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Ugh, stop twitching
july 2011 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2011-08-02 21:33:21 by Jim Crawford
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I talk at length about California Extreme on the 9th.

Jul 01

Jul 02

  • @_peterdn A friend was able to transfer his contacts from Facebook to Yahoo, then from Yahoo to Google+. So there's that I guess?
  • Best part about Google+: opportunity for more people to discover Facebook's reprehensible customer retention tactics.

Jul 03

Jul 04

Jul 05

Jul 06

  • @xobs Textures from files? In my day, we used munching squares and we liked it.
  • @xobs Also you have to use a pizza box 386/16 where the system beep takes a full second and freezes up the system while it's doing so.
  • RT @petermolydeux How about this, listen, a game where you can control if it's in HD or SD and both play a vital part in solving puzzles?
  • Life in a content-rich world comes with a number of unpleasant realizations for the creator.
  • Used to be, when you made new content you were adding value to the world. Nowadays, unless it's something *good*, you're just adding noise.
  • Jamestown is $5 for the next 20 hours:
  • @chrisleague These are also the marketing geniuses who named their programming language "go."
  • About goddamn time: "The first 'test-tube' hamburger is only a year away, scientists claim."
  • Rumor: Playstation 4 out at the end of 2012, with Kinect-like interface.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Mon Calamari helmets that let you experience what it's like to have eyes on the sides of your head.

Jul 07

Jul 08

Jul 09

  • I eventually realized why the french horn players were rotating their french horns in the middle of the performance. Get a room, dudes!
  • @MammonMachine Me, I'd love to have a formal excuse to play such games.
  • Trying to find parking at California Extreme. There's a Jehovah's Witness con going on too, which I guess explains why it's so crowded!
  • Half a dozen cabinets full of automated musical instruments, wired together like The Grid cabinets.
  • Now playing: a tropical rendition of "California Dreamin'."
  • Major Havoc's movement controls are busted this year. So that's why nobody was playing.
  • The Act has been busy this year, but watching people play, the flirting mechanic is just one of many contextualized minigames.
  • There's "Chiller," in a modified "Crossbow" cabinet. Jesus, there are kids on the show floor, guys.
  • Waiting for our turn at DDR Extreme, I've seen about a dozen people sit at "Cosmogang" and discover that it's broken.
  • Magical Truck Adventure needs a home port *so bad*.
  • If only there were pianos with only 7 keys, this Pop n Music player would be a virtuoso.
  • Totally got the high score on Twinbee.
  • Hall is so goddamned loud, I can't make out a note that the guy with the Chapman stick is playing.
  • $400 for a Gauntlet II cabinet. 10 years ago I would've jumped on the chance.
  • Totally blowing up dozens of tiny Earths in "Mad Planets."
  • Here I am playing Beat Time with 1517 points, and this guy next to me has over 100 million in Twilight Zone. Story of my life!
  • I'm pretty sure this is the latest, console-only Mortal Kombat. Clever promotional trick to set up a cabinet here.
  • Watching some dudes who actually know how to play Smash TV. 90% of this game might as well not exist for 90% of players.
  • In "Time Pilot," the 2001 level is the distant future and has you fighting flying saucers in an asteroid field.
  • Gee Bee is a pinball-inspired Breakout variant that's a ton more interesting than Arkanoid and its descendants.
  • I still love how "Shark" lets you instantaneously switch mazes in the middle of a competitive game.
  • Man, I forgot how much fun Dance Dance Revolution is with a good quality pad.
  • Ask the concierge at the Hyatt Recency and he'll say restaurants are "three blocks" away. One of the blocks is the Great America theme park.
  • I also still love how CAX is also a beard and ponytail expo.
  • Police 911: motion sensors let you physically take cover. Was thinking Kinect for the home port, but Wii balance board is an even better fit
  • Atari Force Liberation has the cheesiest texture-mapped sphere I've ever seen.
  • Hard Drivin' Airborne: hardcore racing sim with "sprout wings" button. About 5 FPS.
  • Playing the Joust 2 level entitled "The Blues" while a nearby musical automaton plays "Dancing Queen" on xylophone.
  • Stern's "The End" is a Galaga clone down to the font and the twinkling stars effect -- I bet both are ripped right out of the Galaga ROM.
  • I'd dismissed Crystal Castles as a Pac-Man clone after playing home ports, but it's *very* different with a trackball.
  • After their success revamping the shmup life system, Final Form should try making Gauntlet fun when you're not paying money per hit point.
  • Panic Park tournament going on. Lots of joysticks smashing into one another.
  • At the 8bit concert across the hotel. The next band wants to start playing but the DJ is balking at cutting off "Lonely Rolling Star" early.
  • Christ, I forgot how intolerable live music is without earplugs. Fuck loudness culture.
  • Which is most awesome: video game embedded in pinball machine; pinball embedded in video game; Black Hole, with pinball embedded in pinball?
  • Trying to figure out this pachinko machine is like playing Myst. I poke at controls labeled in Moon-man, and inexplicable shit happens.
  • Backing off to give someone else a try, this 6-year-old looking kid found a hidden Pachinko control I missed: a hole on top of the cabinet.
  • Here's a Neo Geo hooked up to a flat-panel monitor. I love how the cartridges are the size of university textbooks.
  • At first I thought this guy's Gauntlet game had locked up, but the screen is just so full of grunts that they literally can't move.
  • On the way home. Left heel aching from epic game of Super Sprint with a couple of random guys.
  • Sprint's controls are so goddamn violent. You *throw* the wheel. Whacked myself in the junk more than once.
  • Forgot to mention APB! It's the police sim where you jam a button to beat a confession out of your suspect before the comissioner arrives.
  • "The specialty of house thick milk toast cut-out and cubed, drizzled with honey and topped with green tea ice-cream."
  • Alex pointed out that Prop-Cycle had fans pointed at the player. I hadn't noticed!

Jul 10

  • Got six new followers and lost like ten during all those CAX tweets. Sorry for the density, guys!
  • @xobs We got it as the chaser to BBQ unagi pizza at a Japanese tapas place near Alex's apartment. The pizza had egg on it!
  • RT @daphaknee semi-lesbian is a way better term than bisexual
  • @icecreamjonsey Thanks!
  • "Creative License: how the hell did sampling get so screwed up and what the hell do we do about it?"
  • You know the moment: after the flush, the shower starting, not the door opening. If you're lucky, it's time to pee in the kitchen sink!
  • Protip: pee in the sink *all* the time, and they'll never be able to get you with the saran-wrap-over-the-toilet trick.
  • 100 points shaved off the low-score record for Super Mario Bros, in the most delightful manner:
  • The recording session for "Wind Garden," from the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack.

Jul 11

Jul 12

Jul 13

Jul 14

Jul 15

Jul 16

  • If your best idea to ramp your game up to a dramatic high is to give a random dude 5x as many hit points as usual, you're fucking fired.
  • It's kind of stupendous how lazy AC: Brotherhood's endgame is -- and not just because the final boss is just a dude with lots of hit points.
  • Can't be bothered to design missions around the feature you *named your game after*? Can't justify disabling it? Disable it anyway!
  • @mrasmus Brotherhood basically de-sold me on AC's platforming. Not sure why, because the mechanic hasn't changed much in three games.
  • @mrasmus Defining moments: Trying to go through a door and wallrunning up the doorframe repeatedly. Trying to run past wells and haystacks.
  • Confirmation dialogs should've gone extinct ten years ago. "Undo" is a better solution in every respect.
  • Big surprise, Fox News coming to the defense of parent company News Corp as it faces hacking charges:
  • Alex got footage of the ridiculous line-art cutscene in Boxing Bugs at California Extreme this year.
  • If you're a fan of all these podcast excerpts and are looking for dozens of hours of them, I know a guy:
  • Sneezing in slow motion.
  • The Moscow Coup Attempt covers Joanna Newsom's "The Sprout and the Bean."

Jul 17

Jul 18

Jul 19

Jul 20

Jul 21

Jul 22

Jul 23

Jul 24

  • "The Heinz Automato57 teaches junior how to dispense Heinz ketchup."
  • On the other hand, if you look at the future rather than the past, everything's terrible and yet nobody's miserable!
  • "The poor bastards didn't have flying cars, or full-immersion VR, and they'd die of old age. They'd get old and just *die*. Who does that?"
  • "And yet they were happy! It's like whatever situation they were in, they just considered it normal!"
  • Dungeons of Dredmor YAFM: I put a Disposable Ingot Press inside itself, closed the crafting window, and effectively removed it from my game.
  • Available domain name of the day:
  • Outfit for Matt's wedding looking great. Still trying to figure out how I'm getting there tomorrow.
  • Reinstalling Git. I recall fucking myself last time by picking the wrong line-ending conversion mode, but I don't recall the correct option.

Jul 25

  • Photos: Chile and Argentina covered in ash.
  • When you "vote with your wallet," don't forget that in effect you're voting for the marketing campaign at least as much as for the product.
  • Cummerbund-wearing protip: cummerbunds actually just kind of work. 'scool.
  • No offense to other weddings; this was the best one.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: steampunk-tuxedo-print t-shirts.

Jul 26

  • @fullbright I wore a glittery turquoise cummerbund today and everybody loved it
  • We distrust analytical artists and lovers because acting on instinct is necessarily innocent, and analysis admits the possibility of evil.
  • But it also admits the possibility of good. Analysis and mindfulness are *prerequisites* for goodness. Mere innocence doesn't mean a thing.
  • P.S. Yes that was me on the dimmer during the quiet/loud part of Little Richard's "Shout."
  • Latest version of the synthesizer, for Win32/64. Let me know if it's broken somehow or if you make an awesome patch.
  • I feel so underdressed in real life now, walking around in khakis and a graphic tee. I need more excuses to wear tuxedos.
  • Mario 64 speed-runner ask-me-anything:
  • RT @ibogost Results of yesterday's "Worst Thing to Gamify Game": For offense: custody battles (@domfox) For absurdity: nihilism (@tphd)
  • Ralph Langer talks about how he and his team puzzled out the purpose of Stuxnet.
  • "This attack is generic. It would work as well, for example, in a power plant or an automobile factory."
  • New Humble Indie Bundle:
  • The delightfully recursive music video for Bjork's "Bachelorette."

Jul 27

Jul 28

Jul 29

Jul 30

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