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Ugh, stop twitching
november 2012 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2013-02-12 05:01:34 by Jim Crawford
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Nov 01

  • @pippinbarr I only released now because friends convinced me that building buzz was the best way to get IGF judges to play past the pond.
  • @NosferatuGoku That is a super unexpected place to give up.
  • "People would only softly utter 'have you played Frog Fractions yet?' and wait for the knowing smile back."
  • I haven't regularly read Kotaku in years, but I stumbled into it again yesterday and I'm loving the new minimalist redesign.
  • Given Android tablets and no training, Ethiopian children teach themselves English and fix the disabled camera.
  • @smestorp @pippinbarr I tend to agree!
  • @pippinbarr Thank you!
  • @evilbadman Hm. When they get back on their feet, I've got a new job for these guys:
  • @Slumpwuffle Awesome :)
  • @SeeBeeWhitman A daily word quota is desperate-making. When I participated, in 2002, one day I dedicated my novel to every U.S. president.
  • Hotline Miami is a complete UX disaster. Even during gameplay, if you use Dvorak. I hear gamepad support is coming, which should help.
  • @ForneusLex I can see that. Gawker as a whole is basically a blog, in the pejorative sense, emblematic of cut and paste games journalism.
  • @vogon Not visibly. The configuration screen is very barebones. Even a fullscreen switch would've let me get to the keyboard toggle icon.
  • @ihaverottenguts That exact charm is basically the only reason I have any interest in continuing to play.
  • @Unguided Carry the one... oh, okay. Thank you!
  • @ForneusLex The emergency minimalist design has no commenters!
  • @ForneusLex Hey, you wouldn't even need to bother differentiating between the body and the comments.
  • @auntiepixelante @christinelove How did I not think of that for Frog Fractions
  • @christinelove I've noticed :) Thank you! I really loved Digital. (Analogue has been on my to-play pile since forever.)
  • Who else is doing Whammy Jammy next weekend? I'll be at the one in SF.
  • @mark_cooke Ah, sorry I hadn't mentioned it! It was all over a couple of Facebook jam groups I was in, so assumed everyone was overexposed.
  • Great video/article visualizing the swing state fiasco the electoral college has inflicted on the political process.
  • @mark_cooke But the bar is currently low enough that you don't have to link them very strongly to be considered a success. (E.g. Audiosurf.)
  • @mark_cooke Yeah. It's a fun challenge!
  • I'm sauteeing all my mushrooms before they go bad. That's not a metaphor.

Nov 02

  • "Jim Crafword is a menace. His games have scrambled my brain, made me hate myself, and yet I still love him." killscreendaily.c...
  • @theonewhogrins Awesome, glad to hear it :)
  • @fiskmeshi Do you still have gas? It just occurred to me that it gas leaks could be very bad.
  • @fiskmeshi "Smell this, tell me if it's bad?"
  • @fiskmeshi That's probably a better idea than what I actually had in mind: asking someone else to strike a match for you.
  • Twinbeard post: "Frog Fractions Press Roundup" twinbeardstudios....
  • @TheGameLlama Up until a week ago, I was a guy who sometimes made games and showed them to his friends. Now I'm a game developer! *Beam*
  • "The government maintains that Mr. Goodwin lost his property rights in his data by storing it on a cloud service."
  • Sometimes it's important to remind people of the basics: male sexuality is complicated.
  • @ForneusLex Agreed. But everybody already knows that female sexuality is complicated. I probably should've thrown a "too" in there.
  • @ForneusLex I'd call her a person.
  • @raverush Story of my life.
  • Confused? Loran explains the Frog Fractions scoring system.
  • @ForneusLex I *do* like labels, when they're A. specific enough to fit and B. apply to enough individuals to be useful as a category.
  • @ForneusLex Right, yeah. Labels work when they broadly apply correctly to a lot of people. They break when more people don't fit the mold.
  • RT @Mushyrulez so yeah ha ha ha nanowrimo was a BREEZE onewdesign.wordpr...
  • Everyone you know is an ape, boiling over with emotion and bias. The civilized templates we aspire to are aspirations, not facts.
  • You need to first accept this, *then* accept that it doesn't mean you and everyone you know is a bad person. Just a confused, insecure ape.
  • Screw Wikipedia, this is how you know you've made it:

Nov 03

  • Co-op Mario 64 mod is super glitchy, and Black Mario is definitely a second class citizen. Still pretty goddamn fun.
  • @westquote There are enough traditional platformers out there now. Did I ever show you my Super Ghouls n Ghosts inspired prototype, though?
  • @hinducow I'm waiting for the Twinbeard fanfic in which I intended the kind of thing you wrote about. So I can find out how to live my life.
  • "From genre to dragon, Frog Fractions is a rumination on the very nature of physicality, and the fear of inadequacy."
  • The 0-hour game jam starts in 13 hours. #0hgame
  • ... Pacific time!
  • Guy at Ben's party was super stoked to get one of my business cards last night. "Oh man, Twinbeard!" Life's gonna be weird, isn't it?
  • This Pick n Pull lot reminds me of the San Diego wasteland so much that I just assumed the taco truck burritos would be as good. No dice.
  • RT @BlergGames @mogwai_poet We here at Blerg Productions would like to take this moment to affirm our fandom of Twinbeard began "before it was cool".
  • @physmo They're better off than the people who played for an hour because of the online reaction, and end up hating me and/or themseleves.
  • @mcclure111 @physmo Well, except that I thought Passage was still really effective even if you never went up or down!
  • @physmo Naw, I totally get it. Even if you don't pay money you're still entrusting the developer with your time. Wasting time sucks.
  • @mcclure111 @physmo I mean, I did give you stuff to do while you were figuring out the rest. It just wasn't an hour's worth of stuff.
  • @terrycavanagh @mcclure111 @physmo Life extension secrets!
  • @physmo The thing is, all the criticisms I'm seeing are totally valid. Even when they're factually wrong, the perception is my own fault.
  • @physmo Or maybe "fault" is the wrong word, because I went with this design knowing full well it would have that effect on some people.
  • @vectorpoem If by "that guy" you mean "that guy who always talks about iMuse," I'm kind of that guy too.
  • @physmo Right, it was a balance between keeping people interested and making the secret feel like a secret.
  • @mcclure111 @physmo Right, I thought about it a lot and concluded that Valve-style 100% discoverability was not at all what I wanted.
  • @mcclure111 @physmo Yeah. My strategy was to be as hands-off as possible about the secret itself, but to hint that *something*'s going on.
  • @mcclure111 @physmo I also set up a mood of working to figure things out by making the pond gameplay confusing but still discoverable.

Nov 04

  • My 0-hour game this year mostly reuses assets from Frog Fractions. Mostly. twinbeardstudios.... #0hgame
  • @TimSwast @Marwood I didn't telegraph this very well, but you can wrap around the screen edges, which makes the early game, um, possible.
  • Man, what idiot decided the sun should set at 5pm :(
  • @jimmytheman1 Glad you enjoyed it!

Nov 05

  • PSA: If your warm body counts towards the electoral votes going to the guy you voted against, do your civic duty and move to another state.
  • If I really had been masturbating when you called, I wouldn't've joked about it. It's all the times I *don't* joke you have to wonder about.
  • @daemonpants Let's not get crazy now!
  • RT @geardrops i hope work doesn't noticed i just downloaded a file called "one_mb_of_bug_porn.jpg" >.> #gishwhes
  • @JPLC Glad you enjoyed it!

Nov 06

  • RT @fivethirtynate The Forecast and the Nowcast meet. I glimpse boundless realms in their penumbra. Meta-Romney holds a strong lead in the infrared states.
  • RT @CPriestman New Knytt Underground Screens: i1280.photobucket... i1280.photobucket... i1280.photobucket... i1280.photobucket... i1280.photobucket...
  • Dudes I am pretty sure this is *not* what widespread electoral fraud looks like.
  • @mcclure111 It *would* be pretty nice if voting machine manufacturers had any sort of review process or accountability.
  • If I'm reading this right you can use the code "ABEISFOR5OFF" today to get $5 off on overpriced Frog Fractions shirts:
  • "Possible Bubbles of Spacetime Curvature in the South Pacific"
  • @Marwood Yeah, that is one of my favorite designs in the shop!
  • Local ballot measures are so much more practical and concrete than the California propositions. Feels like actually making a real decision.
  • @G1Linus I'm not sure what "actual" even means nowadays, but the events the paper describes are clearly from Call of Cthulhu.
  • @indieFunction Coool. Thanks for letting me know!
  • Frog Fractions reviewed in the latest issue of indie(Magazine);. (Final character of punctuation mine.)
  • Election results are in! This election: totally rad.
  • RT @ForneusLex @mogwai_poet Votes: like a billion.
  • @Albakerqy My next game is going to be hidden behind a voting machine interface.
  • @daphaknee Best news of the day!
  • Same-sex marriage legalized in Maryland, Maine. Marijuana use -- *recreational* use -- legalized in Washington, Colorado. I'll take it.
  • RT @sacca Most Republicans I know are high-integrity, thoughtful, patriotic, moderate Americans. I hope they get to take their party back.

Nov 07

  • RT @SeeBeeWhitman All in all I feel pretty positive about Obama's Halo launch party and his new position as Doritos Commander in Chief Fuelled by Mountain Dew
  • Of all the gross murderers, Hotline Miami makes me feel like the grossest.
  • RT @NotAPoliceman Hmmmm how many laws should I break today
  • RT @NotAPoliceman Fun Game: Everyone Fax Me Their Fingerprints
  • @mrasmus i need some discreet babysitting
  • @Vanther No, I don't know who was involved!
  • @ForneusLex I was just looking at that and wondering whether it was a performance or mimed. Also, which would be more impressive?
  • Looking back on it, I am astounded at how much text I managed to get Frog Fractions players to read. As much as in any dozen AAA games.
  • One of my secret goals with Frog Fractions was to introduce text adventures to people who hadn't realized they might enjoy text adventures.
  • If you are one such, I have two particular recommendations for you. Photopia: and Spider and Web:
  • @vogon Really? Awesome. "Frog Factions" is proving to be a useful term to Google, incidentally. I should try other misspellings.
  • @realnudel How much text is there?
  • @vogon I'd been hoping one of them would play it and it would resonate! They've talked about trying to encourage surprising games.
  • @ihaverottenguts That looks less like a popularization than a satire! That's not a complaint :)
  • @clarafv Yeah, people who already play IF, I was just trying desperately not to disappoint with my parser :)
  • @realnudel Yeah, that sounds like the kind of thing I'd do.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo No. I've heard things that make it sound very interesting, though. Would you recommend it?
  • @BlergGames mayyyybe
  • @JmacDotOrg Thanks! It seems to me that the secret is to be ashamed that your work isn't as good as your favorites from the medium.
  • @RockLeeSmile I'm not sure how much there is to say about it, but Futilitris is probably the one that stands up best. twinbeardstudios....
  • @daemonpants My parser wasn't quite up to snuff, but my own take is that the major problem was not implementation, but a boring scenario.
  • @BlergGames @mrasmus I think you guys would both enjoy this game.
  • @Arc208 Cool! Yeah, the "I can do anything!" sense is one of the big strengths of text adventures, even though it's basically a lie.
  • @Arc208 If you feel like you had a grip on the interface and want more, I do recommend you check out Photopia and then Spider and Web.

Nov 08

  • @YouOldSoAndSo I'll check it out. Maybe not soon, though, because my to-play list is already quite long! (Let alone my to-read list.)
  • "We need to kill gameplay to make better games." Note, though, the examples wouldn't stand out if they were status quo.
  • We also need a better word for interactive drama than "game." (It sure as hell has to be better than "interactive drama," too.)
  • @ForneusLex Reading.
  • @WesleySusaya I can't trust my own judgement on this one because I have a portmanteau fetish.
  • @theonewhogrins Not looking at individual words, but int-fic is a specific thing thesedays, and I'm talking about something more general.
  • @manveerheir @adrianchm If we can entrench that definition, that'd be cool, but "game" is always going to say "light entertainment" to me.
  • @troygilbert ... huh! I like it, but I don't think we can get away with tacking a new meaning onto that word :)
  • @manveerheir @adrianchm As usual it's a question of nomenclature. Don't mind me, I love arguing over category names.
  • @Johnicholas Possibly. Gamers aren't scared during the first 15 minutes of Bioshock; you're obviously safe because you can't fight back.
  • @Johnicholas Non-gamers I've seen play, though, are. There's more to horror than danger. There's also, e.g., seeing what you can't unsee.
  • @radiatoryang @manveerheir @adrianchm Well, the intent of a new term would be to allow possibilities that "game" (as I define it) excludes.
  • @frank0127 intdr
  • @manveerheir @radiatoryang @adrianchm Sold. I'll be waiting for you guys here in Berkeley.
  • @Johnicholas Yeah, that's an effective tool. I'm thinking about stories that eschew action entirely, though.
  • Dad creates Wind Waker pronoun patch so his daughter can play as a girl.
  • @Johnicholas Oh good, more pressure :)
  • @westquote @Johnicholas You're one of the lucky ones! I think the gamer generation generally has a more stunted suspension of disbelief.
  • @westquote @Johnicholas Because the media itself does more and more of the heavy lifting for you. Same with movies versus earlier media.
  • @LouisGorenfeld Amectivg
  • @BlergGames @mrasmus Hm, I don't *think* that's part of the game. @mcclure111 ?
  • @mcclure111 Sure! I was pretty impressed by that game :)
  • With the Sportsfriends Kickstarter, J.S. Joust may actually see release! What next, Nidhogg?
  • Super Poleriders is also promising. It has a great traversal mechanic I'd love to see a full single-player campaign. (@bfod!)
  • @BrianNumberOne At your local 7-11! It comes in Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese varieties.
  • @IAmNidoking Not the most accurate lesson, but at least it's not reinforcing the cultural zeitgeist.

Nov 09

Nov 10

  • Silicon Knights ordered to recall and destroy games using Unreal Engine.
  • @daemonpants Yeah, it's a scary reminder of my own mortality, how fast they collapsed.
  • Wow, there's still an ancient version of Frog Fractions on my personal site, from back when it was what it looked like:
  • Probably the most interesting thing there is that it's using my first draft for the chain system. You can tell I had plans, though.
  • @karamisaurus I liked it too, but it was hard to teach, and people thought static cling tongue was a lot more fun.
  • RT @ShawnElliott If you already know you're buying BioShock Infinite, blackout all previews prior to release.
  • "My coworkers were saying it's not possible to make a game that's 'so bad it's good,' so I showed them Frog Fractions."
  • QuickBasic ported to modern OSes. Includes limited port and memory map support for video access!
  • @benprunty There are screenshots of it here, so I have to assume yes!
  • @benprunty Programmer art ahoy!
  • @benprunty No luck searching for gorillas.bas HD, but I did find this:
  • Glitch in our Whammy Jammy game: it's unplayable on Steve's machine, because it launches Machinarium fullscreen in the foreground.

Nov 11

  • @theRayDog Thanks! Glad you liked it!
  • A Slower Speed of Light: "relativistic graphics code allows the speed of light in the game to approach walking speed."
  • The TI calculator homebrew scene is about to get more exciting. Do they have a sound chip yet?
  • @hbmuscat That's ingenious. I can't believe it works :)
  • RT @hbmuscat @mogwai_poet Calculator homebrew is the best. I fell off my chair when someone showed me this:
  • The NYC Whammy Jammy is livestreaming their end-of-jam demos. Dudes you are distracting us from finishing our own game!
  • "A GBA Tribute to Whitney Houston"
  • @mark_cooke If I were making a karaoke game on the GBA that's about what I'd do :)
  • @vonguard Now that Whammy Jammy is over, do you know if FTJ teams are still jamming at the MADE over the week?
  • @cromanionfolks I want to remake the Andrew Ryan soliloquy where he's shirtless, eating ice-cream out of the carton, rather than golfing.
  • Our #WhammyJammy game: 4p jump-on-circles rhythm game projected onto the floor. Turned out playable! Hurry, @steverockan, put a video up!

Nov 12

  • RT @RudolfKremers It's always interesting to ask if one's game is truly worthwhile to players, or just a collection of mechanics. Is there a soul? Be honest.
  • @steverockan There's @Eliot_L, and... that might be it?
  • @vonguard Brutal :(
  • "Why doesn't MTV play music videos any more?" -- A comprehensive answer to a pressing question.
  • How is it that pop culture was awesome when I was a teenager, but is ass now? You can't explain that. #yolo #twitterchillers
  • David Braben kickstarting a modern Elite.
  • @Laroquod When were you 14 again? I've heard many people (including myself) express that sentiment -- all 14 in the 90s. (CC: @ForneusLex)
  • @Laroquod @ForneusLex Okay, sold.
  • Crash Course in World History video series, episode 1, The Agricultural Revolution:
  • Puttin' out the call: who do I know wants to write a story for a beard-themed ARG for Fuck This Jam?
  • @johngorenfeld DM me your email and I'll give you more details.
  • RT @pillowfort you've heard the term wearing your heart on your sleeve? i'm like that but with my kidney. and my shorts. what i'm saying is i peed my pants
  • @johngorenfeld Sent an email.
  • @fwong Camtasia does that. I found out by accident by trying to figure out what caused the weird echoes in the Frog Fractions IGF videos.
  • RT @Triplefox Concept art for our #fuckthisjam game #abeardforevervoyaging
  • Took a break from "A Beard Forever Voyaging" to finally get Visa uploading working in Frog Fractions. They're starting to roll in!
  • Aaaand they're all awful. Maybe I need to create a subreddit to post them all to automatically, so people can vote on the best stuff.
  • Reddit wouldn't have a problem with the same user posting a link to the same domain every few minutes, right?
  • @Laroquod @ForneusLex Have you played Frog Fractions yet? :)
  • @dougwillsaveus Me me me
  • Browsing the 320 visa signatures uploaded in the past 8 hours tells me that real people are playing Frog Fractions, in a very concrete way.
  • In a much more concrete way than, e.g., looking at a graph in Google Analytics. This means a lot to me.
  • (It also tells me exactly what percentage of people don't get very far in the game. Which is also interesting.)
  • @codemastermm A LOT

Nov 13

  • @bengrue Yep! Now I just have to figure out what I'm gonna do with all these images given that I certainly don't have time to curate.
  • New favorite signature: the one that says "HI JIM!!!"
  • @YouOldSoAndSo It's honestly mostly scribbles. About 10% are dicks. Another ~10% are people *spelling out* things like "10 inch tube steak."
  • @MetzoPaino Don't tell anyone I said this, but if you go to a walkthrough I'll still respect you as a human being.
  • RT @steverockan Favorite piece of #MOR feedback so far: "Thanks for this peaceful and magic moment!" You're welcome!
  • (Last retweet in re, a charming little puzzle platformer.)
  • Just got a request for ol' Bartleby Salience to make a cameo in another indie game. Jumping on that opportunity. So to speak.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I also have no attention span. That's why Frog Fractions was great for me: when I got bored with one part I worked another.
  • @Johnicholas I actually do have enough players to be able to do that. If only I wanted to optimize for something easily measurable.
  • @kylerodgers Yeah, it was always the plan, there was just a bug preventing them from getting uploaded until yesterday afternoon.
  • @TheZotmeister Put it in the feedback box :)
  • @TheZotmeister I don't have full analytics, just page loads and visa signatures, and the latter only since 3:20pm yesterday.
  • @TheZotmeister But from a rough calculation, it looks to me that 15% of the Frog Fractions page loads lead to a signature upload.
  • Hey cool, I think this is the first Futilitris lets-play.
  • RT @werezompire Valve has changed the Greenlight info page - "Steam Greenlight has replaced our previous submission process."
  • Great news, guys! The only way an indie game will ever make it to Steam now is by spoiling the entire game.
  • Which is okay, though, because indie games are always gameplay-focused arcadey trifles and never have dramatic narrative reveals, right?
  • @ForneusLex I guarantee that 90% of the people who upvoted The Stanley Parable HD had already played The Stanley Parable.
  • @thewillofb To sell people on your game via Greenlight, you have to tell people about it. Make them want to play it, via text and video.
  • @thewillofb If one of your game's selling points is "being surprising," you're excluded almost by definition.
  • @ForneusLex Yeah, but that's the exception!
  • @TheZotmeister It's also possible that there are still technical problems preventing some uploads.
  • Sportsfriends Kickstarter has been stuck in the $30k range for a few days now. This one's kind of important you guys!
  • @Johnicholas @leighalexander @danctheduck Huh! Through that lens, the value of Frog Fractions is: it's a complete value/dev effort disaster.
  • @TheZotmeister Well, the reason is to bring your work to a larger audience. I take it as an axiom that every artist wants that; am I wrong?
  • RT @Shedletsky My friend @doougle needs you to give him $150,000 so that he can re-invent meatspace gaming.
  • I don't know how anyone can watch this trailer for "Beyond the Black Rainbow" and not come away desperate to see it:
  • (P.S. Streaming on Netflix right the fuck now.)
  • @TheZotmeister Depends on what art, what sacrifices. I do think Greenlight would've ruined Frog Fractions, but that's new, not inherent.
  • @germdisco Doesn't Youtube have HTML5 something something now?
  • @thewillofb If Valve had a dedicated balance team, I'd buy that :)
  • @germdisco Well that's some bullshit.
  • @KayinNasaki @ForneusLex @Daemerson @fiskmeshi @geardrops I've been having the same problem. We need an IRC channel.
  • RT @codywinn So I was doing some research today, looking into a few things, collecting data, etc., and I discovered you're all beautiful human beings.
  • I've been listening to this for half an hour straight. Send help!

Nov 14

  • If someone knows your Skype email address, they can trivially hijack your account.
  • Tip: it's *way* easier to change your email address in Skype itself than on the web site.
  • I can't fathom why there isn't a YouTube channel dedicated to General MIDI renderings of 80s and 90s pop songs.
  • @vogon Sure, I'd subscribe to that one too!
  • "Widening Petraeus Scandal Reveals Human Race Has Been Having Sex For 200,000 Years"
  • @vogon This is amazing.
  • @jamesharveytm Me, I would settle for just one kid. To hit-and-run over, and over, and over, and over...
  • RT @machallboyd It seems pretty disparaging to say a writer must have been "on drugs" just because they made something creative.
  • windows95tips.tum...
  • Journalism tip: if I follow you on Twitter, you don't need to wait until you discover a mutual friend to approach me about Frog Fractions.
  • @UXJosh I'm glad to hear it! Depending on how much of the game you have seen there may be a lot left for you to see!
  • @wavenger Only history can truly be the judge of that.
  • @BlergGames Well, at least you're not making an appointment game.

Nov 15

  • Can't tell you how much it pleases me that a 2012 console game contains a minutes-long scene talking up the virtues of sex with older women.
  • I can't tell you how much it pleases me that a AAA game contains a minutes-long scene in which a character evangelizes sex with older women.
  • @clintmakesagame ... and of course it's on YouTube.
  • Your reminder that one day you will die, as will the human species, as will all life in the universe. Have a nice day!
  • @bengrue I look forward to believing in this
  • @bengrue If I saw microtransactions in the afterlife, I'd assume I screwed up badly.
  • "Frog Fractions: The Public Perception of Educational Games." Ouch! Sick -- albeit unintended -- burn.
  • @clintmakesagame Right, except it's in a game about murder made for fratboys. Which is fucking sweet.
  • @MrWasteland Oh man, "A great leap forward in early math instruction." Why didn't I think of that!
  • @MrWasteland This game is pretty fun! But when do I start learning about fractions?
  • RT @vogon @mogwai_poet "Frog Fractions: it keeps going and going and going and going, in a way that is good." -- @idlethumbs
  • @MrWasteland After reaching a point where I'm not just symbol-matching, I'm impressed by both the game and the teaching part. Independently.
  • @nkummert Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it.
  • @daemonpants I figured it must've been, yeah. It seemed like his style.
  • @chrisremo @idlethumbs You hit on the part of Frog Fractions I'm least happy with: that it isn't on its face a dull edutainment game.
  • @chrisremo @idlethumbs You've probably guessed, but I figured if I didn't give up *some* clues, nobody'd play more than 30 seconds.
  • @chrisremo @idlethumbs Coming to that conclusion made me a lot more sympathetic to marketing-driven design decisions in big budget games.
  • @BooDooPerson @chrisremo @idlethumbs Maybe? You have to grease the wheels a *little*, or everybody he talks to will have Sean's experience.
  • @BooDooPerson @chrisremo @idlethumbs I've wondered if the same memetic arc could've happened had I gone all the way with it. No way to know.
  • @BooDooPerson @chrisremo @idlethumbs @vanaman My half-assed analytics say ~15% of players find "it." Lots of people like skulls too, I bet.
  • @BooDooPerson @chrisremo @idlethumbs @vanaman Individuals walking away doesn't bother me, but X wouldn't be as large if the 15% was lower.

Nov 16

  • Stack Exchange podcast #36, about keeping a datacenter running in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. blog.stackoverflo...
  • RT @daveshumka It's a common mistake. Fahrenheit is the name of the creator. The temperature scale is "Fahrenheit's monster."
  • Hasbro explains to a six-year-old girl how maleness is default and being female is an unusual differentiating trait. killscreendaily.c...
  • @vogon Unless you're vigilant about policing yourself, every game you make is a political game, with your worldview as the default position.
  • @vogon Being vigilant all the goddamn time is hard work.
  • @vogon The audience of the bearded who feel oppressed? Hm. There are probably some in the "forever alone" demographic. Take the power back!
  • RT @notch The Infinity Ward games made me feel like a hero. The Treyarch games makes me feel like a psychopath.
  • @iphy The funny thing, of course, is that all mammals start out biologically female and then some of them become male during gestation.
  • Dan Cook: "The 'immense responsibility' of creating value for players."
  • @chrisremo Oh, and I also wanted to mention, re what Frog Fractions has to say. I was more thinking about what I wanted to *do*, which was:
  • @chrisremo Bring players back to the pre-internet state of games being confusing and mysterious artifacts, in which anything might happen.
  • @chrisremo Excellent!
  • @still @chrisremo It's a super hard problem, these days! For me the salient approach is the one Dark Souls takes, and the stars in Braid.
  • @still @chrisremo I.e.: make it confusing enough that it takes the whole community weeks or months to puzzle out what's going on.
  • @still @chrisremo My favorite utopia is the one that bans science textbooks: they deny you the pleasure of discovering the science yourself.
  • This article was a huge influence on the development of Frog Fractions.
  • For that matter, all of the "Game Design Essentials" articles John Harris wrote are worth checking out:
  • RT @taufmonster Frog Fractions is being reviewed on The Besties this week! @Polygon #FrogFractions
  • @still Me too. Especially if the elephant is still there.

Nov 17

  • RT @steverockan Whammy Jammy 2012 video mini-doc done!! @mogwai_poet @Eliot_L @RandomOutput @markmakingmusic @maestro_igames
  • Our Whammy Jammy game is the one with the ridiculous physical setup, two minutes in:
  • Whenever I see a Toyota Yaris, or hear the name "Toyota Yaris," I think of the terrible XBLA game. Brand management, ladies and gentlemen!
  • "Don't shit where you hear," they say. That's why my bathroom is an anechoic chamber.

Nov 18

  • I'm glad I don't live near a street with a name like Rengstorff Ave., because doing the orc voice is kind of fucking up my throat.
  • I'm 33, but at the West Coat Ragtime Festival I feel like the top-rated post on every YouTube video: "im only 12 but i hate todays music!!!"
  • OH: "His hands are still basically working, so it should be a good show."
  • It just occurred to me: I've been listening to live music all day and have not once had to worry about long-term hearing damage.
  • "We played the same number earlier, but people keep requesting it. It's called 'Stop It!'"
  • One of the performers is talking about the melting-pot origins of ragtime. Literally everyone in the room is white.
  • All we heard was "we'll be up front in a red [something]." Ended up tailing the wrong car for 15 minutes til they lost us at a yellow light.
  • @steverockan Always a fine line. Is this re Moments of Reflection?
  • @jonbeilin So you're not one to eat all the mozzarella balls first, I take it? Or leave them for last? I usually go with one or the other.
  • @daemonpants I haven't played it myself, but from the description in the article, it seems like the card mechanic was the point of the game?

Nov 19

  • RT @KayinNasaki @mrasmus @ForneusLex Clomp is the smegma left from a good clop. :|
  • RT @sophieherdman Best fact from last night - @nomorepage3 protested outside The Sun. Police were called. Police ended up signing the petition. YES
  • @limbclock Is there one you *can't*?
  • Hotline Miami corrupted my save. But it was fun enough that I decided I could replay the first 15 levels. Save corrupted again immediately.
  • Boyfriend Maker appears to have solved natural language conversation. boyfriendmaker.tu...
  • @SeeBeeWhitman What I know: it's an iOS app. What I'm guessing: it secretly matches players together for chat.
  • @Slumpwuffle It looks too coherent for that? My best guess is that it's making players talk to each other.
  • RT @SeeBeeWhitman @mogwai_poet Ah! Apparently it uses this:
  • @SeeBeeWhitman Wow, and from the teaching interface it looks like it's pure stimulus-response. I'm impressed.
  • You too can have Post Boyfriend Maker Stress Disorder:
  • Vote on which two-week prototype games Double Fine should make, then watch the livestream of the development process.
  • @alexgriendling If you've already spoilers spoilers spoilers, "Chapter Select" spoilers spoilers.

Nov 20

  • RT @machallboyd I care deeply about art, insofar as it can provide a stamp of legitimacy to my consumption-driven hobby.
  • "What happens if you make a copy of a copy of a copy (and so on) of a VHS tape?" 20 generations of signal degradation.
  • @FabulamGames
  • "A Stripper Reviews the Saints of 'Hitman: Absolution'"
  • @Pentadact Glad you enjoyed it! I'm curious to know what brought you back to it for the third time.
  • @alexstrouss Sure, here you go.

Nov 21

  • The future is here!
  • I guested on the latest EXP Podcast. experiencepoints....
  • @OptimistPanda Do you mean in an actual song? Because that'd be pretty amazing.
  • @UndeadManWalkin Let me know if you're ever in the Bay Area.
  • RT @petey123567 I just put Cannon Brawl up on Greenlight:
  • @Teknobabel What does the Y axis represent, here?

Nov 22

Nov 23

  • Magnetic poetry on mom's fridge: have leg / eat egg / wind up dead

Nov 24

  • RT @DCXHQ I just transcribed the lock-on targeting dialogue in Frog Fractions. I'M GETTING LAID TONIGHT
  • @singing_pigs Poor guy. I'd probably hate it too if I played for years.
  • @singing_pigs If it was because of boyfriendmaker.tu... I totally get it.
  • Disappointment: even with the 3000+ visa signatures coming in from IGN visitors yesterday, I've yet to see a single Stussy S.
  • Finishing Pokemon Yellow in 1.5 minutes isn't cool enough; bortreb makes it play Pong and the My Little Pony theme:
  • Given that the technique gives you CPU control, I wonder if it wouldn't be faster to write a jump instruction to skip to the end credits.
  • Just arrived at the inaugural South Beach Game Jam. Time to start coding and/or start talking about coding.
  • @kezamacdonald @2plus2isjoe Personally I feel even that is a little too much of a spoiler. It's more special when you discover it yourself.
  • RT @LewieP So does Frog Fractions get better or are you all crazy?
  • RT @LewieP Alright, yeah, Frog Fractions is a legitimate GOTY contender.
  • @kezamacdonald @2plus2isjoe Like, ideally you want to feel like you're the only one who's discovered the undergame.
  • @singing_pigs @kezamacdonald Yeah, it depends where your priorities lie! I prefer to let people walk away if they feel like it.
  • @singing_pigs @kezamacdonald Because it makes the experience better for the people who don't walk away.
  • @2plus2isjoe @kezamacdonald Cool :)
  • @NinjaMarion I was planning on curating those and posting the best ones to imgur or something, but now I am worried about consent issues.
  • @NinjaMarion I can't think of anything that won't spoil at least the game atmosphere. Also it wouldn't be retroactive.
  • Real-time body distortion with Kinect:
  • Poignant. Reconsidering my life over here.
  • RT @DrTeens247 at the end of the sierra nevada brewery tour they had ppl raise a glass and toast, "To Ken!" after their founder but i said Hail satan. yolo

Nov 25

  • About time Tom Brier tried playing a piece that gave him some difficulty:
  • Bass-playing robot covers Muse's "Hysteria."
  • What it sounds like to be in the same room as a bass-playing robot:
  • @vogon I admit, that would be measurably sweeter.
  • Dizzy Returns. This probably won't get funded, and honestly probably doesn't deserve to, but I totally pledged anyway.
  • It's funny how Spectrum owners, consistently the most rose-tinty of retro-gaming enthusiasts, have turned against the Dizzy series.
  • I came to the Dizzy series in the late 90s, but I find myself defending it to people who presumably actually played it as children.
  • The same people who will, in their next breath, defend Manic Miner as a platforming masterpiece. I mean, really?
  • Here I am at Dickens Fair. Like every other event, I will judge its quality by the number of 3DS street-passes I get at the venue.
  • Dickens fair street pass score so far: surprisingly nonzero!
  • @ForneusLex I donno, I've never been to one!

Nov 26

  • RT @DCXHQ For the nine people who care, the lock-on targeting debate in Frog Fractions in its entirety.
  • @montijosh If you're into several of Victorian-ish food, alcohol, dancing, opera, pub shows, and clothing, you'll probably enjoy it.
  • "Tragically, as many as 96.25% of individuals may be neurotypical. There is no known cure for Neurotypical Syndrome." isnt.autistics.or...
  • Amnesia Fortnight starting to stream now. You might need to have donated to the bundle to see it?
  • RT @FionaSarah @mogwai_poet nope, i can see it just fine
  • RT @charlesrandall I know women in the game industry who were stalked by coworkers, and told by HR to 'just ignore them' #1reasonwhy
  • RT @charlesrandall I know women in the game industry who were propositioned by their bosses, and fired when they complained. #1reasonwhy
  • RT @charlesrandall None of my women developer friends will read comments on interviews they do, because the comments are so brutally nasty. #1reasonwhy

Nov 27

  • And if this list isn't enough, visit the comments for an additional N reasons.
  • RT @mcclure111 My wife entered college CS, they coaxed her in with all these "women in tech" programs, then she hit the weedout class-- and got weeded out.
  • RT @mcclure111 Because as The Girl, the high school computer club shut her out, the CS AP teacher ignored her, her parents didn't push her to learn tech.
  • RT @mcclure111 So: Women in games. Ppl on #1reasonwhy going, girls, join gamedev, it'll be great! And I'm like, too late! Where were you when they were 13?
  • @MuseZack Games are systems, and systems don't function at all when they don't make sense. Not so with fiction.
  • @docacappella Thanks! Glad you liked it!
  • @BTrain87 Excellent, I'll check it out!
  • Giant Bomb's concept page for Frog Fractions makes me smile.
  • @daemonpants In practice, I basically don't. Shirt and soundtrack sales are just about covering bandwidth costs.
  • @daemonpants But having a name people recognize and a game people like is proving useful in getting employers/publishers to pay attention.

Nov 28

  • I'm on IM basically all the time. I'd be delighted to teach someone who's enthusiastic and motivated how to code. #1ReasonMentors
  • Also #1ReasonMentor since apparently both tags exist.
  • Previous people I've taught how to code include but are not limited to: Final Form's @westquote. #1ReasonMentors
  • @daemonpants Yeah, answer the question they wish they'd asked :)
  • @brunost Not necessarily.
  • Kickstarter: "Barkley 2 - an RPG Sequel to Barkley Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden"
  • "At the $1000 reward tier, you will impersonate us during an interview. We will not announce the switch before or after. Go nuts!"
  • I was curious, so I measured: at peak, Frog Fractions is newing over 2000 Vector2 instances onto the heap every frame. Optimization is dead.
  • (Notably, the act of measuring slowed it down considerably, so there's probably some inlining magic happening. Optimization is important.)
  • Here's a list of developers who want to teach young people how to make games. ONE OF THEM IS ME.
  • @cblgh That's a good idea too, but I think this particular idea is more of an "act locally" sort of deal. I.e., mentoring individuals.
  • Dozens of games in my backlog, yet I'm replaying Dishonored. Yep, this is a good one.
  • @ihaverottenguts I keep trying to do both at once. Gotta pick one and stick with it!
  • Binding of Isaac postmortem. Jesus, it was written in ActionScript *2*?
  • @frank0127 Games are too good and there are too many of them. Same problem I have with food.
  • Linus Akesson explains chiptunes. Most interesting takeaway: the technical reason why most early game music is 150 bpm.
  • (If your music engine ticks once per frame, 150 is the only tempo evenly divisible into both 50hz and 60hz.)

Nov 29

  • @cblgh Twitter isn't a great medium for it. I was thinking mostly email and IM.
  • @frank0127 Thanks! I hope one day someone does a thing about that review!
  • @cblgh What's the project? Send me an email.
  • "What's interesting about Jack is that he represents the traditional gamer morality turned back on us."
  • [head scratch]
  • In terms of pure value, Saints Row 3 and Metro 2033 are both worth playing. But in terms of good will towards the Humble brand? *poof*
  • @endrift They were clever enough not to include it in the domain name.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Unfortunately, that means none of the money goes to the people who actually made the games, since they no longer work there.
  • @MobiusCog Same.
  • @Mazyx Traditionally, the bundles are DRM free, cross platform, and the money goes directly to the creators. This has none of that.
  • @Mazyx I do think there's a lot of "big companies already have so much, why do they have to take our cool stuff too?" in the mix, though.
  • @Mazyx Change away from things that are good is ... if not "bad," then at least worse.
  • @vogon @antumbral @bengrue Agreed. Metro 2033 is also very good, like STALKER reworked as a linear shooter
  • @blunt_objects *Cookie dance*
  • @KSKaleido Yeah, that's what I ended up doing.
  • Humble British Petroleum Bundle
  • @benprunty Humble Monsanto Bundle
  • RT @eeJonathan @mogwai_poet humble hostess bundle, beat the average to get the twinkies.
  • RT @still "The purpose of your arm is to position and orient your hand in space." - my doctor
  • RT @TheGoldenDonut @mogwai_poet More like Humble Bumble.
  • Zazzle has a 40% off shirts thing going on today. Frog Fractions merch ahoy!
  • @RealGeekenstein @frank0127 Yeah, I thought you handled it well, describing what's worthwhile about it without giving too much away.
  • @TimeDoctor

Nov 30

  • The final Nintendo Power cover juxtaposed with the first: -- Wow, I remember that cover looking a *lot* less shitty.
  • Here I am talking about my software and hardware setup on jim.crawford.uses...
  • Jenn Frank, on letting go of a parent.
  • Binding of Isaac remake coming to PC/PS3/Vita. Local co-op. Native code.
  • @ForneusLex Hm, do they have a rep I'm unaware of? I've only seen the Cave Story and VVVVVV console ports.
  • @ForneusLex I just read about it! Apparently they decided not to bother releasing on WiiWare because nobody buys anything on WiiWare.
  • @hamptonus Searching for "frog fractions"!
  • @hamptonus Or lack thereof :) Thanks!
  • @westquote I'll have a look, thanks!
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