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Ugh, stop twitching
february 2011 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2011-03-02 17:00:34 by Jim Crawford
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1 Feb

  • @waxpancake This might cover too much of the same ground as Tetris HD, but there's Futilitris:
  • As expected, the Dead Space 2 demo is not remotely representative of the actual beginning of the game.
  • Photos from the Yosemite trip:

2 Feb

  • "Skin gun" heals severe burns perfectly in days:
  • Do you miss listening to dotted-quarter-delayed synth panflutes over low-bitrate disco beats? Gatekeeper to the rescue!
  • Everything you ever wanted to know about the Penny Arcade Dickwolves issue:
  • (Or, if you just want to read a few paragraphs rather than encyclopedia:
  • Fully independent team, we can make any game we want! I know: let's make another generic first-person Aliens-ripoff!
  • Even the marketing is a half-assed ripoff of the inanity that big game publishers put out. Talk about missing the point.
  • Austin is crowdsourcing the new name of its solid waste services department. Here's your chance to make a difference!

3 Feb

  • Augmented reality:
  • Social game design in a nutshell:
  • Dead Space 2 is pretty amazing. Not as consistent as Dead Space was -- not really a surprise -- but probably the better experience overall.
  • Still no body scanners at the Southwest terminal at SFO. I saw an ad for an oscilloscope, though.
  • In San Diego 'til the 14th.
  • It's kind of astounding to me that Dead Space 2 made a conventional haunted-house-walk work in a game that's already one big haunted house.

4 Feb

  • The new music video hotness: deliberately corrupting the mpeg stream.
  • More on the corruption technique:
  • Hrm, bought OkCupid. That wouldn't be so scary except that people are deleting their accounts in response. There goes the culture!

6 Feb

  • I'm habitually attracted to shelves of printed media -- then I remember that I'm in seeing a shrine to the obsolete idea of data scarcity.
  • (I'm looking forward to feeling the same way about grocery stores.)

7 Feb

  • My thought process was very simple: I like butter, I like milk, ergo.
  • Me playing Just Dance 2, if you're into that sort of thing: (Also Elena, Shamayel and Evan, if you're into *that*.)
  • New best argument against atheism: it makes you fat and nobody will want to marry you.

8 Feb

  • "A UK immigration officer decided to get rid of his wife by putting her on the no-fly list."
  • Bill Roper looks back on Hellgate London:
  • @mrasmus Miyuki Miyabe's next project: a novelization of the work of Ansel Adams.
  • The second screenshot here really shows off what good lighting can do for even a textureless scene:
  • (From the dev blog of Jonathan Blow's latest project, recommended in general:
  • Backroom footage from the Sushi Emporium:

9 Feb

  • Hardcore 20 Questions games from the LA trip: MMR vaccine; losing the lottery; Turk's head knot; lightbulb filament; making two eyes in Go.
  • ("Hardcore" variant rules: no actual 20 question limit; answerer may elaborate if "yes" or "no" is misleading.)
  • The new You Don't Know Jack looks awesome, but I'm reminded that I know next to nothing of this century's pop culture.
  • "Daily diet soda drinkers had a 48 percent higher risk of stroke or heart attack than people who drank no soda." Hups!
  • "That's after taking into account rates of smoking, diabetes, waistline size and other differences among the groups."

10 Feb

11 Feb

  • "This is FM FUNK MADDNESS!! -- an album of songs by 18 FM synth enthusiasts from all over the world." Creative commons.
  • Chipmunk washes self, in slow-motion:
  • @ChrisDeLeon @troygilbert Large video games are trying to be movies. Is a 90-minute story-driven game "small"?
  • Australian criminals of the 1920s are the best-looking Australian criminals:

12 Feb

  • "During the term of 5 years, the apprentice will work 9000 hours of on-the-job training." Programming needs this *badly*.
  • Try to find the core of your game early and pare back everything that conflicts with it. Especially do it before your game gets popular.
  • When you've got a thousand-strong userbase screaming about "dumbing down" with every change, it's a lot harder to fix your design mistakes.
  • (Imagine trying to add flags to Minesweeper after it got popular. I'm getting a headache just thinking about the thread post counts.)

13 Feb

  • Still can't watch a sunset without remembering that after the sun goes off the main sequence, this'll all be gone. Life's too short.

14 Feb

  • Catalina, by Moullinex, music video shot on Kinect:
  • -- Main dude behind Penumbra and Amnesia critiques Dead Space 2. No overt spoilers, but vague outlines of happenings.
  • "Simply removing all combat focus and making the game half as long would probably have created a much more interesting experience." This!
  • @mrasmus Yeah, probably about 5000 copies. All to me.
  • Recreating childhood photos with now-adults: -- Highlights:
  • The Dutch government didn't start giving out free heroin in 2002 to reduce heroin usage. It was just a nice side benefit.
  • The story of 29 reindeer and St. Matthew Island -- This'd be a lot less scary if we didn't live in a global economy.
  • It's kind of funny how the people who think the Grammy's still matter are also the people who only listen to Top 40.
  • @mrasmus Too bad that sign is grossly misleading as to what drowning actually looks like.
  • Arcade Fire Grammy award reaction of the year goes to:
  • No matter how diligently you shield your child from destructive social norms, at some point she's gonna meet other kids:
  • Flight delayed. Gonna miss the last BART. Figuring shit out.

15 Feb

  • @jonbeilin Hell, is that a thing that exists? I ended up just taking a taxi :)

16 Feb

  • Hey guys, hey guys. "No god, know peace" and "no god, no peace" both rhyme. So how are we supposed to tell which one's correct?

17 Feb

  • I donno how they're planning on making a game that matches the tone of the Dead Island trailer. My guess is, they're not.
  • Answered a bunch more questions on Formspring, for those keeping track of that sort of thing:

18 Feb

  • Remember when Kotaku's design was just "grimace" bad rather than "run-screaming" bad? I guess that was last week?

20 Feb

21 Feb

  • You look up from your book and he's removed all your clothing and put every loose object in the house in the dishwasher.
  • Remember the HL2 source code leak in 2004? "The Boy Who Stole Half-Life 2"
  • If you can't make the start good, you might as well not make the rest at all. Captive audiences are rarer than you think.
  • Serial media have this serious problem: the creator can't go back and make the start good, after finding their footing.
  • It worries me that George Hotz can't find pro-bono representation. Shouldn't the EFF be all over this shit?

22 Feb

23 Feb

24 Feb

25 Feb

27 Feb

28 Feb

  • Interstellar Marines director Kim Haar J?rgensen affirms the power of imagination in this Rock Paper Shotgun interview:
  • "If enough people want to support [our vision], then anything is possible: it is possible create an immersive sci-fi role-playing shooter."
  • The electric flame scallop, "Christmas of the sea":
  • Photo of Discovery and the ISS, taken from the ground with an 8" telescope:
  • Photo set: Nyiragongo Crater. "The team had dreamed of this: walking on the shores of the world's largest lava lake."
  • Are there other terms like "foodies," to describe those deeply into the nuances of common bodily functions? "Sleepies"? "Shitties"?
  • @Kotaku The new design takes nearly a minute to load on my netbook, when it works at all. A superficial "blog mode" won't help in the least.
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