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Ugh, stop twitching
june 2011 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2011-07-05 02:25:28 by Jim Crawford
Archived from My SF Pride twit-set is in this archive, on June 26th.

Jun 01

  • Kindergarteners singing during a shootout:
  • Windows PowerShell *still* quits outright when you press ctrl-break. I guess I'll try it again in another four years.

Jun 02

  • @halsted Rock Band, New Super Mario Bros., Toejam and Earl.

Jun 03

  • "Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies"
  • @_peterdn Possibly all the Reddit stories about the "deep web" are inspiring them to grab The Onion Router and order drugs online.
  • RT @_peterdn Whoa - #bitcoin up about 26% to $13+/BTC overnight. The hell is going on?
  • Top 5 regrets of the dying: -- I'm... actually doing well on all five counts.
  • (Now I just wish I knew what the runner-up regrets were. The affirmation is nice, but useful advice would be better.)
  • A preview chapter of Charles Stross's "Rule 34," to be released next month:
  • Trailer for the ICO/Shadow of the Colossus collection:

Jun 05

Jun 06

  • Is your favorite toast allowed to be French toast? Or is that an affront to toast, like if your favorite kind of sandwich was open-faced?
  • Swery on the production of Deadly Premonition:
  • Efficient charity: "A beautiful painting remains in a British museum and in the Third World a thousand people are dead."
  • Terraria takes the cellular automata sim of Minecraft and builds an actual game out of it.
  • RT @Pentadact Google Reader now perpetually shows 1 unread item but won't show it to me. I knew I was going to hell, just not this soon.
  • Why scientists have to repeatedly prove the obvious:
  • Oh, I get it. The blue ones count as 3/5ths of a regular ant.
  • (Also, they should be sprouting scalp flowers at any moment.)

Jun 07

  • I always did want to try Pac-Man Vs. Let's see if they can make the Wii U controller cheaper than a GBA+link cable.

Jun 08

Jun 09

  • "Trying to pursue many different directions at once, but not making progress? The problem is you're thinking short-term"
  • No words.
  • Is C++ template metaprogramming *ever* a better idea than writing a custom preprocessor?
  • @Indy_Ray Fair enough!
  • Hey, I'm in Rock Paper Shotgun. I mean, my name is. I mean, Quintin quoted me about Jamestown. So that's cool.
  • "Myth: Women who dress or act provocatively are more likely to get raped." Numbers point to those who appear submissive.

Jun 10

  • Can't fail startup idea of the day: video to flipbook-ascii-art converter, for porn seekers still on line-printer terminals.
  • @halsted Another full playthrough: -- Also note the bug report in the video description.
  • @mrasmus Hey, are we getting together at some point this week to play Jamestown? Have only dabbled in the co-op so far.
  • @mrasmus Until the 13th. Yeah, it seems to have good gamepad support. Plays very well with a 360 pad, if you can stand the thought of that.
  • @mrasmus I believe it is 8-way even with an analog stick but I could be wrong. It works fine playing with the arrow keys.
  • @mrasmus Cool. Shamayel wanted in on it too. Do you have another shmuppy friend to make it a full roster?
  • Rock Band Fender Squier discontinued: -- If you ever wanted one, now's the time to order.
  • The Echo Bazaar dudes are building an interaction fiction platform:
  • "We specialize in forcing readers to look at the same set of three paragraphs a hundred times before they can see the next."
  • "If you feel you are being monitored, spin the Florite Crystal to change the frequency of your physical location."
  • Overheard (in writing): "Heave'ns Venom"
  • Senior's choir recording William Tell Overture at La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art. They shut the door after noticing me listening.

Jun 11

  • I guess the vines didn't agree with him.
  • @mrasmus Actually, what are the chances of it happening at the get-together tonight?
  • @mrasmus Not with me, but we could just grab it on my Steam account if you have a gaming PC and appropriate controllers.
  • @mrasmus Hah, FFG want us to document it:!/FinalFormGames/status/79275157063073792
  • @xobs @mrasmus Sold. Can somebody get me the address? I don't remember it and/or never knew it.
  • post: Breaking Character.
  • Frustration: Futilitris was about 40 hours of work. That's about how long my attention span is. But all my other game ideas are much bigger.
  • Elena's graduation. Hearing a name, some nuns start screaming a row behind us. A moment later, text from Elena: "I knew it, she *is* a nun!"
  • Overheard: "A la mode to joy."
  • Hah, as everyone leaves they're playing "Praan," a.k.a. the "Where The Hell Is Matt" sone.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: fortune cookie business cards.

Jun 12

Jun 13

  • Harper house livestreaming 4p Jamestown right now: -- Elena *had* to have her graduation ceremony this weekend!
  • Even if we rebuilt the Internet from the ground up, we couldn't build it to enforce individual identification:
  • @STRd6 If code doesn't exist, it can't have bugs. It's one of the best arguments for not writing new code, too.
  • @screencuisine You can't get angry at a company you don't care about. You never see gamers never try to hack soap company web sites.

Jun 14

  • You know, in hockey at least, I'm pretty sure there are human beings large enough to cover the entire goal at once.
  • Mrf. I have a hyphenation dictionary, and a pronunciation dictionary, but I can't figure out how to collate them to find syllable stresses.
  • The pronunciation data uses ' to indicate stress, but doesn't have syllable data. I guess you're just supposed to stress the single phoneme.
  • This pronunciation database might not be as "asciified IPA" as I thought. It seems to think "ktr" is a letter.
  • Wasn't there a study showing that attractive couples have more daughters? Did they ever figure out which objective features correlated?
  • Hm. It *looks* like given a phonetic alphabet, syllables correspond to vowels perfectly.
  • "Playable Archaeology: An Interview with Telehack's Anonymous Creator"
  • As cool as the "roguelike platformer" thing is, the soundtrack might be the most interesting part of Spelunky XBLA:
  • Photo set: Volcano Erupts in Chile.
  • @Johnicholas Was that also Satoshi Kanazawa? Hups!
  • Look at the foreigner! His standard of decency is so *different* from mine!
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: popcorn gum guards, so you don't spend the rest of the day picking popcorn crap out of your teeth.
  • Frustrating thing about Audacity: it's just good enough that people might think it's not awful. That that's just what audio editing is like.

Jun 15

Jun 16

Jun 17

Jun 18

Jun 20

Jun 21

Jun 22

Jun 23

Jun 24

  • Jason Scott is releasing raw interview footage from Get Lamp. This batch: John Romero and Warren Robinett.
  • Mario Marathon is live:
  • At this point, I feel comfortable vouching for Duck Duck Go as a viable alternative to Google search. Go for it.
  • Mario Marathon guys start playing the "Nyan Cat" song. "This keeps going until we get a donation that says 'turn it off.'"
  • Back-to-back donations: "TURN OFF NYAN CAT!"; "KEEP NYAN CAT GOING!" They're comparing donation amounts to see who wins.
  • In this hour, I review the opening of L.A. Noire:

Jun 25

Jun 26

  • Hostage-taker keeps friends and family updated via Facebook:
  • "At 3.48am, one of Valdez' friends posted that police had a 'gunner in the bushes stay low.' Valdez thanked him in a reply."
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Duke Nukem performs autotuned advertisement taglines.
  • Little Star Pizza's garlic bread comes in kit form: bread; butter; garlic. Took some puzzling to figure out how to combine them. Gameplay!
  • Overheard: "I thought I was Korean until I was fourteen."
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: glowing edible jewelry.
  • At the SF Pride parade... and Megan still has my camera.
  • That might be the first time in my life that I've given an excited shout.
  • Oh good, it's The Emperor's New Parade now. Some of these costumed folks in the audience should step in to fill the gap.
  • I'm pretty sure that gaggle of excited teenaged girls running by had the same idea.
  • The Scion "iQ," the "official car of San Francisco." Gross.
  • Looking down 3rd st., there's car traffic over there. Life's just going on as usual, less than a block away. Weird.
  • Sen. Mark Leno's car is playing Madonna's "Vogue." There's a political anthem I can get behind.
  • Building across the street is advertising "operable windows." Great feature! And yep, looking up, tenants are making the most of it.
  • I hope those sirens and flashing lights are part of a parade and not an ambulance that took a wrong turn.
  • Dude walking by playing a wind instument of some kind. Can't hear a note. In and other context he'd be making a fucking racket, no doubt.
  • Sad that this prison bus isn't full of dancing convicts in orange jumpsuits.
  • Walking in the direction of the parade is like playing Braid.
  • Five minutes ago a guy asked how to cross the street. Told him to just make a break for it. Just now occurred to me to use a BART station.
  • Only one naked person so far. What's up with that, San Francisco?
  • Bagpipe troupe playing the only song you ever hear bagpipes playing. They might as well be button-press devices.
  • This pair really bought two of those folding chairs and set up on the sidewalk. Must have a great view of the asses of everyone in front.
  • Looptid the Totodile is in my front pocket; let's see how he's doing. "50w found!" Sweet!
  • "Bay Area Inactivists"? Classic! Mait, it's *intactivists*. Oh.
  • T-shirt: "F*ck Resin!" Er, a dildo advertisement?
  • This booth is selling terrifying arthropods encased in jewelry; also in clear plastic optical mice.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: terrifying arthropods encased in resin dildos.
  • I kinda want to buy one of these luchador masks and go shirtless, but I'd feel like a jackass running around holding my shirt.
  • In a tight squeeze. Dude in front of us has a pram. No wonder the line isn't moving forward.
  • Sign: "Bradley [Manning], gay man with a conscience." Er, like the "good samaritan"?
  • Wonder if these ridiculous vehicles just disperse and rejoin regular traffic when they reach the end.
  • Looking up, suddenly realize why there are no really high floats. Trolley power lines.
  • Nipples!
  • Actually, just one nipple. I wonder now whether she used to have two pasties.
  • Big electronic roadside sign: "Private vehicles, right turn only." Who the hell are they talking to?
  • Hey, that guy happened on a garbage can full of sealed water bottles and is selling them. Lucky.
  • Walking against the flow of the parade is also like playing Braid, but with more bumping into people.
  • I wonder if the parade has a limited number of slots or if they stretch to fit in everybody who wants to be in it.
  • It's been two hours. Pretty sure that's long enough that you could notice the parade and then fill out the requisite paperwork to join in.
  • This must be the section with all the churches. Not even the Unitarian Universalists had any skimpy outfits.
  • "Breakfiesta." I'm pretty sure that pun is the best product Del Taco has ever put out there.
  • Lots of t-shirts exhorting the benefits of toplessness. All I can do is shake my head.
  • The SF public library bus should really be showering the crowd with literature. Amazon E-book redemption codes at the very least.
  • Pro-gun float! "What's in *your* nightstand?"
  • Super cacophonous drummers suddenly stop drumming, in sync. They *were* playing together; who knew?
  • They just added two letters to make it "LGBTQI"? Something to check on Wikipedia when I get home, I guess.
  • Men's Wearhouse is open! Stopped in to see how much tuxedo jackets cost. I'll be shopping somewhere else I think.
  • Jesus. The flyer for the Smurfs 3D movie might be the weirdest shit I've seen all day.
  • "Out Of The Closet: Thrift Store; Pharmacy; HIV Testing." All your club life needs in one convenient stop!
  • Girl in tutu drops sign and bends over to pick it up; massive cheers from the crowd.
  • Dude dressed up as giant penis giving hugs to passers by.
  • Toddler eating a slice of pizza as big as her torso.
  • Hippy with sign: "have fun bee safe." No apiary on his back :(
  • Met up with Megan. She's complaining that I didn't bring a date for her to kiss on pride day.
  • (No, she didn't bring my camera.)
  • Shouting guy with cardboard sign: "Animals are better than your sperm! So kill your sperm, and save wilderness! Yeah!" You had me at "yeah!"
  • On BART home. Even denser than coming in. At least I can tell what's going on by all the costumes; poor drivers must have no goddamned idea.
  • Whoa, Alex found a free seat! That must've been a natural 20, for serious.
  • Man, the Ashby Flea Market is still going today. And people are shopping there.
  • Mario Marathon is getting seriously gentrified. Not sure how I feel about this.
  • "In Italy, 6 geoscientists have been charged with manslaughter for failing to provide warning of a coming earthquake."
  • Realm of the Mad God is too thin to maintain interest. But it does make me wish for a Torchlight sequel with RotMG's attitude to co-op.

Jun 27

Jun 28

Jun 29

Jun 30

  • I hate to say it, but Duke Nukem Forever is just bad. Sometimes it's funny bad, but mostly it's just bad.
  • @relsqui "Figure" comes to mind. Participant, personality, individual. Could also use a more descriptive word like "demagogue." Or "woman."
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