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Ugh, stop twitching
3D bad
games Posted 2002-03-31 06:45:12 by Jim Crawford
The good news: postal sequel coming up.
The bad news: it uses the Unreal Tournament engine.

The hand-painted (watercolor?) backgrounds of postal was one of its best features. Very distinguishable and organic. Why do people insist on forcing games that don't need to be 3D to be 3D? Driver 2, for the GBA. It's a GTA clone, and GTA was great in 2D, wasn't it? But they insisted on making “Driver 2 GBA” 3D, giving it a horrible swimmy-texture doom-like look.

GTA3 and Super Monkey Ball are being ported to the GBA, and I'm fearing very much that they'll be done 3D. Monkey Ball because of the camera in the original, GTA3 because it'll look like shit. I'm already scared enough that GTA3 will be ported as poorly as the first two games were... I don't need this additional fear. I don't need it.

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monkey ball gba closure
Posted by Jim Crawford on 2003-03-23 05:20:06
Well, the verdict is in for the GBA version of Super Monkey Ball. It's 3D, and, as predicted, the camera blows.

Still no reliable word on GTA3. I've seen no media, which may or may not be unusual for a game with a release date of, according to various sources, March 25th, April, or never.
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