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Ugh, stop twitching
july microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2009-08-03 00:05:03 by Jim Crawford
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Jul 1st

  • Judging from all the tumors iTunes inserted in my computer, I can barely imagine using a computer that's basically entirely a tumor.
  • I'm afraid to run the iTunes uninstaller. I'm afraid it might be a nega-uninstaller. I'm not saying it's a rational fear.
  • @sugigrl For now. But if I started using a Mac, that would contribute to the critical mass necessary to get virus writers to target Macs!
  • -- Guest Lookouts fails at storytelling. The action is a bit more sensical if you attribute the apology to the basilisk.
  • @cwgabriel The art per se is okay, but the *action* is incomprehensible. Took me four passes to figure out that one of the kids was killed.

Jul 2nd

  • -- 20 years later, Space Debris still sounds exactly like it should, rather than like a 4channel mod with 8khz samples.
  • Got my glasses. No big revelation, but everything's noticeably sharper. Is nice. Also got my passport, which has yet to convey any benefits.
  • HFS, my display hardware rather than my comfort level is now the limiting factor for increasing my display resolution.
  • @sugigrl Yeah, actually several people have mentioned seeing leaves as their personal revelation! I could see them before, though :)
  • New use for UV laser: writing the name of your murderer on your Transitions?-enhanced glasses from across the room.

Jul 3rd

Jul 4th

  • -- Source code of some Atari 7800 games. Unfortunately, they're in all caps. "; CYCLE HULK ARMS"
  • -- What TV shows nearby alien civilizations are watching.
  • So, like, how do you clean glasses? I feel like these things ought to have come with an owners manual.
  • How to remember things:

Jul 5th

  • -- "The Extinction Oscillator." Minima in biodiversity coincide with the Earth's apex above the galactic plane.
  • "M-Audio is hard at work developing Vista 64-bit drivers for your favorite products" I might take more comfort if this were datestamped.
  • -- Level design analysis from a snippet of Super Mario Land.
  • -- "Sarychev Volcano Eruption [seen] from the International Space Station"

Jul 6th

  • All games -- all stories -- require investment in the unreal, but only RPGs make me feel dumb afterward for having been invested in them.
  • -- Hey, Becky took a storyboarding class over the weekend or something! Go redo the first two guest strips now, please.
  • -- This is the sort of thing you get when you pay too much attention to how your music looks in the note grid.
  • -- Huh. What do you call that field of circles visualizing chord components? I want to know more!
  • Oh good, ESET NOD32 Antivirus is detecting the executable packer that VI.ONE uses as a threat. This ought to be fun to troubleshoot.
  • -- Keeping wildcats in the house.
  • -- More music visualization. This one human-assisted.

Jul 7th

  • Protecting your sandwich:
  • -- "Anyway, he said that [Spongebob] was an extended parody of 'Of Mice and Men,' but that both characters were Lennie."

Jul 8th

Jul 9th

  • -- Microtonal keyboard.
  • Received a package with "GUNS" printed on it in block letters. I'm surprised it got to me. (I don't think it actually contains guns.)
  • -- Why natural language interfaces suck. "The worst kind of false affordance is an unreliable affordance."

Jul 10th

Jul 11th

Jul 12th

  • -- Mario Marathon is hosting a series of musical guests now. They're also up to $13,822.53 in Childs Play donations.
  • Just weighted in at 229.6 pounds. I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've been below 230 since... my mid-teens, probably.
  • Heading to California Extreme: I'll let you know how it goes. Like if I can get in the door without a preordered ticket.
  • Jason re the Mario Marathon, 60 hours in: "i was hoping by now the feed would just be burning corpses and one naked guy covered in blood"

Jul 13th

  • Mario Marathon, 70 hours in: "My heart just skipped. Is that safe?" "Mine did that earlier." Maybe you should skip Sunshine after all, guys.

Jul 14th

Jul 15th

  • -- "All life shares some ancient base code, but its gibberish. It doesn't do anyth... Hey. Let me see your genome."
  • -- How to get people on the Internet to do what you want.

Jul 16th

  • -- John Harris adds an entry to the fascinating Game Design Essentials series.
  • -- On the word "fun" as it pertains to discussion and design of games.
  • "TO AVOID INJURY: Do not modify darts." Probably good advice. Too bad it's printed in orange on orange.

Jul 17th

  • -- Mother 3's rhythm-based combo system is complicated by the soundtrack's breakcore influences.
  • -- If you write music using traditional rock instrumentation, Rock Band wants your music.
  • -- Amazon just remotely deleted "1984" and "Animal Farm" from the Kindles of those who purchased them electronically.

Jul 19th

  • Still working on my writeup of California Extreme, but Chris Kohler's 5-point summary might be the better read anyways:

Jul 20th

  • -- New Rock Band Beatles trailer. It looks like every song is going to have a unique venue.

Jul 21st

  • No matter how many items I knock off my todo list, it never gets any shorter. That's why I usually look at the "done" list instead.
  • I'm allowed to talk shit about Vegemite because I've actually tried it. It's like a superpower I have.

Jul 22nd

Jul 23rd

  • -- "I have acquired 10 million expired threads from 4chan?s history ... It?s going on over the next week."
  • -- What PC repair shops are doing with your private photos and bank accounts when you leave your computer with them.

Jul 25th

Jul 26th

Jul 27th

  • The second loop of Super Mario Galaxy reminds me of Philip K. Dick's "The Man in the High Castle."

Jul 28th

  • Trying the Google Wave "dev preview." So far it's not "email but awesome" so much as "wiki but stupid." Also prone to crashing.
  • -- The Cat Cam project shows you where cats go when you're not looking. See also Cow Cam:
  • -- "Do subatomic particles have free will?"

Jul 29th

  • At the baggage carousel, the kid next to me reached out and spun a wheel on some random passing luggage. Sometimes you just have to fiddle.
  • -- Cue the "Chariots of Fire" theme; 8 minutes in, their best running distance before falling down is still 1.8 meters.
  • -- "Sam Raimi?s Warcraft Movie Production Diary"
  • Just realized, I'm still wearing an earbud from my jog. And my regular headphones on top of it. I'm not listening to anything on either set.

Jul 30th

Jul 31st

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