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Ugh, stop twitching
january 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2013-02-12 05:52:56 by Jim Crawford
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Jan 01

  • I don't know how 2013 is going to top 2012, but we'll find out together!
  • @hamptonus Yeah, so there's no need to even to establish evil via action, since it's already established by association.
  • Phil Fish on 2012: "I feel like i learned something, but i dont know exactly what it is. Keep your mouth shut maybe?" polytroncorporati...
  • Also, news: Fez being ported to other platforms.
  • @elfbarf Not specified! My guess is PS3 and Wii U. PC isn't *too* much of a stretch since XNA gives it to you basically for free.
  • @KayinNasaki He hasn't announced a PC port specifically yet. Let's not get too crazy here.
  • @KayinNasaki To be fair there's a big difference between "forcing" anything and just setting the terms under which you'll sell your product.
  • RT @jonginn Got my belated Christmas present from @enloquecerse and its the best thing ever. #frogfractions
  • @evilbadman Perv.
  • @KayinNasaki In all honesty I think "should be played in front of a TV" fits in perfectly with the rest of Fez's design ethos.
  • @KayinNasaki The extent to which Fez is successful is in large part dependent on how many people want to relive Phil Fish's childhood.
  • @frank0127 @KayinNasaki I know a guy who bought a 360 just to play Fez. He's annoyed now.
  • RT @mrasmus I don't usually RT myself because that shit's crazy, but this felt right. RT @mrasmus: @KayinNasaki @mogwai_poet TLDR FUCK VOLATILE MEMORY.
  • Oh man, toast is totally baked twice. You bake it once and then you bake it again! I wonder what happens if you bake it a third time?
  • RT @kenruze I tried frog fractions and hated it. then I tried frog fractions and loved it.
  • @frank0127 TRYING THIS RIGHT NOW
  • @BobVFMontoya It's a great trick if you're ADD. Before Frog Fractions, the only games I had the attention span to finish building were tiny.

Jan 02

  • "A Muslim businessman detained at airports and borders more than 30 times since June has filed suit against the DHS." orlandosentinel.c...
  • RT @textfiles Yes, Oracle, EVERY professional and established standard language wants to install the fucking toolbar, just like java.
  • RT @necrosofty Impressed that Goblet Grotto creator thacatamites crafted an intro email to me to look like insurance spam. That's doing indie weirdo right!
  • I played Goblet Grotto for 30 seconds and lost. I don't know if the next 30 seconds'll hold up, but goddamn, what a great first 30 seconds.
  • "Verizon Announces End of 900 Number Billing" blogs.imediaconne...
  • @moaex Chapter select to the rescue!
  • @UndeadManWalkin Have you tried upgrading your video card?

Jan 03

  • @pklug @dasupa1 @BenPerLee Isn't ROM Check Fail already basically where Frog Fractions is heading?
  • @prryjcksn Here you go: frogfractions.ban...
  • @dasupa1 @pklug @BenPerLee I am talking about the game ROM Check Fail!
  • @prryjcksn No problem! Glad you're enjoying it.
  • @dasupa1 @pklug @BenPerLee I'm a little socialed out from New Years stuff, but ping me in a couple of weeks.
  • The word "with" seems to be freaking out the text-to-speech functionality on Google Translate.
  • @Kraznor Was fun. Thanks for having me!
  • @pheriannath @FinalFormGames To the extent that there is a story, it's here:
  • @pheriannath @FinalFormGames But I've been friends with them for a while, with Tim specifically for a couple decades.
  • RT @raganwald Q: What is the difference between symbolism in literature and inside Simpsons jokes and memes? A: About a hundred years.
  • RT @webbedspace Game where you're the coin inside a shell game and you have to guess your own position by watching the table texture move beneath you.
  • @pheriannath Yeah, he is. I'm glad you're enjoying it!

Jan 04

  • Let's see how long this lasts! There are even citations, so clearly the author put some actual effort in.
  • This article posits that the crime surge of the 70s and 80s was caused by leaded gasoline. Remarkably convincing.
  • @TheZotmeister I'm pretty sure that argument doesn't play in Wikipedia deletion discussions.
  • @TomBurnsRogers Yeah, the end of the article argues for taking $20 billion a year out of law enforcement and putting it into soil cleanup.
  • @endrift Yeah, there are some legit cites. Ideally, throw in Giant Bomb's UOTY award and the mention in Game Developer I can't find anymore.

Jan 05

  • @coffee_dad How do you feel about espresso?
  • @coffee_dad Do you feel like your son is at his eternal rest?
  • So this is where we're at, as a civilization:
  • @hamptonus Is that the sound of a steam engine?
  • The Miserables: You only have 2.5 hours. How can you gut-punch your audience with literally every major human theme? Excise everything else.
  • RT @mcclure111 @mogwai_poet I feel like this could work well as a card game.
  • RT @ForneusLex @mogwai_poet We will have truly advanced when we see Sexy Bartholemew Salience at Party City.
  • Countries that can least afford organic farming are most susceptible to the organic lobby, and people are starving.
  • @bombsfall I didn't look. In a good way or a bad way?
  • @bombsfall Science does that to some people. (On all sides of the political spectrum, as the article makes clear.)
  • @BenKuchera Do you feel it wasn't funny enough to justify the craziness? Or do you feel it'd've been funnier if it were less crazy?
  • @BenKuchera Oddly, I'm almost inclined to take "zany" as a diss per se; it says to me shoe-on-head banality rather than the truly unexpected
  • @BenKuchera Yeah, that's fair. If the comedy doesn't work for you, it doesn't work, and the gameplay certainly doesn't hold up on its own.
  • @fiddlecub The funny thing is, I *had* a tutorial for a while. Eventually @westquote gave me the kick in the head I needed to get rid of it.
  • @BenKuchera Sure. I'll DM you my address.
  • @fiddlecub @westquote Exactly. It was blindingly obvious -- after he brought up the issue.
  • @fiddlecub Yeah, that sounds like fun!

Jan 06

  • @SodaDrinkerPro Thanks!
  • @MoviusC I hope it was enlightening!

Jan 07

  • @ryan_c_ford Not *too* intoxicating, I hope! I've seen screenshots of extended Futilitris sessions and I cringe :)
  • Quite the IGF nominee lineup this year. Frog Fractions got a Nuovo honorable mention!
  • @Vanther Thanks!
  • @Gangles Thanks!
  • "18 Astounding Hubble Photos Released In 2012"
  • @mcclure111 Thanks!
  • @mrasmus Thanks!
  • @frank0127 I don't know if honorable mentions count! But if Valve is interested, I'm almost obligated to make Frog Fractions HD.
  • @GamerHorizon Thanks! I'll check it out.
  • @radiatoryang @JohnPolson I'm pretty sure if it has funding it's technically called a "hackathon."
  • Giant squid caught on film.
  • @RVGSymphony @frank0127 One day!
  • RT @MarkDoesStuff If you think you read today's review of the game Frog Fractions, you didn't. There's a 2nd review in the comments.
  • @IAmNidoking @MarkDoesStuff That was a fun read :)
  • @ShanghaiSix I'm for it. Phone, skype, email?
  • RT @DeadlyRedCube @bengrue It shows. The part where you futilely stick your tongue out really displays the depth of pain felt at being human. You nailed it.
  • @RVGSymphony @frank0127 With Andre Felipe as a playable character.
  • @ShanghaiSix Sent!

Jan 08

  • "Every day a PHP script picks a random spot on the land mass of Earth. The nearest photo to that spot is posted here." stochasticplanet....
  • "In an instant, an entire Chadian squad of rangers was cut down with alarming precision by elephant poachers."
  • @UntoldEnt Yes. Most people seem to throw in for games to the tune of $20, and it's crazy to expect a physical reward at that tier.
  • @UntoldEnt You probably should create e.g. a shirt for $100 and up. But sending out rewards below that tier, you're basically losing money.
  • @UntoldEnt Shipping out physical rewards, I should specify.
  • This is what being a drone pilot does to you.
  • SMBC would feel more honest if they replaced their "web comic" with a "daily essay." I'd read it. (I already read it.)
  • @BlergGames It's true, all mathematicians have to be smartasses.
  • Tommy Refenes writes on how to get started programming games, including a good breakdown of the development workflow.
  • @hamptonus Right, I guess that's like how people circulate screenshots of forum posts, because no medium does better on Reddit than "image"?
  • @hamptonus Yeah, and it has a certain promise of being quickly consumable -- images *can* be unexpectedly super long, but rarely are.

Jan 09

  • @niklassintorn I got pretty much that from Google Translate, but thanks :)
  • @niklassintorn You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  • @Wiswell The work that @westquote compared Frog Fractions to was Vonnegut's "Cat's Cradle." There's definitely something to the comparison.
  • @Wiswell But I don't think there are as many interesting things left to do with novels, because it's so well-explored as a form.
  • @Wiswell Which is to say: it's now easier to just tell a good story than it is to come up with an interesting new stylistic experiment.
  • @Wiswell In contrast, making Frog Fractions interesting was way easier than making it traditionally "good" would've been.
  • RT @shit_hn_says If you have to make a mental effort to avoid the M&Ms when you pass the kitchen, that diminishes your productivity for the rest of the day
  • Listener poll: who would you rather see as a playable character in Frog Fractions HD? A. Andre Felipe. B. Andre Felipe Felipe.
  • RT @TomBurnsRogers @mogwai_poet I'd rather see a create-a-Felipe feature.
  • When you adhere autistically strictly to your own moral code in fiction, you're Javert or Rorschach. In real life you're Fred Phelps.
  • @RealReimu
  • @RealReimu The last Frog-based flash game you'll ever need:
  • This is basically exactly where I was 5 years ago. In some respects I've moved on, and in some respects I haven't.
  • I know people who are still there. I could offer advice, but I honestly I can't even be sure it's affecting them because we avoid the topic.
  • Nobody ever talks about it. Too uncomfortable. Ours is a virgin-shaming culture and virgin-rich subcultures avoid the topic at all costs.
  • @geardrops That's step one. Step two is dating a girl for four months without ever touching her, since you're afraid to overstep boundaries.
  • @geardrops (Step three is acknowledging you'll never be able to mindread and being willing to actually talk about feelings and desires.)
  • @geardrops Are we? They're two sides of the same coin, of not being able to read people.
  • Protip: the more I learn about dating, the happier I am I started in my twenties rather than my teens. Do you *remember* teenagers? Jesus.
  • @geardrops Yeah, that's fair. It's a problem. My point is, the article is about the new problem that happens once you solve that one.
  • @geardrops Huh, okay, that's new to me. I've never witnessed that one, and only heard about it in exaggerations.
  • @Mixailovich I don't suppose you live in a place where OkCupid has a decent user base? It's basically flirting-for-aspies.
  • @geardrops Agreed, yeah.
  • @Mixailovich You get a lot of hard data about potential partners, and communication is less risky because you do it via email.
  • @Mixailovich You still have to learn how to behave in real life, but you at least have a date as a starting point by the time you get there.
  • @Mixailovich If that works for you, great! I've found that having the shared starting point of romantic interest is a big help, though.
  • @ForneusLex @geardrops I donno. Thinking of myself as having mild ASD informs my life decisions. I think it's helpful to be aware of it.
  • @Mixailovich In that case, pick hobbies with good gender ratios and practice your social skills early and often!
  • @ForneusLex @geardrops Agreed. But the essay is refuting the idea of self-diagnosing per se. (Which, to be clear, is what I'm doing.)
  • @ForneusLex @geardrops I think I'm just not social enough to have observed it happening.
  • @registradus @ratsoalbion @GhostWorld80 @caneandrinse hey guys what's going on in this thread
  • @Triplefox Right, and that possibility is why I'm willing to ignore when I see someone I suspect is lonely and just not talking about it.
  • @ratsoalbion @registradus @GhostWorld80 @caneandrinse Yes. Email me?
  • @Satchamobob @geardrops @ForneusLex In my experience being conscious and explicit is never a bad idea long term, even if it sucks right now.
  • @hamptonus o/

Jan 10

  • RT @the_dudefather @bradshoemaker What if EVERY videogame had a Frog Fractions twist, but we haven't discovered them yet? What lies under the screen in COD?
  • @TheZotmeister It really is not the norm. It's also not often discussed, which makes it seem even less the norm than it's already not.
  • @TheZotmeister I think the series is a helpful step towards "look, virgins are people too!"
  • The etiquette isn't in place yet for ending video calls. Endless series of acknowledgements as both sides fumble for the "hang up" button.
  • @UndeadManWalkin Really, you just hang up, like in sitcoms?
  • @2plus2isjoe I'd love to do that. I'm more likely to start with a native-PC remake, though.
  • @frank0127 Man, it's so simple. I want to hang up on everybody early and often now, just to practice.
  • @UndeadManWalkin Yeah, it's totally a thing!

Jan 11

  • Interfaces, ladies and gentlemen.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I never got a chance to mess around with that much. Was the "pet" button right next to the "dismiss forever" button?
  • RT @Michipoo18 @phneri Go! Go! Foreign Emissary from Frog Fractions is now my ring tone :D @mogwai_poet
  • @Michipoo18 @phneri Awesome :)
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I can see where the designers were coming from. If you can't punch anybody, is it *really* a video game?
  • RT @ShanghaiSix Just interviewed #FrogFractions creator Jim Crafword (@mogwaipoet) for @FrontTowardsGmr Radio 149! It was as nuts as you'd expect :)

Jan 12

  • RT @quinnnorton My Aaron Swartz, whom I loved. @aaronsw
  • RT @neilyourself Q. What do you say to an honest horse? A. "I appreciate your canter" Q. What do you say to a dishonest horse? A. "You Fucking liar horse"

Jan 13

  • RT @TronKnotts Here's where you can watch Frog Fraction's @mogwai_poet and me talk in a few hours. Gotta go buy wife pants first!
  • RT @Kantye_West Happiness is not an ideal of reason but of imagination, therefore,if you cannot afford a car, you can always name your daughter A-lexis..
  • RT @Kantye_West Yo, we at war with terrorism, racism but most of all, we at war with being able to systematically explore the inherent limits of our reason
  • @mkkmypet @TronKnotts Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
  • RT @weefz @chrisoregan This was my favourite moment of Frog Fractions:
  • @Killermime93 Thanks! I think Pythagoras made important strides towards the understanding that fractions don't cover all possible numbers.
  • The livestreamed interview-thingy I did with Jonathan Holmes is up on Youtube now:
  • @Vermando @hamptonus @mogwai_poet Yeah, I think that's a thing everybody goes through.
  • @Vermando @hamptonus Hrm, how did I end up addressing myself there?
  • @RVGSymphony The best way to work!

Jan 14

  • Tired of inducing vomiting manually? Drain your stomach using medical science instead! aspirebariatrics....
  • @Vanther I hadn't bothered to check until you asked, but, it seems like it?
  • RT @specwill @mogwai_poet Great for Halloween: my Kuato costume will be able to drink and belch!
  • @specwill Works if you have a colostomy too!
  • Levitation via acoustic standing waves.
  • @filipinomike As you should!
  • @manveerheir Wasn't that one of the side-effects of Olestra?
  • "The Aaron Swartz JSTOR liberator is a tiny bit of civil disobedience, presented to you in clicktivism form." aaronsw.archivete...
  • You can go vote Frog Fractions in the JayIsGames end-of-year awards! (But you should probably vote for Dys4ia instead.)
  • @kewlrats Yeah. Send me an email.
  • @manveerheir Our brightest economists have been trying for decades to figure out how to ship America's excess calories to starving nations.
  • @Vanther @manveerheir Hey hey, we were just talking about making people eat directly out of our assholes, and you gotta make it all gross.
  • Slideshow: "The 6 best dresses at the Golden Globes."
  • @RyanMarkel It works on my machine!
  • @RyanMarkel Hrm. I'm *pretty* sure I've tried Dvorak on a Mac, but I should double check. What version of Flash?
  • @RyanMarkel Okay, yeah, I'm pretty sure I didn't try Safari in Dvorak. I'll look into it, thanks!
  • @RyanMarkel And thanks :)
  • @RyanMarkel I use Dvorak so I care about this stuff too. I was just surprised!
  • @SnealIV @fiddlecub

Jan 15

  • @PyrionFlax A fun watch, thanks for making it!
  • Just spent a couple hours in the Gamespot/CBS Interactive offices, and not a single 3DS street pass. Shameful.
  • Sophie Prell's story about Frog Fractions is up at Penny Arcade Report already. Man, those guys work fast.
  • @bfod @rocketcatgames That reminds me: did anybody end up naming their child Turok?
  • @phubans Thanks!
  • RT @DidYouKnowWP #DidYouKnow that in the video game Frog Fractions, the player travels from a lily pad on Earth to Mars, where they...
  • @pattheflip All video games are like that, really. Frog Fractions moreso, is all.
  • Spoilers for the first three seconds of Looper: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON WITH JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT'S FACE
  • @TheZotmeister @hitRECordJoe Well, because it was a rhetorical question; I was only asking to express distaste at certain technical choices!
  • @YouOldSoAndSo As I recall, that does happen later, yeah.
  • @davidsgallant If only Rian Johnson had the prescience to start making this movie thirty years ago, this could all have been avoided.
  • RT @common_squirrel dig dig dig dig dig
  • @vogon @antumbral 16 years in, CSS is still a mindfuck and compatibility nightmare; tables are still dead simple and work everywhere.
  • RT @vectorpoem If the internet has taught us anything today, it's that Sexism Is Over. [starwipe]
  • @vogon @antumbral I'd throw in to that Kickstarter.
  • @theonewhogrins The best events I've been to, street pass wise, have been Maker Faire and California Extreme. I hear PAX is good too.

Jan 16

  • @IvanDashSmith He was complaining (sort of) that he tends to be kindred spirits with all his guests, so maybe thinking alike is inevitable!
  • @IvanDashSmith Thanks! Yeah, it was fun talking to him.
  • "If you have a large enough codebase, any class of error that is syntactically legal probably exists there."
  • @NathanLHammack I generally dislike ads, but most LPers just do it without asking and that doesn't really bother me? So I guess go ahead.
  • How do you enforce rules in the case where you have no evidence, but cheating is a statistical certainty? rjlipton.wordpres...
  • @UndeadManWalkin I can only imagine. I guess making sure cheaters *appear* plausibly human is a win of some kind.
  • @WriterRyan I've been known to do that.
  • "Flump converts Flash keyframe animations into atlases and XML/JSON that can be easily integrated into a 2D engine." threerings.github...
  • RT @fiddlecub GameSpot podcast! With me, Frog Fractions creator @mogwai_poet, @tommcshea, @carolynmichelle, and @THE_REAL_TYLERW.
  • RT @bmau_ro You guys! Guess what twitter account was just registered? @nasagamejam. Guess what awesome thing is gonna get announced real soon? Excite.
  • @daemonpants I think it's new. Newish, at least.

Jan 17

  • @davidsgallant But you don't have a solution either, right? :)
  • @davidsgallant Yeah. Also people will call you pretentious and steal your lunch money.
  • Apple takes an official stance on what games are permitted to do: "If you want to criticize a religion, write a book."
  • "World's Best Alarm Clock Free ... 4 Snooze Coins $0.99"
  • @ThierryNguyen It reminds me of the gym memberships that charge you more if you don't go.

Jan 18

  • @wavenger Now if only I could silence the voice in my own head telling me to just look at a walkthrough already.
  • Producer of "2 girls 1 cup" sent to prison. "That's the Academy Award I just won in there. That's an artist's dream."
  • Oh, apparently it's unrelated to 2 Girls 1 Cup. So, just a First Amendment story, not a First Amendment story with added memetic resonance.
  • From the story: "It makes people think, 'What is art? Can art be gross?'" -- Apparently somebody hasn't heard of Piss Christ.
  • @plantseeds @BenRuiz This is why I'm not a journalist.
  • Would-be Bay Area zombies, here's your big opportunity:
  • RT @carolynmichelle I celebrate myself, and sing myself, And what I assume you shall assume, For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you. -W.W.
  • @plantseeds @BenRuiz Separated at birth?!
  • @IvanDashSmith I think the continuing to sell and promote his work was a factor in the sentencing, not the conviction.
  • @iamcarneiro @manveerheir Man, way to make me feel guilty for every retweet!
  • Yep, these are consistently amazing. "10 Brilliant Comedy Gems Hiding on YouTube"

Jan 19

Jan 21

  • @RVGSymphony That was the first album of theirs that I heard. Still a favorite.
  • @Rokashi Thanks!
  • @_Brotha_Bear_ Thanks!
  • "Who are you going to call? The people who take care of the people who are kind of not really dead!" ug5films.tumblr.c...
  • Escape from Tomorrow: "It is not possible that this film exists."
  • @zhiwiller I know, right?
  • @TronKnotts Ogod, I forgot about the weird robo-eyed hell world that you enter via the docking stations.

Jan 22

  • "Losing My Religion," in a major key.
  • As you could've guessed, the deeply formative trauma of going to grade school lasts for the rest of your life.
  • "A post made by Facebook on your behalf is invisible to you, and only shows up in your friends' & family's news feed."
  • As a personal aside, if you ever see me "liking" anything other than an individual person's post, comment or link, it's a mistake or a scam.
  • @jakeinvaders Chapter select to the rescue!
  • RT @cartoonfuntime i literally don't believe any cartoonist who claims they never had a crush on some weird cartoon animal
  • Gravity Rush does a stupendous job of making the act of flying through the air feel mundane and stultifying.
  • An hour into the tutorial, and I'm still unsure how the flight controls work, because they only function when there's a prompt to use them.
  • @thesporkwithin I admit, I've been spending a lot of time looking at my hand rather than the screen.
  • @phanboy_iv In all honesty I'd prefer to play the prototype of the falling mechanic than the "complete" game they fleshed it out into.
  • @Megalodactyl Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
  • When there's no more room in fast food, unskilled labor will walk the earth.
  • @mcclure111 I still hold that economics is a good idea, in moderation.
  • @LordAndrewToal That may be the closest we can come, short of nanotech, to repurposing all matter on earth into an enormous pleasure center.
  • @mcclure111 Hm. I think we *do* get that mindset.
  • @mcclure111 We definitely do get into the mindset that tools, esp. powerful tools that have served us well, are "good."
  • It's okay, all those unskilled laborers who were replaced by machines? We've still got an honest day's work for them: blakefallconroy.c...

Jan 23

  • Leon Cox's interview with me is up over at Cane and Rinse.
  • @pickassoreborn Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
  • "The Skewed, Anamorphic Sculptures and Engineered Illusions of Jonty Hurwitz"
  • If I'd known it'd go like this, I'd've offered a couple bucks to take control of Vigil and fix the art in Darksiders.
  • Step one of fixing Darksiders: hire this art director. d'aww, look at the widdle screenshots. look at 'em d'aww
  • @monstersden Look, another dead baby with huge shoulders!
  • @CodeSavage It's okay, headhunting people from Nintendo is notoriously difficult.
  • @CodeSavage Here's me being a hypocrite: I made Frog Fractions in part to make the point that you can't judge a game by the first 30 seconds
  • @CodeSavage and yet I totally decided I hated Darksiders within 30 seconds of starting it.
  • "All trials past and present should be registered, and the full methods and the results reported."
  • Photo set: fighting the Chicago fire in sub-zero temperatures.
  • @wavenger
  • @registradus @ratsoalbion and, in that order.

Jan 24

  • @reutunes Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

Jan 25

  • RT @neilyourself Cool undocumented feature: Apparently when you're born, if your reflexes are good, you have a brief 80-year window to not be a piece of shit
  • @TronKnotts Hm, I can't see the video. Is it just the same video conversation packaged in a new post?
  • Finally, a form of gamification everybody can get behind:
  • Got to #ggjsf late, but not too late to make games!
  • @carolynmichelle I wonder if you're sick due to some super-specific mineral deficiency that your body only knows one way to fill.
  • "Sometimes magic is just someone spending more time on something than anyone else might reasonably expect."
  • @carolynmichelle There's *something* in there, anyway. A stopped clock is right twice a day!
  • RT @stevenkaas You are not the king of your brain. You are the creepy guy standing next to the king going "a most judicious choice, sire".

Jan 26

  • @GuardianKnux I pity those trying to sleep at the jam space.
  • CBS/CNET is setting the bar right now for what degree of editorial interference in news that the public will accept.
  • @GuardianKnux Mmrph... sorry, did you say something? I haven't had my coffee yet.
  • @mcclure111 Stress-free boycott! You already weren't using it, so the hard part's done; now you just tell people why at cocktail parties.
  • @mcclure111 Was that self-funded or did you get an NEA grant?
  • @mcclure111 You know, I'm pretty sure it's possible to create an album on Bandcamp with no songs on it.
  • @BenKuchera I'd say that sort of flow comes from playing a fixed level repeatedly until you've got it cold. Guitar Hero, Stuntman, Ikaruga.
  • Probably the sanest possible response to your work being used without being compensated, credited, or contacted. jonathancoulton.c...
  • (Also, Fox's lawyers finally got in touch with him about that, to tell him that he should be happy about the exposure.) jonathancoulton.c...
  • RT @FrontTowardsGmr Frog Fractions Jim Crawford: Front Towards Gamer Radio, Episode 148 fronttowardsgamer... @FrontTowardsGmr
  • @GuardianKnux What are you working on? I'm over by the bagels making the failed-marriage dating sim if you want to say hi.
  • @RockLeeSmile I think the reason people don't worry more about this is that we have an extraordinarily effective plan B: piracy.
  • @manveerheir That's only a failure if the game failed to also make you *want* to do it.
  • @manveerheir Right, yes.
  • @phubans But... it *is* DiGiorno. More than anything. I can't think of anything it is more than it's DiGiorno.
  • This project is overambitious *and* hard to simplify; nearly every feature is a core feature. New game jam, new game jam mistake! #ggjsf
  • @xMattieBrice
  • @xMattieBrice Agreed. But it's a useful one, in that it frames every problem in terms of solutions that are within your power to enact.
  • @cellphonegaming *Now* I do. Thanks!
  • public class CatBath extends FlxState #ggjsf
  • @dougwillsaveus Jinx!

Jan 27

  • "The normalisation of torture in Zero Dark Thirty is a sign of the moral vacuum we are gradually approaching."
  • The first comment says "it's just a film." First time I've seen that defense used for something other than video games.
  • RT @jonnysun if you teache a parrot to say "parrot" then is that p much the same thing as owneing a pokemon
  • @dougwillsaveus @mrfb Oh man, speaking of, is there coffee today or should I grab something on the way?
  • @Kraznor Matt Taibbi addresses that specifically in his similar essay: -- It was probably a mistake for ?i?ek not to.
  • @Kraznor Hm, do you mean the tone springs to mind with respect to Zero Dark Thirty, or the hypothetical holocaust film?
  • @mrfb @dougwillsaveus ... hot water?
  • @Kraznor @exfauxsure It sounds like I should watch The Pianist.
  • @Kraznor We're gonna have a mostly-functional game! I had my doubts, I can tell you.
  • @Kraznor Chelsea just handed me a "pillow" badge for getting more than 12 hours of sleep during the jam. Gamification!
  • Proposed usage: "gamification" as a negative, "ludification" as a positive. C.f. "childish" and "childlike."
  • Just got another badge, for having tweeted with the #ggjsf hash-tag. Pretty sure that falls on the "gamification" side.
  • RT @dougwillsaveus Five hours to go. By a bizarre coincidence, that's the number of hours of energy I have in this bottle! #GGJSF #GGJ13
  • RT @mrfb #GGJ13, day 3: The bagels are gone. We've resorted to entering our names into a database and calling rand() to see who we eat first. #ggjsf
  • The adventures of Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit!
  • Hm. Angel Summoner and the BMX bandit is basically the same joke as Futility Pong.
  • @Marwood I've never watched regularly but I've seen several bits I really liked.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I really enjoyed that one, unironically.
  • @Marwood Thanks! Is Peep Show related? Same creators?
  • Our #ggjsf game is totally a game! It's even sort of the game we intended it to be.
  • "A situation that is perfectly equal between men and women is perceived as being biased in favor of women."
  • @macintux @silentbicycle Hm, what behavior are you seeing?
  • @macintux @silentbicycle Ah, yeah, the control scheme requires clicking and holding, versus just tapping.
  • @macintux @silentbicycle Yeah; I was deliberately skirting the discoverability line for effect, so an unexpected factor would tip it over.
  • Screenshots and description for our #ggjsf game here:
  • I spent all of Saturday implementing dating minigames. Now I really want to work on a Warioware-style minigame collection. #ggjsf
  • RT @Vanther And also to @dougwillsaveus @mogwai_poet @tishes34 and @vahn16 for collaborating on our crazy, amazing game :D
  • Whenver people talk about Hugh Jackman I hear the first two syllables and think they're going to say "Hugh Jass." #twitterconfessions
  • RT @SelfAwareROOMBA Why do things happen?
  • @Vanther @dougwillsaveus @Tishes34 @Vahn16

Jan 28

  • Main takeaway fom Depression Comix: emotion can be way more detached from reality than my intuition would indicate. depressioncomix.t...
  • Also, depression is a laff a minute.
  • @mcclure111 Words kinda suck, huh?
  • @FirstThirtyMins Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  • The problem with every programming class: they're structured to teach a new language to people who can already code.
  • The author suggests teaching only the bare minimum to do interesting things, then focus on problem solving skills. It's a good idea.
  • In the case of games, the bare minimum amount of programming necessary is no programming at all:
  • @vogon Yeah, that's frustrating too.
  • @eeJonathan Yeah, that's the flip side of the problem. Everybody's trying to be both.
  • @mrasmus I also like Python as a first language. It's structured to let you use as little of it as necessary to get the job done.
  • @seecce Right, starting from an existing example makes a huge difference.
  • @geardrops @mrasmus BASIC gets a bad rap, but one feature it shares with Python is that you can build things in it with no unnecessary fuss.
  • @geardrops @ForneusLex @mrasmus Everyone who comes out of academia a coder went into it a coder. They have no fucking idea how to teach it.
  • @mrasmus @geardrops GOTO is absolutely the most basic, platonic ideal of a control flow mechanism. Only in practice is it a terrible idea.
  • @mrasmus @geardrops (Much like pointers, in C.)
  • @mrasmus @ForneusLex @geardrops Yeah, I do literally know one dude who learned to code in uni -- a got-motivated-to-teach-himself thing.
  • @Kraznor It's really hard to say. We had about 30 games and about half an hour allotted to try them out, so any given person only saw a few.
  • @Kraznor Probably the standout stuff for me was what the Sifteo teams were doing.
  • @Kraznor I can't find a useful link to any of them, but it's this *sort* of thing:
  • @Kraznor I was on the </3 team: -- Note that it's basically unplayable unless you have a dev nearby to explain it.
  • @Kraznor Well, it depends on your respective personalities. I believe we classified that activity as introverted/practical.

Jan 29

  • @SpaceDrakeCF I don't think the guy *has* a career. Isn't Forbes basically a blog host these days?
  • "The Numbers Are In: For-Profit Prisons Are Bad for Everybody" Now that that's settled, they're gonna go away, right? slog.thestranger....
  • "It's hard to believe that she used to be that little girl [capable of subjective experiences] that I remember."
  • RT @JohnCandyJr The concept of Dying would be a lot less depressing if we rebranded it to "Promoted to Skeleton."
  • @seabeesrock Glad to hear it!

Jan 30

  • @codemastermm You puzzled the interface out well enough to win, that's pretty impressive :)
  • @codemastermm I made the minigames! The text was mostly written by @Vahn16. I see what you mean, though -- it does read sorta like my style.
  • @codemastermm He turns out to have been the guy who wrote up Frog Fractions for Rock Paper Shotgun, maybe because it read like his style :)
  • "Tortoise found alive in locked store room after thirty years"
  • @cmuratori @S0phieH @Jonathan_Blow I read it as less of a plea to do better and more as venting about nonspecific frustrations.
  • @cmuratori @S0phieH @Jonathan_Blow Which is fine per se, but reads as passive-aggressive in a public forum.
  • @cmuratori @S0phieH @Jonathan_Blow The passive part is the nonspecificity. Name a game, or name an award. Don't just say "you guys suck."
  • @cmuratori @S0phieH @Jonathan_Blow And don't just say "you know what I'm talking about." Not if you're actually trying to convince people.
  • @cmuratori @S0phieH @Jonathan_Blow Again, just venting is fine; I have similar frustrations. But it isn't going to win any hearts and minds.
  • @Jonathan_Blow @cmuratori @S0phieH I totally understand! That doesn't make it any less passive-aggressive.
  • @Jonathan_Blow @cmuratori @S0phieH Yeah, that was my initial read. Your situation sounds really frustrating. Hope you're doing better soon.
  • @tom_forsyth @Jonathan_Blow This is a much better way to be concrete than my offhand suggestion to name a critically acclaimed bad game.
  • @tom_forsyth @Jonathan_Blow (So is making your own good games.)
  • Remember when you picked a major you liked and your career'd just sort itself out? I guess that was like 30 years ago?
  • @phubans You would not believe how many times I had to click to close that tab.
  • @phubans Judgement call? I think anyone who can be seen looking at random images at work could get away with it. It'd just be embarrassing.
  • RT @mcclure111 Top 3 in "mcc's twitter only" bracket are Super Hexagon, Frog Fractions, Dys4ia. You all have wonderful taste and I am so proud of you all.

Jan 31

  • @JmacDotOrg Hm, I'm surprised anybody's still exposing the general public to listserv. It's been a while since every user was also a coder.
  • "How Video Games Fund Arms Manufacturers"
  • "We definitely see sales of particular guns increase when they are featured in popular video games, such as Call of Duty."
  • @CodeSavage My takeaway from that particular point is that video games *definitely* affect real-life gun-related decisions.
  • @S0phieH @cmuratori Please remove me from your newsletter.
  • @limbclock @S0phieH He's venting, a very human thing to do. Public figures in public forums can't afford to be human.
  • @limbclock Don't know what he said re Greenlight. But in general he's got intense opinions; isn't that exactly what we want out of artists?
  • @limbclock Maybe you should be making beer. Or games about beer.
  • @limbclock Ah, yeah, a lot of people were saying that. For most of them, their only experience with being "poor" was being children.
  • @limbclock "Just mow some lawns and save up your allowance for a few weeks!"
  • @limbclock You can have all the craftsmanship in the world, but if you don't have anything to say, your work will be sterile and lifeless.
  • @limbclock Alternatively, another good approach is to ask a question about what you should believe and make a work that will answer it.
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