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Ugh, stop twitching
october 2012 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2013-02-12 04:46:03 by Jim Crawford
Or, the one where Frog Fractions started blowing up.

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Oct 01

  • Apparently compact discs turned 30 years old today. Still not older than me! Jeez, compact discs, catch up.
  • Plotting xkcd-style graphs in Mathematica: mathematica.stack...

Oct 02

  • This should be the seed for serious investigative journalism, not news per se, but I guess nobody does that any more.
  • RT @gabrielgironda kixeye PR is holed up in a conference room right now trying to decide which rage guy to end their 28 panel public statement comic with
  • Voting intentions aside, does anybody still seriously consider Obama to be a good leader, or even a good person?
  • @Laroquod No, do you have links handy?

Oct 03

  • Millions of dollars worth of stolen maple syrup recovered. The global strategic reserve is safe! montrealgazette.c...
  • Apparently the fedora became the official emblem of white male privilege while I wasn't paying attention?
  • Because if you're not inherently suave and attractive, trying to learn to be is creepy. So just give up and spend your lives alone, geeks!
  • @KayinNasaki Come on dudes, just be yourselves! Because look where it's gotten you so far!
  • @Jeevesmeister Yes, that was satire.
  • @KayinNasaki That would be a useful part of a hypothetical "how to get a date without resorting to gross PUA tactics" curriculum.
  • Cliff Bleszinski leaves Epic.
  • RT @jasonschreier why is nobody bringing up the fact that Mitt Romney just turned into a spider and killed 4,000 people? @CNN @FoxNews #RomneySpider

Oct 04

  • RT @FINALLEVEL FYI: Cereal is the most Gangsta food of all time..
  • Americans are now more pro-torture than they were under Bush: 41% now vs. 27% in 2007. Thanks, Obama.
  • (Don't miss the correlation on page 2 between being pro-torture and watching spy-themed TV shows and movies.)
  • @troygilbert I don't see that explicit conclusion in the article, and if it were there, I wouldn't agree with it.
  • @troygilbert Right, there were no actual conclusions, just conjecture. E.g. the "only Nixon can go to China" effect makes sense to me.
  • @troygilbert But the short version is that under Obama we continue to illegally detain and torture, so he's culpable to at least that extent
  • @troygilbert Yeah. In general I liked Obama a lot more when he was a platonic ideal and hadn't actually done anything yet.
  • RT @muskrat_john Unfortunately hidden "Anywhere Else" turns Madison TOYS-R-US sign into existential cry for help:

Oct 05

  • "Heil Honey, I'm Home" starring Neil McCaul as Adolf and DeNica Fairman as Eva.

Oct 06

  • RT @speedprior @mogwai_poet faking environment-of-evolutionary-adaptation fitness markers is bad. What do we call people who fake EEA fitness? Bad people.
  • RT @aristosophy In the environment of evolutionary adaptedness, whenever you saw a skyscraper, it meant you were in a Matrix-type simulation. #evpsych
  • RT @RobertMackey CNN poll: 7% of Americans think PBS gets half the US budget; 30% think +5%; 40% say 1-5%. In reality: 0.014% thelede.blogs.nyt... #BigBird

Oct 07

  • RT @aristosophy I'm a martial contemporary artist. Mostly that means I glue turds onto assailants.
  • Gas prices approaching $5 here in the bay, thanks in part to the refinery fires.
  • (I don't know about you, but I've always thought suburban sprawl was pretty gross.)

Oct 08

  • @mrfb Because every game still has to cater to the baseline customer: the broke 14 year old with oceans of free time.
  • IGG donations are a go! If you want to get your game on the stream for cheap, now's the time to do it.
  • "To Encourage Biking, Cities Lose the Helmets"
  • Man, you know what sucks about NDAs? You can't tell anybody about the awesome bugfix you just pushed.
  • @Daemerson That is *exactly* what happened. Also I'm tweeting from a hot tub with Dennis Ritchie, Donald Knuth, and Tim Berners Lee.

Oct 09

  • @mrasmus I liked how last year it told how much you had to donate to unlock a game.
  • Oh god damn it, Dishonored is out already? *Another* game I'm desperate to play but won't have time for for at least a month.
  • @IcarusTyler

Oct 10

  • Frog Fractions playtests happening tomorrow. Been looking at it through a microscope; haven't stepped back to see the big picture in weeks.
  • I don't generally watch anime, but I loved Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Recommended.
  • (In addition to being awesome, it has the advantage that the entire series is only 12 episodes. The length of a couple of long-ish movies.)
  • @Vanther You should! Then watch My-HiME and let me know if I should see that too.
  • Super busy getting Frog Fractions IGF-ready, but maybe I'll just pop Dishonored in today. Just for a second. Just to see what it feels like.
  • I just stole this guy's star chart! I just wanted to look at it. Well, it's too late; it's coins now.

Oct 11

  • Conway's Life, using floats instead ints
  • *Of* ints. Floats instead *of* ints. Can you tell I just woke up?
  • @aerothopter Plan is for me to show up on Sunday and get it done then.
  • @aerothopter (*This* Sunday, I should specify.)

Oct 12

Oct 13

  • 6 days away, and IGGMarathon is up to $2500 in donations. This might end up being kind of a big deal.
  • "Softball-sized eyeball washes up on Florida beach"
  • On the missing 10 years between 1979 and 1980.
  • The woman across from me on BART has something spasming in her grocery bag. It looks like a rat?
  • I'm in San Diego for the next two weeks. Are we planning something? Get in touch.
  • @karamisaurus As of an hour ago, yes. Um. If you wanted to do something like *right now* that'd be unexpected, but I'd still go for it.
  • @karamisaurus You know, I'm ... not sure. The friends who own the house are asleep, and I wasn't paying attention on the way here.
  • @karamisaurus Walked outside and found some street signs! Sent you an IM.
  • @karamisaurus Yes, I was supposed to finish the text rendering plugin there. When does it start?
  • SMS reminder to myself: "iar." Thanks, past me.
  • @karamisaurus Excellent. Will someone be able to come grab me?

Oct 14

  • @karamisaurus No. IM'd you mine in case that helps.
  • The Prometheus Blu-Ray promises to answer all my questions. Reading some of the answers, I can see why they didn't make it into the movie.
  • The xenobiologist was scared of the alien corpse but not the killer worm because he was an *entomologist*. I guess Prometheus is good now!
  • (No explanation so far for why the writers resolved the quest for humanity's origin with four slasher flicks incoherently mashed together.)
  • "Get on Top," Bennett Foddy's trampoline-controlled erotic sumo wrestling game.

Oct 15

  • RT @dril bullshit jeans. dont buy. made of some kind of rat hair. not denim. i took them to my priest and he refused to bless them
  • Barring last-minute bugfixes or art assets, I just uploaded the IGF build of Frog Fractions.
  • @Vanther Same to you!
  • @benprunty I am looking forward to finding out!

Oct 16

  • Frog Fractions II: Frog Fractals
  • Figuring out Camtasia Studio in order to make a Frog Fractions video for IGF. It's pretty slick!
  • @mark_cooke Unfortunately no; I'm out of town. Thanks again for your input on how to present Frog Fractions, by the way!
  • @DavidHDaw The "fiber optic objection": our broadcasts into space are declining. In 50 years we may be fully wired and broadcast nothing.
  • Still fretting about what to put in the "description" and "judges notes" fields for Frog Fractions's IGF page.
  • Right now I have a poem in one and an autobiography in the other.
  • Frog Fractions officially submitted to IGF. Time to think about nothing for as long as possible, i.e. until IGG Marathon starting Friday.
  • To those I've asked for advice/help about all this, A. thanks! And B. I can still make changes, so don't stop sending me advice/help.

Oct 17

  • Probably final update to IGF version of Frog Fractions: accessibility screen, with option to turn off eating sounds.
  • (Hey, it was an actual thing that people actually asked for! And it was easier than implementing a color blindness mode.)
  • Also, interesting milestone: just passed 512 hours logged on Frog Fractions development. Counting just my time.

Oct 18

  • Shamayel just showed us the ops room and switching system for IGG Marathon. Such a waste that we only use it one weekend a year!
  • Malco 1/4" Hex Head Zip Screws, 500 ct., $446,468.
  • IGG hit the $4k milestone last night. New unofficial stretch goal: beat last year's total ($6816.40) before we even start this year.
  • A 50-year-old non-gamer writes about her experiences playing video games.
  • Notably, I think people gave Flower too much credit as an "outreach" game, but I think Journey actually qualifies. Show it to people.
  • My favorite is when people say things like "We should make Roger Ebert play Bioshock. Then he'll be convinced games are art."
  • Yes, dude, what he needs to see is a game that's 1% good writing and 99% shooting people in the fucking face.

Oct 19

  • In 7.5 hours, IGG Marathon begins live-streaming indie games all weekend for the benefit of children's hospitals.
  • IGG happening right now. Good games, good interviews. We're up to $6k. We *almost* have the technical stuff under control. #iggmarathon
  • Usurped! Indie Games for Evil has taken over the stream.
  • Indie Games for Evil is so evil they left the mouse cursor in the middle of the screen. #iggmarathon
  • I think I lucked out not being on camera here. #iggmarathon
  • Frog Fractions is scheduled for the stream at 2am. Gonna try to arrange a roomful of people who've never seen it.

Oct 20

  • RT @geardrops OMG Johann Sebastian Joust is such a freaking good game, like, wow, best use of a Move controller EVER. @iggmarathon
  • Official IGG Marathon 2-hour game jam starting at midnight pacific time. Join the chat and make a game!
  • Or show up at 2am to see the games everybody made. #iggmarathon
  • If this is your first game, maybe spend the next 9h learning one of these:
  • IGG Marathon Game Jam starts at midnight. Make a game in two hours, and we'll show them on the stream starting at 2AM.

Oct 21

  • Jam starts now! Hope they announced it on the stream. #iggmarathon
  • Jam end delayed by pigeons. And there are still pigeons? So maybe you have more time. Anyway, we show jam games soon.
  • @KayinNasaki I donno, man! Pigeons!
  • It's happening! The chat room is filled with Portuguese and thousands of mice are falling to their deaths.

Oct 22

  • Coming up on the last hours of Indie Games for Good. Time for that Monday-morning employed-viewers boost!
  • RT @chrisremo "Are Video Games Art?" (2012, digital photograph)
  • IGG site down. Seems to be Heroku, not us. Stream is still up at; 50 minutes left.
  • Unfortunately, this means we can't process the last-minute donations to extend the time, or finish off remaining auctions. #iggmarathon
  • Correction! You can donate to extend the marathon if you email us your Paypal receipt to
  • We're good for another hour! #iggmarathon
  • Official stream over! They're doing a behind-the-scenes stream now. This year's total was about $12,800 for Child's Play. #iggmarathon
  • (Notably, nearly twice last year's $6816.40.)
  • Everybody's in the common area going back to the archive to watch Megan play Slender. ~1:47 in this video: #iggmarathon
  • Yep! That's the scream that woke up the entire house all right. #iggmarathon
  • @carlos_dev Yep, here it is:
  • @carlos_dev Or if you mean the rest of the marathon, that's archived too. Click on the "videos" tab.
  • RT @carlos_dev Just finished a 2 hr game jam for @iggmarathon check it out at #gamedev #gamejam #indiegames
  • Reactions to Frog Fractions have uniformly been positive to wildly positive. I'm working hard to temper my expectations for IGF.

Oct 23

  • There seems to have been a misunderstanding between the IGF entry form and I re: whether this spoilery Frog Fractions video would be public.
  • This was the sentence that threw me: "All videos are shown only to judges."
  • (This is the sentence that I somehow missed: "The first video listed will be displayed publicly on the IGF entry website.")
  • While I'm cleaning up that mess, here's the page for the *other* IGF entry I contributed to this year:
  • Okay, I've got an unspoilery video up in its place. Luckily the Camtasia evaluation period hadn't expired yet!
  • Okay, yeah, so Frog Fractions has an IGF entry page now!
  • RT @KayinNasaki I think the IGF is sorta dumb and not worth caring about.... But I care about Frog Fractions, and so should you.
  • RT @KayinNasaki @ForneusLex @mogwai_poet Both people I secretly had play it were awestruck by how the game snuck up on them.
  • Okay, Frog Fractions is officially releasing near the end of October.
  • So if you have the URL, I guess now feel free to furtively share it with your friends. They've got about a week to get feedback to me.
  • (If you don't have the URL, feel free to DM me for it.)
  • @frank0127 Thanks! Surprise decision, it comes out this month.
  • @frank0127 Been trying to figure out how to do that for almost a year. My IGF judges notes boiled down to "I worked hard on this srsly!"
  • @frank0127 There's the personal angle, that this game is almost autobiographical. "The distilled essence of Jim."
  • @frank0127 My favorite is probably "You *have* to play this game. No, I can't tell you why." But I can't really use that one myself.

Oct 24

  • Why hit a baseball once when you can hit it three times? assets.sbnation.c...
  • @ForneusLex DM'd!
  • @frank0127 Flash. In-browser, free. I'm probably going to be selling the soundtrack.
  • Six Italian scientists convicted of not predicting earthquake. This is why we're literally always at threat level red.
  • RT @antumbral Cybernetic brain upgrade in Frog Fractions is the greatest.
  • RT @Capn_Andy .@mogwai_poet's Frog Fractions is the first game I've played all the way through in years.
  • RT @rstevens What people get: If you can't spend a fucking hour every day writing something instead of watching TV, give up now.
  • @mark_cooke Thanks! :)
  • "For me, yes on I-502 is the most crucial -- and achievable -- vote to improve racial and social justice of my lifetime."
  • I'm just watching the twitsearch for "Frog Fractions" scroll by and wishing I'd already fixed the glitch where the pond music stops playing.
  • @biphenyl Discovering that you can burn bushes with the candle in The Legend of Zelda is one of my all-time favorite gaming moments.
  • @antumbral There's no explicit save, but you do unlock options in the chapter select menu as you progress.
  • @renaudbedard @antumbral Unless you've blocked flash cookies (or I screwed up) you should be able to resume from the start of the that part.
  • @antumbral Right. Unless you've unlocked some options, it doesn't even show up because even its existence is a minor spoiler.
  • @westquote Trying to repro it as we speak!
  • So Frog Fractions wasn't *technically* released yet, but I'm sure not going to complain about the reaction. Let's just call it released.
  • Which is to say, have at it, folks: twinbeardstudios....
  • @bengrue Wait til you see your cameo.
  • @Daemerson Thanks!
  • RT @geardrops Quoth Myself about Frog Fractions: "If you're playing, you're winning. It's the opposite of War Games." (cc @mogwai_poet)
  • Chris put together a montage of outtakes from his voice recording work.
  • @Vanther @larsiusprime Oh, I didn't realize you were playing it up! It worked out well, though :)
  • RT @ADAMATOMIC finally, edugaming done right twinbeardstudios.... (via @biphenyl & @necrosofty)
  • @KommanderKlobb Thanks!
  • Clear evidence for Death of the Author if I've ever heard any: "Why Frog Fractions is one of the best games of 2012." blog.radiator.deb...
  • @terrycavanagh Thank you!
  • @bengrue I put in "ls" because I saw testers typing that. I never saw anybody trying to use cd :)
  • @Jesse111 o/
  • RT @rndmcnlly I must admit, I'm getting some good ideas for the next Refraction from Frog Fractions.
  • Of the Frog Fractions responses, my favorite pattern has been "this game is great ha ha upgrades" followed by "I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I SEE"
  • Huh. Frog Fractions appears to have exceeded its bandwidth cap. Sorry, Brian!
  • While I try to get that sorted out, does anybody want to host a mirror?
  • @frank0127 Thanks! It came as something of a surprise.
  • @radiatoryang Apparently I've logged 30 gb of traffic in the past 8 hours, so I probably don't want to do that to anybody else.
  • @radiatoryang Signing up for S3 hosting as a CDN right now.
  • Figuring out AWS S3 as we speak. Apparently Frog Fractions has logged 30 GB of traffic in the past 8 hours.
  • @Shnabubula Thanks! Big fan of yours. Fun fact: I used one of your pieces as temp music for twinbeardstudios....
  • @mark_cooke Turns out to not be a good idea -- I just ate up 30 gigs in the past 8 hours. I signed up for S3 hosting.
  • @bengrue @geardrops @jf @iggmarathon It starts around 5h in this video:
  • @mcclure111 Vg pbagvahrf sbe dhvgr n jnlf, vs gung'f jung lbh zrna. Ohg vg'f abg ubj lbh zbir sbejneq va gur tnzr, vs *gung'f* jung lbh zrna
  • @keanerie Sorry about your life!
  • @Triplefox About 17 megs. So something like 1800 page views.
  • @radiatoryang Thanks! I kind of feel like this response already counts.
  • @Triplefox I'm really really glad now that I rerendered it all as mono :)
  • @increpare
  • @SimonBob I bet that'd totally break the game!
  • Closing my laptop for tonight. Hopefully hosting setup will hold steady.
  • All my friends are IMing to point out that holy crap, @auntiepixelante recommended my game. My giddy meter is just about maxed out.
  • @nyarluu Thanks!
  • @Mugsy Thanks. I'm running short of words myself!
  • @Shnabubula Yeah, I made that call. I had lots of art and music help, but the game was my baby all the way through.

Oct 25

  • @vogon Do you still have it open? Can you type "transcript" and send me the resulting file?
  • @mcclure111 Gur ploreargvp oenva naq ybpx-ba gnetrgvat ner shyyl vaqrcraqrag hctenqrf. Jnf gnetrgvat abg jbexvat sbe lbh?
  • @chainsawdactyl High praise, thanks!
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Thank you!
  • @Micolithe Dropbox? Is that where the cool kids are putting lets-plays these days instead of Youtube? I want to see!
  • RT @esdin @SeeBeeWhitman I figure if I make porn super cheap, I can distract them from the disastrous inflation.
  • @Micolithe Waiting patiently...
  • @Mugsy Really enjoying people's outraged descriptions. I've been breathing this thing for a year so I'm all, "of course that's how it is."
  • @auntiepixelante I know, it's freaking me out!
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Thanks! I actually just added that in in a panicked patch after it the game went viral this afternoon :)
  • @KayinNasaki @auntiepixelante Calm down, Kayin, I had my giddy moment with you last year when you liked Futilitris.
  • RT @Jonathan_Blow My new favorite phrase: "cargo cult skepticism"
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Yeah, those games do it really well.
  • @savories_ Glad to be of service! Now go to bed already :)
  • @FantineMoyet Is there an emoticon for taking a bow in an eldritch fashion?
  • Okay, I'm actually going to bed now for reals. rockpapershotgun....
  • @mcclure111 Nu, ab, yvgrenyyl gur bayl guvat vg qbrf vf qvfcynl lbhe fpber qvssreragyl.
  • @mcclure111 GUNAXF BONZN
  • @BrianNumberOne Thanks!
  • @TychoBrahe Holy crap, there goes my S3 bill. Thanks! I mean, no, genuinely, thank you.
  • Put the word out, the Frog Fractions soundtrack is now available for purchase: frogfractions.ban...
  • I'm covered on hosting as long as 0.05% of players buy the soundtrack. Look to your left. Look to your right. Did your 1999 friends fail me?
  • @Triplefox GOOD IDEA
  • @ForneusLex Thank you!
  • I couldn't in good conscience sell the game; since it's entirely about subverting expectation, selling it would by definition be fraud.
  • But since I wrote most of the music I can feel okay about monetizing the game through soundtrack sales and keeping the bulk of the income.
  • It does unfortunately cut the artists out of the loop. Do art e-books sell?
  • By the way! With Frog Fractions released, there's suddenly a big hole in my schedule for interesting and/or fun coding work. Just sayin'.
  • @ForneusLex @fiskmeshi Yeah, with all the last names bouncing around it's understandable.
  • @manveerheir Thank you!
  • @clintmakesagame The full soundtrack is out now, if you're interested! frogfractions.ban...
  • @waxpancake Thank you!
  • RT @biphenyl Frog Fractions end theme: Just rad music to end on, or a nod to gnostic themes shared with a film? *submits abstract to academic conference*
  • @KommanderKlobb Oh man, that would be so hard, both from a technical and a design perspective. (I'm definitely considering it.)
  • @bfod Thanks! You're a hero of mine, so that means a lot.
  • @KommanderKlobb It might. But since Flash (at least pre-Stage3D) is software rendered, Frog Fractions requires a deceptively beefy CPU.
  • @waxpancake It's actually an original song by a friend, Charles Roy. In the style of RATM's "Wake Up," of course. frogfractions.ban...
  • While we're showing love to frog-themed games, don't neglect this underappreciated little beauty:
  • @TomSennett That's the scary part, isn't it? People are asking me about my next project already.
  • @kjellstrom Thank you!
  • @FabulamGames Sorry! What jam are you at?
  • @jonfaec Thank you! I'll try to make the best of it.
  • @FabulamGames @societeludique Looks like fun! Good luck avoiding further distraction :)
  • @BaronVonMonster Thank you!
  • @vogon Thanks, should be fixed in the next patch.
  • Side Salad let's-plays Frog Fractions!
  • He doesn't get far, but you know what? That's cool. I built the game to be rewarding even if you don't, and I'm pleased with his reaction.
  • (The difference between Side Salad and the intended audience for Frog Fractions is mostly that the intended audience enjoys being confused.)
  • Typing Karaoke is pretty amazing.
  • @Triplefox Yeah, I bet Frog Fractions is very Explorer-heavy.
  • @jahlschwede No relation.
  • @jahlschwede Yeah, I've paid attention to him and I agree with much of what he has to say. Thanks for playing it!
  • @peteygodzilla Thank you for playing it!
  • @Chispshot In a very good spot to enjoy future let's plays, I'm guessing.
  • @monstroddity Thanks! I was worried judges wouldn't get it and would move on after a couple minutes, but that doesn't seem as likely now.
  • @Molluskgonebad FOR ME TOO
  • @Molluskgonebad No. No, I really didn't!
  • @zach_r_d Awesome! Thanks for playing it!
  • @The_Lionheart Thank you!
  • @eeJonathan Two subjects everyone should know more about!
  • @spencewah I kind of want to leave people guessing about that :)
  • @Thund3rhead In case you ever need another fix, I've got you SO COVERED:

Oct 26

  • @jeffatrad Thank you!
  • Eurogamer: "Free game Frog Fractions might be the most deranged thing you'll play this year"
  • RT @evilbadman @mogwai_poet not my handiwork, but a Penny Arcade forumer's:
  • The tragedy is, I wrote code to save every visa signature to, but apparently it only works on my machine?
  • Because there's nothing but my test signatures in the upload directory.
  • RT @aRealLiveGhost who cares if I'm a brain in a vat. my body is pretty much just a fancy vat anyway
  • @clintmakesagame Thanks!
  • @frank0127 That's what I like to hear :)
  • My cut of Frog Fractions soundtrack sales is *almost* keeping pace with bandwidth costs. frogfractions.ban...
  • @troygilbert Thanks! :)
  • @Miresnare Thanks! I originally wrote that essay in 2006, so I don't *quite* remember the thought process :)
  • @george_goudie Thanks!
  • @iamGuybrush Thanks for playing it!
  • @sedatesnail Glad to hear it!
  • @Ellis_Wright I do try!
  • @piss_wizard
  • @physmo Oh jeez. Don't forget to survive!
  • Sexism in the skeptic community. Spoiler: it looks pretty bad out there.
  • RT @Satchamobob I've decided to show Frog Fractions to my students in discussion today. I'll be interested to see how they react to it. (cc @mogwai_poet)
  • @filipinomike Effectively, yes.
  • @JmacDotOrg Only back when it was subversive, before Fresh Choice put up the signs encouraging you to do it.
  • More Frog Fractions fallout: people whom I don't know are writing Celebrities in Prison story nodes. celebritiesinpris...
  • @filipinomike I figured that's what the soundtrack purchase was for! Do you think people aren't understanding that?
  • @ForneusLex Hell, I didn't actually *look* at the new nodes. :)
  • Er, NSFW, now that I actually read some of the new nodes.
  • RT @wildthought When you start with an honest and diligent effort to determine the truth of your situation the right decisions often become self evident.
  • Are we still getting the audio-cutting-out glitches? One such with the pond music, and one with all audio entirely. Can't repro either one.
  • About to publish some code to LOD the full-screen glow down to nothing when necessary; that part is chugging on a lot of systems.
  • I still wouldn't call Frog Fractions netbook-friendly. It's still an inexcusable beast when it comes to memory consumption, e.g.
  • RT @Jonathan_Blow Good reading: Tevis Thompson's new article about mystery in video games:
  • RT @Jonathan_Blow "My favorite videogames are the games I don't fully understand. They stay with me after I stop playing. They ask questions I cannot answer..
  • @amora_b Thanks!
  • @polyphonique Thank you for playing it!
  • @thekieran Thanks for the heads up. Still looking into it :/
  • So @fiskmeshi is telling me all the different languages in which Frog Fraction is being twitted about. Spanish, Polish, German. Dutch...
  • And she's translating some of them for me. Apparently the Japanese players are having trouble with the text adventure.
  • (I say turnabout is fair play, after the interactive novel in the import of Game Center CX 2.)
  • @arara_ Ask them if they'd be interested in a Megadrive port!
  • @Miresnare Excellent, that's just the kind of story I like to hear :)
  • @dmmfix @cmuratori I'm keeping my options open, but what would I be Kickstarting? I can't just ask for money for being awesome in the past.
  • @n3dst4 Get well soon!
  • @jeffatrad Death of the author strikes again!
  • @daemonpants Thank you!
  • @filipinomike Reworded a bit. Hope I made it clearer.
  • @saint11 Thanks! I tried to make it pretty playable, but it's probably a brick wall if you haven't played much IF. Just part of the fun :)
  • RT @pattheflip Oh man. How did I ever miss The Asshole Game? twinbeardstudios....
  • RT @mildmojo Before I played Frog Fractions, I'd honestly forgotten that I'd ever played Lemonade Stand.
  • @pattheflip Was it just the music? Did music come back later? Because I think that's a separate glitch from the one where all audio stops.
  • @dmmfix @cmuratori Yeah, but the successful ones also discuss what they're actually going to do with the money.
  • @dmmfix @cmuratori I don't think I'm okay with asking for money as satire. Did you see what happened to poor @ibogost?
  • @dmmfix @cmuratori @ibogost Thanks! :)
  • @dmmfix @cmuratori (The reason I don't already have a fullscreen button is Flash chugs like *crazy* trying to render it at higher than 480p)
  • @mightyzug Thanks for playing it!
  • @J_Chastain Where?!
  • @J_Chastain This is my favorite frog-based game right now
  • RT @westquote Fun fact: @mogwai_poet taught me to program (back in 5th grade). Back then he wrote text adventures and shmups. They were popular genres.
  • @westquote Oh man, oh man, tell them the story about me and Kyle. (In 140 characters or less.)
  • I've added 5 bonus tracks to the Frog Fractions soundtrack album since creating it. frogfractions.ban...
  • I'm pretty sure if you've already bought it you can go back and download them? If not, shoot me an email.
  • @Micolithe Wait, who is slowbeef and why does my permission obviate the need for his?
  • @Micolithe Oh. Sure, do it up.
  • Oh man, I nearly panicked. 0h game jam is tomorrow night *in Europe*. I can still probably do the U.S. one on Nov 4th.
  • @Shnabubula That, or we're still living in the 18th century :)
  • @daemonpants Making a 1h game for the 0h game jam is kind of perverse, but I'm not gonna stop you!
  • @Chispshot There was a glitch in the sound test where the rocket sound would loop, like the music did. I guess I should've left that in!
  • @polpo You're the first person who's noticed. Or at least who I noticed notice. It's in re this:
  • RT @polpo @mogwai_poet I was able to download the new version of the album by clicking the link in the email I got after buying the old version.
  • Pretty sure this is the first genuinely blind Frog Fractions let's-play that gets anywhere.
  • What went wrong: I wrote a working lag calibration interface for [redacted] of Frog Fractions, but took it out because it spoiled the joke.
  • RT @beekeepsta sekrit mix of the song i wrote for frog fractions :D
  • @xMattieBrice @danbruno Could you tell me what you got stuck on? I tried to make each step reasonable despite the ridiculous scenario.
  • @Mushyrulez Please! I'd love to hear that and I bet the other musicians involved would too.
  • @xMattieBrice @danbruno Got it! I'm still making tweaks and bugfixes; I'll see if I can do something to make that clearer.
  • @xMattieBrice @danbruno Thanks!

Oct 27

  • @fullbright Modafinil! When given to rats in lieu of sleep, they were fine for weeks, until all died simultaneously of bacterial infections.
  • @n0stranger Glad you enjoyed it!
  • What went wrong: now that I'm actually known as "Twinbeard," I need to regrow the braids to maintain brand integrity.
  • @Archaemic What was your time? I think the secret spoiler video I made for IGF when I was afraid the judges wouldn't "get it" was ~27 mins.
  • @FiefdomFanGhoul I'm curious too! Let me know if you figure it out.
  • @number108 @celsiusgs @bfod Much has changed since you saw it, but yeah, with the initial reveal spoiled, the frisson is mostly lost to you.
  • @mrasmus For it!
  • @number108 @celsiusgs @bfod Now that I think about it, that option probably should've changed them to the Streets of Rage turkey sound.
  • @number108 @celsiusgs @bfod Medical science will make it happen for you some day, I promise.
  • @number108 @celsiusgs @bfod Okay, I did that rather than working on the sound-cutting-out glitch some people are seeing.
  • @AshyRaccoon Hm, okay. Thanks for the details. And thanks for playing!
  • fuck yeah i'm a genius quote-un-quote.tu...
  • @mildmojo @still Yeah. It was easier to add that feature than to implement a failure condition. (Also funnier.)
  • @Seagaia2 Still waiting for the first alt-boxing-history slash fiction.
  • @jonginn Thank you! Don't push it too hard. Let them walk away! It's way better if you discover it on your own.
  • "Better World Shopper" gives advice for shopping ethically. Surprising, useful results in every category. betterworldshoppe...
  • @beekeepsta My girlfriend stopped letting me trim the beard starting around 2005? I started braiding it in 2007.
  • @beekeepsta My current girlfriend refuses to state an opinion on my beard, on grounds that "a man's beard is his castle."
  • @tom_forsyth @cmuratori @rygorous @nothings @jeffatrad @dmmfix I was aping Dear Esther, but I wouldn't say parody. More a simple allusion.
  • @tom_forsyth @cmuratori @rygorous @nothings @jeffatrad @dmmfix I actually did try to write a more DE-style soliloquy at first. It was hard!
  • Oh no, people are talking about Frog Fractions by referring to it just as "FF." Debilitating search-clash with follow friday!
  • RT @optimisticindie - "make a game in a genre you hate". This is a great idea for a game jam! I will make a triple A game.
  • @br @romero Congratulations to you both!
  • @Vanther Luckily we're between Final Fantasies right now. Dodged a bullet there!
  • @Chronoslinger Thank you!
  • RT @preble Gently mocked at the seafood counter for asking for "Seven tenths of a pound". Thanks, Frog Fractions!
  • @Archaemic That's pretty great! See if you can get the Speed Demos Archive guys to take it :)
  • @cmuratori @Vanther I think I'm screwed when it comes to any "funny" follows-up to Frog Fractions. Serious games only for me from now on.
  • @GrimoireForever I'm not familiar with the Grimoire lore! Do they have flying dragons too?
  • @djBrauss Awesome! I'm glad you and your friends liked it.
  • @mrdurandpierre Was it Danny, Chris, Louis or Charles? (I actually wrote most of the music myself, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't me.)

Oct 28

  • @mrdurandpierre Oh yeah, now that I check my IMs, he totally told me about meeting the guy who wrote Eurogamer's piece of Frog Fractions :)
  • @mrdurandpierre He's not really an industry guy! He writes Z80 assembly code for a living at Saltire. I'm so jealous :)
  • @mrdurandpierre A math package company. I'm pretty sure they're building TI calculator software, but he refuses to confirm or deny.
  • Most watchable Frog Fractions Let's-Play so far:
  • RT @linedrag well. what is there left to say but 'frog fractions' ceaselessly spoken, whispered, screamed, until the world is no more
  • Oh good, I just told Youtube to use my real name, and now I'm locked out of doing *anything* there until I create a Google Plus account.
  • Including respond to the guy I sent a message to asking him to add composer information to the Frog Fractions soundtrack videos he uploaded.
  • (He went ahead and did it, so I'd just be thanking him, but still.)
  • @WesleySusaya Yeah. I've been able to do without hangouts, but this problem might be too debilitating to ignore.
  • RT @holajuan #FrogFractions
  • (That retweeted image courtesy of @holajuan, one of the artists who worked on Frog Fractions!)
  • RT @scallopdelion Who is Bartholomew Salience?
  • @Emualynk No, that's a glitch. Does that happen consistently for you? (You can refresh your page and get back to Mars via chapter select.)
  • @daemonpants @holajuan I'm still trying--as we speak, in fact--to get code working that's supposed to save every visa signature to my site.
  • @Emualynk Just to clarify, you mean the sound worked this time?
  • @Emualynk I haven't been able to either. I think it only happens very rarely. Hm. Did you dive more than once?
  • Just registered for the Indie Games Summit at this year's GDC. Should be an adventure!
  • @thatssochanning Thank you for playing it!

Oct 29

  • @pillowfort Enough people are confused by that that I really should address it. Glad you liked the game overall!
  • @braktheman Well, they say to write what you know.
  • @itsrachelfish Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm still trying to fix the signature saving.
  • Meanwhile, over in Futilitris...
  • @fwong @jloganolson Thanks! Glad you liked it!
  • RT @Satchamobob There's a student playing Frog Fractions during the lecture. My work here is done.
  • "It took me six hours to get enough fruit for the warp drive but it was totally worth it" -- Hats off to you, sir.
  • You know the magic trick where you appear to pound a nail into your face, and the trick is you actually pound a fucking nail into your face?
  • (This is me, relieved that it worked. I never even considered testing for whether it would be possible to earn that much fruit by grinding.)
  • @ForneusLex Internally, any value over 1000 is "like a billion." So the ramifications of that are kind of perverse, actually.
  • @ForneusLex Unfortunately no; he still had to grind from 1000 to 25000, he just had to do it with no feedback about where he was.
  • @pattheflip That would fit well with the rest of the misinformation the game projects to make people wonder "why am I playing this at all?"
  • @IAmNidoking Luckily the rest of the upgrades are paid for in Zorkmids.
  • @Triplefox The only one in the game.
  • @Triplefox Somehow it never occurred to me, but an achievement system would've been a great channel for confusing players.
  • @Triplefox The upgrade system has the advantage that after you trust it enough that it can spoil anything, it stops showing up.
  • Hey, remember how Google locked me out of doing anything on YouTube until I created a Plus account? Turns out all my videos are gone too.
  • @jamesfbrophy Sounds like a great evening. Glad you liked it!
  • "Absolutamente! Me encantaria vivir en boog Mars. Nunca estado el un Boogier Mars."

Oct 30

  • @daemonpants I'm kinda kicking myself for not including a button to purchase fruit and zorkmids via microtransactions. Y'know, as "satire."
  • @fourwillows Get better friends!
  • The NYC skyline flashes green as transformers explode.
  • Here I am talking to's John Polson about Frog Fractions.
  • @frank0127 Thanks! Glad I didn't come off sounding like a jackass :)
  • @m_silverman Man, if you think that's funny, you should try spending hours *programming* a joke to get the timing exactly right. Srs bsns.
  • @Chispshot What could those things contain anyway?!
  • @UndeadManWalkin Thanks, man! Glad you liked it.
  • @Chispshot Very zen koan :)
  • @zhiwiller Thanks!
  • @m_silverman Thank you!
  • RT @TimOfLegend There are whiteboards at Double Fine where people do hilarious doodles. But when the white board fills up, the doodles stop.
  • This jibes with my own whiteboard experience. The Ashby Brewery and Indie Game Studio is going to have to institute an erasing schedule.
  • Are there any Frog Fractions shirt designs you'd like to see? I'm thinking one of the dragon and frog in silhouette, and one of the walrus.
  • @Marwood @westquote @Heewa @TimeDoctor Okay, yes, all this stuff is definitely going to happen.
  • Cloudboat Armada just announced a 0-hour game jam show and tell stream. Join in at late o'clock Saturday! cloudboatarmada.c... #0hgame
  • @geardrops I don't. But that is a great idea!
  • @Chispshot Yes, perfect.
  • Natural Selection 2 is out! Congratulations to Brian, Brian and friends. naturalselection2...
  • RT @LouisGorenfeld DIGITS 1.3 RELEASE IMMINENT! I'm hoping to have this out by this weekend. Check out the brand new bank/patch selector.
  • Digits is the VSTi Louis created and also used to compose the track he contributed to Frog Fractions:
  • @ForneusLex Be sure to send Louis your feedback :)
  • Aoibheall is starting to really freak out at claw-trimming time. She's worked her way up from making as if to bite to kinda actually biting.
  • @auntiepixelante @daphaknee Speedy recovery!
  • @henryfaber Twinbeard Gold subscribers only.
  • "The GFW Radio Lost Verses" jeff-greenspeak.b...

Oct 31

  • Lupe Fiasco's "Bitch Bad" draws a clear analogy between blackface and racial self-stereotyping.
  • @vogon It is! It's cool that we're seeing this sort of statement take the form of visual media, because it'll reach a much larger audience.
  • Gamasutra does a good job excerpting the good bits out of my interview with John Polson.
  • Holy crap: Super Mario 64 rom hack adds co-op play. multiplayerblog.m...
  • @filipinomike My most precious and fragile dream is that some player, somewhere will enjoy eating bugs for months before Shit Goes Down.
  • @filipinomike [Looks on helplessly]
  • @krellend20 I might vote for Quit Smoking:
  • @krellend20 But these make a compelling counterpoint:
  • @endrift Hrm. When did it start and stop? Do you have any idea how to reproduce it?
  • @endrift Yeah, that's plausible. Was continuous like the voices? I.e. new sound triggered when the previous sound ends? Or more sporadic?
  • Now we're really feeling the impact of Hurricane Sandy.
  • @endrift That sounds super annoying. Sorry!
  • RT @mcclure111 Youtube is now covered in craftily hidden buttons which if you accidentally click one it signs you up for a Google+ account
  • RT @mcclure111 Because clearly that's what was wrong with Youtube commenting, before. Google not having people's gender identities on file.
  • @krellend20 Maybe? But Quit Smoking actually struck me as the perfect "art installation" game. Very poignant, very clear intent.
  • @JohnPolson @gnomeslair No no, I'm happy with the full interview. But I certainly did go on :)
  • Frog Fractions shirts and posters are available. More designs coming in as Zazzle acknowledges new products.
  • Pyongyang: "In Conformity with Knowledge-based Economy Era"
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