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Ugh, stop twitching
june 2010 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2010-07-01 18:58:40 by Jim Crawford
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June 01

  • Off-duty cop terrorizes ICU staff with pistol; explains it's all just a drill:
  • -- "After a taxicab crash in 1943 she found she could sing 'a higher F than ever before.'"
  • Is there a tool out there to handle switching app focus based on eye-tracking? Are consumer-grade webcams good enough to do eye-tracking?
  • "There's no empathy in Heaven because there is no mortality. There's no empathy in Utopia because there is no suffering."

June 02

  • @Johnicholas Hm, that's awesome! There was a set of early gameplay prototypes released as well, a while back:
  • Who was it who joked in my vicinity about FLUDD being filled with oil dispersants in Super Mario Sunshine?
  • No takers on my Craigslist ad for the free broken metal DDR pad in front of my old apt. East Bay, always making me throw away my own trash!
  • @gwhitta In a thousand years, anthropologists will treasure this tidbit about the erstwhile editor-in-chief of PC Gamer.
  • Chris Hecker's "Liner notes" for Spore:
  • Sir Ian McKellen performing the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme:

June 03

June 04

  • Bicycle helmets that stink when damaged and unsafe to use:
  • -- Bears playing ice hockey? I think? I don't know if I trust my brain any more.
  • -- "If I am ignorant about a phenomenon, that is a fact about my state of mind, not a fact about the phenomenon."
  • "Artists have been [ordered to lighten the skin tone] of children depicted in a public mural at a Prescott, AZ school."
  • PopCap founder Jason Kapalka on being recognized on the street -- or, rather, in a bowling alley on Seniors Night:

June 05

  • The geological situation below Guatemala City: -- Pumice being eaten away by strong water flow, like broken sewage pipes.
  • The visual analog of the Wilhelm:
  • Pamelia Kurstin playing the theremin: (Highlight: walking bass at ~2:50)
  • Remember when Gmail published everyone's contacts, outing confidential journalist sources everywhere? Yahoo wants in:

June 06

  • I try not to be too hard on the past; some of my fondest memories are from then.
  • Looks like the magic query string flag to get Google to stop silently correcting your searches is "nfpr." Any idea how to make that default?
  • (Extra credit: try searching for "google nfpr." Google gives you a full page of results for "NFPA" and doesn't even mention "nfpr.")
  • @Laroquod Do you have other recommended science podcasts? I've been looking for more stuff like this and Radiolab.
  • "The template for a video game exists on the disc but where does the experience of the video game as played exist?"
  • The Elitzur-Vaidman bomb-tester uses quantum mechanics to test whether your bomb functions without actually exploding it:
  • (P.S. It's not just a thought-experiment. They built one and it works.)
  • I have to imagine that most of my followers read xkcd already, but by god, today's is *sublime*:

June 07

  • Mario Galaxy 2 is using a lot of the platformer mechanic ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for years. Saves me the trouble.
  • Blather Endlessly About Apple Day wouldn't be such a nuisance if it only happened once a year.
  • -- Once I asked a restaurant pianist to play "Happy Birthday" in a minor key. I think it made his day.
  • Political cartoons are just as subtle in the Star Wars universe:
  • Ninja Watson comes closer without moving:

June 08

  • Via @Halsted: For all you fans of lovecraft-inspired blue sky platformers, Eversion is now available on steam! (
  • Instead of padding Sonic games with slow parts, they really ought to try a racing game structure. Run levels repeatedly for time or points.
  • Mario Marathon 3 teaser trailer: -- Okay, I'm pumped. Let's do this.
  • Saudi Clerics Advocate Adult Breast-Feeding: -- "No need to dirty a bottle."
  • "BP ordered shortcut on day of blast": "BP lied to us from day one. We could have stopped the oil":
  • Here is how you leverage Capitalism to fix this problem: make the stockholders pay, and accountability will take care of itself.

June 09

  • Just seeing the model for "Throwback Galaxy" on the overworld map made my day.
  • (3:11:28 PM) Danny: i should start saying 'no homophone' in place of 'no pun intended', where appropriate

June 10

  • Rock Band 3: -- Six-stringed electric guitar controller; two octave keyboard; drums with separate cymbals.
  • Rushed out the door after shower; braiding beard on the BART. Is this weird? I don't know, but I'm avoiding eye-contact more than usual.

June 11

  • 120 stars into Mario Galaxy 2, I can say that it's no harder than the original, but it does feel more like it was designed by assholes.
  • Rock Band 3 to support MIDI input: -- If I still lived on the ground floor I could plug my electronic drum kit into it!
  • "Poodle Exercise With Humans": -- "Pump the arms like you're in the mud."
  • This just in: jaguars love Calvin Klein's Obsession for Men:
  • -- "Professional computer gamers have the reactions of fighter pilots but the bodies of 60-year-old chain smokers."

June 12

  • -- "I think public cell phone users are annoying because mind-reading is hard work. Let me explain."
  • I think the green stars in Flip-Swap Galaxy might be the first goal in any 3D Mario game that *requires* you to triple-jump.

June 13

  • You can't always not get what you don't want. But if you try sometimes, you just might find you don't get what you don't need.
  • @pnewnan Yes. Be careful what you wish for.
  • So I made an Arkham Horror encounter dealer: More info:
  • (Spent 6 hours scraping/organizing card data; 6 hours coding app. 219 lines of HTML-scraping Python; 225 lines of code in final app.)
  • Tom Francis of PC Gamer UK breaks down a preview demo of Deus Ex 3: -- Cautiously optimistic over here!

June 14

  • The answer is: toothpaste! I'm certain my earlobe ball blog post will end up being my biggest contribution to humanity:
  • The science behind behavioral profiling at airports: -- "People would achieve similar hit rates if they flipped a coin."
  • The touching story of The Guy in the Get Lamp DVD artwork spread
  • It's baby sloth time!
  • Statix / Psychic Link (a.k.a. Alex Evans / Media Molecule) on the Little Big Planet rendering engine:
  • $1 trillion in mineral deposits found in Afghanistan. This'd be awesome for them except for the whole resource war thing.
  • "Share your first tweet with the world!" -- Always a good sign.

June 15

  • That's what they call it, because "t'aint" the lower lip, and "t'aint" the chin.
  • Man, only 5 years left to invent power laces and jackets that adjust their sleeve lengths while saying "size adjusting: fit" in 80s-era TTS.
  • The 3DS looks like it has a serious GPU bump over the DS: -- And it's gonna be rendering that twice per frame.
  • And it has the analog thumb-pad. I really do hope they re-re-make Mario 64 for it. That would be the Mario 64 DS that Mario 64 deserved.

June 16

  • Rock Band 3 will teach you to actually play guitar, for serious:
  • Watched "The A-Team." Was mostly good. I could go for a whole movie of Pike in the back of an FBI car.

June 17

  • Venetian Snares on Rock Band drums:
  • Another: -- In this case the fun part isn't the hunam drummer trying to keep up, it's the animated drummer freaking out.
  • People have been yelling all night. Did someone score more points than someone else?

June 18

  • Hey, Alex returned a stack of games I thought I'd lost to me, including Ico and Rez. Now I don't have to pay money dollars to replace them!
  • -- Portal writer Erik Wolpaw is sick of cake jokes too. That's a relief.
  • 190 stars into Mario Galaxy 2, my favorite green stars are the ones attached to new and interesting places. Unfortunately, these are rare.
  • Mostly they're just hanging somewhere hard to reach, or even less interesting, off a ledge over the void; not hard to reach, just risky.
  • I think what I'm looking for is a token representing exploration of a space, not just navigating a jumping puzzle.
  • But I love that the green stars stretch the range of the controls; in the main game, much of Mario's capability acts just as safety margin.
  • (I talk smack about Mario Galaxy 2, but bear in mind that I value its existence more than anybody you know -- except maybe you, Ryan.)

June 20

  • -- "A student created a major traffic jam when he hurled a puppy at a group of Hell's Angels and escaped on a bulldozer."
  • What playing Super Mario Bros. sounded like before the invention of talkies:

June 21

June 22

  • If I'd known I'd spend 8 hours failing to install Windows on my EeePC, I'd've paid the extra $100 for the EeePC with Windows installed.
  • ... yep, that's definitely a dislodged filling chunk.
  • Toru Iwatani's design sketches for Pac-Man:
  • O god, Galaxy 2's 242nd star is *brutal*. Like they hired on Matthew Smiith to redesign the Sinking Lava Spire Daredevil Run.
  • -- "People will drive recklessly until the number of deaths reaches the maximum they can tolerate."
  • Hey, awesome, after eating this peanut butter toast, the hole left by the filling I just lost is gone! Who needs dentists?
  • Can't tell whether the Scott Pilgrim trailer is too pandery or I'm too old. From the era of the pander-material, I'm guessing the former.

June 23

  • "Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution." What will your favorite institution try to preserve?
  • When Economics starts trying to preserve Scarcity, it's going to be a rough patch. DRM just gives you a taste of it.
  • -- Have you ever heard of this a/an rule? I'm more inclined to assume any instances are due to sloppy insertions.
  • Judge Sides With Google in Viacom Video Suit:
  • Hah, after you finish, Mario Galaxy 2 sends you a photo of your stars on the Wii message board. By which I mean a grid of 242 star icons.
  • Aw man, Mario Marathon is this weekend and I'm not going to be vegging in front of my computer the entire time. You'll have to veg for two.

June 25

  • Self-replicating pattern created in Conway's Life:
  • First-person video of raven assaulting RC plane:
  • Warren Spector makes the 3DS sound pretty incredible:
  • Grub4dos can't boot from my iso because it's fragmented. The defragger can't defrag it because there's not enough free space on the iso.
  • Hypothetically speaking, if I were in Hell, would you be permitted to tell me so?
  • Oh man, I can just get a USB CD-ROM drive for $13 on Amazon. Even if it doesn't work, I get 3 days of shipping time to not think about it.

June 26

  • Watching Matt play Final Fanasy 13 in SD. Except for the framerate, it doesn't look much better than Shadow of the Colossus on the same TV.
  • Mario Marathon is about to start Super Mario Galaxy 2: -- Raised $30k for Child's Play Charity so far.

June 27

  • Driving to LA with family; reading text adventures aloud from netbook.

June 29

  • Underwater images of waves breaking:
  • -- The force is strong with this one.
  • If you can observe and label a "supernatural" phenomenon, it's patterned enough to fall under the domain of science.
  • Everything you might call "spiritual," I call human psychology. The difference isn't too functional, but it's not just nomenclature either.
  • The difference: I attribute none of it to the universe. It's still important and worth pursuing. But it's not magic. We're just all crazy.
  • Level 3 of PuLiRuLa:

June 30

  • The unofficial pixel-art YouTube-format pick-a-path adaptation of Twilight:
  • Here's a downloadable version of the Arkham Horror encounter dealer I was working on: (More info:
  • Steam won't let me buy the Left 4 Dead 4-pack, because I own it already. I guess Valve decided they have enough money. Fair enough!
  • PSA: Drowning doesn't look like drowning:
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