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Ugh, stop twitching
december 2011 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2012-01-07 19:09:51 by Jim Crawford
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Dec 01

  • PDQ Bach takes on Beethoven's Symphony no. 5.
  • Malls tracking customers by their mobile phone signatures.
  • Rotate your owl for science.
  • Looking at text in Ocarina of Time 3D I can see why they put so little text in Mario 3D Land.
  • Maybe they could've handled it better; I need to refocus my eyes to look between text on the plane of the screen and action behind it.
  • It's a little irritating, but if it ushers in a new age of minimal-text gaming then I am all for it.
  • (Ocarina of Time's interruption-heavy tutorial design is definitely more irritating, for reference.)
  • The button layout of the SNES pad was a blunder that Nintendo still hasn't recovered from, mostly because they keep insisting on reusing it.
  • In the SNES, DS, 3DS and Classic controller, B and A are placed 90 degrees clockwise from where they fall on the NES, N64, Gamecube and GBA.
  • Nintendo weren't dumb enough to put run on B and jump on A in New SMB, but when running the GBA games on the DS, they *were* that dumb.
  • They also were dumb enough to put attack on B and roll on A in Ocarina of Time 3D, with no option to remap or rotate the conrols. Gah.

Dec 02

  • RT @justinhj LOL "Got the Z axis wrong on some code I wrote for a cutting machine. The machine cut into itself and caused about $20k worth of damage"
  • I'll just leave this here. "Egypt imports 21 tons of tear gas from the US, port staff refuses to sign for it"
  • Next on CBS news, we romanticize a racecar driver who refuses to wear a seat belt.
  • "Most crowd disasters are caused by people moving toward something they want, not than away from something they fear."
  • This just passed in the Senate. So there's that.
  • P.S. The right-wing blogs I've seen are just as disgusted about this bill; they're blaming Obama. If he signs, I see no reason to disagree.
  • thenicestplaceont...

Dec 03

  • "'End of virginity' if women drive, Saudi cleric warns" -- What next? Two automobiles adopting a child together? Scary!
  • At South Bay Game Jam at the Hacker Dojo. Problem: I don't have a mouse. Someone found me a PS/2 mouse. Now I have two problems.
  • @Bananattack Yep. Bring a spare mouse, won't you?
  • RT @chrisremo @ja2ke "You?ve got mail?not." #not
  • RT @leyawn herman cain conceding defeat. "it was a mistake to have only pizza type pokemon," he says "i know that now"
  • @Bananattack I did not expect that to work :)
  • @Disasterpeace @randyzero Welcome to Frog Fractions. You will learn all about fractions!
  • Poleriders tournament going on at South Bay Game Jam. Goddamned amazing:

Dec 04

  • @EdmundMcMillen Absolutely. But if it's that big, have you considered framing it as a sequel?
  • Al Qaeda isn't an organization. It's just a name we've given all the muslims we don't like to make them seem organized.
  • @Icarus_Tyler I haven't seen evidence of any coverup, but yes, that's what the bill does, and yes, it passed the senate.
  • @zarawesome Get better friends. The mid-to-late game is the good part.
  • @iWinRar Yeah, it always bothers me when people attribute intent or even actions to "Anonymous."
  • Chrome breaks in the weirdest ways. When I try to save a file, now, I get an error about an SD card slot being empty. Abort, retry, fail?
  • Can I link code written in haXe into my Flex project? Does Flex even have a linker?
  • @KayinNasaki A true rationalist would tell you not to trust it, but to do the research for yourself.
  • @KayinNasaki Yeah, there isn't time to think literally everything through, so heuristics and assumptions are a necessary evil.
  • @KayinNasaki Personally I ascribe to a very pessimistic view of the Singularity. The tech path seems to be there, but the chance of getting
  • @KayinNasaki a human utopia out of it seems extremely slim. If you do feel like reading:
  • @KayinNasaki That should be the theme for your I Wanna Be The Guy sequel.
  • Jaga Jazzist, "Animal Chin"
  • Okay, it looks like that documentary was way off. Here's Bin Laden talking about the etymology of the name Al Qaeda:
  • @johnteti If AAA game players read books, they'd need the reminder.

Dec 05

  • EA still permanently banning forum users from playing single-player games for being mentioned alongside swear words. rockpapershotgun....
  • RT @auntiepixelante can i amend my gdc rant about why the term "indie" is meaningless to include the words "igf announces multi-year partnership with microsoft"
  • Looking for Creative Commons pictures of pro wrestlers for my next game.
  • @Satchamobob Sorry, as a matter of policy we do not accept outside design ideas. (That said, I'd love to see it.)
  • Apple's latest innovation: taking patent trolling to the next level.
  • @Satchamobob A bit of a commute for me. I suppose remote participation isn't out of the question -- did you have an idea for it?

Dec 06

  • Pro-tip: if you use Paypal for anything ever, you're an idiot.
  • This is not news. This is how Paypal has operated since 1998.
  • RT @icp Racest people are fuckin stupid. I dont hit wemon but some deserve it. My anus is a virgin. 40 is the new 30. Life could always be mad worse
  • Paypal gave the Regretsy money back. Lesson learned: to safely use Paypal, be sure you can reliably harness the anger of the Internet.
  • "Scientists have just recovered well-preserved bone marrow in a mammoth thigh bone." Clones ahoy!
  • Yesterday I mis-implemented an AS3 closure that hit my system so hard that the Notepad++ and Chrome taskbar icons are still swapped.
  • That's not a euphemism. It's kind of amazing how badly code purportedly sandboxed in a VM can still fuck you up.
  • "The secret history of 'about:jwz' and the Netscape Throbbers."
  • New best band name: "about:jwz and the Netscape Throbbers"
  • I wonder how much of the N64's GPU Starfox 64 had to dedicate to make the whole game look like a low-bitrate mpeg stream.

Dec 07

  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: stuffing-fed turkeys with sealed thoracic cavities. Imagine how much time you'd save!
  • Kotaku profiles Tim Sweeney.
  • Anyone have a machine with a spare couple hundred megs of RAM I can ssh into and run an IRC bot on? Also #weightedsixes is on espernet now.
  • BART ad: "You have your HIV under control. Now on to HIV-related excess belly fat! [Pageful of print too small to read across the tracks.]"
  • This may be the best thing to happen to Nintendo -- and possibly video games in general -- in years.

Dec 08

  • Nintendo denies everything. I'm guessing the facts are as reported and this is just a response to all the "MIYAMOTO RETIRES" headlines.
  • My new project is more of a platform than a game, but it's called "The Asshole Game" because "The Asshole Platform" doesn't flow as well.
  • This is a serious recurring UI issue. Every time a menu option or button is greyed-out, hover text should explain why. *Every time*.
  • The Asshole Game is nearing completion. If any of you want to contribute an Asshole Platform launch title, get in touch!
  • A NES emulator in 940 lines of C++. Including the 6502 emulator.

Dec 09

  • @Triplefox @Eliot_L That petition interface 404s when you try to sign in. Why am I not surprised?
  • Supergiant gets Bastion running on Chrome. Big win for Javascript and WebGL. supergiantgames.c...
  • Like I said, guys, it's cool; using torture to gain compliance is just how police operate in these trying times. myoccupylaarrest....
  • "5 Old-Timey Prejudices That Still Show Up in Every Movie"
  • "The radioactive boy scout: When a teenager attempts to build a breeder reactor."
  • @BrianNumberOne Really? Hell, that makes it substantially less cool in my book -- it's not even hypothetically cross-browser.

Dec 10

  • "A reality show offering positive portrayal of Muslim life has come under protest." At least one advertiser backs away.
  • What happens when a bunch of geeks realize their tiger team contract permits them to physically break into a bank?
  • Espernet #weightedsixes stats: 5 people, 2 chatbots, 0 ops.
  • Louis CK selling "Live at the Beacon Theater" as a DRM-free video file.
  • Got my Jamestown wax-sealed voucher in the mail! No way do I break the seal on this thing. And yet most of the fun content is inside!
  • Got maybe-final Asshole Game music from Danny. Release Monday.

Dec 11

  • "Edmund McMillen Confirms Christmas Update for Binding of Isaac"
  • I hope I have this guy's persistence and stability of mind when *I* get encased in concrete.

Dec 12

  • Darpa unshredding contest results are in. shredderchallenge...
  • @UltimaRegum "Let your fingers do the walking on the yulkjhnb keys."
  • The Asshole Game is officially out! twinbeardstudios....
  • @UltimaRegum It was always a pretty dumb control scheme, especially since Y and N were also used to answer questions. (Also esp. in Dvorak.)
  • If the nature of The Asshole Game is unclear to you, these two Asshole Games should clear it up: twinbeardstudios.... twinbeardstudios....
  • @UltimaRegum It was derived from vi which used hjkl to move the cursor around. Which was *almost* reasonable on machines with no arrow keys.
  • I was expecting to have to muddle through the first 10 to 15 hours of Skyward Sword, but I'm about 2 hours in and enjoyed it from the start.
  • Unlike Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword has a soul, and unlike Wind Waker, it seems like it wasn't shoved out the door a year early.
  • @mrasmus Does Fi eventually get less handholdy and interrupty?
  • @mrasmus I'll take it.
  • Asshole Game stats: 1232 lines of AS3; 219 lines of server-side PHP; ~22 hours dev time; 30 launch titles.
  • About half of the dev time went into me, not being practiced as an artist or designer, trying to make it look half-decent.
  • For comparison, Frog Fractions is at about 3k lines and 90 hours. Hard to make straight-across comparisons because they share a lot of code.
  • Speaking of Frog Fractions, it's about time I got back to that project. Lots of exciting ideas in the works.
  • As you read this, babies are judging your credibility.
  • Dungeons of Dredmor patch notes: "Added No Time To Grind mode: shorter dungeon levels, more monster XP."
  • So that's *one* RPG developer who has a modicum of respect for the player's time. One and counting, hopefully.

Dec 13

Dec 14

  • What are *you* about this problem? RT @RickyGervais Everyone eventually dies and there is no afterlife. Please RT to help raise awareness.
  • Reptiles love video games. Apparently.
  • The secret ancestor of Super Smash Bros.
  • @phubans Me too, but that's mostly because it looks more like a competitive platformer than a fighting game, so you can't trust my opinion.
  • @KayinNasaki Hm, interesting. That looks a lot more like a traditional fighting game.
  • Sorting the 37 best Smush songs from most to least cheesy for the 10th anniversary collection.
  • Gotta get this thing out by the end of the year or the "10th-anniversary" thing will be a lie.

Dec 15

  • Confirmed: this is the government our nation deserves.
  • Right, that's why I hated Link's Awakening! It spends 30 seconds explaining "heavy objects" every time you accidentally bump a heavy object.
  • As I recall, last time, I played until I got the "power glove" in hopes that then it would stop doing that. It didn't stop doing that.
  • Time-lapse of light pulse traveling over still-life
  • Man, it sounds like Phil Fish had *the worst time* making Fez.

Dec 16

  • "The Stars of Famicom Games: How Video Games are Made"
  • @KayinNasaki Man, try still running ICQ in this day and age. I get spam in Russian *all the time*.
  • @KayinNasaki They've given up sending it as IMs; lately it's been attached to spoofed "request to add to friends list denied" messages.
  • Can we be sick to the back teeth of geek-pandering mashup films yet? How about just the ones written by a Perl script?
  • Looks like we're safe from SOPA for now.
  • UI designers: "when I'm about to start using your product" is absolutely the least convenient time to ask me if I want to install an update.

Dec 17

  • Envious of everyone with enough free time this weekend to do Ludum Dare.
  • It seems like anyone who likes SpaceChem would also enjoy programming in assembly language.

Dec 19

  • "Forensic Examiner Found No Match of Cables on Manning?s Laptop to WikiLeaks?"
  • RT @jas508 Man, I keep writing "Kim Jong Il is still alive" on all my checks. :(
  • Nobody is actually entertained by the "arrow to the knee" thing, right? Propagating memes is just a thing modern humans do. Like sneezing.
  • @Satchamobob Come here and say that to my face.
  • @Satchamobob Actually it's cool, I'll be in San Diego over the holidays.
  • @Satchamobob But, but, face-punching!
  • The compass always was the unlockable concept art of Zelda items.

Dec 20

  • In a development that should surprise nobody, Humble Bundle 4 now includes Humble Bundle 3, if you beat the average.
  • RT @pedromelo "I hate that if a girl has sex with a lot of guys everyone calls her a slut, yet if a guy does the same thing everyone calls him gay"
  • RT @virtjk Ahhhh, I am so thrilled. I saw the word "alittle" (the inverse of "alot") used today. How language evolves! Like a drug-resistant plague!
  • The All-American Muslim advertiser boycott was organized entirely by a single dude.
  • "My Git Workflow and Why You Should Use Git"
  • RT @vintageortacky What I hate most about Twitter: finishing a good tweet, having -1 characters left, and then having to decide which grammar crime to commit.
  • Alan Wake finally coming to PC:
  • Charles Stross explains the actual purpose of SOPA.
  • "Why does Nintendo bury this, the essence of Zelda, so deeply, these days?"

Dec 21

  • Going through storage; found a ton of unlabeled half-full CD-Rs from the late 90s that I'm *very* curious about. Also my old Korg Poly-800!
  • Malcolm Sledcombs
  • Man, remember when you needed the tiniest mandwriting to label a full warez CD-R completely? Must be 40 audio production apps on this thing.

Dec 22

  • "Jobs, it would seem, gets moral credit for good design."
  • Holy shit, here's a box of disks with my Commodore 64 basic code on it. My earliest forays into programming.
  • Also found an ADAT tape with one of projects I made for the electronic music course at Mesa. I'm not even sure what reads those.
  • Still finalizing the Smush 10-year retrospective track list, but here's the album cover:

Dec 23

  • Okay, okay, I guess I'm still tweaking this. Be honest: should I put an apostrophe in "songs"?
  • RT @wikileaks SOPA is the best thing to happen to the wretched domain name system. It will destroy it and it should have been destroyed long ago.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: fast food curry and rice, served like boba tea with an wide straw.
  • Epiphany: my handwriting isn't awful *per se*. I just have no patience for the task, hurry and get sloppy.

Dec 24

  • You know the feeling where you're not sure the SD card goes here even though the slot says SD, and maybe it'll just get stuck in there?
  • And maybe you absent-mindedly switched the SD card for a tuna sandwich and are getting tuna all over the SD reader? I hate that feeling.

Dec 25

  • Playing with Greg's iPad. Tiny Wings is something of a masterpiece.
  • RT @ChrisBellDesign Retained the crown as "the cool cousins" by bringing Johann Sebastian Joust to the family gathering. It's so good it's practically cheating.
  • RT @wheelyapple "its kind of like a dog but bigger. 8.5" - my review on bears

Dec 26

Dec 28

  • RT @retroremakes Not entirely too keen on the whole Penny Arcade as some sort of vengeful god schtick, y'know? It's uncomfortable.
  • RT @Ari0ck How is @OceanMarketting douche different from @cwgabriel douche? Apart from sexism not being as important as videogame controllers, obvs.
  • RT @meganamram Some people like to think of the glass as half empty. I like to think of a bear punching a tiger.

Dec 29

  • I've been saying this is probably my last visit to San Diego ever, but hell, *of course* I'm coming back for IGG Marathon next year.
  • Binding of Isaac is $1.24 on Steam right now -- $1.50 with soundtrack. Srsry guys, it's in my top five games this year. store.steampowere...
  • Oh fuck yeah, the Zoom H1 goes up to 96khz. I've been recording sounds at 44 and losing quality like a chump when pitching them down.

Dec 30

  • Our retrospective album, "Songs in the Key of S: 10 Years of Smush" is out, for pay-what-you-want:
  • If it wasn't clear, one of the possibilities of pay-what-you-want is $0. At least until we "run out" of free downloads.
  • I'll also accept "barter what you want." E.g.: put $0 in the amount field and then email me an epic poem you wrote.
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