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Ugh, stop twitching
may 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2013-06-27 00:57:47 by Jim Crawford
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May 01

  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Liger Woods Enormous Golf
  • RT @waxpancake Candy Box is like Frog Fractions in ASCII.
  • @pattheflip I forget how this scoring system works. Lower is better, right?
  • @pattheflip Aw, and I'd been doing so well!
  • RT @videocrab My dream last night revolved around the celebrated existence of an arcade version of Frog Fractions. Truly, I hath dreamt of a better world.
  • Is anyone I know going to this? "Academy of Art 'Unconventional Education' Game Jam" aaujam-es2005.event...
  • @mrasmus Receiver totally counts as educational.
  • @videocrab Like set up in an Imax theater? What a gorgeous idea. Still 640x480 resolution, presumably.
  • It doesn't look like it at first but this is definitely a video game.
  • @LorenBednar Oh, is it yours?
  • @LorenBednar @aniwey Ah, yeah, that's probably part of why I liked it!
  • @aniwey @LorenBednar I am curious to see your reaction!
  • @aniwey @LorenBednar A mouse helps, yeah. Good sound is also important, if that's possible to arrange.
  • Reconstituting the powdered hamburger. "The painstaking assembly was fraught with creeping existential terror."
  • @mad_maw Really, any game+golf seems like a solid idea. A friend of mine made a Quake Golf mod in 1998 or so. It was hot shit!
  • For Frog Fractions help, call the Beard hotline at (469) BEA-RDS4! We will be compiling a set of "frequently asked questions," or "FRASQUE."
  • @braktheman I've still got the old beard braids in a ziploc bag somewhere. I've been meaning to auction them off for charity.
  • @PedroLP_ Depends on what you mean by "attended" and also "hot."
  • @rachel_sala You might enjoy this product!
  • I... just watched the video in the mini hamburger kit article. I feel like the guy who likes Frog Fractions because the upgrades are funny.
  • Fez is now available on PC. store.steampowered....
  • @alexremington If you want to do the port, I'll work with you to make the necessary design changes!
  • @leighalexander Interpreting this tumblr as being about privilege is pretty generous. My reading is more like "HA HA LOOK AT THE GEEKS"
  • @leighalexander Staring at your phone for the entire train ride, everybody does that, but wearing *glasses*? Cue the Weird Science theme!
  • @leighalexander Sorry, I grew up in the 80s so I may be oversensitive to traditional anti-geek imagery.
  • @IvanDashSmith Yeah. I'm stuck on the Castle Keep!

May 02

  • @rachel_sala @haydencd Don't forget to wait for lollipops too!
  • @haydencd @rachel_sala Lollipops become useful when you have many many more than you probably have right now.
  • @Pattoe89 Don't worry about making him mad, he's a jerk anyway.

May 03

  • "This is a mini art project where I draw superheroes based on the costumes worn by little girls." bettersupes.tumblr....
  • RT @mrdaveyd White teen kills brother w/ bbgun no charges Black girl does bad science experiment 2 felonies-same prosecutor hiphopandpolitics.w... #kiera
  • @manveerheir @chrisremo @ferricide You have to take it on the plane in your stomach! That trick works for water, too.
  • I used to have the Prime Number Shitting Bear as my desktop. Finding new primes eventually killed system performance.
  • Rarely have I gotten a syntax error as simple as "; expected" and stared at my code for so long trying to figure out what's wrong.
  • So many of the abilities I value are utterly unconscious; if I suddenly lost them I'd have no idea what went wrong or how to get them back.
  • I get glimpses of this with twitch games like Rock Band or Super Hexagon. Suddenly I can't play at all. Will I ever be able to play again?
  • (It turns out that the mysterious missing semicolon was the editor not displaying the line the error was on. Restarting Eclipse fixed it.)
  • @snickelsox You should practice being ambidextrous. You could be like the only guy in the office who can type in Dvorak!
  • @Arc208 I bet there was an episode of The Twilight Zone about this.
  • Receipt Racer:
  • @KommanderKlobb Not if you play with disappearing ink!
  • @KommanderKlobb Or you could have it print onto a roll of toilet paper, then when you want to rage quit you can wipe your ass with the game.
  • Turns out, life without the Internet is actually a lot like life with the Internet:
  • OH: "Have you ever been sweaty at a butterfly farm?"
  • Man, did I tell you guys about the time when I only watched a movie for like two hours straight? Not multitasking: the skill of the future.
  • Experimental result: the last customer's leftover sausage meatball doesn't work to prop up a wobbly table. Can I get some peer review?
  • @frank0127 Hrm, actually, wasn't Polygon part of The Verge for a long time?
  • @LorenBednar A good trick! I should learn that one.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Just because I liked one movie, I'll like these, is that how it works?
  • @NicholasGolden I couldn't do this when I was telecommuting, but now that I'm mostly writing code locally, I disable wifi while working.
  • @LorenBednar Sounds delicious!
  • @frank0127 "Insidious." It was okay. The best part of the experience was finding out I was capable of not checking my email for two hours.
  • @NicholasGolden You could play the whole family, trying to cover the human visitor perfectly with as little overlap as possible.

May 04

  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: cat wigs.
  • RT @BenBrocka @mogwai_poet too slow
  • @Pattoe89 Form a dumb startup and we'll exchange stock.
  • I was actually thinking about full-body cat wigs, for hairless breeds. But I admit that scalp-only wigs probably has broader appeal.
  • @Noxonomus Me too, now! I'm also really scared of the idea.
  • @Kraznor Both!
  • @Pattoe89 Well, except that it would look like cat fur rather than clothes!
  • @Pattoe89 I liked the idea of a spider that would subsist on your body hair. No more unsightly razor burn!

May 05

  • @YouOldSoAndSo ZING! (I had to look "merkin" up. So, slow-motion zing.)
  • @dislekcia Glad I was helpful!
  • Petsmart takes a dark turn.

May 06

  • Great idea! Let's make customers pay monthly for a product they used to own! Meanwhile, piracy is easier than ever.
  • Are drivers *really* more friendly and helpful in Russia, or do they just have more cameras to catch it happening?
  • @Pattoe89 To play Frog Fractions, you must subscribe to the Twinbeard Suite, featuring games such as Pogo Grapple Racecars: Havana Nights!
  • @LorenBednar You can't afford NOT to!
  • @arara_ @RobThez Yeah, that makes sense.
  • The Bolton Strid is by far the most fascinating and terrifying item on this list, because it's *not* spectacular.
  • RT @kobunheat ACTUAL QUOTE "Every developer dreams of creating games for the Star Wars universe," said EA's Frank Gibeau. And EA has made sure they can't.
  • @NicholasGolden I like them too, in that they're polite enough to look scary so passers by will know to stay away.
  • @NicholasGolden Next build: post credits, the rip current in the Hearst Castle Pool dashes you against the rocks and you die instantly.
  • @rachel_sala @NicholasGolden It's how we justify sending you to hell for the Doom clone! (Man, should I be tweeting this idea in public?)
  • The average human lives in the Earth's core. Or inside the sun, depending on your reference frame.
  • @louroboros @smestorp I didn't think of that!
  • @Pattoe89 We've secretly switched their Folger's Crystals with the surface of the Sun. Let's see if anyone notices!
  • Didn't Puerto Rico vote to become a state recently? What happened with that? Was that just, like, Puerto Rico votes that it wants a pony?
  • @vogon Right, okay.
  • @vogon How are they going to fit another star on the flag and not send the design into a spiraling mess?
  • @AmyDentata Oh right, like that time congress voted that the Boston strangler was a pretty cool guy.
  • @vogon Man, when *don't* I want to read hot policy papers
  • @carolynmichelle Games are always about the fantastical. The quotidian human experience becomes the unusual, exciting subject to depict.
  • @InnuendoStudios That does make the question simpler, doesn't it?
  • "Making of the 1980 Doctor Who Theme" A pretty good mini-documentary on how electronic music was made 30 years ago.
  • It's a bit more of an investment, but here's one about Delia Derbyshire's meticulous 1963 performance of the theme.
  • @frank0127 Think of what a boon it would be to revitalizing the Chinese textile industry!

May 07

  • @grantkirkhope Add it as hidden bonus tracks to the Banjo Kazooie soundtrack.
  • RT @ibojokes Hi, I'm Femur Bogost & I'd like to talk to you about gam-ification, the use of legs in a non-leg context to engage users and solve problems
  • "I'd like to think we're better than that, but I can see that we aren't, because the reality is right there." emshort.wordpress.c...
  • Man, somebody remind Jeremy that nobody's paying him by the outraged comment, before he pulls a hamstring.
  • @Pattoe89 Most people don't care, I think. They don't care in the sense that they don't think about it, but unconsciously dismiss.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: chain link fences with links the size of adult feet, for easy climbing!
  • RT @ID_AA_Carmack The Haskell code I started on is a port of the original Wolf 3D. My notes from four years ago on the iOS port:

May 08

  • Newsline! "The Man Who Turned Off Cookies In Firefox Doesn't Care If It Hurts Advertisers"
  • @Seagaia2
  • @Vanther Sorry! Wait, what am I apologizing for today?
  • This is clear abuse of Kickstarter, but I also really liked PADLC and I want more of it, so, net win?
  • Cabin in the Woods is streaming on Netflix. Probably not the *best* movie I've seen recently, but the one I enjoyed the most.
  • @codemastermm E.g.!
  • @aleczandah No, was that supposed to be a tie-in?
  • @aleczandah Oh, cool.
  • @nickd3000 Could be a golem. Or a scorpion turned to gold by a King Midas-like force. I'm sure there's fan-fiction explaining its backstory!
  • @nickd3000 Maybe the scorpion is named Kevin.
  • . @PTibz You know what's easy? Copying an existing design! Let the art and music guys worry about originality.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo @PTibz Also big chunks of Frog Fractions. Nothing like banging out a whole subgame in a few days to make you feel productive.

May 09

  • @BrianNumberOne Sounds fun!
  • @BrianNumberOne I doubt laws will improve the situation. As with drugs, the lasting, effective solution is a social one.
  • @BrianNumberOne Yeah, that makes sense.
  • "Gaming's new frontier: Cancer, depression, suicide"
  • @NoGasta You could write a story about a writer having writer's block. I'm pretty sure that's never been done before.
  • Do I know anybody named George? Because I just invented the most amusing way to make fun of somebody named George.
  • @NoGasta That sounds awesome.
  • @mcclure111 @v21 I don't believe so!

May 10

  • @UndeadManWalkin It's just going to be a title screen hack for Frogs and Flies, is that okay?
  • "No matter how heartbreaking the story, we still love to laugh at black people."
  • RT @mcclure111 Oh hey I just linked some art and credited not the artist or people who invented the characters but rather the person I got the link from
  • "How to land an airplane if you are not a pilot" -- They should print cheat sheets on the side of airsick bags. eduardo.intermeta.c...
  • @Mushyrulez Don't worry, when you start using this stuff to build things in real life, you no longer have to deal with crap like this.
  • @Mushyrulez Unless you work for somebody else, I mean.
  • "Every Every Every Generation Has Been the Me Me Me Generation"
  • RT @iscoff "PEW PEW PEW PE -- " "BILLY! Stop playing laser guns and come help us finish doing church inventory. Now, where were we? Pew pew pew pew pew"
  • This is making me kinda want to make games by abusing the fuck out of some generic models from the Unity asset store.
  • Deltron 3030 playing live at the Sigmund Stern Grove on June 30th.
  • @erynofwales @mcclure111 Same note ringing more than once. Nonzero release time?

May 11

  • System Shock 2 is on Steam. That's new, right? Anyway, it is. store.steampowered....
  • @wavenger For serious. Also, when I tried that I gave up early. Being a hacker is hard!
  • Alex was talking about Lamborghinis and I had to ask him what car was modeled after the Lamborghini in GTA to know what car he meant.
  • Huh. "MWA," the world's most dangerous alcohol-free cocktail.

May 12

  • @JSmithOTI NWA isn't a beverage! Or at least so I thought, until I saw Dr. Dre hawking Dr Pepper.
  • @LeetorDelete Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

May 13

  • "The Centenary of Canberra Skywhale" -- Arguably NSFW?
  • @NicholasGolden Sure! What reptile doesn't secretly wish to be a mammal?
  • "Women in Video Games, Circa 1983"
  • I played Zombies Ate My Neighbors for the first time Sunday. A neat, atmospheric Gauntlet clone. I would've loved had I played it in 1993.
  • @Michipoo18 Yeah! He was scary in the sense that he was effective at killing me, but too silly looking to be thematically scary nowadays.
  • @ForneusLex That was basically my takeaway as well. Very much of the "throw some systems together" school of game design.
  • @ForneusLex Notably, Binding of Isaac provides you with wildly variable drops but it's tuned so you never feel like you wasted your time.
  • Working out of a coffee shop, I heard normal-person TV news talking about this. TV watchers care about it, I guess!
  • Another data point: the same news program also played the video of Chris Hadfield singing Space Oddity. I'm like an entrenched reporter!

May 14

  • @aliendovecote
  • @ForneusLex Cola Bottle Baby.
  • You know why they call it the Xbox Infinity? Because when you see it you turn infinity degrees and walk away.
  • @limbclock That's probably what their marketing department is relying on.
  • @PeaceD91 @UndeadManWalkin It's okay, you agreed to that when you clicked through the EULA.
  • @limbclock It was something, that's for sure.
  • @limbclock How has it taken me nearly 10000 tweets to get offers of make-outs? I must be doing it wrong.
  • @LorenBednar Or you could just tilt yourself and glide away like the Tasmanian Devil.
  • @Revy_C Thanks! Luckily, I've got enough love to go around.
  • Wait, are prosecutors still insisting on punishing Kiera Wilmot? I thought we laughed this off a couple weeks ago.
  • @necrosofty Hm. I think I see Luigi's Mansion, Pikmin, Smash Bros., Mario Sunshine? Add Metroid Prime, and that guy might have a girlfriend.
  • "I give you: Bro-sie The Riveter." thehawkeyeinitiativ...
  • If you liked the swinging mechanic in Spider Man 2, Energy Hook is that designer's indie followup.
  • Really enjoying this. A game where you try to figure out where in the world you are based on Street View information.
  • @DMZilla I would play that game. (I'm pretty much already playing that game.)

May 15

  • RT @supererogatory Ubisoft "indefinitely suspending production" on 1666 is way for them to cancel the game w/o giving back Desilets his IP as per his contract.
  • RT @fullbright & I'm nick breckon Im nick breckon im nick brkn
  • @Triplefox
  • More evidence that hobbyists, deep down, are the same the world over. Fear of the Other: bringing humanity together!
  • @lindseywoho @HostBryan But without Kotaku comments, how will we know whether we need feminism any more?
  • When you realize your tiger team contract permits you to physically rob the client's bank, is there really a choice?
  • RT @YouOldSoAndSo @mogwai_poet Man, PC/console warrioring AND xenophobia! It's a small world after all!
  • RT @AmyDentata Petition to classify social science as anecdotal until its sampling includes people other than white 20-something college students.
  • @NorthernlionLP Is there an article that summarizes this situation that I can read/link to?
  • @NorthernlionLP Hm. Now I think I need to read a primer on how Let's-Play monetization works. Do you have one of *those* handy?
  • @NorthernlionLP Yeah, that makes sense. It must suck to not have clear boundaries for what's okay, though. Rug could be pulled at any time.
  • @NorthernlionLP Yeah, indies love it. Hell, the AAA devs themselves do too; problems start when corporate gets involved. Peace, love, dope!
  • Warren seems so married to the "fans want guns" narrative that he'll never accept that he made an uninteresting game.
  • @fiddlecub To be fair, we *did* see a lot of idiots bitching that there were no guns/trench coats. It's just that the game was bad *too*.
  • @CPriestman No guns, just mechanically identical paint thinner! It's not a platformer, it's just that the primary game mechanic is jumping!
  • @fiddlecub Minecraft and Red Faction Guerilla come to mind. Hell, Solomon's Key and Zoo Keeper, if you want to go way back.
  • @fiddlecub That part seemed like he was trying hard to fool himself -- or meant something more specific than what came across in print.

May 16

  • Still trying to figure out where the "savage" vocal sample came from in the Savage soundtrack for Amiga.
  • @pattheflip Sure, or that sample.
  • @AmyDentata As a coder, I know too well that life is also a lot easier when you redefine the problem you're solving to exclude edge cases.

May 17

  • My takeaway from this article is not that "Ranbaxy fabricated test results" but "the FDA works on the honor system." features.blogs.fort...
  • P.S. Not one executive -- you know, the individuals who made the decision to lie and profit from it -- was prosecuted.
  • RT @SexVHS I want hickies and I'm too exhausted to think it's really a bad idea to tweet that.
  • The most popular let's-players make a living from it. I guess they'll be playing non-Nintendo games now.
  • @SnealIV Legal grey area aside, it's a big company taking money away from individuals who are arguably *already producing Nintendo ads*.
  • @SnealIV What's happening is: Nintendo is *selling* ads on the videos. The way Youtube works, If they sell the ads, the LPers can't.
  • RT @Jplafke @ericlimer @rollinbishop This New Yorker thing is like the Frog Fractions of blog posts.
  • Really enjoying tiny code architecture victories right now. And today is evidently free-pastry-sample day at Revolution Cafe. Double score!
  • "PA Judge Sentenced For 28 Years For Selling Kids to the Prison System" Privatized prisons, ladies and gentlemen!
  • What's the pattern today? Poorly-conceived economic systems encourage exploitation?
  • @UndeadManWalkin I think we just said the same thing.
  • @illustruction Thanks! Oh man, if that's where you left off, stay excited :)
  • @UndeadManWalkin You can only exploit in the context of a system you're exploiting. Systems can be good or bad at discouraging exploitation.
  • @UndeadManWalkin Are you? I'll take your word for it :)
  • @NinjaMarion @ZackScott I love and want to encourage LPs. I think all devs do. Nintendo's decision stinks of the legal department.
  • @NinjaMarion I get that concern, but I think let's-plays getting the word out resulted in more people seeing the twist fresh, via sharing.
  • @UndeadManWalkin Yeah, I'd agree with that.

May 18

  • @Zakacee Hi! Have we met?
  • On spending your youth hacking Goldeneye with an Action Replay, and posting about it online using a Dreamcast.
  • At first I was curious what Eurovision was, then *really* curious, but now I'm pretty sure that it's more fun to not know.
  • @RobbyDuguay Forever brothers in ignorance!
  • @nickd3000 Yeah, I'm just assuming it's a really glitzy UN session.

May 19

  • Everyone's desperate for parking at Maker Fair, so uh, half a dozen cars just kind of commandeered an empty field and parking in rows.
  • No coordination, they just all showed up at once and parked near each other. i guess this is how parking lots are made.
  • Man, Maker Fair was supposed to be my day off, but I forgot that it's actually way more exhausting than working.
  • @limbclock Couldn't find him! Nor Jeri Ellsworth with her AR demo.
  • If you hadn't played ROM Check Fail because it required installation -- and who could blame you? -- it's Flash now:

May 20

  • "I invented the swinging in Spider-Man 2. Now I'm making Energy Hook. Ask Me Anything!"
  • I would estimate that my current project is two additional weeks behind schedule because C# doesn't know how to store 1.0 in a float.
  • @JJC1138 @arara_ I mean I've spent ~2 weeks typing "(float)" in front of e.g. any expression that uses System.Math.
  • "'Grand Theft Auto V' Missions To Focus Largely On Tutoring, Community Outreach"
  • Did you ever play that pen-and-paper racer? I'm unsure how ubiquitous it is, and it's a great lesson in game design.
  • Man, @FranciscoFoco works some remarkably effective magic with layered music tracks in the Dynamic Audio Demo here:
  • @MittyMandi @ForneusLex @SelkieIngenue Me too!

May 21

  • Come join us for co-working Tuesdays at The MADE! Starting last Tuesday. (Probably should've mentioned this earlier.) Show up noon or so?
  • @Triplefox I should be there late-ish.
  • what do you call peach that has a line on it? butt fruit badkidsjokes.tumblr...
  • Something going on with an "Xbox"? It's like that inexplicable Eurovision thing all over again.
  • @LouisGorenfeld I remember for a long time thinking that the official cutoff was 4k per sample.
  • RT @simoncarless Will never get tired of people suggesting that 'It's Mr. Pants' is the classic Rare franchise that Microsoft is bringing back at E3.

May 22

  • @PeePeeDuncan Awesome :)

May 23

  • Kickstarter: "An investigative documentary about the life of the internet pioneer and activist Aaron Swartz."
  • @tomatoman0952 Thanks!
  • Humble Weekly Sale this week is pay-what-you-want for Alan Wake and American Nightmare. I liked both of these a lot!
  • RT @pattheflip I like getting commit messages because they say things like "Angry dragon now available for carpet bombing."
  • I just wrote some tricky code today so I might not be totally dead inside yet.
  • @ShanghaiSix "I Remember You" is the episode my friends showed me to convince me I should watch it.
  • @ShanghaiSix I was really impressed at the depth with which it addressed mental illness without feeling like a "very special episode."

May 24

  • @davidsgallant I made that exact play once. Sometimes I suspect the designers had an intended canonical pairing for every black card.
  • @davidsgallant Yeah, that one's also pretty much a gimme.
  • RT @bhsharp Really wish email/tweets/FB worked via "pending/dismissed" vs "unread/read." Too often I skim things in busy context and never revisit.
  • @vectorpoem I think the fantasy being fulfilled there is that of being compensated fairly for your labor.
  • "'When I was in college, my summer job paid the tuition.' Tuition was $400."

May 25

  • @haydencd To be fair I'm pretty sure guitars cost more that 10 cents back then even adjusting for inflation.
  • .... this is like one of those six-word stories that I can't quite pparse.
  • "Microsoft says its cloud architecture can pre-calculate elements like lighting and physics" But can it talk to the Cell SPU in your fridge?
  • @Sosowski Oh no! I guess I wrote the love note in my own blood.
  • @SnealIV No but it can make you jump up and shout "Cinnamon Toast Crunch!" before the ad will resume.
  • @AmyDentata Talk to Pizza Hut, I hear they want to follow up on "/pizza" with something targeting a broader gaming audience.
  • Heading to Saturday game jam at Noisebridge.
  • Pair of ~6 year old girls on Muni having a conversation consisting solely of words that end in XY. "Boxy!" "Sexy!" "Waxy!" "Foxy!" "Taxi!"
  • @steverockan Maybe they mean like the collapsing bridge in Half-Life Episode Two? Or maybe the guy's a ridiculous architecture astronaut.
  • @steverockan @pohungchen @RandomOutput I can't make that, unfortunately. It's monthly, isn't it?
  • @nickd3000 Yeah, but give us a break! We're grasping at straws to describe any advantage our platform provides.
  • I keep forgetting what interpolation function I want to use but it always turns out to be this one:

May 26

May 27

  • Googly Eyes.
  • Recommended for you.
  • @LorenBednar We'll see!
  • @mikeambrogi Every time I start to freak out I take a deep breath, look at some of Juan's art, and instantly feel better.
  • Found the most delightful zine at Nabolom bakery this morning. What's the etiquette on digitizing and sharing zines?
  • @BrianNumberOne Andrew Plotkin was the guy who rethemed it "werewolf." He has some email exchanges with Dimitry here:
  • If you are interested in interactive storytelling, you should play @PaperDino's new thing.
  • @still I like Camtasia for basic video editing but for simple trimming Windows Movie Maker might actually do you fine.
  • This is not a great game. This is just a tribute.
  • @daemonpants Doing a good job is *so* much harder than doing a shitty job.
  • @EvanBalster @henkboom Filter design is hard and plugging in FFT again is easy!
  • @EvanBalster @henkboom (Actually what's saved me is that FFT libs are hard and plugging in something from is easy.)
  • Very useful playtest session with @PaperDino today. He was my back pocket game design hammer during Frog Fractions, if you didn't know!

May 28

  • Chris Seavor and friends are doing a very meandering but very interesting dev commentary of Conker's Bad Fur Day.
  • Hey, the Humble Bundle is indie again! A pretty good selection, too:
  • RT @femfreq Looks like my harassers abused YouTube's flag function to get my new Tropes vs Women video removed. Not the first time it's happened.

May 29

  • RT @EliasToufexis This may be my favourite accidental combinations if billboards ever.
  • If you're making a game with tilt controls, and you can't make them as good as Ridiculous Fishing, don't make a game with tilt controls.
  • RT @MammonMachine My thesis advisor pulled a wrench and three socket wrenches from her bra looking for a lighter.
  • Microsoft plans to sell "1 billion" Xbox Ones. This jibes with their not planning ahead enough to own
  • After GTA, I'd hoped devs would realize "beat the AI to the goal" was always a dumb game idea, but every driving game is still about racing.
  • Driving game examples to follow: Gripshift, Stuntman, Twisted Metal, if it'd been any good. What else... APB! The arcade game, not the MMO.
  • Log in to change my email notification settings? The "report spam" button is *way* easier and almost certainly more effective.
  • Also, if you actually cared about customer service maybe you would read your email rather than sending "from an unmonitored address."
  • @Ambivalist I sort of liked it, but it felt too random to me -- much like most racing games.
  • @evilbadman Ah, you're right. Even that's pretty dumb, unless you redefine "console" to include things like Apple TV.
  • @infinite_ammo @bombsfall You know it's an ad because that character would *definitely* have pronounced it as-in-"vitamin."
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Was Outrun 2006 the one with the mode where your girlfriend asked you to e.g. drift a lot for the next half mile?

May 30

  • @errolmorris Mathematicians tend to use the term "discovered," not "invented."
  • Do people want a "tactical strategy PC game on an epic fantasy timeline" from Double Fine? Let's see:
  • Oh cool, Chris's new game got some ink in Rock Paper Shotgun. (Play this thing, you guys.)
  • @pattheflip There is one, yes. But I've talked to Chris about it and he said choosing to stop playing is also a creator-sanctioned ending.
  • @limbclock I'd watch the movie.
  • @vectorpoem Not always! E.g., I follow enough people that I'll probably miss any given tweet. RTing feels better than repeating yourself.
  • Will I just be linking to the Humble Weekly Sale every week? Because that would be embarrassing. Telltale games:
  • P.S. The Walking Dead is part of that package. It is an incredible accomplishment when it's not making you do puzzles or action sequences.
  • @still For everyone but me, since I already own almost everything!
  • @frank0127 Maybe! And maybe the talking interface that I made all the mistakes in until I learned it is simulating being socially awkward.
  • @frank0127 But when I spent half an hour clicking a hammer and being eaten, when it wanted me to *scroll* and click? What's that simulating?
  • @Satchamobob @frank0127 I believe I could also have hit "2" and then clicked.
  • Wait, so am I capable of being a good person or not? I've got a whole bunch of Bioware RPG decisions queued up here.
  • Okay wait, so is the preferred pronounciation "X-bone" or "X-bozone"?
  • RT @necrosofty hey, my game Gunhouse, which I'm making with @mogwai_poet, will be at E3. Please try to enjoy it! Also @Disasterpeace is doing the music. :3
  • RT @TomSmizzle @mogwai_poet you pronounce like it's a pasta. eggs bosogne.
  • Ducks and cats, living together; mass hysteria.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Seems like the Far Side would be one of those comics for which a fan would've hand-built a searchable comic database in 1999.
  • Protip: "be yourself" only works for the effortlessly-attractive. If that's you, you're the last person who should be giving dating advice.
  • @polpo You're always someone else. You change a little bit from one day to the next and a lot over the course of a decade.
  • @polpo A gentler way to put it might be "be yourself but better."
  • @Revy_C Step 2) Make Frog Fractions.
  • @Naklsonofnakkl It gets better!
  • @LouisGorenfeld @polpo Except "free spirit" is a very specific thing now, like "indie rock."

May 31

  • @pattheflip @IanWAdams I know, right?
  • "Survivorship Bias. The Misconception: You should study the successful if you wish to become successful."
  • And when it's survirvors telling you to do what they did, it's called "survivorship privilege."
  • "Man On Cusp Of Having Fun Suddenly Remembers Every Single One Of His Responsibilities"
  • @octavio189 Yep!
  • @octavio189 Thanks! Glad you liked it.
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