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Ugh, stop twitching
march 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2013-06-27 00:56:08 by Jim Crawford
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Mar 01

  • This recipe calls for me to leave the yeast alone with the sugar water for a while. I hope the yeast is having a good time.
  • @LaboratoryGrey What if you're immersed in lukewarm sugar water? Have they tried that?
  • @IvanDashSmith They're hosting frequent jams at the Sifteo offices. Er, iIf you were local I'd suggest you show up!
  • @IvanDashSmith Right now it's more fun in theory than in practice, but I played some pretty great in-development software at the offices.
  • @mrfb ... then there's no need to stir!
  • @sound_joe I wanted Waltz Yeast :(
  • @LaboratoryGrey Well there's only one way to find out!

Mar 02

  • RT @geardrops .@fiskmeshi: I grew up with egg harps but never seen a cheese harp - Me: It's like an egg harp, but for cheese -@fiskmeshi: That makes sense
  • Ok, how do I get FlashDevelop's autocomplete to prefer identifiers defined in my open project over ones in APIs I tried once and gave up on?
  • "The Happy Godfather"
  • @singing_pigs In fact yes, but *good* help, not crappy help!
  • Sleeping giraffes.

Mar 03

  • So there's another phone book on the porch.
  • I always assumed phone book delivery was part of the landline service, but I'm almost certain we don't have a landline.
  • @IvanDashSmith Huh, is it a third party running it, then? Funded by the advertisers in the yellow pages maybe?
  • @Kraznor I feel bad recycling them so I just pretend they're not there. Eventually they go away by themselves, so I'm doing something right!
  • @AmyDentata That's the most sensical explanation I've heard so far.
  • @IcarusTyler I'll be pleased if ongoing phone book service turns out to be some eccentric billionaire's performance art project.

Mar 04

  • Making Coca-Cola: "Modern tool chains are so long and complex that they bind us into one people and one planet."
  • "HIV-Infected Infant Cured With Early Use of AIDS Drugs"
  • RT @NicholasGolden @mogwai_poet "Thanks frog fractions.Thx to you we developed the skills necessary to figure out the complex math for the cure" #Truestory
  • The Minds Eye: in the future, whole movies will look like this!
  • @buzz_clik We can only hope!
  • @Lokno I wonder to what extent trapper keeper art is defined by its era? It looks to me like late 80s trapper keeper art specifically.
  • @vogon Did you try rewriting your code base in Haskell?
  • "What game design gems lurk in the unexplored nooks and crannies of the original 1996 Tomb Raider?"
  • The conundrum every Apache admin faces: dive into .htaccess *again*, or just decide that a certain degree of broken is acceptable thesedays?
  • @biphenyl Along similar lines, I'm really enjoying @ellaguro's writeups of Wolfenstein 3D levels: ellaguro.blogspot.c...
  • @RandomOutput Yep, that was my conclusion too! At least for the time being.

Mar 05

  • RT @KestrelPi When will we see the Psychonauts Meat Circus of English literature?
  • Queueing up to play your single-player game? Apparently the norm, now.
  • Hey, Capitalism, we had a deal. Companies compete to give us what we want; we give the best competitor our money. Isn't that how it works?
  • @dmmfix Complete consumer silence is always the most effective strategy against corporate overreach.
  • @dmmfix That would be ideal, yeah. Unfortunately, it's a lot easier to complain than to forgo the product you want.
  • @hamptonus Capitalism.
  • @dmmfix Yeah. The other side of it is that if you boycott SimCity, EA will interpret it as people being uninterested in city-building games.

Mar 06

  • Joss Whedon wants to make Dr. Horrible 2 soon. After the success of Avengers, I was afraid he'd be making Marvel sequels for 10 years solid.
  • @Evean_ Yes, me and several talented artists and musicians.
  • @hamptonus Oh you must be looking for this guy
  • @RVGSymphony That's a classy use of it!
  • @Evean_ Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!
  • Sent this SMS to myself yesterday afternoon: "color blind bread." Thanks, past me, for communicating so clearly!
  • An RPG where you vomit uncontrollably after each fight, losing 2d6 nutrition, until you build up your "murder desensitization" stat.
  • @pattheflip It's got a ring to it!
  • @deliciousbees This is a confusion of what the facts are, not nomenclature. I've seen a lot of people saying "I'll wait for the crack."
  • SimCity doesn't have "harsh DRM"; it's online-only. When EA shuts down the servers on SimCity 2014's release, SimCity 2013 ceases to exist.
  • @realnudel Oh, it totally is. Diablo 3 was the same way. People loved WoW even though it technically has the most oppressive DRM ever.
  • @c_sheridan @vogon Probably true. The Sims business model would likely be more lucrative here than the annualized model would be.
  • @vogon Will historians still be able to play Sims 2 in a hundred years? I'm pretty sure it's not fully online-only.
  • @realnudel Dark Souls does a lot of things right. I wish it were successful enough that companies looked to it as a model for what to do.
  • @vogon Hm! You've got me thinking about an elaboration on the "content-aware fill" algorithm, to recreate software using video footage.
  • @vogon Yeah! I bet someone's working on that very whitepaper right now.
  • The visual glitches in this Tomb Raider video start awesome, then even more awesome after the players try to fix it.

Mar 07

  • Man, Tomb Raider seemed so not-dumb for like almost an hour and a half.
  • @tablefloor Also feeling terrible about it while "HEADSHOT +20 XP" pop-ups cover the screen.
  • @pragmatism Hey, this review makes it sound not half bad. jonathancresswell.c...
  • @hamptonus Don't get me wrong; Tomb Raider is a couple big steps up from Dead Space 3. I'm probably going to actually finish it, e.g.

Mar 08

  • Found not one but two disemboweled cassette tapes on the sidewalk today.

Mar 09

  • RT @necrosofty We just accidentally created the next @molyjam tonight while talking about how it's impossible @ja2ke @patrickklepek @chrisremo @doubleanna
  • Enthusiast press, this is what your regular readers think of the quality of your work. pattheflip.tumblr.c...
  • @Shaxster We do need them, but they barely exist. Most game news sites are effectively the extended PR arm of publishers.
  • @Space_Titanium I'd never thought about that! Are there local-language news sources? Do they just post translated press releases? :)
  • "For thousands of years man has been enjoying bread. This rye bread recipe will add to this ancient enjoyment." I'm a part of history!

Mar 10

  • Beat poet "Gam3 Report" tackles the subject of Frog Fractions.
  • If that's not enough for you, here's his take on "Minecraft Fallout."
  • RT @dresdencodak The Saturation Technique: where you fill a movie with nothing but one archetype. Ex: a cop movie where everyone is one week from retirement.
  • @Heewa I think so? Either or both could be pure performance art or a genuine attempt at SEO, and I can't tell which is what.
  • After playing Super Hexagon in my head for months, I was shocked to discover that the actual game has button-based controls.

Mar 11

  • The patterns humans impose on their environment:
  • Power issue on BART; they're running the southbound train on the northbound line, and the northbound train on both lines. Makes, uh, sense?
  • @G1Linus I know how I'd solve the problem in SimCity too: unleash Godzilla.
  • "A vast grid of crumbling roads, intended to lay out residential blocks, extends well beyond the developed city."
  • @IvanDashSmith Wait, don't forget about your child!
  • @frank0127 Somebody designed that layout and named all those streets.
  • F-Zero GX (Gamecube) found to contain the entirety of F-Zero AX (Arcade).
  • @IvanDashSmith Oh, well that's convenient!
  • @frank0127 Yeah, or, like, Maniac Mansion hidden inside Day of the Tentacle!
  • @NoGasta Is *that* what the trains are made of? That actually explains a lot about my weekend.
  • "Beware of broken glass: the media's double standard for women at the top"
  • Gunpoint developer Tom Francis on running into the exact same story-in-game pitfalls that AAA developers do.

Mar 12

  • Er, oh. "A SimCity developer [told us] that engineering a single-player mode would require minimal effort."

Mar 13

  • Mike Mika's 3-year old daughter was annoyed that she couldn't play as the girl, so he fixed it.
  • RT @cmuratori If Google pulls this off and lets everyone in, they are automatically forgiven for being an ad revenue based company:
  • Pick your favorite shark, and track its location. Go favorite shark go! sharks-ocearch.veri...
  • You know what's awesome about the "product" model? Products continue existing. googlereader.blogsp...
  • I'm really at a loss as to why anyone would risk starting to use any Google service at this point.
  • @Marwood Same. The gmail address is by far the most entrenched one. I don't know what I'm gonna be able to do about that.
  • @IvanDashSmith Oh, you have a blog? In other circumstances I'd be pulling up Reader right now.
  • @Marwood What would you use instead, hypothetically speaking?
  • @Marwood Yeah, I can see the appeal. Control over your own fate is a magical thing.
  • Pro-tip: that subscriptions.xml file that Google Takeout gives you actually *is* OPML.
  • @Bananattack Neurotypicals! Can't live with 'em; can't kill 'em.
  • So far, RSS Owl appears to be acceptable.

Mar 14

  • @Bananattack I don't know if you are. Maybe "muggles" would be a less-loaded word.
  • @Bananattack Either way: when most people say "if P then Q," what they mean is "P, therefore Q." So that's what they think you mean, too.
  • @Reetesh I haven't really been paying attention to mobile options, so I can't really weigh in there.
  • @Bananattack I suspect the problem is that most people -- and probably the *same* most people -- have never worked with symbolic logic.
  • Shattered glass animal sculptures.
  • "SimCity Societies: flatlined online" -- And yet the game still, y'know, plays. It's still a game that exists.

Mar 15

  • Symantec discovers earlier variation of Stuxnet. Weaponized malware is much older than we thought.
  • You can tell Ben Kuchera contacted me about Sifteo development by email; my spoken word choices are never this good.
  • RT @leighalexander you don't really love games until your obsessive enthusiasm has strangled the market, traumatized newcomers and halted all maturation
  • Speaking of interesting articles that involve me, Line Hollis writes about narrative via contextualized minigames:
  • RT @Harvey1966 @BenKuchera Our drive for #Dishonored's highly mobile blink/jump, vertical movement, and improv problem solving was a love of older FPSs.
  • RT @ExciteMike It is SUPER EASY to do accidental casual <various -isms>. You don't have to dig your heels in when folks notice. you can listen and improve
  • "Never get angry in a tent. What are you supposed to do, zip up the flap real quick?"
  • Tigers on surfboards. tigersonsurfboards....
  • RT @LineHollis How do I make my hair be cool hair

Mar 16

  • RT @Random_Factor So far, Frog Fractions has been a better game about Sarah Kerrigan than Starcraft 2
  • This stuff is pure gold. "what do you call a sandwitch with legs? bready legs" badkidsjokes.tumblr...
  • @dmandreev What's your plan for getting the various interfaces to work on a touchscreen?
  • Kinder Eggs legally available in the United States! Now we can truly say we live in the land of the free.
  • @SpectraSwallow Yeah, huh, I guess it's a plastic rim for the capsule? Now I'm curious what it looks like inside.
  • For health reasons, Los Angeles reservoir covered in 400,000 black plastic balls. worldsamazinginform...
  • The last three pictures: finally, the hard evidence we've been looking for that spheres and hexagons are the exact same shape.
  • @vectorpoem Waterfowl elimination AND foam suppression? Can I get miniature ones to cover my glass of Coca Cola?
  • Literally every #LessInterestingVideoGames tweet would make a way more interesting game than "shoot dudes in the face for 8 hours."
  • @zhiwiller Make it "Shoot Dudes in the Face for 2 Hours," and you've got my attention.
  • @SpectraSwallow I definitely want to know more.
  • @wesleyfenlon @jennatar People make games about both ninjas and politics already, so it's not even that much of a stretch!

Mar 17

  • All the sounds in Banjo Kazooie.
  • Seems like each "speaking voice" that took 10 to 15 samples in Frog Fractions, Banjo Kazooie did with two samples per, plus pitch shifting.
  • RT @john_brindle I don't have the nerve to suggest a #LessInterestingVideogames game jam without having ever made a game myself, but, well
  • "Uncomfortable enough yet?" "No, hang on..."
  • RT @aliendovecote i see a lot of calls for female protagonists but not a lot of people picking up on existing media with female protagonists
  • RT @aliendovecote god i hope next year Giant Faceless Corporation That Cares Only About Money will give me the empowered Kerrigan i deserve
  • RT @aliendovecote crushed deeper into the muck, mud pouring into my nostrils and clogging my gurgling mouth-hole, i croak, "why dont u love me capitalism"
  • @ForneusLex I just assumed Starfox wasn't even "synthesized" to the extent that Banjo Kazooie was. Isn't it just a sample?
  • @pragmatism No I haven't. This thing?
  • RT @SophieJKL Are you or someone you know a transgender gamer? Shoot me an email, cuz I'd love to talk to you about it. =)
  • @pragmatism Yeah? Does it have a synthesis engine in there too or do you just use it for analysis?
  • @pragmatism I've fiddled with Absynth without understanding it. What's the synth model? Is it really classical additive, summing harmonics?
  • @pragmatism I wouldn't have suspected spectral analysis would be useful to recreate a timbre in that interface. I'd like to watch you work.

Mar 18

  • New business model for vocational schooling: until you get a job, the school doesn't get paid.
  • RT @thatsnotkosher ? Poooost Racial Society! Everyone's equal and no one is evil, cause it's a Poooost Racial Society ? - Theme from my new sitcom
  • @cellphonegaming They *were* lying like that long enough I was worried they'd grow together.
  • @germdisco I love the YouTube channel because it's just the knobs and the grunting with no context.
  • "The first time I openly laughed at a transgender person I was 12 years old."
  • Remember that EA-circa-2008 push to make new, interesting games? The market wasn't really into that I guess. #RiccitielloMemories
  • @HaroldoNVU @Activision Then Kotick stopped being a supervillain in public and EA canceled Mirror's Edge 2 since it didn't have multiplayer.
  • @rodiard We sort of got a Mirror's Edge sequel, if you think of every FPS as Mirror's Edge with no platforming and improved shooting.
  • "CNN's Steubenville Coverage Matches 2011 'Onion' Athlete-Rape Parody Video"
  • @Twotoetimmy @lancota @Teanah @MarcusWohlsen Nine 80 hour weeks -- 720 hours of practical experience -- and vetted before admittance as
  • @Twotoetimmy @lancota @Teanah @MarcusWohlsen having coding capability? I'd hire a thousand of those before looking at a traditional CS grad.
  • @Twotoetimmy @lancota @Teanah @MarcusWohlsen For an entry-level position, mind you.
  • @Twotoetimmy @lancota @Teanah @MarcusWohlsen $80k is high, but not crazy-high. No, it doesn't replace traditional education in general.
  • @Twotoetimmy @lancota @Teanah @MarcusWohlsen Twitter is constricted for this discussion, but remember that before a few decades ago college
  • @Twotoetimmy @lancota @Teanah @MarcusWohlsen education was unusual, and what we're doing *now* is a financial disaster.
  • @Twotoetimmy Yes, that's my main concern with the program too. 80 hour weeks establishes the expectation that 80 hour weeks are acceptable.

Mar 19

  • RT @spinooti If you follow me out of social obligation: I absolve you. You don't gotta. It's okay.
  • "I Am Not Your Wife, Sister or Daughter. I Am A Person." bellejarblog.wordpr...
  • @hamptonus The most realistic scenario is AAA will keep getting more entrenched and micro-nichey until it vanishes up its own ass.
  • @hamptonus After AAA is gone, we'll hopefully be able to acknowledge that the world moved on to broader models years ago.
  • Wait, the new Gears of War game is written by Tom Bissell? Okay, you've got my attention.
  • @frank0127 Wow. Worst-written of that series is a feat.

Mar 20

  • The story behind the "golden eagle snatches kid" video hoax.
  • RT @EvanKaufman Is there a Smash Mouth cover band called Mash Smouth? Do we all want to start one? Email me at
  • It's always nice to be reminded: DudeBro archetypes aren't just a mindless default, but are deliberately cultivated.
  • @Space_Titanium They still do. We're just a market of over-18 children, now.
  • @limbclock Another game about combat? Count me in!
  • @limbclock Another game about kinetic navigation through puzzle spaces? Count me in!
  • RT @TheN4Us Ahahah the whole chat just convinced Floe that Frog Fractions is a screamer game and he's antsy about it.
  • Should I expect wifi coverage at GDC? Wondering if I can get away with using this borrowed iPod to keep in touch with people via Twitter &c.
  • @vogon Slow per se is totally acceptable for these purposes, but is this particular slow the same thing as continual disconnections?
  • @vonguard Hell, I should take the next few days to learn to use semaphore flags instead.
  • @radiatoryang Hm, where would I go for that? Googling for "pre-paid data sim" is scary.
  • New "A Life Well-Wasted" episode! One every three years sounds about right.
  • @hbmuscat Okay, that sounds not too bad...
  • Stay angry at everyone all the time with this 1 weird old tip! Look at dumb Google projects and say: "this was more important than Reader."
  • @hamptonus I gave up on every web RSS reader after they all got DDOS'd by all the Reader users trying them out. Should try again someday.

Mar 21

  • "Tomb Raider writer Rhianna Pratchett on why every kill can't be the first and why she hoped to make Lara Croft gay"
  • "Games, Apple says, are not the place for social commentary or criticism."

Mar 22

  • RT @Jickle 'Luke, you have a sister.' 'Is it the one and only woman I know?' '....Yes.'
  • "I think it's the first realistic, non-gratifying portrayal of violence against women that I've seen in video games."
  • RT @leighalexander people really get offended if you imply the system that is benefiting them at the expense of others may be flawed
  • RT @mcclure111 Most promising OKCupid profile ever?
  • "Rock Band's final song will be Don McLean's 'American Pie'"
  • RT @yerdua "Make Consent a Mandatory Part of Sex-Ed in Public Schools" petitions.whitehous... (via @hdsjulian)
  • Trying to jam my thoughts on this into 140 characters, but it's not happening. Just read the damn thing.
  • I think this is less a feminism issue specifically and more generally about how certain demographics are much more hurtable via text, maybe?
  • (If you want to engage me on this, send me a goddamn email or IM or something. Don't make me try to fit my brain into this tiny text field.)
  • @Vanther Yeah, I kinda do mean that.
  • @AmyDentata It usually is :/
  • @IvanDashSmith Virt's doing the music, right? Everything's gonna be *fine*.
  • RT @KryptonGirl You fucking nerds. Stop voting EA "Worst Company in America" when people literally die because of health insurance companies.
  • "Doubts about Johns Hopkins research have gone unanswered" after suicide of the allegedly fraudulent paper's author.
  • "Deceased respondents no longer pose a risk." And nobody else is going to feel the systemic pressure that led him to that course of action.

Mar 23

  • Water oscillating at your frame rate.
  • @IvanDashSmith Hm, yeah, that would help. I guess the cat didn't want to stick around.
  • The Fuckzone: "Men aren't a vending machine you put sex coins into and expect commitment to fall out."
  • @beatonthematt is probably your best bet for that kind of content. I'm not a speaker, but I'll be in attendance.

Mar 24

  • Finally starting to plan my GDC schedule. Who wants to meet up? Get in touch now; I won't have reliable Internet at the conference.
  • RT @ivanassen Came across this before, but only now I realized it is a metaphore for code quality vs what the users get to play:
  • Man, the saddest thing about my 3DS getting lost and/or stolen is that I won't have the opportunity to street pass with everyone at GDC.
  • Trailer for The Fullbright Company's "Gone Home." This is a thing that games can be.
  • Just picked up my GDC badge and bag of ads.
  • @vogon You mean a picture of one? They had a pen and a Unity pin; that's all in terms of actual physical stuff.
  • Man, GDC hasn't even started yet and I'm already socially destroyed. What have I gotten myself into?
  • @esdin I hung out with a bunch of people for a few hours! Risks of being an introvert.
  • @esdin On it :)

Mar 25

  • @fullbright Wanted to tell you at the Indie Biz party: that trailer reminded me how ashamed I am that my current project has guns in it.
  • @dannyBstyle @JordanFehr @C418 @grantkirkhope @xlson @christinelove @aliendovecote @zusty @koalaparty @johnnemann Was great meeting you all!

Mar 26

  • @fullbright Thanks, I'll do what I can :)
  • @zusty @fullbright You're right, of course, this is just me feeling guilty for not doing more to upset the status quo.
  • Meeting too many awesome people each day; staying up too late to recharge. I think I can make it to Friday alive.
  • @sneakymode @dannyBstyle Did you try learning things!
  • RT @edclef Theres no greater counter to intelligent design than this: Teeth are made for cutting food, eg meat. The inside of the mouth is made of meat
  • @johnpassfield @cratesmith I'll be at IGS talks most of today.
  • @cellphonegaming More often than not Frog Fractions is the *cause* of meeting too many awesome people.
  • @MikeVentron @xlson Yeah, middle back.
  • @MikeVentron Olive jacket, ponytail, 3rd row from the back, 5th seat from the right.
  • "Starfox lesson #2: Build ideas, then destroy them to find better ideas hiding in the shadows."
  • @rachel_sala What about Follow Friday? Final Fantasy?
  • @YouOldSoAndSo The example he gave was going from free-roaming to linear flight in the design of Starfox.
  • @manveerheir Where in the room are you? You want to meet up afterwards?
  • @manveerheir I'll look for you after the postmortem.
  • @manveerheir Will do!
  • RT @infinite_ammo Histograms = egalitarian leaderboards #igs
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Dylan Cuthbert
  • RT @rupazero "Halo is not a game about having pretty guns. It's a game about shooting aliens. Yet shooting aliens doesn't change. It just gets prettier."

Mar 27

  • Arranging people in fixed locations at a purportedly social event is criminally stupid. Oh, look at all the awesome people I can't talk to.
  • I guess I'll keep talking to the two people close enough to hear (two also awesome people, to be fair) over the room noise.
  • @KayinNasaki Yeah, but at least at most parties you can walk around and change the people you're next to.
  • @KayinNasaki @bfod Yeah. I'm working on it. After GDC I plan to hide in a cave for a month. For now, talking to everyone all the time.
  • @rachel_sala Everyone's dressed casual.
  • @rachel_sala Jeans.
  • @LivelyIvy Hope you're doing okay after the beef incident :/
  • @monstersden Good to meet you too!
  • Man, releasing Bioshock Infinite during GDC is just cruel.
  • Michael Brough: "People talking about Frog Fractions -- not the game itself, but people talking about it -- was the inspiration for Corrypt"
  • Just meet the guy whose fault it was that the QTE prompts showed up underneath the subtitles in Tomb Raider.
  • Wall graffiti in the Oculus Rift line.
  • @smestorp Sorry, that part didn't fit in the tweet :)
  • RT @m_kopas So @mogwai_poet 's card wins the most moddable award
  • IGF/GDC award ceremony is LOUD AS FUCK. Good thing I've learned to always carry earplugs with me.
  • Video games!
  • I didn't think I was going to the Venus Patrol party but here I am at the Venus Patrol party.
  • Waited in line 90 mins to check out Oculus Rift but didn't have time to queue up for Tenya Wanya Teens. Not sure if I got the better deal.

Mar 28

  • @pohungchen Good to meet you!
  • @KommanderKlobb Luck into it I guess, because I'm not gonna check twitter for the rest of the night.
  • @fullbright @hengineer @katylevinson @Seagaia2 Was great meeting you all today!
  • Game writers: Richard Hofmeier is THE story this GDC. Game dev has serious diversity issues; the worst is that we're all middle class nerds.
  • Richard Hofmeier decided that sincee he won IGF he didn't need any more press, and is giving it to Porpentine.
  • I'm gonna miss most of these Lost Levels talks because I foolishly scheduled a meeting. I hope people are filming these for the GDC Unvault.
  • I guess I'm talking at the Lost Levels Unconference?
  • @driph Will do!
  • @bengrue @ctplante I don't know! I'll try to coax a business card out of him tomorrow, but he seems like the kind of guy who won't have one.
  • @Local_Single Or at least play Cart Life.
  • @ChevyRay I talked to him earlier today, just the nicest guy.
  • @dualhammers He grew up working-class. It's pretty evident from his games and his demeanor, but I asked him to make sure :)
  • @cellphonegaming Was cool! But fairly low-res and still just a *little* too much latency.
  • @cellphonegaming Aww :)
  • Discovered today that @mcclure111 made that pair of "Many-Worlds Mario" videos that made the rounds five years ago.

Mar 29

  • @henkboom @mcclure111 Literally everyone in earshot simultaneously said "that was you??"
  • RT @mcclure111 @mogwai_poet @henkboom I wrote a really long blog post about it back then
  • @mcclure111 @henkboom You did a cool thing that everybody liked!
  • RT @HunterFelt "Your third arrest, you to jail for life." "Why the third?" "Because in a game a guy gets three times to swing a stick at a ball."
  • Favorite business card from GDC:
  • RT @AsherVo Taking a break from the IGF and putzing around the career pavilion. Waay higher % of women here. The industry's future is looking bright.
  • RT @HilariousCow innocuous reddit post about z sorting gets over 500 karma. I don't know what reddit likes.
  • @Teanah Aw, are you still in town?
  • @Teanah I don't think I'll be able to make it, but send me a DM next time you're in the Bay Area!

Mar 30

  • Wish I'd had more time to talk to @Sosowski. Definitely the coolest guy at GDC.
  • (@dannyBstyle isn't allowed in the "coolest guy" competition because it wouldn't be fair.)
  • @pohungchen @Sosowski Did you ever find out whether he's actually working on a new game, or if he just took a photo of a really pixely room?
  • RT @KrisLigman "Can games be for a human, and not just a capitalist death machine?" #GDC13
  • RT @mgatland Reversible belts are cool right? "All units: Suspect is wearing a brown belt." "I can't see him anywhere. He's disappeared!" #superspy
  • @Horse_Crimes They all say no. I'll try again next year.
  • @Horse_Crimes Tell everyone about it, probably.
  • The right-stick sensitivity on this 3rd-party controller is harshing my Bioshock Infinite experience. Same happened with Bioshock, actually.
  • @dannyBstyle The viewers at home demand to see a dramatic competition! Don't worry, they understand the real truth.
  • @Reetesh If I were on PC I'd be using a mouse!
  • In Bioshock, I couldn't select weapons on the secondary cardinal directions because the stick didn't "go that far" in those directions.
  • In Infinite, it's the opposite problem: I keep spontaneously looking up or down, presumably because of tiny ghost movements on the stick.
  • If I turn down the look sensitivity enough, the problem goes away, but then it takes five seconds to turn around.
  • Not sure if the lesson here should be to not use 3rd-party controllers, or to just play games on PC.
  • @Johnicholas You can really go crazy with this. Deadzone size, velocity curve, rotation to correct for slightly misaligned thumbsticks...
  • @Johnicholas You see that sort of configurability in PC games but it's considered too complicated for console users.
  • @still That makes sense. Find out what's being dogfooded and duplicate it as closely as possible for the best experience.
  • I'm pretty sure nobody has the lung capacity to hold a note for that long at 20,000 feet.
  • @Horse_Crimes Thanks :) I'm also still waiting for the first Mr. Hop erotic fan art if you want to take care of that too!
  • @chillocalypse Right, I can't. But yes, that's exactly what I want to do.
  • RT @vectorpoem Text of my @LOOOST_LEVELS microtalk: on tools, new voices, & the need for a modern Hypercard-like game creation tool
  • @daphaknee I, uh, forget what it was!
  • @daphaknee Maybe, what is it?
  • @daphaknee Oh, I remember what it was! It was a reminder to start a Glorious Trainwrecks mailing list and put me on it!
  • RT @russellhonor TSA congratulated me on the win after digging through my bags for the IGF trophy.
  • RT @bfod "We did not hire dancers, we hired gamer-models to discuss gaming with invited guests" oh, that's so much better! >:(
  • In my post-GDC fugue state, I decided to up the exhaustion ante by immediately attending Daniel Moore's 1-hour jam.
  • ... and @rachel_sala suggests the name "Battle Ass" ten minutes too late. Maan!
  • RT @bengrue @mogwai_poet I got bored saving the sheep, let the wolves win, killed them all... and now I am a vibrating donkey alone in this cold world.

Mar 31

  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Memento Maury Povich
  • @limbclock Ask me again in a couple of weeks.
  • "Ouyang Pain Management Specialist" would be a great name for a pro wrestler.
  • OUYANG PAIN!! management
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