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Ugh, stop twitching
troboclops - hate edge
music Posted 2009-05-03 19:29:58 by Jim Crawford
Back in Summer or so of 2008, Cameron got a bunch of recording gear and software and started a jokey electro-punk band called “Troboclops” with his friend Jesse, basically as an excuse to learn how to use the gear. Since then, he's given that stuff up to work on more serious material, closer in style to his punk roots. Which I personally consider to be much less entertaining, but he's the type who considers comedy to be inherently worth less than other forms of art, and a man's occasionally gotta sack up for what he believes in, right?

Anyways, before they broke up, they and Matt and I shot a music video using a cheap digital video camera and prosumer lighting rig that Matt had in his closet from back when he'd been going to film school. The footage lay fallow for half a year, but after much badgering I managed to get ahold of it so I could put together a cut:

My favorite part of the whole enterprise was... spoilers follow! No, seriously. If you care, watch the video first.

So my my favorite part of the whole enterprise was editing together the little mini-stories out of disparate shots. For instance, the shot of at 2:34 of me “drinking” followed by the “smack the forty out of his hand” shot, which were shot entirely separately without any thought as to where they'd go in the sequence. In fact, the second shot isn't my hand; you can see my legs sitting on the couch behind the action. Another good example is the sequence at 2:05, of Cameron miming coitus at the camera followed by Matt shuddering.

My second-favorite part of the editing process was when I realized that for the part where Cameron enters and sings, at 1:07, all four takes we shot were from the exact same angle, so there was nothing to cut between. So I had to improvise; eventually, Jason suggested the only possible course of action: morph him into a stealth fighter.

I've also put together a sequence of some of the more entertaining takes in a quasi-making-of, if you want to see the sort of thing I was cutting from:

I'm calling this a rough cut because I feel like it still needs work; Craig had suggested I use the beige walls as a chroma key for bad bluescreen effects, and I want to try to do some color correction in general, and also go back and tighten up the graphics in level three. But I'm not sure I'm ever going to get around to that stuff.

What I am sure about is that editing is a ton of fun. I want something else to edit. Anyone have a video camera?
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packers and movers
Posted by Anonymous (Packers And Movers ) on 2018-02-07 01:29:59
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