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Ugh, stop twitching
december 2012 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2013-02-12 05:06:04 by Jim Crawford
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Dec 01

Dec 02

Dec 03

  • RT @codemastermm You know what would be great on the Wii-U? A new Pok�e9;mon Snap. Think about it.
  • @ChevyRay That was my experience learning Unity this weekend. Took me a full day just to figure out how to get a png imported and onscreen.
  • @ChevyRay It must get faster as you get more familiar with it, though; I've seen people build things in Unity very quickly.
  • @SeeBeeWhitman @ChevyRay My intent is to treat Unity like I treat Flash: it's a target platform that my code compiles to.
  • Why you want women, plural, on your development team.
  • RT @wavenger Things to never say to an AI: "I'd like an everything bagel."
  • "I've hacked the system! Oh, right..." was pretty much exactly my train of thought at that moment.
  • RT @geardrops Hey @mrasmus sphotos-b.xx.fbcd...
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Mechanical-Turk-powered paint program.
  • RT @pervocracy Wow, "transvestism" is an official diagnosis in my nursing books. I didn't know we were the Fashion Police.
  • Sportsfriends Kickstarter has less than a week and $80k to go.
  • @GMOWIGI What's the deal with the sign-up form requiring a degree? Literally none of the best programmers I know learned to code in school.
  • @GMOWIGI Same deal with every other game development discipline, actually. Everyone's an auto-didact.

Dec 04

  • Kelsey just spent 15 minutes describing desserts she wants to make in a progressively sleepier voice, then fell asleep on the phone.
  • @ForneusLex Ah, I hadn't seen it, thanks!
  • @adamcadre This reminds me, apropos of basically nothing, I've meant to recommend Tally Hall's "Good and Evil" to you.
  • @adamcadre It's super weird to me that we've never met or even talked really and I yet I care enough to send you music. But there it is.

Dec 05

  • Renley the mini-dachsund puppy, navigating treacherous terrain:
  • Underwater atomic bomb test.
  • Dave Brubeck died today.
  • What happens if everybody gathers in Rhode Island and jumps? The planet's orbit is unaffected, but we all die anyway.
  • RT @neiltyson After hearing my skepticism of eyewitness testimony, six other jury candidates promptly agreed. And they got sent home too.
  • @adamcadre Hrm. I want to say I observed particular musical qualities you've talked about enjoying, but I can't actually think of them.
  • @adamcadre The only concrete touchstone I can think of is The Beatles. I suspect there was some wishful thinking in there too.

Dec 06

  • Hotline Miami is probably the first game I'd actually call a murder simulator.
  • Like, if I ran into a house full of thugs with baseball bats and tried to murder them, I'm convinced it'd be exactly like Hotline Miami.
  • Minus the restart button, I mean.
  • @jamesharveytm
  • @benprunty Probably, yeah.
  • @Stigmeyer I did play that, for an hour. It was similarly gross and effective at conveying a mood, but a lot more gamey than simulatery.

Dec 07

  • Sportsfriends AMA over on Reddit:
  • @wavenger That's like when my mom woke me up to help carry in groceries, and I fell back asleep and dreamed that I helped.
  • @Eindacor_DS Thanks!
  • @JohnPolson Doom is, surprisingly, still one of the most accessible *and* one of the best. Great mechanics, great tactical space design.
  • RT @aegies unsolicited advice: you don't want your first defense to be "well SHE didn't think it was sexist!" or "HE didn't think it was racist!", etc.
  • @aegies Given that it was evidently her idea, the defense is actually "Well *I* didn't think it was sexist!"
  • @JohnPolson I'd argue that's one of Doom's strengths. Also, I don't think you'll find an FPS that does jumping as well as Metroid Prime.
  • @JohnPolson But, look into Halo. I never got into it, but it's supposedly really well-made and has big arena spaces and a jump button.
  • @JohnPolson Me too!
  • @JohnPolson FWIW: all great games, but none are great introductory FPSes. Quake 3 might've been in 1999, but not with today's player-base.
  • First I couldn't hold a candle to Edward, now I have *this* standard to live up to! youretsyboyfriend...
  • ... huh. "Mature games and content on European Wii U eShop only accessible at night."

Dec 08

  • With 48 hours to go, Sportsfriends is finally getting the attention it needs. It's actually looking plausible now.
  • Oh shit, the $60 tier gives you access to a developer podcast series. I was thinking about bumping up my pledge anyway.
  • At the Computer History Museum in Mountain View: directly inside the entrance: "Caroling with PDP-1"
  • They're loading each song on punched tape.
  • Judging by the plywood boxes with hand-labeled buttons, this is the Spacewar room the rest of the year.
  • Slide rule tie clip. "A popular retirement gift for engineers in the mid-1900s."
  • William Schickard, ca. 1632. "Among his many inventions was a machine to help with Hebrew grammar."
  • Hell, we missed today's performance of the Difference Engine by 45 minutes.
  • God, I want to reach out and fiddle with these switches, knobs and jacks, but every machine has a "no touching" sign.
  • Touchscreen interfaces are the worst. At least keyboards have a *little* tactile feedback. We need to solve this problem, as a culture.
  • Counterpoint: here's a patch panel that's a hideous nest of brown and orange wires. It's a good thing we've moved past *that*.
  • The ENIGMA machine has an odd keyboard layout: QWERTZUIO / ASDFGHJK / PYXCVBNML. Wonder if that's a standard layout somewhere in the world.
  • "Unreliability of commercial memory tubes was traced to specks of lint because they'd been manufactured in a converted mattress factory."
  • You know, if I worked at an office with a bathroom I could live in a house without a bathroom and just poop at work.
  • This IBM SAGE Intercept Technician Console has a cigarette lighter and an ashtray.
  • ThIs room is about missile defense systems. You can tell because it's playing the Call of Duty soundtrack on A 30 second loop.
  • @ForneusLex It's also a pretty hard problem to solve. But I don't see much acknowledgement that it *is* problem.
  • @mcclure111 I live in Berkeley. I remember you from the Oakland Molyjam. Yes, let's!
  • My phone lost power about halfway through the Computer History Museum, and none of the connectors on display were micro-USB.
  • I remember the computer music section was shamefully anemic and non-interactive. I've got a Korg Poly-800 and Roland MT-32 I could donate.
  • And the computer gaming section had some shameful installations. Pretty sure Pong and Pac-Man had better performance using 1970s technology.
  • @grapefrukt I think I could arrange an eating/pooping schedule to support that.
  • @mcclure111 Well we didn't actually *talk* at the Oakland Molyjam :) What are you doing next week?

Dec 09

  • @OptimistPanda Looking at the inactive machine, I believe it!
  • "24 Pharmaceutical Ads from 1930s France"
  • "How to Talk to Human Beings"
  • Privileges of being the Frog Fractions guy: I can release this with no context and people will hammer on it forever: twinbeardstudios....
  • Pro-tip: there are no secrets! It's just the one non-interactive thing.
  • RT @pillowfort @mogwai_poet i have to adjust my game of the year list
  • This is a pretty cool VVVVVV-inspired puzzle game:

Dec 10

  • "Predicting and controlling NetHack's randomness"
  • "On the public server, I killed myself by kicking wands of wishing on the first level -- three times in one day."
  • "Burrito Bomber: The world's first airborne mexican food delivery system" (CC @STRd6) darwinaerospace.c...
  • @RyanWGleason @HMXhenry I made Frog Fractions, and I've never heard of The Toadies. But sometimes friends give me weird nicknames, so maybe?
  • @Jennorocks Thanks! The narrator was @Vanther.
  • @HMXhenry @RyanWGleason Awesome, thanks!
  • @RyanWGleason @HMXhenry Hey wait, didn't The Toadies have that one single on MTV the year I had cable TV? I totally *have* heard of them.
  • Here's why you shouldn't be scared of your child's Minecraft obsession: deangroom.wordpre...
  • Page up and page down work for me in Firefox again! Frabjous day, &c. support.mozilla.o...
  • Ian Bogost hypothesizes about what the Wii U's release means for the state of Nintendo's culture. Fascinating stuff.
  • The part about Nintendo creating the perception that games are toys for children deserves to be spun off into its own essay. (CC: @ibogost)
  • @mrasmus You would, wouldn't you! In my case at least, Asus was to blame.
  • @TerribleJeff I was impressed by
  • RT @TronKnotts @mogwai_poet @ibogost I'm just excited to see Mr. Bogost talk about Little Inferno, a game that I think of as Cow Clicker on steroids.
  • @protensity
  • @zhiwiller Pretty sure, yeah!

Dec 11

  • "A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible" updates for the first time in six years. Worth the wait. alessonislearned....
  • Remember the backlash when Facebook asked you to fill out info about your friends? If only they'd made it into a game:
  • "Why Are Dead People Liking Stuff On Facebook?"
  • The "like" verb on Facebook has two very different uses. In one, you're establishing a connection to a real person whom you probably know.
  • In the other use, you're ticking a checkbox to volunteer to become part of a corporate brand's marketing machine.
  • This is a very different act from describing or even simply stating your affection for a company or a product.
  • When you actually sit down and write a message in your own voice, you're still engaging with people on a human level, which is a good thing.
  • Part of this is just me being bull-headed about advertising, of course.
  • E.g. I wouldn't link to that Old Spice game even though it's a pretty fun game *and* Old Spice is my preferred deodorant. Because fuck ads.
  • "When hiring engineers, the focus should be on one thing only: code clarity. No puzzles, gotchas, any other crap." santosh-log.herok...

Dec 12

  • Bay area vandals are the most poetical vandals.
  • @zhiwiller Maybe? My intent is to discourage ads, full stop. At the very least, fewer "cool" ads would mean fewer ads I become aware of.
  • @esdin I'm mystified that it's not standard for coders to *write code* during the hiring process. Like, on a computer, with a debug cycle.
  • @troygilbert No matter how tasteful and subtle, an ad is still inherently and primarily about convincing you to give a company your money.
  • @troygilbert No human-to-human interaction is ever so mercenary. None that we put up with, anyway. Why do we put up with companies doing it?
  • New most awesome substance:
  • "It felt so SO good to realize it was my fault! This is way better than forgiving."
  • "To decide it's your fault feels amazing! You weren't wronged. They were just playing their part in the situation you created. What power!"
  • RT @necrosofty If anyone who follows me and makes games has not taken the quality of life survey, please do! it's an important thing!
  • @jamesharveytm Wait, isn't it just as expensive to print a CD without music than it is to print one with music?
  • @jamesharveytm Oh, a blank CD-R! I don't know why, but for some reason I was assuming production values.
  • "PSA: Your Default Narrative Settings Are Not Apolitical" fozmeadows.wordpr...
  • RT @OsagaTheGreat Someone managed to convince the school Frog Fractions was educational. This is the best thing ever on my school computer.
  • How fire works in Far Cry 2. (TL;DR: 3D cellular automata.)

Dec 13

  • @BooDooPerson @treyher I'd wanted to build the text adventure in Inform, but I couldn't find an open-source Z-machine interpreter for Flash.
  • Circumventing song fingerprinting:

Dec 14

  • @JoeMartini Are you married? According to this list, for my next unlock I need to cause a divorce.
  • RT @JoeMartini @mogwai_poet no but if miss child support payment is on there you may have just prestiged
  • @coaxmetal @ja2ke That just makes me wonder why the entire continent of Africa isn't burning continuously.
  • @DanieleIppolit8 As I recall it actually *is* analog, internally, it just has the terrible interface of the early digital synths.
  • The Big Bang Theory as nerd blackface: wolvensnothere.tu...
  • "The minstrel show of geekery, with the ONE guy who 'isn't like that,' and who gets to 'get the girl,' because he can 'tone it down.'"
  • @Chispshot In this context, at least, I'm taking those two things as equivalent. "Nerd" is a pretty broad term.
  • @Chispshot You mean exaggerations of Asperger's specifically? Every character is a caricature of *something*. "Joe Sixpack" is an archetype.
  • The touchstones I like to use for respectful vs. exploitative treatments of nerd culture are "Real Genius" vs. "Weird Science."
  • Real Genius is maybe the most insightful and approachable I've seen, for others to understand nerds and for nerds to understand themselves.
  • @GraemeGarden1 @conkerhimself And 42,196 were killed in motor vehicle accidents.
  • @dogbomb The most interesting cases for me are people who like Frog Fractions who haven't pressed down, and people who dislike it who have.
  • The Minimum Wage Machine: "Turning the crank will yield one penny every 4.97 seconds, for $7.25 an hour." blakefallconroy.c...
  • Remember Clay Shirky's aphorism, "Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution"?
  • The Minimum Wage Machine is what Economics trying to preserve Scarcity will look like.
  • @TomSmizzle Gameplay-wise? I personally found I couldn't find a sustainably fun set of mechanics, which is why I started switching them up.
  • @MammonMachine It breaks my heart that as a culture we don't take extreme life-extension research more seriously.
  • @MammonMachine Like how cryonics is considered a joke. Or the argument that death makes life more meaningful.
  • @TomSmizzle Right, that makes sense.
  • What do corners actually look like? An SSAO case study.
  • RT @Mikengreg For some reason we don't get a lot of advertising deals going...
  • RT @n8phelps Each snowflake in an avalanche pleads not guilty.
  • @physmo Do you have examples handy? I've never noticed AO being too heavy personally.
  • RT @neilsarkar If your pitch doesn't end with "...and the cops can't do shit." then your startup idea sucks.
  • @physmo Yeah, that is quite strong now that I pay attention to it specifically. I think it fits the rendering style overall, though.
  • @physmo I was more put off by how videogamey it is, compared to Far Cry 2.
  • @physmo My takeaway from the Quick Look: I'd probably really enjoy it if I had a lot more free time.
  • "Reports clearly document that U.S. hellfire missiles have intentionally targeted funerals and civilian rescuers." businessinsider.c...
  • This weekend's Ludum Dare theme is "You Are the Villain." Given that every video game is about murder, isn't that a little redundant?
  • @mcclure111 @eddiecameron Yeah, honestly there's a lot of good, obvious low-hanging fruit there. Have you played Marius Fietzek's The Visit?
  • @sklathill I think I'm still going to be trying to figure that one out a week from now. Is it the "going through a pipe" sound?
  • @mcclure111 @eddiecameron Takes 30 seconds to get the gist, five minutes to explore fully.
  • @LouisGorenfeld unmanned.molleind...
  • RT @michaelblume I desperately wish that "ten children died today" was anywhere near as unusual as everyone seems to think it is.

Dec 15

  • @ebeinke Not literally every game, of course. A Sims-like game in which you play the villain would be fascinating.
  • There are species names in the ingredients. You learn their names before you drink them! This one's named Jeff.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: edible LEDs.
  • I read The Hobbit a very long time ago, so I don't really remember it. Did it read like a nine-hour episode of The Three Stooges?
  • @Archfriend They did a really good job then!
  • @UXJosh Production values were plenty high, if that's what you mean. I just didn't care for the writing/script.

Dec 16

  • I'm pretty sure this is a line from that Doom comic.
  • I'd never seen the Famicom Disk System version of this glitch! Japan got all the best stuff in the 80s.
  • @ndril Walked past them without acknowledgement, anyway!
  • @Triplefox I love that sort of thing. I remember writing a QBasic program to generate Game Genie codes and spent hours exploring that space.
  • @Triplefox And Super Mario Bros is such a dense game, byte-wise, that a small change often has visibly interesting results.

Dec 17

  • @UXJosh The frame rate made everything look oddly fake, for about five minutes. After that I got used to it.
  • @johntdrake This year, late October. Exactly when is a judgement call, because the URL kind of got out before the intended release.
  • @mrasmus @johntdrake Right, I demoed it at TIGJam and on the IGG stream in 2011, before fractions got involved.
  • @johntdrake @mrasmus For sure, yes.
  • RT @whitney "We wanted to let you know that TWO SECONDS AGO you asked to never hear from us ever again. Just keeping you updated on that whole thing."
  • "I asked teenagers what most surprised them most. To a person, it was one thing: The vector monitor on Asteroids." ascii.textfiles.c...
  • RT @pjf OMG! New Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality chapter! Don't know what I'm excited about? Start here: #hpmor
  • 92 minutes of The Grateful Dead tuning their instruments in 1977.
  • (Needs a mastering pass.)
  • @benprunty Notably, that only worked because the level design was so clean and distinctive that you didn't *need* a map.

Dec 18

  • @NegalosTristari "Due to surface shipping normally takes 2-4 months, we cannot accept unreceived claim untill after 4 months of shipping."
  • This two-second shot of Weezer's drummer is the most amazing thing. "Yep, I'm awesome. Whoops, gotta run!"
  • "PetPetter: never touch your pets again!"
  • @admung It is certainly that!
  • @frank0127 But this makes perfect sense! Pet owners hate touching pets; pets still want to be touched; robots! QED!
  • Eagle nearly gets away with baby.
  • RT @auntiepixelante some of these screens are so pretty but if there's ONE GAME that really has nothing to gain from constant npc blather it's knytt
  • RT @auntiepixelante also, there's something about "you've found 6/60 save points" messages that makes exploring a world less wondrous

Dec 19

  • RT @ja2ke Bird in the parking lot discovered that every rear view mirror contains another bird, is going down the row trying to fight them one by one.
  • Kittens love a lactating milk jug. (NSFW)

Dec 20

  • Plane accidentally lands on top of other plane trying to land. Someone should name a sex act after this.
  • "The Non-Controlled Airport."
  • Spent 20 minutes picking persimmons with 15-foot remote pruning shears. Tree owner thanked me, as if I wasn't just having the most fun ever.

Dec 21

  • If Frog Fractions taught me anything, it's how much you guys are into ladybugs. 1500 live ladybugs, delivered for $10:
  • Today's @xkcd is a great sendup of corporate white knights rushing to defend their brands with disingenuous analogies:
  • Global Game Jam is next month. Anyone interested in the SF event?
  • @vogon @Vanther See you there! @BrianNumberOne @daemonpants Possibly see you there!
  • @mrasmus Probably feel tremendously guilty.
  • @BrianNumberOne Hm, do you mean concurrently? Because then I can't do both!

Dec 22

  • Ice bullets from the sky! What on earth is going on?
  • Pusheen the cat: How to catch Santa

Dec 23

  • @doctorfedora Thanks :)

Dec 24

  • Guys, guys, according to this, Frog Fractions is as good as Journey and almost as good as Fez. That's pretty cool.
  • @vogon @mrasmus I am super pleased with this!
  • And a merry Christmas to you as well, Brad and Justin!
  • @bengrue Thanks!
  • Spaceteam is pretty amazing. Would be even more amazing if I and/or more people I knew had an iOS thingy.
  • My favorite Spaceteam levels are the ones where you come up with names for glyphs. By the end of it you've invented shared vocabulary.
  • @mrasmus I'm in San Diego for like two days this month? So it might happen!
  • @BonerHell Thanks! I can think of worse hells.
  • RT @pattheflip @mogwai_poet Congratulations, you're the first person in the world to express the "Man, I wish more people had iPhones" sentiment.
  • @RanHarpaz @giantbomb Thanks! Glad you liked it.
  • @HostBryan Glad you liked it!
  • @piss_wizard @Horse_Crimes Thanks!
  • @Matt_Farley Thanks! Glad you liked it.
  • @daemonpants For it!
  • RT @thristhart twinbeardstudios.... a lesson in the excellence that can be hidden behind first impressions.
  • @Horse_Crimes @piss_wizard Yeah, I love that stuff!
  • @Skeames1214 Thanks!
  • @Razpacho Thanks so much!
  • @kennyrioux Thank, glad you liked it!
  • @kennyrioux s
  • @kennyrioux You too!

Dec 25

  • @NuDirtyBastard Awesome! I'm glad I could help make that happen.
  • RT @vyxor a very frog fractions christmas to you
  • @brentnash Thanks! :)
  • @cosmonautDREW Not to spoil too much, but under certain circumstances there is a Chapter Select option.
  • @Plankfan We're having a special offer this week: I'll be marrying all Frog Fractions fans.
  • @thesmashingone We don't judge here at Twinbeard.

Dec 26

  • @davidsgallant S'up.
  • @cosmonautDREW Go be with family :)
  • @thesmashingone Thanks! I will be making more games for sure, but time will tell whether they're like this.
  • @davidsgallant Thanks! Yeah, it's slow. I blame Flash.
  • Frog Fractions won Giant Bomb's URL of the Year award. (My own award would probably go to
  • @WiFi_Pirate Let her know I had to refresh my understanding of fractions to implement the scoring system. So *somebody* learned something.
  • @Space_Titanium I think I can guess without even looking :)
  • @Lightdud Glad you liked it!
  • @WiFi_Pirate It's *like* an actual number. I wrote the boxing history, but @Vanther performed it.
  • @WiFi_Pirate @Vanther Thanks!
  • @ottoman673 A shame because it was spoiled for you? I'm glad you liked it anyway!
  • @RockGrumbler Thanks!
  • @ottoman673 Send me a link when it's done.
  • #bugkkake
  • @ottoman673 Ah, yeah, I was just looking at that because it was also a search result for "Frog Fractions." A good writeup, thanks!
  • @_travellinman Chapter select!
  • @grahamdrowe @aubsdotcom Speed run! Title goes to whoever discovers the one-command shortcut past the text adventure.
  • @HeadOnAHinge @ameart I won't say you're playing Frog Fractions wrong, but I will say you'd probably enjoy it more if you played it right.
  • @westquote That's the one about an aging Angus MacGyver, right?
  • @frank0127 Yeah, it's pretty amazing!
  • @frank0127 Man, now that you bring it up, I'm really enjoying the idea of there being a crop of games obviously inspired by Frog Fractions.

Dec 27

  • @Machkovech I'm the best at teaching fractions. It is known.
  • RT @aristosophy This Is Not What a Pipe Looks Like
  • RT @scottsimpson Maybe it's just me, but reading books on an iPad Mini, I really miss the smell, the heft, the traditional reading experience of an iPad 2.
  • RT @BeeStapler #FirstWorldProblems I'm sorry, but your son's tumor isn't responding to the chemo.
  • @bengrue "I was so lucky getting mono. That was like the best diet ever."
  • @_travellinman It appears after its appearance is no longer a spoiler.
  • As part of their top 12 indie games of 2012 piece, asked me for my own indie picks from this year:
  • @SpectraSwallow
  • @frank0127 I might have to expand on it, because I had a lot more to say that there wasn't really room for.
  • Since I had more to say about my 2012 indie picks than had space for, here's the expanded version: twinbeardstudios....
  • @LouisGorenfeld Mmm... aybe? Oh god damn it, Ubisoft bought them in 2011.
  • Now if one of my games causes a divorce I don't have to feel guilty! @bombsfall @cleodee
  • @LouisGorenfeld Yeah, it's certainly not a well-defined term.
  • I think that's a Christmas tree atop that hill, but the lights are the wrong color. Maybe they were cheaper? "Only the worst for our Lord!"
  • @ZoomyRamen Excellent, glad to hear it!
  • @germdisco Wrong as in a sort of beige. Beige isn't a Christmas color!

Dec 28

  • @JMRomeo Glad you enjoyed it! Just out of curiosity, what brought you around to the decision that it made more sense?
  • @JMRomeo Ah, yeah, I love intertextuality! This might be my favorite example: timetraveler.ytmn...
  • I've got something like 40,000 Frog Fractions visa signatures in my Dropbox by now. Still trying to figure out what to do with them all.
  • @evilbadman Does Flickr have user voter/rating capabilities? My favorite idea so far is still to create a subreddit and submit them all.
  • @KestrelPi I'd need some SSNs to make the most of it. I didn't think to gather those.
  • Interesting analysis of Half-Life's barnacles from a design perspective:
  • @singing_pigs @johntdrake Frog Factions, the RTS sequel.
  • @frank0127 Right, yeah.
  • @frank0127 Medusa Trigonometry
  • @Reetesh Yes.
  • @Reetesh Frog Fractals.

Dec 29

  • @Reetesh Frogpinski gasket
  • @sourceelement Er, no. Where in the game did that happen?
  • @Reetesh Frg
  • This is why I do nothing all day other than lie in bed and obsess over the best use of my time.
  • @Reetesh r
  • @davidjung03 Thanks! :)
  • @sourceelement I'll look into it, thanks!
  • @ChetBiggenston Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  • @benprunty I still plan to make that roguelike.

Dec 30

  • "Under the guise of wanting to end bullying, they're exculpating the system which engenders it." siderea.livejourn...
  • RT @jamesharveytm You can't allow players to kill children in videogames. What about a ray that makes them age 100 years in ten seconds and then die?
  • @hamptonus Yeah, getting primates to stop establishing social strata is unrealistic. But we have a responsibility to address the issue.
  • @hamptonus I do believe that.
  • @RobThez Hm. In this context, who is "we"? Linux User Magazine?
  • @Segaholic2 Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!
  • "An amplified cactus is a cactus plant used as a musical instrument. It harnesses the acoustic properties of a cactus."
  • @dr_davidsanchez I did that in the theater. Pretty sure I didn't miss anything.
  • @vogon I think it's hard to get anything recorded because the instrument keeps evolving into a Maractus.
  • The amplified cactus in action, because I know you're wondering: (Thanks, @pragmatism!)

Dec 31

  • I think this might be the first Frog Fractions fan art I've seen. And it's pretty awesome.
  • First depending how you define "art," of course. Using a broader definition, it'll be hard for anybody to top this:
  • @RobThez In that case, what I had in mind is even dumber. "Linux User Magazine? I hardly know 'er!"
  • Also here is this amazing Hotline Miami fan art: midnitesurprise.c...
  • So Django Unchained makes the fifth Tarantino movie in a row with the same exact revenge plot. I guess he likes that one a lot.
  • Also, I'm pretty sure that writing a scene with the intent of establishing a character as evil automatically makes you a hack.
  • @RandomOutput I guess that assertion is a specific version of the more general thesis, that writing an "evil" character makes you a hack.
  • @TronKnotts On the bright side, tweeting the email address of someone you hate signs them up for a bunch of online newsletters.
  • I get that Tarantino is doing homage to movies with that revenge fantasy scenario. He's making bad movies in homage to bad movies.
  • Not just bad in the sense of "poorly made," but harmful in that they reinforce the notion that "bad people" exist and we should kill them.
  • That Tarantino is such a good storyteller makes this worse, not better, because he's more effectively reinforcing his dangerous worldview.
  • @mcclure111 The real problem here is that you can't trust what you liked as a kid because kids have shitty taste.
  • @frank0127 Yeah, that's the first half of the revenge plot. You have to establish the character as bad so that it's okay to murder them.
  • @mcclure111 This is problematic.
  • It's incredibly important to realize that despite what a thousand hacky movies and game plots tell you, the Nazis weren't "evil."
  • Nazis were the result of bureaucracy, a pathological cult of personality, and basic human tribalism.
  • This sort of thing happens in every culture and on every scale, and how we perceive the events is almost entirely the lens of the historian.
  • @AmyDentata That too, yeah.
  • @ePiMagnets History always ends happily.
  • @Kraznor Yeah, I thought that was an effective humanization.
  • @JMRomeo It's quite a striking design! The Nazis were extraordinarily effective propagandists.
  • @Kraznor By far. It's the only movie of his I can watch without feeling complicit in something gross.
  • @Problemachina It's weird looking back on decades of games going from abstract to photorealistic cannon fodder without anyone noticing.
  • @Problemachina Yeah, they understandably evolved in the direction of what's fun rather than what speaks to actual human behavior.
  • @Problemachina Realistic graphics are more "fun" for us as a culture. I feel this effect even as I grimace at myself for buying into it.
  • @Problemachina There is that effect, but it wouldn't be marketable if people didn't like it at some level.
  • @Problemachina If there was ever a time we could fully blame marketing for the effect, it was decades ago. The desire is now real per se.
  • @m_silverman
  • @Problemachina Market forces will solve this particular problem before social ones can. AAA games are making less and less financial sense.
  • @Problemachina Right, yeah.
  • @m_silverman There's quite a difference between placing the blame on individual high-ranking officers versus everyone who wore the uniform.
  • @m_silverman An interesting thought experiment, though: if the Axis won, would the Enola Gay crew have been convicted, or just Harry Truman?
  • @m_silverman I absolutely think that had we lost the war, Hiroshima and Nagasaki would've been considered war crimes.
  • @m_silverman Because the attacks targeted civilians, specifically. Along with dozens of other plain old firebombings of Japanese cities.
  • @m_silverman I agree with the distinction you're making for these cases. I'm making an analogy, not a one-to-one equality.
  • @m_silverman My point is that the human factors that converged to create the Holocaust are all universal. They exist in every culture.
  • @SpectraSwallow Nobody's yelling, there's just been reasonable discussion. It's possible that those who are most bothered aren't talking.
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