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Ugh, stop twitching
november 2011 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2011-12-01 14:08:49 by Jim Crawford
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Nov 01

Nov 02

  • Binding of Isaac in the latest Humble Bundle. If you were wondering, it's totally worth the minimum payment of $0.01.
  • RT @TriciaLockwood 2 Predators f'ing in the trees. The girl is on her period and their intercourse is glowin like a rave. Arnold pops an X and begins to climb
  • @bengrue I've had the same sentiment many times, yet have never encountered it. It's an entirely hypothetical crime against humanity, right?
  • Hups. @mrasmus informs me Isaac's not "in" the bundle. It's bonus material, which means you need to beat the average price. Simpler times...
  • RT @ActualPerson084 A truck carrying a shipment of nega-bees crashed 12 miles outside of Omaha, NE, causing 18 million bees to swarm into the trailer.
  • Oakland Police seem to be very angry about Mayor Quan's handling of the Occupy Oakland situation.
  • Amazon sellers' automated pricing algorithms interfere with one another and price books at millions of dollars.
  • After humanity dies, software lives on. Spam and antispam algorithms, spiraling ever upward in an endless arms race, until the sun goes out.
  • Documenting historical weather patterns via paintings, from 1400 to 1950.
  • Slinky drop at 300FPS.
  • Today, I'll be the guy who lost all his phone's contact data. Go ahead and text me your name if you want me to be able to call you.
  • The Cure, "Just Like Heaven."

Nov 03

  • Irrational's podcast interview with Guillermo del Toro is goddamned amazing. Not least because of his voice.
  • IGG Marathon starts 11am tomorrow. Exciting times!
  • Oh mans, check out the on-stream interview schedule. I was excited even before I noticed that.
  • "Louis vs. Rick: The story of a man who taught his cat to use instant messaging."
  • Red Dead Redemption: "It's absolutely beautiful, and therefore I have only wandered the desert without direction."
  • I've played the game game, and I can testify: seen in those terms and those terms only, Red Dead Redemption may be the best game of 2010.
  • Audioslave, "Last Remaining Light"
  • In San Diego until the 20th.

Nov 04

  • Apparently Boot Camp's driver downloader has been broken for close to a year. Also: it is a "driver downloader" rather than a "web page."
  • IGG going on right now. I can't be on-camera and tweet at the same time, but I'll be on and off.
  • I'm about to play The Impossible Game on the IGG stream, for the next god knows how long.
  • That was fun. Got nowhere, of course!

Nov 05

  • FFG gave us an absurd number of these awesome wax-sealed Jamestown vouchers for raffle on the IGG stream.
  • First-time QWOP player just made 1.5 meters while we're interviewing creator Bennett Foddy.
  • Playing Don't Shit Your Pants live on the IGG stream. Keep it clean in the chat, guys!
  • RT @FinalFormGames Guy Fawkes Day comes to Jamestown:
  • Trying to set up Transformice to play with the entire internet. /room IGGMarathon at
  • Luigi gets sloppy seconds as always.
  • We're still streaming Atom Zombie Smasher, but the IGG Marathon Minecraft server is up already at
  • Just a reminder, I'll be making a 0-hour game on the IGG Marathon stream at 2AM tonight. #iggmarathon #0hgame
  • (Bearing in mind that this will probably just be 0 hours of me staring at a laptop and occasionally putting change in the swear jar.)
  • RT @zarawesome I think it does tell something about games that you have a key to skip cutscenes but not a key to skip combat.
  • @zarawesome Star Control 2, as ever, far ahead of its time.

Nov 06

  • 0h game is go!
  • #0hgame success! -- Red player: click to move, don't click to shoot. Blue player: arrow keys to move and shoot.
  • Streaming Barkley Shut Up and Jam Gaiden right now. It is *amazing*.
  • Amazing interview with @westquote of FFG and preview of the Gunpowder ship a while ago. I really hope is recording all this.
  • Now that people have a chance of actually being awake to notice, my #0hgame again:
  • What went right: asymmetrical co-op; taking time to balance. What went wrong: unclear about friendly vs. unfriendly bullets; bugs.
  • (Also, unclear that it's it's co-op. When presented with the game cold, people try to shoot each other.)
  • RT @mattmight Oh great. ([](){})() is now legal C++.
  • Been really enjoying having a platform I know, to build stuff very quickly. I haven't really had that since the days of MS-DOS and mode 13h.
  • Kayin Nasaki Skyping in to play PEWPEWPEW with us. #iggmarathon
  • RT @iggmarathon Come listen to @KayinNasaki doing a reading of Eye of Argon as he plays PewPewPewPewPewPew!
  • @KayinNasaki I'm the one with two beards!
  • @KayinNasaki Sometimes you have to spoil yourself!
  • @Bananattack Can't make it because I'm at IGGMarathon instead, but I'll be there in spirit! The smaller jams have historically been awesome.
  • RT @drewtoothpaste Whoa, if you go to Google and type SELL MY PERSONAL DATA TO ADVERTISERS, nothing happens, because they already did it.

Nov 07

  • About to go show Futilitris on the IGG stream. Adoring fans show up in support!
  • Let me be your guide to Nethack for the next 1.5 hours, coming up on the #iggmarathon stream. I haven't ascended since 2005; be gentle!
  • Nethack highlight: encountered pony; people insist I name it Rainbow Dash; my kitten immediately kills and eats Rainbow Dash. #iggmarathon
  • Coming up on the final hours of #iggmarathon. Desperately trying to finish up all the time everyone donated for.
  • @Imriyalde @mrasmus @iggmarathon It was for his Bastion cosplay. Which we should really try to convince him to wear on camera.
  • Where's the interface to report this as not using a real name?
  • Says @fiskmeshi: "Doing IGGMarathon has been like a cross between going to PAX and putting on a play."
  • @MattThorson I've been thinking about it a lot. You were watching IGG, did you see my Jamestown-inspired 0-hour game?
  • @MattThorson I think the agent/operator dichotomy is a very strong one. Think Neo/Cypher in The Matrix, or P2 in Super Mario Galaxy.
  • @MattThorson Right. Like if Henry Hatsworth was a co-op game.
  • @Vanther @MattThorson For "Elements of Magic," @PaperDino has explicitly said he created the co-op roles to play shmups with his mom.
  • @PaperDino Awesome :)
  • We've got Johann Sebastian Joust running, but we need more space to play. Desperately trying to set up cameras downstairs. #iggmarathon
  • @Vanther Thank you :D
  • Johann Sebastian Joust is go!
  • I hope we accidentally kept the cameras going, because the moments after the stream ended were the best emotional finale ever. #iggmarathon
  • RT @iggmarathon Stream computer blue screened 10 minutes after signing off. What. (Love you internet; see you next year!)
  • RT @ActualPerson084 A notable lyricist hears a dead god's name and drops it in a rap verse. The song erupts from innumerable speakers, like so many prayers.

Nov 09

  • Just finished going through the IGG Marathon archives and cataloging all the people and games that appeared in each 2-hour block.
  • @mrasmus Glad to help. Yeah, sorry I didn't notify anyone, I hope I didn't duplicate anyone's work.
  • @Satchamobob Hard to say! I did it in bits and pieces throughout the day. Probably not more than four hours total?
  • @theonewhogrins Unfortunately no, I checked the recorded stream and it ended exactly when we thought it did.
  • @Ratteler50 @IGGMarathon I was really hoping we'd clean up my "who the hell is this person anyway" before going public with that :)
  • RT @TNG_S8 Wesley's outfit offends an alien president, who demands his execution. Worf gets a cold, claims he's "dying", locks himself in his quarters.
  • Jonathan Blow and Marc ten Bosch talk: "Designing to Reveal the Nature of the Universe"
  • *What*. Yes, Flash is slow, bloated, and battery-hungry. Duh, it's a VM. HAVE YOU RUN A JAVASCRIPT APP LATELY?
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: happiness insurance. When you're happy, file a claim and they pay you money dollars.
  • (And if you file a happiness claim when you're unhappy, you get prosecuted for insurance fraud.)
  • "Pictures Under Glass is an interaction paradigm of permanent numbness. It denies our hands what they do best."
  • "Are we really going to accept an Interface Of The Future that is less expressive than a *sandwich*?"
  • "Lush workers," subway pickpockets who cut wallets out of the victim's pocket with a straight razor, are a dying breed.
  • And that was my 5000th twit. I sure use this goddamn thing a lot.
  • @KayinNasaki As a pure Flex user, I'm a big fan of Flash's run-everywhere-with-no-install feature. But compiling to HTML5 would be nice too.
  • RT @zarawesome Unlimited cellphone everything, $19 a month?
  • RT @directionalpad Time for a friendly @directionalpad PSA. Remember kids: Friends don't let friends buy Activision-Blizzard games.
  • Oh no, the Wappy Dog theme is stuck in my head, and the video has been deleted from Youtube. Don't make me cover this thing from memory!
  • Tool, "Lateralus"
  • @theonewhogrins Tearful group hugs and inspiring speeches. We're discussing only pretending to shut off the cameras next time.

Nov 10

  • @iWinRar I genuinely wish you the best in this endeavor.
  • Cold comfort: anyone accepting huge bonuses to work for a company as obviously reprehensible as Zynga deserves this.
  • "No other technologies except video games was positively related to creativity."
  • Steam database compromised, possibly including credit card data.

Nov 11

  • Jamestown soundtrack is out! On Steam, as Jamestown DLC. Weird. End result is a directory of MP3s, though, so.
  • Lots of the Jamestown soundtrack isn't in the game. "East Frontier" is 50% longer. "Croatoa" is 3x as long. And most songs have endings now.
  • I had to reach The Womb with 8 hearts, maybe 8 more faith hearts, and a serious fly shield, but I finally beat Binding of Isaac's 2nd quest.
  • Now the real challenge: getting the OSX version to register the Steam achievements before I have to return Brian's Macbook.
  • It just now occurred to me that even though joints don't get perceptibly fatigued like muscles, they can still get overworked and break down
  • The Trenches comic itself is still bad, but the industry anecdotes still sometimes deliver the goods:
  • Tim says the Jamestown soundtrack is coming to Bandcamp soon, so if the whole "PC-only DLC" thing doesn't work for you, that should.
  • @Satchamobob :(
  • @karamisaurus I'm actually a big fan of Gunpowder -- you can do serious AoE damage with it, esp. if you deploy all three barrels in a row.
  • "How to steal in Skyrim." Should AI get any better than this? I think this might be ideal.
  • @Eliot_L That would make the game less fun!
  • Lying with the seals.

Nov 12

Nov 13

  • RT @ActualPerson084 a duck influenced you recently about eye contact
  • Really, you're surprised that the guy who wrote fan-fiction romanticizing the Spartans hates hippies and loves war?
  • *I'm* frankly a little bit surprised that Frank Miller is blogging on the internet and not sequestered in a paramilitary compound.
  • The Comics Code Authority effectively required every comic to be an Objectivist propaganda tract. E.g.: it was revised in the 70s to allow
  • depiction of corrupt politicians or criminals whose motive wasn't "be evil!" Guess who grew up reading this shit? ALL YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: edible thermal underwear.
  • RT @FilthyRichmond My parole officer got his nicotine gum stuck in my pubic hair.

Nov 14

  • Can't-fali startup idea of the day: smartphone measuring spoon app. "Smear the butter on the screen until it covers this circle."

Nov 15

  • Jamestown soundtrack out on Bandcamp:
  • RT @mabeloo If you're using lawful, reasonable force well of course you do it in the dark of the night under a media blackout. #ows
  • It isn't quite in the same league as Anomolly, Dislokatie, and Viscarah, but if I have a 4th daughter, she'll have to make do with Protrudy.
  • "We've entered an era in which movies can no longer be great. They can only be awesome, which isn?t nearly the same."
  • RT @pressfuturist Whenever an audiobook begins with "This is Audible", I wonder whether a voice I can't hear announces "and this is inaudible".
  • This is how much you can trust SSL Certificates:
  • I got a flu shot basically on a whim at the end of October; now I'm pretty much the only IGG Marathoner who isn't deathly ill. Medicine!
  • "Someone you respect, and interact with every day is an introvert, and you are probably driving this person nuts."

Nov 16

Nov 17

  • Jimmy Wales's face is placed such that every time, I parse it as an illustration of the concept/object in question.
  • "From a climate change/fisheries/pollution/habitat destruction point of view, our nightmare is the world we live in."
  • @Eliot_L Yeah. I think the purpose of the site is to put the day-to-day comparison to your neighbor's wealth in perspective.

Nov 18

  • "We bemoan this culture of 'hooking up,' when we've given adolescents no space to actually have loving relationships."
  • So much respect for Edmund McMillen as a designer after listening to his appearance on Roguelike Radio.
  • The unsettling thing is that I understood this headline's intended meaning instantly.
  • @KayinNasaki To my mind, at least, the way that complex systems break is much more fun than most deliberate game design.
  • Why is this the first Xbox Live Indie Game review blog I've seen?
  • "Airport full-body X-ray scanners banned across Europe as unsafe."

Nov 19

  • It's cool, guys. I'm pretty sure using tear gas as an implement of torture on cowering victims is standard procedure.
  • RT @TimOfLegend "Papa, what's a 'fetch quest?'" "That's what we have to do before Belle will dance with us honey!"
  • Rocksmith impressions still coming in; still sounding awesome.

Nov 20

  • This Twix package has four candy bars in it. More like Quax!
  • Bethesda's physics engine weighs in on frozen bears.
  • 3DS impressions: they changed the charger shape *again*, and it's still not USB.
  • 3DS impressions: Super Mario 3D Land is pretty amazing. Including the 3D bit, unexpectedly.

Nov 21

  • "In Egypt earlier this year, the cops refused to attack the people. What about America?"
  • "Where are the cops who walked off the job rather than attack their neighbors drowning in debt and despair?"
  • "After two days, I realized I wasn't ever going to do anything with them. The excitement was in finding them."
  • Protip: blood donation machines in The Womb will kill you outright even if you have probably four goddamn rows of soul hearts by now.

Nov 22

  • It says something about our economy that the most popular genre of game is one in which you do menial labor and are compensated fairly.
  • Now that winter is helping the freezer out, the popsicles I bought six months ago are almost frozen.
  • I have bags of slush with sticks sitting in there rather than bags of liquid with sticks sitting in there.
  • @PaperDino Also, half the game occurs off-screen, and it's hard to pay attention to both halves. This is a problem with Guitar Hero too.
  • @ChrisJeffGames A lot of it is luck with items. Your first successful run will probably end with more hearts than fit onscreen.
  • What the. @petermolydeux no longer exists. How can this happen? What kind of God would allow it? Checkmate, Pope!
  • Doom 3 source is out:
  • Hey, Carmack is blogging again! Or at least today.
  • All Things Considered on Ian Bogost and Cow Clicker.

Nov 23

Nov 24

  • Binding of Isaac $2.50 on Steam. I want to call it my favorite game of 2011, but it's just my favorite game right now.
  • 3DS impressions: it's really a beautiful machine. Feels good to use. There's just no goddamn software for it.
  • I bet this is what PS3 early adopters felt like.
  • @theonewhogrins Yeah, and I'll be checking out the Virtual Console stuff too. But it's hard to use remakes to justify new hardware.
  • Finished Sheol with ???. Not even a super lucky run; traded three soul hearts for the nail in The Womb 2 in hopes I could eke out a profit.
  • RT @number108 plans for thonksgelving: rip this to mp3, put it on iPod, drive back and forth across golden gate bridge in a zipcar

Nov 26

  • 18 minute speedrun of Binding of Isaac.
  • Super Mario 3D Land's level design: the same as a 2D Mario game, except if you accidentally press up or down, you fall off the level.

Nov 27

  • Taking 3D pictures with the 3DS; trying to figure out what can possibly display them.
  • @bibliovoracious My secret dream: Amnesia-style reaction videos.
  • It *sounds* like another song reversed. I'd be a lot more impressed if the result was a coherent tune.

Nov 28

  • "These misprints are now being used as shared homes by elderly people from the former squatter scene."
  • Publishers are screwing themselves by demanding DRM on e-books. In a different way than usual, this time.
  • Was I describing to you the short-story adaptation of The Thing, from the perspective of the alien? If so, here:
  • Infographic: TIME magazine hiding political covers from US readers over the years.
  • "WikiLeaks is responsible for more journalistic scoops over the last 18 months than every other media outlet combined."
  • I'm starting to use the 3DS for enough general purpose computer stuff that I'm getting annoyed I can't run my own code on it

Nov 29

  • RT @gerwitz Stay safe, road users.
  • Just a friendly reminder: when you are anywhere near a moving car you are seconds away from death.
  • Daria and Jane.
  • RT @CHEATS2000 7114D2EC 006C Infinite Reggae CDs
  • RT @dougiedeux update : Boo! @LionheadStudios "We have received a valid report that your account, @petermolydeux, is engaged in non-parody impersonation"
  • "HTML establishes a breach between this world and the realm of corrupt entities (like SGML entities, but more corrupt)"
  • Just played Otomedius Excellent. Lesson learned: sometimes, when the Japanese withhold games from us, they're only trying to protect us.
  • @Satchamobob Thank goodness, no. It's on its way back to Gamefly as we speak.
  • Occupy Wall Street's worst threat: the one to your Congressperson's personal income stream.
  • National Geographic Photo Contest 2011.

Nov 30

  • Rootkit installed on "most modern Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones," monitoring everything you do.
  • I *think* I've 100%'d Super Mario 3D Land. 309 star coins, 225 lives lost, 204 lives left, 14h42m spent. How many star coins are there?
  • Apparently I could get another star on my save by playing through all levels again with Luigi, but since he plays identically, no thanks.
  • On the purpose of laughter:
  • GamePro is dead. Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of gaming culture.
  • Okay, I'm locked out of Mario 3D's "glittering stars" because I tried too hard for one of the trickier star coins before finishing the game.
  • You get them by rescuing Peach before seeing the silver tanooki leaf. A dick move, punishing completionists by denying them completion.
  • Frankly, Mario 3D Land is a game utterly defined by its dick moves, more than any Mario game since 2J. The poison mushroom is back, for one.
  • For another, the levels I mentioned before, where it's a 2D Mario level except you can fall off the world by walking perpendicular to it.
  • Bad camera angles screw with you constantly. That happened in earlier 3D Marios too, but in those it was bad camera AI, not deliberate.
  • And possibly worst: all the hardest levels have no powerups at all. To force you to go and grind them out between attempts, see.
  • (I talk shit about Mario because I love Mario. This is one of my top 5 favorite games this year. On the other hand, fuck this game.)
  • (Twitter essays, jeez. I have a blog; maybe I should use it sometime.)
  • Is this skeleton drinking lead? No wonder he went to a hospital to get x-rayed.
  • RT @danbruno A coworker just posted that "7 Most Elaborate Dick Moves in Online Gaming History" article from Cracked on Facebook, saying "Made the list!"
  • RT @ActualPerson084 apnews: an web designr on death ro draw policman a site map to wher the bodie are . it help answr thei'r most freqently ask question .
  • Oh man. I just came up with a great name for the new Smush album. Now I just have to write all the music.
  • Met girl on OkCupid, called her before going running, got no response. After getting back from the run, saw that I butt-dialed her 8 times.
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