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Ugh, stop twitching
december 2010 microblog digst
minutiae Posted 2011-01-08 21:40:51 by Jim Crawford
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1 Dec

  • Andrew Plotkin's Kickstarter is about to end. (This is the only way to order a PC copy of his next, iOS-targeted game.)
  • Spoon organ: -- Now with fork!
  • Wikileaks hosting pulled due to political pressure:
  • "Why I Love WikiLeaks: For restoring distrust in our most important institutions."
  • Haskell Researchers Announce Discovery of Industry Programmer Who Gives a Shit About Haskell:
  • "We knew that there are precisely 38 people who give a shit about Haskell because every Haskell-related reddit post gets exactly 38 upvotes"
  • -- "The Nobel Peace Prize for 2011 should go to Julian Assange (if he lives long enough to receive it)."
  • Stress update: man, not stressed at all, wow.

2 Dec

  • @relsqui That is an amazing sign :)
  • NASA astrobiology announcement: bacteria discovered based on arsenic rather than organic material.
  • Did I already link to these? Conlon Nancarrow's studies for player piano, circa 1947:
  • Enjoying Epic Mickey well enough, but the ethical decisions it presents you with are a little too on-the-nose for me. It *is* for kids.
  • (On the other hand, I've no sympathy for those who only liked Warren Spector's ludography because it was about shooting people in the face.)
  • To clarify: while some of the decisions you have to make approach interesting, their presentation is too much "tell," not enough "show."
  • -- "They're called 'slap tubes' but the technical term is End-Struck Plosive Aerophones."
  • BART operator to passenger holding the train doors open: "Try getting friends that walk faster."

3 Dec

4 Dec

  • @STRd6 Contrasaurus totally crashed Firefox 3.6.12 after I got the flame jaw. Serious particle count performance issues before then, too.
  • @STRd6 But that's about where I expect HTML5 apps to be for a while. Thanks for taking the bullet for the community :)
  • Just occurred to me: by adding Haggleman Lady to the Haggleman series, Namco may have been making fun of the name Ms. Pac-Man. Mind: blown.

5 Dec

  • I guess Blizzard's banking on the unemployed still being able to scrounge up the $15/month after flunking out:
  • I'm still trying to figure out where the "yes to dogjazzling" contingent is.
  • @textfiles Jesus, man, go get better. Severe money issues are far more solvable than severe health issues.

6 Dec

7 Dec

8 Dec

  • Ellsberg: "EVERY attack now made on WikiLeaks was made against me and the release of the Pentagon Papers at the time."
  • Gamasutra Interview: What Jonathan Blow has been up to since Braid:
  • On the question of Free Will: (You had me at "past -> present -> future.")
  • The unintended olfactory consequences of adding cinnamon rolls to your sandwich menu:
  • I'm totally not playing Cataclysm, and it feels amazing. Just putting that out there.
  • NASA's paper on arsenic-based life "should not have been published": -- "I was outraged at how bad the science was."
  • Mining molten sulfur in East Java, Indonesia:

9 Dec

10 Dec

12 Dec

13 Dec

  • All four layers of the nested dream sequence at the climax of Inception, synchronized:
  • "Good Taste in Times Square? It's Illegal."
  • Ace Rimmer fights Nazis while surfing on a crocodile:
  • "Disalienation: Why Gender is a Text Field on Diaspora"
  • "This effort to make [Prince] Charles appear taller is a social commitment to the idea that men are taller than women."
  • Three friends build one-off restaurant-themed arcade game in exchange for a lifetime supply of free waffles:
  • Total lunar eclipse on Dec 20th and 21st, best visible from West Coast: Viewing times:
  • Shigeru Miyamoto profiled in the New Yorker: -- Insightful, and to the best of my knowledge, largely accurate.
  • The latest on Wikileaks, via cutting-edge CGI: -- Man, Has anyone absorbed "show, don't tell" better than NMA TV?

14 Dec

  • "According to Corrections Corporation of America reports, executives believe immigrant detention is the next big market."
  • This robot's pelvic thrust subroutine is off the chain:
  • Philippe Ramette's physics-defying photography:

15 Dec

17 Dec

  • "Twenty two years of social experience, lost! Thrown aside for a self-righteous devotion to intellectual pursuits!"
  • iOS port of QWOP coming: -- Looks considerably easier, but possibly more fun, than the Flash original:
  • In San Diego for the rest of the year.

18 Dec

  • I should answer the phone by saying "You have reached Jim's phone. I'm here right now!"
  • Now that Elena's cats live with me, the best part about visiting family in San Diego is the refrigerator poetry.
  • E.g.: please do not enervate frantic chocolate egg
  • New best thing about visiting family in San Diego: I can hear the sea lions barking from mom's apartment.
  • If this isn't the augmented reality translation project I alluded to after TIGJam, someone's lunch just got eaten:
  • (If you're wondering whether a project like that is even plausible, the one I played with back in October pretty much worked. So, yes.)

19 Dec

  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: a thousand insect pariahs almost kiss
  • Brenda Brathwaite's board game about conducting trains to Dachau: -- "The Mechanic Is The Message."

20 Dec

  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: curious -- almost reaching your juice opinion
  • If you missed it, Humble Indie Bundle 2 is available. Pay any amount for five indie games: (This one has Braid in it.)
  • @jonbeilin Oh, good to hear!
  • @fiskmeshi I guess someone's gotta write the poetry?
  • Charles Stross posits that spam/antispam research culminates in "The Spamularity."
  • "Curious lumps of communicating meat give rise to a meta-sphere of discourse dominated by parasitic viral payloads pretending to be meat."
  • Okay, so who do I know who hasn't played Braid or Deus Ex?
  • Just a reminder, the eclipse is tonight. Probably not gonna see anything from La Jolla due to cloud cover, but to the rest of GMT-8: enjoy!
  • @therealcliffyb But what about when similar suffixes don't quite work? Compare: "squareish jaw" vs. "squarelike jaw." Or "square-esque."
  • Real-time, full-body puppeteering with Kinect:
  • The Iiro Rantala New Trio's mind-blowing "Shit Catapult": -- They calm down about a minute in, if the intro's too intense.
  • Got carded buying these chocolate truffle filled figs. Ready to get wasted?

21 Dec

  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: recall my friend / the smell of why / we feel so drunk

22 Dec

  • Man, in the 2nd edition of Betrayal they fixed the misprint where the Underground Lake appears in the attic. A tiny part of me just died!
  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: must stand here naked later
  • Humble Indie Bundle #2 sweetens the deal by adding the original bundle into the pile, if you beat the average payment:
  • If I were out there ringing the Salvation Army bell full time, I'd get to the erratic dubstep patterns within 15 minutes.
  • Every single sea lion in La Jolla Cove is like that puppy that couldn't roll over.

23 Dec

  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: with sanguine cry let blue shell fly
  • Does the biker with the skateboard on his back wear the bike on his back while skating, or does he just skate on his back, holding the bike?

24 Dec

  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: share our blood / in delirious whisper / beautiful forever
  • About 18 hours left on the Humble Indie Bundle.

25 Dec

  • Read the Firefly comics "Float Out" and "The Shepherd's Tale." They were good, but the storytelling felt so *rushed*.
  • As if they're trying to tell an episode-scale story in the space of 10 minutes. Maybe the opposite of the problem games have, actually.
  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: milk chocolate miscreant / so very sweet

26 Dec

27 Dec

  • Ebert explains Rare Exports: "An R-rated Santa Claus origin story crossed with 'The Thing.'"
  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: a smile like summer night sweat / clubs my life / over the self
  • Lightning captured on x-ray camera:
  • 20 hours of snowfall in 40 seconds:
  • -- Yeah, but they still have to call you "doctor," right?

28 Dec

  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: investigate salient missive-- the vicissitude of dandelion worship
  • Mom was aghast at seeing me buy a package of socks for myself so soon after Christmas.
  • Village Voice names anonymous Twitter account music critic of the year:
  • What 16 sample points from around the world eat in a day:

29 Dec

  • Whoever made that "people paid to touch your junk" Venn diagram needs to go back to Venn diagram school:
  • People started using "Lego" as plural because somebody read the Lego trademark FAQ and found that pluralizing a trademark is a violation.
  • Unfortunately, "I built a tiny moustache out of Lego" is a violation too. The proper form is "I built a tiny moustache out of Lego? bricks."
  • Which still shows disquieting eagerness to bow to your corporate overlords, but at least follows established English morphology.
  • (Other orthographic pet peeve of the day: "Hallowe'en." I donno, it just looks ugly.)
  • Rock Band 3 Squier Strat available for pre-order -- Remember, you need the MadCatz MIDI adapter *too*.
  • Photos and impressions of Squier Strat from dude who finagled a display unit early:

30 Dec

  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: ersatz water shadows abscond together / a show of turgid fluff
  • Kous Kous has a lit candle in the men's room. I felt compelled to turn off the light and pee by candlelight.
  • Aw man, this rubbery fretless bass would've been the perfect accompaniment to pee by candlelight by.

31 Dec

  • Notice: please do not gleam the cube.
  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: caterwaul always / luscious fusillade
  • Especially if you look outside developed nations, the world has become a much better place over the past decade:
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