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Ugh, stop twitching
the best way to eat beans
life Posted 2010-02-23 23:20:25 by Jim Crawford
<Chris> i got a pressure cooker
<Chris> did i tell you?
<Chris> i cooked beans in fucking 15 minutes!
<Me> wow :)
<Chris> it's like i just had my own personal bean revolution
<Me> that's pretty crazy. i don't know if i'd feel safe with something that powerful in my home
<Me> it'd be like owning an assault rifle
<Chris> yeah, i mean, the thing has the potential to explode, blasting 400 degree steam every what way, along with any other food matter inside and bits of metal!
<Chris> have you used one? you like bring it up to pressure (15psi or so) and it starts like spouting steam violently out of a little spout, off and on.. then you know it's good, you turn down the heat.. cook for however many minutes, then to release steam fast you put a fork under the valve to lever it up.. and then the steam shoots out for like 2 minutes. you have to step away.
<Me> that sounds scary as fuck :)
<Chris> it sort of is, but once the adrenaline's flowing, you're like in for the ride of your life
<Chris> especially when it leads to eating
<Chris> it's like that guy who pushed that car off the tracks.. he was all amped after that.. mad adrenals
<Chris> if only someone had run up and handed him a taco, he could feel like i did after having cooked these beans two nights ago
<Me> okay, you've sold me!
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no subject
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