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Ugh, stop twitching
may microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2009-06-04 19:52:19 by Jim Crawford
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May 1st

  • -- Randall Munroe's fans tend to make his ideas happen. Looking forward to somebody implementing this.
  • My 360's drive is conking out. Not covered by the red-ring warranty. Deleted Psychonauts and installed Rock Band 2 to the hard disk instead.
  • Hoh snap. Not only does ( exist now, I'm evidently on page 2:

May 2nd

  • UC Davis is workin' on the holodeck:
  • Virt playing live at Block Party / Notacon:
  • Hey, some episodes of Errol Morris's "First Person" are on Youtube. This one's probably the highlight of the series:
  • Eleven new nodes: -- somebody else write some, for a change!
  • "Also, if lspci says 'Unrecognized Vendor ID 0xff' it just means your cat ziggy shed all over your gear, and you need to clean the hair off"
  • Automating science:

May 3rd

  • -- TinEye: Reverse Image Search. Find a bigger version of the thumbnail you have, or the sauce plox on that cat macro.
  • I only looked up the meaning of "past participle" so I could conjugate "lie," but now I have to reconsider the tense of my entire paragraph.
  • A writeup of the Troboclops video editing experience: You've probably read much of this in 140-byte chunks already.

May 4th

  • @pnewnan Hm. Possible solution: use grep to filter the bell character out of vi's output stream.
  • @pnewnan ASCII 07. It actually might work, but would probably be easier to turn off the bell in your SSH client.
  • "Since you haven't fallen for my scam letter let me be up front with you. Because I am a Nigerian, you owe me something"
  • -- "[The end of the world] is going to either happen or it's going to not happen, and so the best guess is 1 in 2."
  • @pnewnan This particular end of the world, IIRC, destroys any concept of space or time, so the existence of cupcakes would be indeterminate.
  • -- New Out of the Game podcast is up. It's like Christmas in July!

May 5th

  • Twitter could really use a pacing mechanism -- several people I follow paste 15 links in a row and then disappear for days.
  • -- Gameshark code turns Super Mario 64 into a Survival Horror game.
  • @pnewnan That would solve the overload problem, but not the problem of long periods with no content.
  • -- "Brain Advocates Press On Despite Doubts." Any clues what political cause this guy is satirizing? If any.
  • Is it just me or is there this Combine Advisor Pod-looking thing hovering over San Francisco today?

May 6th

  • @prodigious Because of the idiots who automatically follow everyone who follows them. (In some cases, literally automatically.)
  • So the bash script I'm debugging now is multi-threaded, but has a convoluted semaphore system in place to emulate single-threadedness.
  • How do you sell this in 140 bytes? "Big boat looks like it's going fast, but it's not really, but it's awesome anyways."
  • -- A new way to watch Troboclops. Or any other Youtube video.
  • -- Even better way to watch Troboclops, or, again, any other Youtube video.

May 7th

May 8th

  • -- "C++ is enough rope to hang yourself, then a couple extra miles of rope, then some suicide pills disguised as M&Ms."
  • -- WoW life support system includes food, water, toilet. Have you considered using nature's toilet, the briefs, instead?
  • -- This is almost as bad as when I found out my girlfriend was actually a girl-shaped moth.

May 9th

  • ttp:// "Using the slow-motion camera underwater paid off, here for the first time revealing the vortices created by huge waves."
  • I declare "porn" to mean any media people enjoy not due to artistic merit, but bullet points: zombies, pixel art, gun kata, Natalie Portman.
  • @prodigious No issue. Alls I'm sayin' is that pixel art isn't inherently good, yet some people seem to like it per se.
  • In the spirit of all not-porn porn, here's some totally-SFW 6/8 mixolydian chip rock porn: -- I just can't get enough.
  • "A Wikipedia hoax by a Dublin student resulted in a fake quote being published in newspaper obituaries around the world"
  • Just acquired the most amazing hat. More later.

May 10th

  • Just got back from Tim's hat-themed birthday party. My hat is awesome by the way.
  • -- "I turned out all the lights and took a long-exposure shot of my roomba doing it?s thing for about 30 minutes."
  • I'm sad that I started working with BLT.graph. As your attorney I strongly advise you to you to use a different graphing package.
  • -- My updated position on repurposing the word "porn."

May 13th

  • -- "How an Intern Stole NASA's Moon Rocks." Reads like a pulp serial.
  • @loresjoberg They're slow to acknowledge receipt, slow to ship, and treat your queue like an unordered set. No real competition, though.
  • @pnewnan Programs that write programs are the happiest programs in the world.

May 14th

  • -- I'd like to see these written by people of other cultures, e.g. the !Kung (
  • GoDaddy hosting is suddenly throwing errors when I try to instantiate CAPICOM.HashedData, breaking node comments on CIP. Thanks, GoDaddy!
  • -- Charles Stross on 2030. (Mostly the easy stuff: how iPhone leads to augmented reality, &c.)
  • -- "An anthropological introduction to YouTube." Hour-long video.

May 15th

  • I don't know whether Groov (an XNA community game) will have lasting value, but it's definitely worth playing once. So go play it once.
  • Checking out all the XNA platformer trials. Highlight so far:
  • -- "Officers do not need to get warrants beforehand because GPS tracking does not involve a search or a seizure."
  • -- "The tumour was tiny and had not spread. 'He didn't die from cancer, but from believing he was dying of cancer.'"
  • -- Fascinating probability curve. Mid-teens through mid-20s is evidently a dangerous place to be -- but only for men.

May 16th

  • They're shutting down the washer and dryer in my apartment building. Guess I'm walking to the laundromat in El Cerrito Plaza from here on.
  • GoDaddy first blew me off with "could not repro," then blew me off with a file permissions form letter keyed off the word "permission."
  • -- "Nice Muscle," surreal WiiWare game by Namco.
  • -- Somehow this is more heartwarming than would be.

May 17th

  • -- How to talk like a girl. (Skip to 2:45 to hear the natural voice)
  • -- Apostrophe usage on this 1970s-era Chicago street gang business card is *off the hook*. (More:
  • Liked "Star Trek" more than any other "Star Trek" branded product I've partaken of. Which isn't saying much, but I did genuinely like it.

May 18th

  • -- So it turns out that the term "African American" is made up of individual words that each mean a specific thing.

May 19th

  • -- Cat macros from the Eastern Bloc.
  • -- Palin v.
  • @prodigious Yeah, I'm with him. And against the people who say things like "The population of South Africa is 80% African-American."
  • I know a guy who, for business reasons, has the name, address and phone number of every stripper and Suicide Girl in Portland, Oregon.
  • -- Disappearing, reappearing ink.
  • -- Huh! Have you ever noticed how XML ruins everything it touches?
  • -- Team ICO's next project.
  • @phetus Yeah, I didn't get that vibe at all. But "cyberpunk" means different things to different people and I'm curious what it means to you
  • Three exchanges after I told them it has nothing to do with file permissions, GoDaddy support is still sending me file permissions copypasta
  • -- "[I Caught You Watching Porn] works by taking advantage of an information leak introduced by CSS."

May 20th

  • Why can't the computer record the stardate itself? I guess for all the tech the Star Trek guys foresaw, they never thought of file metadata.

May 21st

May 22nd

  • -- Helicopter combat and organ harvesting: two great tastes that taste great together.
  • Got comments working in CIP again. No thanks to Godaddy. Had to massage some Jscript SHA1 and Base64 code into behaving like CAPICOM.
  • For maybe the first time, I hope that nobody writes the alternative branches for a sequence of story nodes on CIP:

May 23rd

May 24th

  • -- "The company promotes the toilet paper, which will sell for 210 yen a roll, as 'a horror experience in the toilet.'"
  • Okay, so I'm souring on Dropbox. It just overwrote the current version of a file with one from 33 hours ago.
  • @fistfulofsand Are you referring to Contra-the-platform-shooter snobs or Iran-Contra affair snobs
  • After the kid finished her piece someone asked what she'd been playing. "Waltz," she said. "By?" Dude, it's in 3/4, what more do you want?

May 25th

  • -- High school student runs illicit library of banned books out of her locker at school.

May 26th

May 27th

May 28th

May 29th

  • -- David Foster Wallace has it in for not-porn porn.
  • -- "Given an arbitrary piece of code, your program is to determine if the code is susceptible to an infinite loop."
  • -- Mega Man meets fez-style 2d/3d meets co-op puzzle platforming.
  • Saw a performance of Dido and Aeneas last night. Aeneas was played by "John Sterne/John Polhamus". I wish I had a slash in *my* middle name!
  • Wake me when someone knows what Google Wave is. I know, I know, it lets you edit "Waves." And also social wiki cloud Web 3.1 for Workgroups.
  • @fiskmeshi I could live with that.
  • -- Prototype looks like Crackdown on steroids. A nontrivial accomplishment, because Crackdown was already on steroids.

May 30th

  • -- 15 new CIP story nodes. "You're a doctor, didn't they teach you how to cure retching in doctor school?"
  • Man, I'd heard the Star Trek: Enterprise theme was bad, but I was hoping at least for bad bombastic horns!

May 31st

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