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Ugh, stop twitching
september 2012 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2013-02-12 04:22:08 by Jim Crawford
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Sep 01

  • Rock Band Blitz's design guides you to towards microtransactions so ham-fistedly, I'm surprised they didn't just add a "buy coins" button.

Sep 02

  • Sadly, The thieves accidentally took the 10 million pound vat labeled "Grade B" and couldn't unload it anywhere. theglobeandmail.c...
  • Photo set: long exposures of fireworks.
  • @Laroquod "The weirdness of the real world is a permanent problem for the jobbing novelist."
  • @Laroquod I kinda believe it. All that cloth is heavy, impedes movement, and, waterlogged, may also form a seal on top of water like a tarp.
  • @Laroquod Yeah, no, that's just stupid.

Sep 03

  • RT @DrTeens247 #DescribeYourSexLifeWithAMovie #ConflateYourLifeWithMedia #ExpressYourselfThroughProperty #CollapseIntoAHeapOfSawdust #LoseSleepToSeeBatman
  • SMBC has some legitimately excellent life advice here.
  • Similar to the Derek Sivers post a year ago about not trying to do everything at once, actually.
  • The writers and lead designer of Spec Ops talk to Polygon about its creation.
  • Highlight: Davis skewering multiplayer as a checkbox to tick off. "It's another game rammed onto the disk like a cancerous growth."
  • "A portal opened and a mirror-universe-ABBA, 'BAAB,' emerged. They joined forces as ABBABAAB. Another portal opened..." neilcicierega.tum...

Sep 05

  • RT @Jonathan_Blow @PeterPantelakos The magic ingredient is being enthusiastic to learn programming. If you have that, it is easy. The details don't matter.
  • "This Is What Happens When You Pour Lava Over Ice"
  • @charlesrandall Poor people exist. Actual poor people who are not children and actually have money problems.
  • Greenlight adds $100 submission fee to keep riffraff out. If you're not middle-class, your game can't possibly be good.
  • Reading the comments, the Mojang party was pretty gross even before random dude added sexual assault to the plate.
  • "The hot girls in dresses with red wristbands were all hired help to socialize with the VIP guests." Thanks, video games!
  • RT @XanderDavisLive 'Crunch' feels like a buzzword to make it more acceptable. It's not. It's really called 'exploitation to make up for mismanagement'.
  • @phubans If you're middle class, $100 is no big deal. If you're poor, $100 is food for this week.
  • @troygilbert @BenKuchera Intent isn't needed. You can be unconsciously classist, racist or sexist and never know until someone points it out
  • @troygilbert @BenKuchera Which is why pointing it out *is* actually helpful, assuming the unconsciously classist person is willing to listen
  • RT @mrasmus " then I says, 'Hastur? I hardly know OH GOD I CAN SEE FOREVER.'" -- <3 @fiskmeshi
  • Ben Kuchera's take on the $100 Greenlight submission fee.
  • My take on the $100 Greenlight submission fee:
  • Going forward, anyone not naming an owl this is making a huge mistake.
  • @BlueLineGames Yeah, they can't exactly refund the paid submission fees, because they don't *have* the money.

Sep 06

  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Super Mario Sunshine ROM hack, replacing FLUDD with the ski/jetpack mechanic from Tribes.
  • Harmonix is tuning the coin economy in Blitz. I'll have to poke at it to see if it still feels like a F2P game.

Sep 07

  • YouTube, official streaming partner of the DNC, automatically detected copyrighted material and blocked the video.
  • Sos is offering McPixel for pay-what-you-want via a Pirate Bay torrent.
  • RT @dresdencodak "In a way, Darwin discovered God -- a God that failed to match the preconceptions of theology, and so passed unheralded."
  • @bibliovoracious I wanted the satin kind with a heart pattern.
  • Figured out why I can't triangulate the origin of the music I'm hearing: the accordion player is walking about twenty feet in front of me.

Sep 08

Sep 10

  • Don't you hate it when the guy doing the music for your Mario knockoff forgets to hear notes?
  • @mrasmus The best you can do is probably to push the difficulty onto game devs. Expose a list of controls and have the game figure it out.
  • @mrasmus But if the API exposed the controller layout somehow and e.g. button names and images along with it, that'd go a long way I think.
  • So in case you (understandably) never watched past episode four or whatever, Dollhouse actually turns out to be kind of amazing.

Sep 11

  • Jehovah's Witnesses telling deaf people not to masturbate while listening to 50 Cent.
  • On games that are worth playing for reasons other than "fun."
  • RT @BeeStapler #GoodPickupLines Gender is a construct and I'm a sexy construction worker.
  • @justinfic For how long? I'm gonna have to go to the bathroom pretty soon.
  • @justinfic I was *about* to go do that, but ... you mean right here on the floor?
  • Polygon interviews Yoshihisa Kishimoto, creator of Double Dragon.
  • "Some scientists have gone so far as to rename [Alzheimer's]: they call it type 3 diabetes."

Sep 12

  • @karamisaurus You mean IRL? For it.
  • @karamisaurus Where is that?
  • Since 2008, WoW screenshots have been watermarked with your account ID and the IP of the server you're playing on. escapistmagazine....
  • Out prop shopping for a Frog Fractions shoot.
  • How public key cryptography works.

Sep 13

  • @lsaxon Fun part is, if libraries didn't have centuries of precedent, there's no way they could emerge under today's copyright conditions.
  • Wired tries to figure out what the hell Wii U is.

Sep 14

  • Holy crap, spoilers for Frog Fractions turned out super great.
  • Super Mario BART.
  • Brain prosthesis improves monkey performance in short-term memory test by 10%.

Sep 15

  • Frog Fractions is finally playable start to finish. What's left: replacing all the placeholder art and music, and a whole lot of polish.

Sep 16

  • @HelloCakebread "I don't want TSP to engender a culture of Us Vs. Them." That must not be what you're doing here, then:
  • @HelloCakebread I'm glad to hear that. I wasn't sure you were aware of that side of the issue; I only saw positive reactions to the video.

Sep 17

  • RT @leilacohan Most inscrutable infomercial line ever: "Unlike other bras, the Milana bra is different."
  • @lilacwood @auntiepixelante Outrun looks like it's running way slower at 60hz because you can track objects rather than them being a blur.
  • "A Speculative List Of Jay-Z's 99 Problems"
  • RT @SeeBeeWhitman No deed is celebrated here. This message is a warning about danger. We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.
  • Writing my IGF submission notes for Frog Fractions.
  • "If this doesn't feel like an adventure, I'm not saying you're playing it wrong, but you'd probably enjoy it more if you played it right."
  • Instead of unlockable concept art for Frog Fractions, maybe you should unlock the list of features I just closed as "won't fix."
  • Or maybe I should paste said list into Kickstarter and watch the money roll in.
  • If the DeBeers PR department could make blood diamonds more appealing than industrial diamonds, they can beat this too.
  • RT @benhammersley OH: "The problem with batteries is that you want to hold the most energy in a set mass. This is the same for a bomb. There is a fine line."
  • "Software doesn't work. I'm shocked at how often we put up with it." Not just "often" -- literally constantly.
  • Apple's are the most depressing examples, because if they can't get it right with a *totally closed system*, who else has the faintest hope?

Sep 18

  • New Humble Indie Bundle. That is all.
  • You know you're a 90s kid if you remember when mumaks were the same color as rothes. #lowercaseq
  • "Why Are Arab and African Muslims So Upset About the Dumb Video?" A perspective I hadn't seen before. slog.thestranger....
  • RT @dalit4journo It hurts so much to live. I hope everyone can get a Wii U on release day without being overly inconvenienced.
  • RT @dalit4journo when brother cries because we only have a deflated soccer ball to play i remind that we didn't have experience the end of mass effect 3

Sep 19

  • Torchlight 2 is out on the 20th. Does anyone want to play it with me, um, sometime after I get Frog Fractions ready for IGF in mid-October?
  • RT @cstross #InternationalTalkLikeAPirateDay Arrr, I be cracking the DRM on all me bought-in-the-wrong-region ebooks today, me hearties! Arrr!
  • Today's xkcd is basically an indie game, in the artsy platformer sense.
  • Here, once you get sick of exploring with that interface, try this cheat code:
  • @thealawson Ouch! What's the prognosis?
  • RT @frogtoss Up late working on a game prototype. It's pretty damning to your sleep schedule when you discover a neat systems intersection at 1am.
  • @thealawson Feel better soon! And in the meantime, not being able to get around as easily means you can spend more time on Twitter!
  • @thealawson There's a lot to be said for reading one long thing instead of a lot of short things. Focus.
  • @thealawson For me, the internet probably had something to do with it, but I didn't notice until I no longer had a 1hr bus commute.
  • @thealawson If it works out, let me know how you managed it!
  • RT @tnielsenhayden @cstross @delong @evilrooster @doctorow "Assume the user is a spherical Alan Turing of uniform density..." #torchat
  • @joshwanamaker @sklathill It's obvious in retrospect, but it truly hadn't occurred to me, nor had I read it anywhere.
  • @sandylobban Right. It's a constant struggle to be cognizant of your own culture.
  • This uses the lens of Teller suing a magician who apparently stole a trick, but it's more just a fascinating profile.
  • Oh no, BART has Wifi now. There goes my commute productivity.

Sep 20

Sep 21

  • "Jurassic Park Theme (1000% Slower)"
  • Gangnam-inspired dance-off leads to gang shootout in Bangkok.
  • At one point there was going to be a Cabin in the Woods themed Left 4 Dead expansion.
  • "The space shuttle Endeavour and its 747 carrier aircraft soar over the Golden Gate Bridge"
  • RT @Jonathan_Blow Go watch the movie Jiro Dreams of Sushi. Do you think that Jiro refers to the food he serves as "content"?

Sep 22

  • Good news if you want to control what Facebook knows about you: they're now asking your friends questions about you.

Sep 23

  • Ha ha oh man, buying individual movies.
  • Went inside a Wal*Mart for the first time in probably a decade. Was surprised how visible the effects of the low-cost operation are.
  • I'm actually glad for the cramped layouts, terrible lighting, and apathetic employees: that means it's not all coming out of employee wages.
  • Shannon's been playing Viva Pi?ata all weekend, yelling at uncooperative pi?atas. "Feel sexy, damn it! Get out of the house and fuck!"

Sep 24

  • "Guantanamo Bay prisoner Adnan Farhan Abdul Latif died without having ever been charged with a crime."
  • RT @cstross I gather there's a huge zero-day privacy leak breaking on Facebook right now -- private msgs from a year ago are visible in Timeline

Sep 25

  • 30 minutes of footage from before Conker for N64 changed direction.
  • Editing recorded sounds for Frog Fractions. I *still* haven't learned to suppress my vocal excitement at capturing a really good sound.
  • Black Mesa is an impressively solid remake. Proof that if you have 8 years, a team of volunteers can make an almost-AAA game.
  • Also: it's now possible to take 8 years to make a game and not completely "miss your technology window." Try releasing Doom 2 in 2002.
  • Also! If you want to be reminded how terrible ladders were in the Quake 2 engine, do I ever have the game for you.

Sep 26

  • @Slumpwuffle I actually have seen successful fan remakes before. They're just usually of very simple games, like Jet Set Willy.
  • @Slumpwuffle But yeah, I can't think of another indie project of this scope that got shipped. Maybe Nethack comes closest.
  • Raph Koster on the creation of Ultima Online, fifteen years later.
  • Does anybody have a comprehensive knowledge of public domain music about various weather conditions? I'm asking for a friend.
  • (Or does anyone just have some examples.)
  • Damn it! Chocolate Rain is CC-licensed, but no derivative works!
  • @westquote The former I think? I definitely want to change it.
  • I think I'm just going to use "La Cucaracha" for every weather condition.
  • Hiring protip: tests designed to see how well you remember CS class are a *terrible* indicator of day-to-day programming ability.
  • I guess that's the best measurement you have of a fresh CS graduate? But giving it to a programmer with actual work experience is idiocy.
  • @taufmonster @ForneusLex @geardrops Hire-on-the-spot answer: "In 99% of cases, I don't give a shit. In the remaining 1%, I *measure*."

Sep 27

  • "Buddhist 'Iron Man' found by Nazis is from space"
  • RT @RudeGirlfruit human sex vastly exotified and caricatured in klingon culture as vastly needy, weepy, open sobbing into orifices, gushing roses, etc
  • RT @vanaman "hey can you do me a favor?" "shoot." "can you find out what % of people let clementine eat human flesh?" "sure thing."
  • Infographic: implementing grapple ropes in your 2d platformer.
  • "iOS 6 ad-tracking opt-out"
  • "Talking awesome 80's music with Double Dragon Neon composer Jake Kaufman"
  • Berklee offering free online courses in guitar, improvisation, music production, and songwriting in Spring 2013.

Sep 28

  • Ten years ago I was convinced Chet didn't exist, mut here he is talking about getting a job in games.

Sep 29

  • Circa 1999, The Dallas Observer's Christine Biederman writes about the troubles that have hit ION Storm.
  • @KayinNasaki Like connected-series-of-springs rope physics? Yeah, that's a serious pain to get working right.
  • @jhohcable Marvin will always live on in our hearts.
  • "The Case for Abolishing Patents (Yes, All of Them)"

Sep 30

  • RT @benprunty The amazing sales for the FTL soundtrack have allowed me to afford health insurance for my girlfriend and myself. So, thanks fans!
  • Rubik's Cube for the Blind.
  • Louis brought Contra over. Apparently I'm still pretty good at Contra. This may be because it's more of a platformer than a shooter.
  • For reference, I used to be able to 1cc NES Contra but still have trouble getting past the first level of Metal Slug.
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