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Ugh, stop twitching
january 2011 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2011-02-01 13:35:04 by Jim Crawford
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1 Jan

  • Cat-substitute refrigerator poetry: follow ant values on-line / what wisdom truth!
  • So many beach weddings happening in La Jolla right now.
  • More joggers than usual, too. Keep up with those resolutions, resolvers!
  • Uncomfortable Truthasaurus tells it like it is:

2 Jan

3 Jan

  • @westquote Congratulations!
  • This four-year-old is super excited about every aspect of Starcraft 2:
  • Hell, my mp3 player is usually a podcast player, so I totally forgot that it bricks up for 6+ hours if I try to play music on it.
  • I should've started a timer when this someone-leaned-on-the-emergency-exit alarm started blaring, because it sure has been a while.

4 Jan

  • @thealawson It was pretty much a joke, but yeah, the composer royalties are pretty crucial for making a living as a musician.

5 Jan

  • Things aren't looking good for Harmonix:
  • 2010's robots in review:
  • Penny Arcade takes on Pepsico's newfound drive to explore the boundary between a snack and a drink:
  • Consider: Gogurt is definitely a snack. Mango lassi is definitely a drink. Is there a crossover point? The boundary is fuzzy and elusive.

6 Jan

  • -- "Men love confidence in bed, so as you climax, yell 'I?m way out of your league!'"
  • Drumming on your thighs is a lot more fun when you have change in your pocket. Recommended!

7 Jan

  • Thanks to sloppy RNG, crackers discover the private key used to sign PS3 binaries. Eurogamer describes the ramifications:
  • They also put forth the theory that the reason it stayed secure for so long was that you could already run Linux on it.
  • Oh, *was* that an earthquake? I just assumed it was the tumble dryer shaking the whole goddamn building again.
  • "Inventables is the innovator?s hardware store." -- A lot of this just looks fun to play with regardless of function.

8 Jan

  • The only way to write music and plan traffic patterns on an isometric tropical island at the same time: (To my knowledge)

9 Jan

  • No-fly list, here I come. RT @wikileaks all 637,000 @wikileaks followers are a target of US gov subpoena against Twitter
  • OMCA has an exhibit that's a recreation of a museum curator's office and another of a museum storage room. How deliciously meta!
  • Other OMCA highlight: the bust of a topless woman with her hair modestly arranged to cover her nipples -- but they're poking through anyway.

10 Jan

  • "Filippino politician captures his killer on camera"
  • I want to link to this great photography blog, but not to its terrible presentation. Tell you what, here's the RSS feed:
  • Side-by-side comparison of the Back to the Future final scene to the version they reshot for inclusion in the sequel:

11 Jan

  • It ain't easy being Octodad:
  • "Twitter introduced a new feature last month without telling anyone about it. Twitter beta-tested a spine."
  • "The Heinz Automato is challenged to dispense ketchup on 6 items in an obstacle course in under 30 seconds."
  • @mrasmus Just consider the table one of the items, and you're golden!
  • "New research finds using bargain-brand products may deflate your self-image."

12 Jan

  • Fascinating Gamasutra interview with Rebecca Heineman, one of the secret important figures in early PC game development:
  • SMS of death, targeting non-smartphones:

13 Jan

  • OMCA highlight I forgot: wicker chair; nearby paper for visitors to note reactions. "It's a chair." "Looks comfy!" [Sketch of cat in chair]
  • It's for putting socks on. That's all.
  • Breaking news! Earth's position relative to Astrological constellations shifts over millenia, changing your sign:
  • This changes everything! "While the sign many people were born under may now be different, it shouldn't affect horoscope readings." Oh. Huh.

14 Jan

  • Change one little physical constant in GTA IV, and the cars start breakdancing all over the sidewalk:
  • "Why Won't Copyright Holders Run Studies On The Actual Impact Of Piracy?"
  • Things Real People Don't Say About Advertising:
  • The official web site for Space Jam, immaculately preserved in amber since 1996:
  • "I can?t in good conscience call myself an actual atheist. I don?t have the energy to disbelieve in every single god."
  • Trying boxers again. I don't get it! Where is the support I need for my active coding lifestyle? At this rate why bother wearing anything?

15 Jan

  • Boxer update: Maybe feeling like wearing nothing is the *point* of boxers. Even with pants on, it's like a little slice of nothing.
  • Someone at Fantasy Flight thought at automated Arkham Horror encounter dealer was a good idea too:

16 Jan

17 Jan

  • Stuxnet worm revealed to provide even stronger evidence that we're living in a sci-fi dystopian future:

18 Jan

  • "The Writer," the final DLC chapter for Alan Wake, brings back the inventive recontextualization of level/art design I loved in Max Payne 2.
  • It pretty much delivers on the promise of Alan Wake's setting and pedigree, stealing more than a little from Psychonauts in the process.
  • But it also involves a lot of platforming, which works about as well mechanically as it does in any other shooter. So there's that too.

20 Jan

  • "Statistical Prediction Rules Out-Perform Expert Human Judgments"
  • "Reaction from the wine-tasting industry ... has been 'somewhere between violent and hysterical.'" I'd hate being replaced by a formula too.
  • Oh man, somebody tell me these "classic postmortem" lectures at GDC 25 will be recorded and made available:
  • Prince of Persia, Pac-Man, Elite, Another World, Marble Madness, Doom, Pitfall!, Maniac Mansion...
  • It says "Incredible!" right on this bottle of upholstery cleaning solution, but the results may be the most credible I've seen all day.
  • If you're wondering why Zeit? controls so wonkily, it's because the developers played a little prank on those who play FPSes with inverse-Y.
  • "In praise of the sci-fi corridor"

21 Jan

  • @therealcliffyb Does the status quo really need a champion?
  • Scanning objects into Minecraft using Kinect:

22 Jan

  • Release date announced for Duke Nukem Forever. (The news here isn't so much what the date is as that there is one at all.)
  • Huh. Apparently like the stimulant effect you seemingly get from caffeine is just relief from caffeine withdrawal.
  • Really enjoying Jaime Griesemer's game design blog: -- More of a book in progress, actually.
  • Trying to make sense of the California Driver Handbook. I want to mark it up in red and send it back to the publisher. "See me after class."

23 Jan

  • @ibogost Sometimes additional difference in degree is what makes a difference in kind. Sometimes there are fuzzy in-between states. Sorry!
  • Finished Dead Space again. Despite my impressions at release, I suspect it's going to end up being one of my favorites this generation.
  • (Alongside, for reference: Portal, Rock Band, Super Mario Galaxy and Bioshock.)
  • Great moments in parenting:

24 Jan

  • Wolfenstein 1D:
  • Safecracking robot tries every possible combination within "a few hours":
  • P.S. You can do the same trick by hand with those three digit bike/briefcase locks, in about half an hour.

25 Jan

  • "Can we take your picture? C'mon, look mean! Can you call my friend a butthead on his answering machine?"
  • Mrr, the Dead Space 2 demo is pretty bad. Dumped right into combat with no story or gameplay context, the player is lost in both respects.
  • Dead Space, at least, started with a fantastic slow burn of a buildup, and the tutorial was perhaps a little *too* exhaustive.
  • My take on the whole thing: if you can see the difference between one space and two after a period in a proportional font, sucks to be you.

26 Jan

27 Jan

28 Jan

  • Adjacent couple at Venus: "You know what the wave of the future is, babe?" "What's the wave of the future, Eric?" "Semaphore flags!"
  • "I've already invested our life's savings!"
  • "Would-Be Suicide Bomber Killed by Unexpected SMS From Mobile Carrier" -- "[It] reportedly wished her a Happy New Years."
  • That Ellie Krieger, she's a wizard in the kitchen:
  • Alright, I'm doin' it: -- Let's see if it lasts longer than my Cow Clicker phase.

29 Jan

  • Saw my first wild animals in the Sierras, if you count raccoons foraging near the dumpster.
  • Why does Yosemite have all these trees blocking the best vistas?

30 Jan

31 Jan

  • The lengths competitive Rock Band players will go to to avoid copyright infringement takedowns:
  • More brilliance from Perfect Drug A Capella dude: what Judas Priest would sound like if they only had 5 distinct notes:
  • 31 guidelines for would-be Utopia designers: "You'll know you're really doing it right if you find your ideals changing."
  • As it turns out, Democrats make everyone richer: -- "Economic prosperity isn't a zero sum game."
  • How get a job in Australia as a bartender and have 8x the discretionary income of a systems analyst in Silicon Valley:
  • Podcast excerpt: Chris Remo on STALKER: Call of Pripyat: (From Idle Thumbs Ep. 2:
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