framework Assistant" Firefox extension got installed. And the "Uninstall" button is greyed out. Hax!
  • Every time you wonder why people act the way they do, consider how the behavior would be beneficial to the East-African Plains Ape.
  • -- Theory: zombies resonate because our species internalized "looks human but isn't" to make war between tribes palatable
  • -- Can't make a living at it, but I guess "pro pinball player" sounds better than "retired and plays pinball all day."
  • -- Eliezer Yudkowsky Facts: "Eliezer Yudkowsky made a mistake once, but only so he could calibrate his confidence level."

Mar 24th

  • When Zack asked "Did he just hit 80?" I initially interpreted him as meaning "age 80." I'm pleased with my budding dissociation from WoW.
  • -- New Fez trailer.
  • HFS, Pearl Jam's "Ten" is out as Rock Band DLC today:

Mar 25th

  • Breaking news from GDC: Legend of Zelda railroad simulator announced. Buh?
  • Just got back from Ultimate Frisbee. First time I've played a team sport in over a decade. Was pretty incredible.
  • Faceplanted! Face is fine; shoulder still hurts. I think I'm okay, but I should get a cast anyways, to pick up chicks with.
  • -- "A battle between a pride of lions, a herd of buffalo, and 2 crocodiles at a watering hole in Kruger National Park"

Mar 26th

  • In 2003, middle-schooler strip-searched by school officials looking for Ibuprofen. Lawsuit just hit the Supreme Court:
  • Oh thank god, Blender magazine just went down. Now I can stop worrying they'll send me to collections for the subscription I never asked for
  • GDC developer's choice awards: -- I don't agree with everything, but it all makes sense except LBP for Game Design.
  • -- Windows Movie maker is good for exactly one music video; now everyone else has to use something else.

Mar 27th

  • Takeshi's Challenge ( coming to Wii VC In Japan. Hope they pull a Sin & Punishment and release it here as an "import."
  • -- Blizzard is training a generation of gamers to believe in the Monte Carlo fallacy.
  • Adhering to strict design principles for purely theoretical gain is a *hobby*. Don't advocate CSS-for-layout as if it's actually important.
  • -- "I have gone a wooing to several gentlemen" I wonder if my IM logs will read like poetry in 200 years.
  • Look, I know it's in my name, and I just said the word "poetry," but if you're following me looking for poems you're gonna be disappointed.

Mar 28th

  • -- "How many people do you know whose vacations were ruined because they were eaten by undetected gorillas?"
  • -- 2009 IGF winners announced. You know what would be awesome? If they gave awards to indie games you can actually play.

Mar 29th

  • Looking for a clip of a no-name blues or blues rock band on Youtube. Ideally from public access TV. Any pointers?
  • Next question; different project: what canceled, rumored or Japan-only GBA game would get the ROM scene really fired up if it were leaked?
  • Sometimes I wish there were a web service like Twitter where I could write several paragraphs to back up my 140-character assertions.
  • -- update wherein I try to figure out why I like jogging better than DDR.

Mar 30th

  • Still haven't found a good no-name blues band video. But I did find this:
  • -- "In Join Or Die, I paint myself having sex with the Presidents of the United States in chronological order."
  • -- I think this person may be the only one to ever use Twitter for its intended purpose.

Mar 31st

  • -- "... a service called Omegle, which instantly puts you in a one-on-one chat with an anonymous stranger. I tried it."
  • -- Someone at Sony pulls the wrong lever and drops the price on the Playstation not in desperate need a price drop.
  • @phetus Would be perfect if the lighting were just a little cheesier, the camerawork a little sloppier, and the video a little grainier.
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