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Ugh, stop twitching
april microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2009-05-01 17:36:29 by Jim Crawford

Had to recover four days worth of posts from the partial-mirror of this log on Facebook, because Twitter is run by incompetents.

Apr 1st

  • Our culture has marked today a day of celebration for assholes everywhere. I'm starting the backlash: if you're an asshole, stop being one.
  • I was considering not posting anything at all today, but maybe I can just use a tag to indicate I'm not fucking with you. [Not April Fools]
  • Nice feature of being past winter: the squirrels that used to scamper by on the fence outside my window are back. [Not April Fools]
  • Off to Ultimate Frisbee again. Shoulder is still a bit sore. Should be okay, but we'll see how it goes. [Not April Fools]
  • Inflamed shoulder reaching for catch! Also noticed that mosquitos show up en masse around dark. Otherwise awesome. [Not April Fools]
  • You know what would've been almost tasteful? If 8bitcollective only replaced the song you were listening to with "Girl From Ipanema" once.
  • People were attempting to play tennis with baseball bats this time, too. Have yet to see them get even one rally going. [Not April Fools]

Apr 2nd

  • -- Is one wearing the eye-bandage out of solidarity? If they'd banged their heads together it would be the opposite eye.
  • If you're trying to figure out how to say "You do know X, don't you?" without sounding like a condescending prick, try just "X."
  • I'm fascinated by Erlang: I wish I could think of a project I want to do that it would be an appropriate solution for.
  • -- New RMS video, this time with editing.

Apr 3rd

  • -- "Iowa Court Voids Gay Marriage Ban"
  • -- "She asserts a direct relationship between $1 trillion of aid and the rise in African poverty rates from 11% to 66%."

Apr 4th

  • @fiskmeshi I believe the term for that is "tweet leech"
  • -- "[Medical practice] contains countless examples of elegant medical theories that belie the best available evidence."
  • Just got the footage I've been practicing editing in preparation for. 3.5gb. donno, I haven't put that disk in yet.
  • CRC errors on disc 1. Pretty sure this is the only copy! Disc looks dirty. Shirt, don't fail me now!
  • Shirt did not fail. It never has. Now I'm skimming through the raw footage, which is just as amazing as I remembered.
  • Look, I *know* you're engaging in satire when you post to Twitter about what you're eating. I get it. It's *still* boring.
  • Does iTunes still do irreversible damage to your music collection when you install it? That part was always a deterrent to my trying it.

Apr 5th

  • -- As a highlight reel of weird imagery this trailer is amazing. Can't help but think the movie itself will disappoint.
  • -- "The benefit of crunch has more to do with the excitement and attitude of the team and less to do with work hours."

Apr 6th

  • -- 60+ hour work weeks are counterproductive. Who would've guessed?
  • -- Documenting Disney's copypasta tendencies.
  • -- Turns out you can identify individuals using the "anonymized" data social networking sites sell to marketers.
  • The designers of Henry Hatsworth need some serious remedial training re difficulty curves. Let's start with: a right angle is not a curve.
  • Spent ~8 hours over the past few days trying to transcode video. Analysis: unlike all other software, ffmpeg and virtualdub mostly work.
  • -- "Your web developers will overflow their box model when they see you sporting this hilarious new t-shirt!"

Apr 7th

  • -- id software offices circa 1993. Highlight is probably Bobby Prince singing along to music he wrote for Commander Keen.
  • -- No matter how good a story you fit in the cracks, you still spend the vast majority of an FPS killing people.
  • @phetus Sometimes they come back. But yeah, Twitter has ongoing serious technical issues.
  • Okay, it's bad enough that you lose my posts, Twitter. You don't deprive me of Ron Gilbert's too.

Apr 8th

  • -- Dole(tm) Man saves the day yet again.
  • -- Will Wright quits EA. I'm more than willing to blame EA for how Spore ended up, so tentatively call this good news.
  • -- Memo to gaming enthusiast press: if the study involves Solitaire and Minesweeper, it's *not about us*.
  • "Death Proof" plays like a barely-fictionalized celebrity gossip magazine with a vehicular murder subplot thrown in at the eleventh hour.
  • Figured out why Steam was broken for me: had cookies disabled in IE. How does a normal person make that connection?
  • (Yeah, I know, they don't disable cookies in the first place)
  • "New York is considering an 'Obesity Tax' on non-diet sodas." -- *Every* food product should be priced in inverse proportion to healthiness.
  • Just added eleven story nodes to Celebrities in Prison.

Apr 9th

  • -- "What they found, in short, is that the worst team member is the best predictor of how any team performs."
  • Object lesson from Twitter: complain about your life too much and people (speaking for myself) become less sympathetic and more annoyed.
  • In Turbo C, uninitialized static arrays would take space in the binary. And often have your source in them. Don't mind me; just reminiscing.
  • I've always needed a project in order to learn a new tool. But now the project needs to have a practical end result, too. No toy compilers.
  • (Entertaining-to-other-people counts as practical. But for contrast, a toy compiler would be entertaining only to me.)
  • You know. My brain has been trained to instantly derail any line of thought it's on when my instant messager beeps. This is... a problem.

Apr 10th

  • Never trust anyone over thirty.
  • -- This site appears to be the current easiest way to share music. Should last about a week, then it's back to YouTube.
  • "These results do not include the word 'python'. Show results that include 'python'" ? Is half the dictionary on Google's stopword list now?
  • -- Exciting new Roy Orbison in Clingfilm development: Roy Orbison in Clingfilm Adventure Game!
  • One thing that bugs me about nutrition label percentages: sometimes the percentage is of a daily minimum and sometimes it's of a daily maximum. Am I just supposed to know?
  • Okay, about to fly out to San Diego. It's my mom's birthday shortly, too, so we'll party together. We'll co-party.

Apr 11th

  • -- If it's just code, no new assets, 1.8 megabytes is huge. All of RE5's game logic probably fits in 1.8 megabytes.
  • Not to disparage the view from Albany Hill at sunset, but jogging tiem in La Jolla is superior to jogging tiem in El Cerrito. (Shower tiem.)
  • I always get Mexican coke when available because I like my liver, but I never noticed a taste difference. Danny says it's the aftertaste!

Apr 12th

Apr 13th

  • -- Yes, the software synthesizer is part of the 4k executable size limit.
  • Now that I'm an old man it's time to start working on my Murtaugh List. Too old to build toy compilers. Too old to remember my PC's specs.
  • -- I think Smush may have found its lead singer.
  • -- Chris Hecker writes about the development of the creature editor for Spore. Metaballs ahoy!
  • Early 90s-era racing games really did some interesting tricks to fake 3D:

Apr 14th

  • Oh good, now Twitter appears to have lost four days worth of my posts.
  • Invisible people can't see. The photons pass right through their photoreceptors.
  • -- 15 new Celebrities in Prison story nodes.

Apr 15th

  • When quoting the Gauntlet announcer to indicate that you're hungry, I wonder if your choice of character class says something about you.
  • "Mandelbrot" translates literally as "almond bread." I wonder if every German surname means something stupid.
  • -- Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz. Waltz, bad nymph, for quick jigs vex!
  • -- Play some Chopin!

Apr 16th

  • -- The most heartwearming earlobe cyst story yet!
  • -- "The Elements of Style's enormous influence has significantly degraded American students' grasp of English grammar."

Apr 17th

Apr 18th

  • -- Sometimes failure is a relief.
  • Disabling embedded Java applets clears up 90% of the pain, but I still feel like a new man whenever I uninstall the JVM.

Apr 20th

  • Back from San Diego. Enjoying newfound me-time until socialization withdrawal kicks in.
  • I've been shopping around my ad-ignoring services to other search engines, and despite growing annoyances, Google still seems to be the best
  • Dead Space: Downfall shares the awkwardness of conversational pacing with anime translated from Japanese. I guess that's the new pixel art.
  • @fistfulofsand I'm with descriptivists except re "beg the question" and "alot" and "everyone doesn't" replacing "not everyone does" and...
  • My shoulder *still* complains if I move too fast, despite two weeks off of frisbee. I'm going this week anyways. Walk it off, shoulder!
  • -- You kids today scare me.

Apr 21st

  • -- Will Wright discusses game design.
  • SFO had a sign: "Do not feed the birds as they are a hazard to aircraft." Birds on the ground aren't a hazard. SFO is just birdist!
  • Another one for the Murtaugh list: I'm too old for "awesomeness" to trump practicality in my technical decisions. :'(
  • -- Inappropriate future-retro Flash intro way more intense than anything we saw in the 90s.
  • -- "Less than 10% of the world's land is more than 48 hours of ground-based travel from the nearest city."
  • Every jog should be a heat wave jog.

Apr 22nd

  • @sugigrl I totally did! It was great.
  • Braid soundtrack album released:
  • FLAC annoys me. I bet a 320kbps mp3 would sound way better than 44.1khz 16-bit stereo... if 44.1khz 16-bit stereo weren't the source format.
  • (When I say "FLAC annoys me," I actually mean something much more subtle about specific facets of FLAC, that I can't fit in the margin.)
  • I think I successfully avoided shoulder injuries and mosquito bites today at frisbee. First on both counts!

Apr 24th

  • Next thing I'm too old for: caring about your pet C++ reflection system. You're solving a problem that *doesn't exist* in any sane language.
  • -- "Necros tracked in my car, and Trixter coded in my car. You have no idea how close I came to swerving off the road."
  • Orange Box is $10 on Steam this weekend. Too bad I don't know anyone who doesn't already own it.
  • @prodigious Is that tongue at the end of your sentence pulling double duty as a pointing device aimed at yourself? If so, get on it then!
  • @fistfulofsand Crocheting at a deathcore concert: priceless.
  • -- Man, Virt's using Vocaloid now. Now I have that to live up to, rather than the mediocre Vocaloid videos on YouTube.
  • -- Medical breathrough: disembodied lungs breathing in a glass bubble. Video just as creepy as you're imagining!
  • -- "Twitter is an ideal medium to inject fake facts into society"

Apr 25th

  • Watching Jason Scott's documentary on BBSes. Pretty amazing so far. It's Creative Commons, so go find a torrent.
  • -- Procrastination and cached responses: "What next? Fortunately, my brain has a cached response ready: Solitaire!"
  • -- Twice I've seen reference to this TV-simulation filter for game emulators, but nobody's produced video or binary yet.
  • There's this whole subset of the publishing industry dedicated to producing what amounts to authorized fan-fiction. Why no Firefly novels?
  • Hm. Starting to get dull aches mid-shin while and after jogging. I wonder if I need to get shoes with springs on the bottom or something.

Apr 26th

  • Cameron dragged his feet on sending me the Troboclops song til I reminded him I needed it to cut together the video. Started editing today.
  • In a fit of procrastination, finished the making-of for the Troboclops music video. Is it weird to release the supplementary material first?
  • -- Here is it, the real Troboclops music video behind-the-scenes from real Troboclops! And also me and Matt.
  • -- "PolitiFact is tracking the progress of more than 500 campaign promises that Barack Obama made on our Obameter."
  • -- Interesting presentation on the history of the copyright. Further reading:
  • @prodigious I totally take back what I said about food-related twitter posts.

Apr 27th

  • Craig suggested that I use the beige walls in the video as a key for bad bluescreen effects... I think he just delayed the release by weeks.
  • -- Archive Team saves the day yet again!
  • -- Data on the results of drug decriminalization in Portugal.
  • -- I need to get this guy to do the next Smush album cover. Hell, to redo all previous Smush album covers too.

Apr 28th

  • ROM CHECK FAIL guy: "Want to know if I quit my job? Play this game, which I sent around my office earlier today."
  • -- The 1963 Dr. Who opening was something of a showcase for video feedback effects. (
  • While I'm at it, the story behind the Dr. Who theme music is also astonishing:
  • -- Playing instruments is hard!
  • Playing Doom (1993) on XBLA. Holds up really well! Great level design, at least in terms of building interesting tactical spaces for combat.
  • Oh man, we only got POV shots of Cameron singing section B. Nothing to cut between!

Apr 29th

  • Jason offers the solution: morph Cameron into a stealth fighter (~0:50
  • We also didn't get any two-shots of me and Matt looking scared. (Morph is comin' along *great*)
  • -- Protip: "There are many other molecules that are needed to make space raspberries."
  • -- "Beakers of deionized water exposed to high voltages form an unsupported bridge between them."
  • @fistfulofsand Give her the ol' Lecter impression. I'm sure she's never heard it before, especially that night!
  • @fistfulofsand Better: get two dozen people in a row to do the Lecter routine, then put her reaction to the last on YouTube with no context.
  • -- "Chemical gel moves like a caterpillar. It could lead to electronics-free robots."
  • Rough cut of Hateedge video: Let me know if you can't see and/or hear it; this codec thing is still nebulous to me.
  • -- Video of prototype brain-computer interface for locked-in patients.
  • People were having codec issues after all, so I put the Troboclops video on Youtube in spite of its unpolished state:
  • Ultimate Frisbee was amazing today. Four-on-four game, 90 minutes. Finally feel like I'm playing competently. *Exhausted*.
  • @fistfulofsand To Madagascar, stat!
  • -- Not as technically impressive as the description sounded, but still like nothing I've seen on a 16 bit console.

Apr 30th

  • I find it infuriating that A. Google doesn't index blog hosts, and B. blog hosts consistently refuse to provide their own search.
  • -- I like where the latest Sean and Wormwood is going.
  • Just noticed bruising on the my thumb from Frisbee yesterday. Hm. Where do you start counting the thumb's knuckles when you want to specify?
  • @phetus Yeah, I was wondering if it would be clear what was going on without any provided context. I guess not!
  • -- Randall Munroe's fans tend to make his ideas happen. Looking forward to somebody implementing this.
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