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june microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2009-07-01 20:19:32 by Jim Crawford
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Jun 1st

  • -- Fascinating visualization of the comparative speed and expressiveness of programming languages.
  • -- Check out the vocal charts. Rock Band Beatles does harmonies!
  • -- Telltale is doing Monkey Island!
  • @fistfulofsand No! It would be nice if Rock Band had real notation, for sight-singing. Parts of "Gimme Shelter" are still mysterious to me.
  • "Aleph null." "How do you spell that?" "A-L-E-P-H. Funny you should ask, though; 'aleph' is a letter."
  • I like having a water bottle. It makes me feel special while I'm drinking water.

Jun 2nd

  • Just got accosted by the police coming down from a midnight hike on Albany Hill with Indy. Evidently there was a murder there a month ago.
  • More exciting announcements coming out of E3: Mario Galaxy 2, Crackdown 2, Alan Wake's release date.
  • -- StSanders is back on YouTube! A highlight, "Carlos Santana Shreds":
  • -- Retro Game Master didn't sell enough to localize the sequel. Open letter to all who played it on an R4: I hate you.
  • -- Dave Mustaine's bizarre sleeping accident. If you sleep, heed this warning!
  • -- 18 new CIP story nodes. "Yo, dawg. I heard I like mauling, so I put a face in your face so I can maul while I maul."

Jun 3rd

  • "Gonna bring that back in looping, he didn't nail the sound of eating. Which is weird because he was eating." "He wasn't miked for grains."
  • @pnewnan I want one of those.
  • Added some RSS feeds for Celebrities in Prison. Recent story nodes: Recent comments:
  • -- Ungulates.
  • For a change, I'd like to see an example of Wolfram Alpha giving a sensible answer.
  • -- Clouds.
  • Another four-on-four frisbee game today, and this time I was out of practice. *wheeze*

Jun 4th

  • -- Step 1: Cancel promising game. Step 2: Wait for competing publisher to pick up the pieces. Step 3: Lawsuit!
  • Oh yeah, and re Activision's latest dick legal maneuver: guess what company your $15/month WoW habit is supporting? Just sayin'.
  • -- Tim Sweeney on the history of Epic Games: "The funny secret behind ZZT is it started out [as] a text editor."
  • @phetus I knew what you meant! It is similar. I wonder whether he intended them to be clouds in the painting, though.

Jun 5th

  • -- Not just *any* anthropomorphic chair.
  • -- 17th century alchemists pre-discover carbon nanotubes.
  • @pnewnan I'm pretty sure there are animal labor laws pertaining to this sort of thing, but the FAQ doesn't mention them.
  • -- "Jabba the Hutt Supreme Edition Costume"
  • -- 15 new CIP story nodes. "Since we don't have a target dummy here, you're going to be setting your own hair on fire."
  • -- Scribblenauts: Type in the name of the object you need to beat the level. (Chainsaw, beaver, time machine, longcat)
  • -- Next: no showing human warmth in airports, because it foils the anti-terrorist-face software.
  • -- More judgmental camera shenanigans.
  • -- "Stem Cell Contact Lenses Cure [a certain kind of] Blindness in Less Than a Month"
  • Re: "Death of Autotune." Somebody deliberately used a tool tastelessly, which makes it impossible to use that same tool tastefully, amirite?
  • -- Eegah, flying squid! (

Jun 6th

  • Huh. John Carmack missed his blog and hit when he tossed out his latest couple posts:
  • Do you have a brand of laundry bag you recommend? Say, for carrying from my apartment to the laundromat at El Cerrito Plaza.

Jun 7th

  • -- Face-altering performance art (or: most effective warpaint ever). Skip ahead if you must; the best is at the end.
  • -- JD Salinger must now be trying to figure out how to sue all the people who were surprised he was still alive.
  • -- ~14,000 Left 4 Dead fans promise not to buy sequel based on title.
  • I said "more later" about my awesome hat, if you'll recall. It is later! See also:
  • Iggy Pop says his near-death experience sounded like a Tangerine Dream album.

Jun 8th

  • "Foam pad lower extremity splints tend to work their way inferiorly when the victim ambulates. A simple solution is 'duct tape suspenders.'"
  • -- "His wife hurried to the window. Let me explain, he said. This is literally the only way you can make a video game."
  • I'd forgotten how good the Luigi's Mansion soundtrack is.
  • -- Ludicrous baby animals.
  • @fiskmeshi It has one! Not every interface supports it, but the data channel is there. I could tell what you were replying to.
  • @fistfulofsand Well, you know it's a band rather than an actual atrocity, right?

Jun 9th

  • -- Problem: MIcrosoft's infrared-based motion control system can't see black people. Solution: ship it with whiteface.
  • Seanbaby's writing for now: That almost makes up for David Wong writing for
  • -- Penny Arcade is hiring. "A level 80 Alliance character would be helpful." "Do you like folding shirts? Excellent."
  • For once my landlady's laziness is working in my favor. She was supposed to have removed the washer/dryer weeks ago, but they're still here.

Jun 10th

  • -- What a great service! "We offer a wide array of corrupted Word files that are guaranteed not to open on a Mac or PC."
  • -- Oh mans, today's Penny Arcade is pretty amazing. Not amazingly funny, just amazing.
  • @pnewnan That's more a run-of-the-mill Penny Arcade comic. I'm not complaining, because it's 30 seconds out of my life, but enh.
  • -- This kid is going to get all the chicks at recess. Also: does this point the way to needleless, artistless tattoos?
  • When I think about having watched "Calcium," the pilot of Look Around You, sometimes I wonder whether I dreamed it.

Jun 11th

  • In case you'd forgotten, television is ending tomorrow. Join hands and celebrate!
  • 18 new CIP story nodes. "When you were a kid your dad was an olfactory worker and always brought home the worst scents."

Jun 12th

  • -- "That's John Quincy Adams in a nutshell: so postmillennial he was a postkiloyearist."
  • -- Man, I hoped for more from Automata than simply taking a noir setting and subbing in "robot" for "racial minority."
  • -- Interactive Circle of Fifths.
  • -- "Humans prefer cockiness to expertise."
  • -- Hand cranked animated boat diorama. For sale here: ... but belongs in a museum, for serious.
  • -- The correct response to ridiculous trademark infringement allegations.
  • An hour into the Facebook user name feature, and my name's already taken. Every single suggested name/initial permutation had a digit in it.

Jun 13th

  • -- The Evolution of House Cats
  • Hey, I managed to beat Ikaruga continuing only once. That's *like* beating it without continuing!
  • -- How to debug when all output hardware is unavailable.
  • I've never seen software with "helper" in the title that didn't turn out to be malware. It's like naming your country "Democratic Republic."
  • -- The Mario Marathon guys are doing it again this year. Man, I wish hospitals got money when *I* played Mario games.

Jun 14th

  • I bet Google could've totally crippled the adoption of .NET if they'd decided not to add the special case to handle the punctuation in "C#."
  • -- Graffiti from Pompeii. "If anyone wants a screw, he should look for Attice; she costs 4 sestertii."
  • You say potato; I say potato. You say tomato; I say tomato. Potato, potato, tomato, tomato.
  • There ought to be an OkCupid spin-off for dentists called "OkCuspid."

Jun 15th

  • -- Indie Game Bingo. Totally spot-on. Except for "Indie Trendy" which I don't quite get. Any guesses?
  • -- Go Twitter, doin' the right thing! This almost makes up for when you lost a day's worth of Ron Gilbert's twits.

Jun 16th

  • Man, right now i'm just lukewarm about Automata. If it beats Lookouts in the poll I'm afraid I'm gonna start irrationally hating on it.
  • -- Futuristic Movie Timeline

Jun 17th

Jun 18th

  • Norm Macdonald was amazing on Conan O'Brien a week ago:
  • -- Project lead Josh Randall on strangers holding hands while playtesting Rock Band Beatles.
  • move forward, watching the shadows of government, don't you think about beauty. i and dpezoir disappear in a real-life application
  • -- The Main Drag flirts with legal disaster in this Calvin & Hobbes-esque music video for "A Jagged Gorgeous Winter."

Jun 19th

  • -- The pranks we play on machines.
  • @pnewnan Money can be exchanged for goods and services
  • -- Whoever handled the music in the C64 port of Salamander forgot to enjoy music.
  • @pnewnan I guess you're not into the whole grocery-shopping-at-2AM thing. Too bad; it's a lot of fun.

Jun 20th

  • -- Another take on the shooter music genre. Playing this must be like taking downers and uppers at the same time.
  • -- "It's Now Completely Impossible To Sell A Laptop On Ebay"

Jun 21st

  • Played about 15 console shmups with Louis yesterday. What's up with the PC Engine having only one controller port? Who *are* these people?
  • Washer/dryer update: still have washer/dryer.
  • All these Konami OSTs I've been listening to are credited to "Kukeiha Club." Turns out it means "Square Wave Club":

Jun 22nd

  • Successfully installed Pygame and Impulse Tracker on my netbook. Now the only barrier to creative work is the keyboard! And the touchpad.
  • -- It's compelling. I want to find out what happens.

Jun 23rd

  • -- "Changing negative attitudes toward gays begins with exposing people more regularly to same-sex romantic behavior."
  • Get to the airport at 5am, nine-hour layover at JFK, pay an extra $500: pick any two.

Jun 24th

  • -- That's it for Carmack. He'll be making rockets full time. (Also, way to open the article with a press release quote.)
  • Hunh. So apparently I've had astigmatism all my life. The optometrist told me that I "see very well for someone with [my] prescription."
  • -- Tentatively: I bVII I bVII v I bVII I bVII I / bVII vi bVII v I bVII vi bVII V / I bVII IV^6 IV V I bVII bVI bVII V

Jun 25th

  • Oh, also, that's in mixolydian. So, um, all those bVIIs should just be VII. Hups.
  • -- Some Moai can see.
  • The UPS guy just delivered a package to me wearing one glove.

Jun 29th

Jun 30th

  • Huh. All along I'd believed the Verizon rep who told me this phone doesn't support custom ring tones, when I could just email mp3s to it.
  • Now I'm trying to figure out what 12 seconds of Portishead's "Cowboys" is most representative.
  • Just queued up all the potential song snippets in Winamp and it sounds like the weirdest compilation album advertisement ever.
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