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Ugh, stop twitching
the dead and the jews
life Posted 2011-11-30 21:20:52 by Jim Crawford
is this skeleton drinking lead? no wonder he went to a hospital to get x-rayed
<Alex> hey, i did that one time
<Jim> are you still alive?
<Alex> there's this pretty gross fairly viscous drink they make you drink that shows up well on xrays
<Alex> iirc sort of medicinal vanilla flavor
<Chris> I notice he never directly answered if he was still alive or not.
<Chris> just say'n.
<Jim> it's impolite for me to repeat the question
<Chris> he's counting on that, I imagine.
<Jim> maybe i can sneak a look at his driver's license
<Chris> next time you see him, let him walk first if you go into a supermarket
<Chris> dead people can't open automatic doors, I think.
<Louis> no, that's Jewish people, and that's only on Saturdays!
<Jim> ohhh
<Elena> man i remember shannon telling me a story of some strict jews who lived near her
<Elena> they like, forgot to turn off the stove or maybe turn on the heater? or something like that
<Elena> and had to get a neighbor to do it
<Elena> because it was saturday
<Jim> they don't even believe in hell
<Jim> what's the point of doing anything your religion says
<Elena> shit, i learned this
<Elena> there was a big paradigmatic shift from the judaic god in the old testament to the christian god in the new testament, in terms of what a god was for and the nature of man's relationship to god
<Elena> the god in the old testament, you essentially made a pact with him for the exchange of services. like, you cut off your foreskin and those of your family, abstain from pork, etc, and he'll look out for you (during life) and your family (even after you die). you do actions that show you worship/respect him, and he will take care of your people.
the christian, new testament god is all about beliefs and faith and those were the basis of your relationship to him. and in return, rather than smiting your enemies or protecting your tribe, god gives you personal salvation and reward in the afterlife.
<Jim> all this meta conversation where i'm mediating the larger conversation through pasted IM snippets is really making me miss #weightedsixes
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