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Ugh, stop twitching
may 2011 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2011-06-06 20:35:03 by Jim Crawford
3 May
  • Half the strings on the Strat controller only register upstrums. Only very hard plucks are reliable. Hoping to find a calibration interface.
  • Here we go, hidden sensitivity pots for each string.
  • For posterity, the pot order is straight across, not mirrored, and counter-clockwise means more sensitivity.
  • Definitely picking up skills playing RB3 pro guitar. Whether they're transferable to real-life guitar, I have yet to determine.
  • Unexpected red stains on shower curtain. Listening for approaching string section.

4 May

  • On medium, they simplify the em and A to two-string power chords. Not sure why; they aren't any harder than the D or G.
  • Also, Kim Shattuck may have the sexiest voice ever.

5 May

  • You know those floaters you sometimes notice when looking at solid backgrounds? I wonder if that's what cats keep staring at on blank walls.

7 May

  • @Vanther
  • Photos: Soviet ICBM launch complex.
  • 35 FPS with floats, 115 FPS with fixed point math. Aren't we past this yet? I've already waited like 20 years for computers to get faster.

8 May

  • Yeah, I guess I forgot that framebuffers have gotten a lot bigger in 10 years and CPUs haven't gotten that much faster.
  • Louis wrote an awesome onepole blur, and now we're at 20fps. If we broke down and used GLSL this same scene'd be getting literally 1000fps.
  • @xobs Sold.
  • Blog: "I was 26 when a stroke took away my limbs and speech."

10 May

  • Bad news for those of us who enjoy sitting:
  • This makes a lot more sense as a sport than Battlebots does:
  • I tried changing my query from "baby face formation" to "fetus face formation," but I'm *still* getting results about the singer "Babyface."
  • The video on fetal facial development I was trying to find:

11 May

  • "Deep Schrott, world's first bass sax quartet."
  • The upcoming Deus Ex is sounding really promising:
  • "25 Abandoned Yugoslavia Monuments that look like they're from the Future"
  • Okay, I'll bite. Windows only comes with OpenGL 1.1. Where do I find a more recent version to compile against?
  • "The 'invisible wall' effect had returned. He commented that he 'didn't know whether to fix it or sell tickets.'"

12 May

  • Got shaders working using GLEW: I hope GLEW doesn't have some nutty license!
  • The lengths Sony went to in marketing the Playstation:
  • One-man noisecore act busking at Civic Center BART station. If I didn't have a train to catch, I'd stick around to watch passerby reactions.

13 May

14 May

15 May

16 May

17 May

18 May

  • Run Linux in Firefox 4 or Chrome 11:
  • Not quite what I'd call an "elective amputation" case, but it's a start:
  • Tell you what: I'll stop thinking of them as exceptions when you stop having to write articles about every single one:
  • -- How do you know this topless person is a woman! She might be a dude with unusual fat distribution.
  • Cops shouldn't be expected to make judgement calls like that, which is why I invented the Deluxo Chromosome Checker, patent pending.
  • I'm glad you asked! It's simple: you just fill the sample jar with the subject's blood, turn on the centrifuge, and in six hours, viola!
  • And then you ask the viola player whether or not that looks like a woman to you.

19 May

20 May

21 May

22 May

23 May

  • MD5+salt: "You can literally test all lowercase, alphabetic passwords which are =7 characters in less than 2 seconds."
  • "Portal 2: The Final Hours" software-form documentary, available on Steam: Excellent reading.
  • So in case you were wondering, no, there's no good reason "Portal 2: The Final Hours" isn't an HTML document. Lots of dumb reasons, though.
  • Chief among them: people would feel ripped-off paying $2 for an HTML document. "Wha... I wanted to puzzle out a retarded custom interface!"
  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time is $3.40 on Steam. Rest of the post-2003 series is on sale too, but doesn't measure up, esp. in retrospect.

24 May

25 May

  • Help move humanity forward with this academic survey on childbirth in video games:
  • SUV license plate: "BIO DEZE." No room left for "nuts," sadly.

26 May

  • Watching them print my tooth. It's wet in there.
  • Sitting on top of the machine they have a variety of silicate blocks running the gamut from off-white to off-off-white.
  • I asked them if they could etch their logo on the crown and give me a discount, but they wouldn't go for it.
  • "There were 300 prisoners forced to [farm gold in World of Warcraft]. We worked 12-hour shifts in the camp."
  • (Before you start up with the snark: making money efficiently in WoW is pretty much the opposite of fun.)
  • If you're looking for a male psychotherapist thesedays, you're pretty much screwed.

27 May

28 May

  • Crashing ATI's GL drivers already. That'll learn me to try to bind to texture units other than 0.
  • (Fixed the crash by setting the sampler uniform to 1 instead of GL_TEXTURE1. The fun part: calling glGetError returned nothing.)
  • So, lots of stuff in the galaxy, huh? More info:

29 May

30 May

31 May

  • Is the frenemy of my frenemy my frenemy? "Frenemy Isomorphisms and Related Results."
  • RT @timlongojr Designing a coop board game with your 8yr old is so awesome! I'm learning so much about game design from her & she doesn't even know it.
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