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Ugh, stop twitching
april 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2013-06-27 00:56:48 by Jim Crawford
Apr 01
  • PSA: It's asshole day again. Watch out for assholes.
  • @limbclock "I'm feeling kind of depressed today." "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you feel better soon." "APRIL FOOLS! I'M FINE"
  • @limbclock You didn't. I probably misinterpreted what you said. I'm still tired from GDC.
  • @limbclock Also from being up until 4am for some reason.
  • RT @2bitarchitect @mogwai_poet when i saw this. made me think that there is still hope for real independence in this world which worships money
  • Three days after GDC, still in recovery. So when's TIGJam?

Apr 02

  • @cecilyismyruca I've poked at Javascript and HTML5 but I've never checked out Twine. I'd be happy to answer questions as best I can, though.
  • @cecilyismyruca Lately I've been mostly working in ActionScript 3 and C#, but I've got history in a bunch of languages. C, C++, Python, e.g.
  • How do you fix E.T. for the Atari 2600? Step 1: Read the manual. (Step 2: hack the binary to patch a ton of bugs.)
  • RT @Pentadact Even if you're the only butcher in town, don't call yourself The Butcher of Town Name, in case there's a massacre. #ButcherTips
  • Wandering around a map, being one-shotted -- at full shields -- by snipers the size of a pixel. Bioshock Infinite, ladies and gentlemen!
  • The winning strategy is to walk away. The snipers don't follow you or block you; they just goad you into wasting time trying to engage them.
  • @Triplefox I didn't really care for Quake 3 either.
  • @robotno9 Me too. It's like the Infinite team looked at Far Cry and decided it was a good model to follow.
  • @mikethegratest Single-player. I don't think it even has a multiplayer mode, actually.
  • @Vanther Penalty-free respawns means nobody is ever bad at Bioshock!
  • @mikethegratest It's awesome except for the parts where you shoot a gun.
  • @Vanther Yeah, and there are technically things to buy, but they're so expensive, and death so common, that I assume I'll never afford them.
  • @LouisGorenfeld @Triplefox No quicksave in this game!
  • @AlphaB1tch I haven't seen it much outside retrogaming. But games from the 80s are pretty easily tweakable.
  • @jyllish If Irrational was trying to teach the player a lesson about dealing with assholes in real life, I'm impressed.
  • RT @JazRignall No matter what, if one press of the escape key doesn't skip a cutscene, I still believe another 25 rapid presses might do the trick.
  • Elizabeth seems really complacent about how I'm selling her into slavery. Oh, now she's freaking out and running away. Oh, she's fine again.
  • Endless combat music while I search fruitlessly for guys to shoot. Barks from somewhere indistinct about how I'm a coward running away.
  • @Ambivalist Some more than others.
  • @dustbusta I've got some ideas, but I'm sure they've thought about it more than either of us. It just feels like it was released unfinished.
  • @Ambivalist It is, but it's never stuck out at me so much that I've felt like it defined the experience, like it has in Bioshock.
  • @dustbusta Yeah, a number of games I've played recently have avoided that sort of problem with a locate-enemies interface.
  • @daemonpants If they'd taken the "not shooting things" theme and just run with it, I'd like the game a whole lot more.

Apr 03

  • @Ambivalist I agree. I wish the game could realistically have been about something else.
  • @rachel_sala I am really enjoying the parts where I look at pretty things. Those parts are great.
  • @ihaverottenguts @JazRignall Has any game given you a proper transport during cutscenes? Maybe one of the later Metal Gears?
  • @haydencd @rachel_sala Yes, and I'd apply that argument to every narrative-driven FPS. But I doubt you can get from this world to that one.
  • @haydencd @rachel_sala Make a Bioshock of pure narrative, no violence, and it'll still be one of those "video games" for gross man-children.
  • @haydencd @rachel_sala Sure, if you put the time in to think it through and say something interesting about it.
  • @haydencd @rachel_sala But making another game about how games are violent gets into pretty well-trodden territory at this point.
  • @rachel_sala @haydencd Because of the history of the medium, and the cultural perception of it.
  • @Ambivalist An adventure game, probably.
  • @Sosowski Definitely! If you're ever in the Bay Area let me know so we can grab dinner or something.
  • @smestorp @DrlemonWCGGG @Sosowski You'd only confuse things by learning to talk in a brogue. It'd be worth it.
  • RT @BriProv Fans want Nintendo to re-acquire Rare, but the original teams are long gone. That Rare no longer exists. Teams make great games, not IPs.
  • RT @vectorpoem Be aware: [your favorite game studio] might be John Travolta walking around with Nick Cage's face sewn on. Brands are deathless deceptions.
  • "When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men, And how the stereotype flipped."
  • Apparently Behemoth's followup to Castle Crashers, "BattleBlock Theater," is out today? Did you know? I didn't know.
  • @rodiard Castle Crashers had really solid buzz! Makes me wonder if Behemoth just assumed Microsoft would do a good job this time around too?
  • @UndeadManWalkin I will be checking it out for sure!
  • RT @bfod In all seriousness though I would play Doom 4 if it had enforced permadeath and procedurally-generated or randomly shuffled areas.
  • @rodiard Right! That whole thing. Summer of Arcade stopped being a thing I kept in my head sometime around Fruit Ninja Kinect, I think.
  • @Ambivalist Judging from the trailers, it's a co-op platformer? Basically my favorite genre, so it's even weirder that I hadn't heard of it.
  • @haydencd @rachel_sala I did think it was interesting, but while I was playing it I kept thinking "I wish we could try having other themes."
  • Starseed Pilgrim dev Droqen on "Breaking the Horizon" in games. Surprise players! No, like *really* surprise them. loseyourway.wordpre...
  • @esdin I want to be playing that game right now.
  • @Ambivalist I heard there isn't a demo? I didn't even know you could do that on XBLA.
  • @geardrops Try SELECTing some stuff and if that doesn't work add some comma joins!
  • @geardrops Did you try recompiling the kernel?
  • @geardrops @nyorosys SECURE THE MIZZENMAST AND KEELHAUL THE BILGEPUMPS no seriously, what are you trying to get done? I've done mysql stuff.
  • @geardrops Sent a DM.
  • Talking about how I always react poorly to cameras seems to result in better photos than staring and looking awkward.
  • Taking-pictures-of-Jim protip: take the photo before I realize I'm being photographed! I go from natural to awkwardly frozen pretty fast.
  • @Reetesh That one's also pretty decent, yeah!
  • @patriciaxh @BigShellEvent I've wanted to make a game where you watch a girl through windows of her house and pretend to be interacting.
  • @patriciaxh @BigShellEvent Alternatively, a dating sim set in the Aliens vs. Predator universe, played completely straight.

Apr 04

  • Kirk Hamilton makes some promising observations about this year's GDC:
  • Roger Ebert passed away today. I would read his reviews of movies I couldn't care less about, just for the pleasure of the prose.
  • Probably still my favorite Roger Ebert review, of Groundhog Day: rogerebert.suntimes...

Apr 05

  • RT @necrosofty "If this new puzzle mechanic is not fun I am jumping off the roof" ~me, at 11:29 pm. game development!!! w/@mogwai_poet
  • @pattheflip @randyzero @necrosofty We all knew what we were in for when we took the job. Game development is a dangerous business.
  • Best Ebert obituary:
  • @Ambivalist @ctplante Yeah, that sums it up pretty well.
  • GDC Vault goodies are starting to trickle out. Here's a Classic Postmortem for Myst:
  • William Wegman. "Man Ray Wearing Boots."

Apr 06

Apr 07

  • Dan Cook, on trying to make broad-audience games in a company staffed top to bottom with hardcore Halo fans.
  • RT @AlexZiebart Google Trends graph for "menarche" marks the release of Bioshock Infinite
  • "Ancient lines in the archaeological zone of Buenos Aires, in Nazca, have been destroyed by heavy machinery."
  • @ellaguro @patriciaxh
  • @ellaguro @patriciaxh (Trigger warning.)
  • @ellaguro Sorry. I'd *just* read your recent blog post too, so I should've had it in mind.

Apr 08

  • Richard Hofmeier on spirituality in games:
  • "Many who make games begin to live at the studio, the hours grow long, and they cease to grow as human beings."
  • JP LeBreton uses two decades of perspective to break down the lessons we haven't learned from Doom.
  • Great, I just jumped from 34 to 56 seconds on Hexagonest. *Just* enough to kill all possible incremental rewards between here and winning.
  • @G1Linus That does not bode well!
  • @Fiftybottles Coming off of a half-hour-long adrenaline drip feed, a week-long break sounds pretty nice.
  • @protensity I believe it, esp. after seeing that the patterns stay the same. Just need to hit a streak without bad luck or a bad twitch.
  • @haydencd Sorry!
  • ha ha, new record: 59.44
  • @KODNER Just "hardest" for me!

Apr 09

  • Game Developer magazine is shutting down.
  • Sit back and watch the master at work *cracks knuckles*
  • However politely crests make LoL veterans behave, the game design that causes them to hate newbies so violently are still in full effect.
  • If your teammates still want you to die in a fire and uninstall, does them not yelling at you about it *actually* make the situation better?
  • Those replying "yes," it's clearly a *little* better. Real change would be making a game that genuinely doesn't make people hate each other.
  • . @Vanther The tuning and pacing of MOBAs specifically is a huge factor. Here, listen to this starting around 6:30:
  • @hbmuscat Wish I could've seen it! Is there a writeup somewhere?
  • @hbmuscat Oh, I saw that! I'm curious how you'd compare Tank Tactics to e.g. Diplomacy or even Risk, games I consider similarly destructive.
  • Man, I should shut down *all* arguments by asking someone to listen to a podcast. Works every time!
  • @mcclure111 Before you start bagging on L Ron Hubbard, you should really finish the "Mission Earth" series. Here's my Amazon affiliate link!
  • @mcclure111 A 40 hour game is investment basically equivalent to a hazing ritual. I guess they've never heard of effort justification bias?
  • @mrasmus If you haven't watched the whole first season of The Wire, I don't want to hear about it.
  • @ForneusLex @mrasmus Knuth *destroys* that argument in volume 7 of "The Art of Computer Programming." Don't tell me you haven't read it yet?
  • "BioShock Infinite wants to be taken seriously. So, let's take it at its word. Let's take it seriously."
  • @TronKnotts @IvanDashSmith One big difference for me since Bioshock is that I'm 6 years older and have less patience for games about murder.
  • @frequentbeef @CloneManga It does at least seem to take a stance on that topic.
  • @Adalore1 My bar for what counts as "art" is low. I call a lot of thematically-incoherent crap art. Bioshock Infinite is *definitely* art.

Apr 10

  • "If [Leia] didn't sleep with Han and Luke, there's no explanation for this shot."
  • Good Men Project usually doesn't resort to printing pop culture gossip, so you know this must be totally legit.
  • Flow is the core pleasure a good interface provides. When you disrupt flow, you deny your user a chance to be happy.
  • Good interface design can be measured in enabled flow. Bad interface design destroys flow with a thousand tiny irritations.
  • When you ask a user for confirmation, you are denying flow. Robust undo is almost always the better choice.
  • When you pop up an unexpected notice, you are denying flow. There are non-disruptive channels of communication you can use.
  • When you take a second to animate a menu appearing rather than the menu appearing instantly, you are denying flow.
  • These things can still all be good decisions -- well, maybe not the animated menu -- but when considering them, be aware of the cost.
  • P.S. "Robust undo" means all the way back to the creation of the document, in 1992. Not since the last time you *loaded* the document.
  • P.P.S. While I'm at it, if your application requires users to explicitly save, wake up and smell the fucking 90s.
  • @NickCapozzoli @TronKnotts At some point we'll have to accept that now it just means "gay," the way "beg the question" has changed meanings.
  • @dannyBstyle Or just about every video game :(
  • @Teknobabel That's where "robust undo" comes in!
  • @Teknobabel But yes, they have to go together or else potential disaster.
  • @Lokno Yes, definitely. I'm still baffled as to why the browser forward button doesn't branch by default.
  • @NickCapozzoli @TronKnotts Uh oh, I'm only aware of one definition of "nonplussed." I wonder if it's the right one.
  • @RobThez 2013: the year of Linux on the desktop?
  • @realnudel If done well, I can imagine that being the case, yes.
  • @Teknobabel Well, when you hit "undo" in this scenario you're not meaning "undo save," you're meaning "undo the doodling I just typed."
  • @NickCapozzoli @TronKnotts Oh good, that's the one I know. So what's the other definition?
  • . @Marwood @dannyBstyle Well, notably, it makes sense to disrupt flow in a horror game specifically. You want your user to be uncomfortable.
  • @Marwood @dannyBstyle Microtransactions are the true horror.
  • @Teknobabel Understandable. I think Google Docs gets it right. No concept of overwriting or versions, just one continuous document history.
  • . @ThemsAllTook Google Docs gets it right. No "saving," "overwriting," "versions," or "having a file open." One continuous document history.
  • @vogon @ThemsAllTook Right, the "leaky abstraction." This doesn't mean abstraction isn't useful, but we can't always take it at face value.
  • @kevinlawler I'm glad to hear it! Yeah, seems like it's easier to get this stuff right on platforms that don't have traditional filesystems.
  • @cellphonegaming Seriously. Games are in large part *about* flow. It's a core concept that every designer should understand.
  • @vogon @ThemsAllTook Games almost never get autosave right. If they did, the "Unsaved progress will be lost!" warning wouldn't be needed.

Apr 11

  • "EA makes mediocre videogames, Bank of America committed mortgage fraud that has cost taxpayers billions of dollars."
  • @rachel_sala Yes, except calling it autosave enshrines a distinction between RAM and disk. Google docs gets it right: your document just is.
  • @rachel_sala Just in this particular respect. I can't vouch for it in general.

Apr 12

  • @rachel_sala It was my personal experience!
  • @secondquest It's a fair criticism. I didn't really have one unifying message in mind, though there are many small ones sprinkled around.
  • @secondquest If there's any single message it's about the power of unguided, player-driven exploration and discovery.
  • @secondquest I think there's a strong case to be made for the idea that 90% of the game exists solely so that there's a secret to discover.
  • "The first level of Super Mario Bros. is easy with lexicographic ordering and time travel."
  • "An excerpt from the Young Adult novel I'm writing about Wikipedia vandal subculture"
  • So you know that secret game hidden inside Soda Drinker Pro? (I didn't.) There's a Kickstarter to elaborate on it.
  • @RandomOutput The jam build is here:
  • RT @PlayMag_UK @RobThez @Crunch_King Frog Fractions transcends the earthly title of "game" and becomes something ethereal and deeply invasive. My soul.
  • "Frog Fractions Speedrun (12:17 WORLD RECORD)"
  • I wonder if I'd be screwing over the Frog Fractions speed-running scene if I revealed the two word walkthrough to win the text adventure.
  • @dannyBstyle ... that's going in the next patch.
  • @TheZotmeister For the rest of my life, I'm the guy who's supposed to know about every hilariously unexpected secret? I can live with this.
  • @dustbusta @Fengxii You could just use a regular walkthrough!
  • @mcclure111 Man, I hope nobody disassembles enough to see what a huge mess the engine became.
  • @Triplefox Good idea, I could switch to a timestretched 10-minute version of the DDR song.
  • @TheZotmeister I'll be waiting!
  • @Michipoo18 Awesome! I made it hoping that for everyone who hated being forced to play IF, there'd be a few who realized they enjoyed it.
  • @Michipoo18 I even have a couple games in mind to recommend people who want more. These: and
  • @Michipoo18 @phneri Those are z-code and will play in Frotz. Does iOS Frotz still have a fixed list of games or can you download any?
  • @EHinesPhD9 It'll be okay! You can go to a walkthrough if you want!

Apr 13

  • RT @weeatherhead The best way to read a poem is to pretend each line is the name of a horse; so the poem is just a list of horses
  • Tom Chick on Metacritic, and on being the guy who ruins your Metacritic average.
  • Stacked escalator bits.
  • I've lost track of how many times this iPod touch has warned me "20% battery" this charge. Has to be at least 10.
  • @frank0127 Oddly, lately I've been seeing BART escalators being roped off as "out of order" when they look like perfectly functional stairs.
  • @frank0127 Yeah, I remember it :)

Apr 14

  • Really impressed by Battleblock Theater. Behemoth makes co-op puzzle platformer design look effortless.
  • "A Kentucky judge recently ordered Whaley not to say 'bingo' for six months."
  • I think definitions are super interesting and not inherently excluding at all! This is probably a privilege thing again. Sorry about that.
  • @MammonMachine Yeah, I believe that.
  • @KayinNasaki If you're talking about the Dinofarm guy, yeah, I see what you mean.
  • @ForneusLex @KayinNasaki I have a really hard time seeing the claim that games and int-fic are different mediums as a qualitative judgement.
  • @ForneusLex @KayinNasaki Wait, I *just* told myself I wasn't going to make that argument in public.
  • @ForneusLex @KayinNasaki Point taken.
  • @KayinNasaki @ForneusLex That's what makes them so interesting to try to define!
  • RT @K2theSwift Met Rachel Sala, one of the creators of Frog Fractions @init_together today. Small world!

Apr 15

  • Okay, now that it's Monday and people are paying attention again maybe: go check out BattleBlock Theater! It is awesome co-op platforming.
  • @BrianNumberOne Sweden is a sovereign nation, they can pass laws to call themselves whatever they want. Your cat is *definitely* a game.
  • @JohnPolson No. It's fully consistent in single-player, but in co-op they seem to try to spawn you near the other player instead?
  • @JohnPolson Yeah. I don't quite understand it either.
  • Is it safe yet to mention how weird it is that the last time Twitter was so unified in a topic of conversation, the topic was chicken wings?
  • @TheAdamRippon Yeah, I mean unified in the sense of "everybody's talking about the same thing"

Apr 16

  • A music video constructed from the recorded mouse pointers of thousands of viewers:

Apr 17

  • @apadamson Ah, yeah, sorry! It didn't register for me because they were always covered by mouse pointers.
  • Sure! Put all possible outputs of this generator into a numbered list and you have a pretty decent dictionary entry.
  • ( is being squatted, unfortunately.)
  • @celluloseman It's totally doable on the CPU nowadays. Didn't Bungie license a whole-mix compressor VST for Halo 3?
  • I don't know about you guys but paying a good journalist a good salary to do good work seems like a worthwhile idea to me.
  • @icecreamjonsey Excellent! We should grab lunch.
  • RT @kezamacdonald Actually quite sad now that even the suggestion that games writers could earn a good salary seems so ludicrous.
  • @vogon I didn't even notice that. It seems as tangential to the idea as the reality show part where we pick 5 writers but only pay one.
  • @celluloseman Nearly everyone I know who multiclassed programmer/musician has taken a crack at making a better CSound! (They all succeeded.)
  • @vogon Sure, okay, but what about the part where we pay a good journalist a good salary to do good work?
  • @vogon Did he even have criteria as such? I thought they were just journalists he liked.
  • @AmyDentata That's the problem this idea is supposed to fix, I'd argue!
  • "Things I Learned by Spending Five Thousand Years in an Alternate Universe"
  • @ChevyRay Or "industry."
  • . @prerisoft You're in a good place to make a game about being a barbarian from the perspective of a real barbarian. Like Depression Quest!
  • @terrycavanagh @figames That seems like a solid policy.

Apr 18

  • "Girl Scouts to introduce game developer badge"
  • Why can you vote against games on Greenlight? When you hate a game, does Valve lose money?
  • @davidsgallant Ah, okay, that's smarter than I assumed.
  • RT @davidsgallant @mogwai_poet It just removes the game from your queue of games to see; no negative impact to the game's ranking.
  • My life: two blocks after seeing a Sudoku puzzle soaking in a puddle, I have decide whether "puddzle" is worth going back to photograph it.

Apr 19

  • Steve Jackson Games reskins "Zombie Dice" as "Trophy Buck"; cleans up in the Wal*Mart demographic. Abstract games!
  • @kasavin Some people treat Facebook friends the way Xbox Live users treat Xbox Live friends. It's a list of people to play games with.
  • Democracy in action: Congressmen and congressional staffers are now exempt from insider trading laws (again).
  • @vogon Hrm, neither of these show up as anything in my browser.
  • "News is irrelevant. News has no explanatory power. News is toxic to your body. News increases cognitive errors."
  • @dannyBstyle If you take the author's suggestion to read books and in-depth essays instead of just not reading at all, I'd say probably yes.
  • @dannyBstyle Yeah, he uses "news" to mean the flashy bite-sized kind of news, and calls out investigative news specifically as worthwhile.
  • @dannyBstyle He seems most bothered by journalists trying to tell a compelling story rather than conveying the most useful information.
  • @dannyBstyle Apes love stories because they give us data about the world, but we have better ways of getting data about the world thesedays.
  • @dannyBstyle I'd agree, but taking this on its own merits, it reads to me like a considered and well-justified opinion.
  • @dannyBstyle All journalism is moving in the direction of blogging, isn't it? Read everything, try to build a coherent picture in your head.
  • @dannyBstyle We've always had to read many sources to get a realistic model of the world. It's just harder to pretend otherwise thesedays.
  • @dannyBstyle It's going to happen. What really drove it home for me was looking at a Wikipedia troll's user page and seeing that he'd ...
  • @dannyBstyle ... edited the running times for hundreds of movies, changing them by a few minutes each. Nobody will ever double check that.
  • @dannyBstyle The best outcome honestly might be everyone realizing that they can't ever actually know for sure what's going on.
  • RT @somebodyweknow "A leaked memo from the Whitehouse Office of Legal Council (OLC) argues that love, under its interpretation of the AUMF, is a battlefield."

Apr 20

  • "Bitcoins represent the sharpest ever refutation of the efficient-markets hypothesis." nationalinterest.or...
  • @TomBurnsRogers I'm not sure if it does! I've been meaning to read up on the math.
  • I don't usually tweet about food, but this meal at the Little India Cafe in Sunnyvale is reminding me how awesome life is.
  • @iphy Hah! It's weird, isn't it? I live in Berkeley. Visiting friends/family in the South Bay for the weekend and a couple of birthdays.

Apr 21

  • Does a short story written on a series of grave markers count as an epistolary mausoleum?
  • @manveerheir And a huge difficulty spike. I could only finish it after a dude got stuck on stairs, delaying the start of the next wave.
  • . @Kraznor @exfauxsure If you can't make a game good, at least have the decency to make it easy.
  • @StephanHaldaman I think it must be.
  • @exfauxsure @Kraznor Or that!
  • So my laptop's right hinge is probably nearing the end of its lifespan. Any advice?
  • @HoughWill I was giving serious consideration to industrial epoxy, actually.
  • @magic_bane Basically everything. The casing, then the metal. Somewhere along the line, also the screws holding the metal to the casing.
  • @mogwai_poet That's about what mine looked like a couple months ago! Get that fixed before it gets worse.
  • @magic_bane Yeah, I could hypothetically find the same model on Craigslist that's broken in some other way.
  • @magic_bane The main problem with that is that it'd be the same shitty plastic case that wore out in a year :)
  • @exfauxsure @Kraznor Or that :)

Apr 22

  • The Vo-96 acoustic guitar synthesizer performs tone manipulation by altering the vibration of the strings.
  • RT @doctorshrugs @ibogost Frog Faction
  • @AtkinsSJ @infinite_ammo "Pay to skip this paragraph" would be more effective.
  • RT @Brinstar This is super messed up: I was detained and interrogated at the border for carrying condoms

Apr 23

  • @magic_bane So far the epoxy seems to be holding!
  • "Why don't *our* children get to be children? Why don't they ever get to be innocent?" blackgirldangerous....

Apr 24

  • This year's Lyttle Lytton winners are in:
  • @secondquest Your first number one is always number one in your heart.
  • RT @Protome If I mention Frog Fractions in my Serious Game Design exam that's an instant pass, right?
  • @LouisGorenfeld @STRd6 @Triplefox @Bananattack Me me me me me me me
  • Joel Burgess on the processes behind Bethesda's modular world design:
  • RT @mcclure111 Oh, one more thing. Let's say recently -- like, last ten years -- you've gone from being someone with very little power, to someone with a lot?
  • RT @mcclure111 If that ever somehow happens, maaaaaaaybe you should think for a minute about whether you should change how you present yourself in debates.
  • RT @jennatar The original version of that tweet was "It's that time again!!" and then my Twitter password. Stone sober today, I swear.
  • @haydencd Yeah, I thought it was really informative!
  • Epoxy-based DIY hinge repair seems to be holding up. Thanks, Alex! (No thanks, Asus.)

Apr 25

  • Reddit commenters are falling over themselves to explain how Reddit probably had nothing to do with this death.
  • I'll be looking for a new place and/or new roommates shortly. Who wouldn't want to cohabitate with the illustrious Twinbeard?
  • (East bay; must like cats; beards optional.)
  • @daemonpants Man, why do married couples always want to move *out* and never in?
  • @ShaynaWhy That'd be great, thanks!
  • @ShaynaWhy Thanks!
  • @daemonpants "Dear /r/AskReddit, what are these weird animal noises I keep hearing every night? ... Sure, I'll do an AMA!"
  • Having to relearn -- or maybe just learn, I kinda forget -- linear algebra now that I can't just call Flash's 2D matrix class.
  • @dmmfix So far, it's: compare results to same operation in Flash's implementation, and if it doesn't match, transpose thing.
  • @Capn_Andy Obv. in this context "The" must be a proper noun, not an article.

Apr 26

  • Dude on BART yelling about how Apple is fucking you in the ass and you need to give all but 10% of your income to Samsung.
  • @Triplefox Don't even joke, I know people who are still down in the trenches fighting the console wars.
  • @Naklsonofnakkl Well said, sir!
  • Manic Pixie Prostitute:
  • RT @cascio All of our actions, plans, models and philosophies ultimately have to recognize one thing: Desperate people do desperate things. #ReConCon
  • "Blog Comment Spammer just exposed his template through some error and the whole thing showed up in my comments."
  • I'm gonna be showing Frog Fractions at this thing this weekend at the Oakland Museum of California, I guess?
  • No idea yet what that entails! And it starts in an hour.
  • @TheZotmeister I've gotten several requests to put that feature in Frog Fractions HD.
  • @simoncarless Woo!
  • One minute the exhibit is empty, the next minute five kids show up at one to play Minecraft.
  • Somebody got to the text adventure! So we'll be stuck there all day instead of at the pond.
  • None of these kids want to play a game called Frog Fractions, but they all want to repurpose my laptop as an additional Minecraft client.
  • Each kid is inflicting a different apocalypse on Oakland. Spiders, lava flooding, creepers, some flying squid things I don't recognize...
  • Hey, some kids started playing Frog Fractions after all. "This doesn't make any sense at all. This is just crazy."
  • They have enough fruit for the warp drive, but none of them seem to have a handle on the concept of dodging bullets.
  • @jasoneppink That's cool! How old are they?
  • @Triplefox Nor should it be; you wouldn't want to reinforce victim-blaming culture in young minds.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I tend to agree. I think, had they gotten much further, it mostly would've been lost on them.

Apr 27

  • @KrisLevyWhitman Probably. When?
  • @KrisLevyWhitman Sure, okay. Give me some notice and I can find a room.
  • @KrisLevyWhitman @RockLeeSmile Okay!
  • @RockLeeSmile @KrisLevyWhitman Cool.
  • @KrisLevyWhitman Just logged in in as mogwaipoet.
  • @KrisLevyWhitman Oh man, you guys are barreling through it.
  • @KrisLevyWhitman Did you want me in on the call? I'm mogwaipoet on Skype too.
  • @KrisLevyWhitman Thanks for having me!
  • OH: "Then we attach an accelerometer to a baby."
  • @xFats Thanks, I will have a look!
  • @KrisLevyWhitman @GassyMexican @JSmithOTI It was fun! Thanks for having me on.

Apr 28

  • "Q: WHAT IS BLU AND I AM WERING? A: MY HAT" badkidsjokes.tumblr...
  • @inkgizmo Huh, I hadn't thought about it, but I guess the numbers 1 through 10 must come in the same order they did in 1988.
  • Today: your last chance to see Frog Fractions, Minecraft, 7 Grand Steps and a bunch of mashed-up children's toys in the same museum exhibit!
  • (Here's South Park's Chef with the head of Dora the Explorer. Here's Jabba the Hutt with Barbie legs.)
  • @Sosowski Vine!

Apr 29

  • @mrasmus Have Adobe ruined the DC Universe for you too?
  • @DualRyan @benprunty Paying attention to theory took me from making ~50 songs a year -- using maybe 5 different chord progressions -- to ~2.
  • @geardrops It's short for "giraffe."
  • @benprunty @DualRyan Interesting. What I found was that other *musicians* liked my theory-informed music more. Most people didn't notice.
  • Signs you have a solid understanding of your algorithm: you spend an hour inserting and removing minus signs to make something look right.
  • @hamptonus Oh cool, I've been meaning to check that remix album out.
  • A Post-mortem of @Sosowski's Commodore 64 game for Ludum Dare:
  • @LouisGorenfeld @STRd6 @Triplefox @Bananattack I'm in. (Also probably in for another night this week.)

Apr 30

  • @rachel_sala @mrasmus Also a pretty performant, compatible and ubiquitous VM! But it was a bad match for the Chumby so it's awful forever.
  • RT @TomSmizzle all games need to stop doing some obnoxious game design trope and having a character say "oh jeez i hate [obnoxious game design trope]"
  • . @TomSmizzle Isn't "oh jeez I hate shooting" basically the plot of every first-person shooter by now?
  • @rachel_sala @mrasmus The Flash editor isn't going away. If the VM does, the editor will just export to other formats.
  • @mrasmus @rachel_sala Yeah, I almost put "stable" on my list of adjectives but I meant "still correctly runs binaries from 15 years ago."
  • @AmyDentata @TomSmizzle If you can't stop people from enjoying something gross, at least you can trick them into getting yelled at for it.
  • Liz Ryerson's analysis of Bioshock Infinite's opening sequence:
  • RT @mdiehr @mogwai_poet "oh jeeze I hate fractions" is the plot to frog fractions
  • Registration is open for Tigjam 5, in late June.
  • I had to poop but the sign said "no pooping." I haven't pooped since and I've never felt better. Thanks, Noisebridge! shitnoisebridgesays...
  • A mysterious "James Crawford Crawford" is also attending Tigjam 5. tigjam2013.eventbri...
  • Perhaps I'll meet him and our forms will coalesce into a single James James Crawford Crawford Crawford hive mind and vanish into the nether.
  • @vogon Long have we waited for this day!
  • Also Chris Crawford! He's not the Chris Crawford you're thinking of, but his presence will still augment the hive-mind.
  • @ForneusLex At least three by my count.
  • Tigjam registration is almost full. Maybe actually full by now. You'd better go check! tigjam2013.eventbri...
  • Oh no, Mario Marathon 6 coincides with TIGJam 5. How am I supposed to watch Mario streams and make games at the same time? It can't be done!
  • @LouisGorenfeld @Triplefox Two parts tears, three parts Jolt Cola.
  • @Satchamobob I guess I'm not really an indie developer if I haven't released a 2D platformer.
  • @endrift Aw. Did you try for the wait-list?
  • @frank0127 That is the current plan, but I expect my audio channel to be taken up by people talking to me for much of the time. Assholes!
  • @LouisGorenfeld @Triplefox I wonder where we can get more of that. They took it off the menu, didn't they? Can't imagine why.
  • Fix contraception? Or maybe just keep screaming "be a better person" until everyone's perfect. Works every time!
  • @EvanBalster Man, I would kill to be able to use my real name on *any* on-line service. Except Xbox Live. I got that one somehow.
  • @EvanBalster "Afterburner Crawford." It's got a ring to it! Maybe I'll steal it from him.
  • @Triplefox Oh man, do you know James Crawford Crawford? I'm kinda excited to find out what he's about.
  • @Triplefox You should make a game about that. We'd both learn something.
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