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Ugh, stop twitching
february 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2013-06-27 00:55:22 by Jim Crawford
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Feb 01

  • Holy Land, USA, closed since 1984.
  • XNA officially abandoned. Long live MonoGame?
  • RT @vectorpoem Walled gardens, publishers, difficult tools, high barriers to entry all help @TheGamePolice keep us safe from things that may not be games.
  • @Triplefox Is that a new thing? It looks like maybe an answer to the submission fee reaction.
  • In desperate need of additional punctuation: "Look at Flower is Breakfast at Tiffany's on Acid."
  • @kewlrats Maybe they can help figure out what it means!

Feb 02

  • @germdisco I wonder if it'd be poor sportsmanship to vote down everything above my game.
  • RT @christinelove Good morning Twitter ! Do your best !!
  • @limbclock Sorry, I didn't mean to cause an existential crisis!
  • RT @ja2ke The niners players denying their involvement in the It Gets Better video that I was briefly proud of them for being in is pretty shit.
  • @limbclock Saying what you want to say without offending is a skill that you get better at with practice. It's easier with people you know.
  • @limbclock I count that as a win :)
  • 49ers players renounce "It Gets Better" clips they appeared in after finding out they were reassuring LGBT kids. sanfrancisco.cbsl...
  • @daemonpants Probably, yeah :/
  • The 50th anniversary cover for The Bell Jar "rebrands the classic piece of literature into chick lit."
  • @Reetesh No. Immigration is a subject I'd like to tackle more seriously, but it's scary specifically because I have no personal experience.
  • @idesanya Thanks, I'll let her know!
  • @Reetesh Sure, I'd be interested.
  • Savings is running low enough that my bank has started charging me for being poor. Always a bad sign.
  • @davidsgallant No, it makes perfect sense. They're the ones least capable of resisting it.
  • @drewmmichaels Almost as popular as the "Too Many Fees Fee."
  • @KayinNasaki centerforgamescie...
  • @Digitalistic Hopefully one of these days I'll get angry enough to go through with the hassle of switching.
  • No need for me to make a Frog Fractions sequel now. These guys have you covered. centerforgamescie...
  • @UndeadManWalkin That's basically what the soundtrack is for, but don't feel obligated; I'll be fine. Lots of opportunities.
  • @GuardianKnux I should've thought of that. I'm a lifelong learner!
  • @Triplefox That sounds like a good way to think about it. That'd explain why the people making $500k and spending it all feel poor.
  • Tried to register domain at @hover; got the error "Password contained invalid characters." Clearly these guys know their security practices.
  • Also, the error didn't say which characters were invalid, so they've got the interface design thing going on too.
  • @vogon Security via wizard curses? Can't be much worse than status quo.
  • @MikeASchneider The password it rejected was VCTx%Q7^hL4KoV44TsX#. Feel free to figure it out and let me know!
  • @cellphonegaming I was gonna make one, but then I saw this and no longer felt the need. centerforgamescie...
  • @cellphonegaming It seems to!
  • Mmph. Upon returning home, that picture was about as legible as I was afraid it'd be.

Feb 03

  • Is there a place online to buy hyper-inflated currency in bulk? Like, a wheelbarrow of Zimbabwean $10,000 bills. Asking for a friend.
  • @hamptonus I don't see why not!
  • @TomBurnsRogers 100 bills isn't a wheelbarrow, but that may do in a pinch, thanks!
  • "Hilariously Ferocious Underwater Dogs"
  • OH: "The gentlest of drubbings."
  • "It seems the clear winner was The Football, having scored every point in the game. Congratulations Football." grimelords.tumblr...
  • @chinto Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

Feb 04

  • When Neo woke up out of The Matrix, he saw Hong Kong.
  • Tom Hall is kickstarting a platformer game making tool, with a spiritual sequel to Commander Keen as the demo game.
  • RT @Rokashi Making someone play Frog Fractions. Lol. This is always a great bonding game.
  • Frog Fractions: bringing friends together.
  • RT @PackBenPack @mogwai_poet I had a whole room of people play it and we had the time of our lives and it lead to an orgy! Only that last part isn't true.
  • @evilbadman That is pretty sweet!
  • @frank0127 Time to get better friends!
  • @exfauxsure @pixel_response This is my favorite photo of me: sphotos-a.xx.fbcd...
  • @jakeinvaders Thanks! Glad you were able to find the payoff :)
  • "The easiest thing to blame is always the kid who fails at the blankly inoffensive ideals of childhood."
  • @jakeinvaders It looks dumb at first glance by design. That's the whole point!
  • RT @bengrue A trusted friend on the evils of being in the social media industry: (I know & vouch for this prsn, msg should be obv.)
  • @bengrue "Professional asshole" is definitely a burgeoning field.
  • @evilbadman Wait okay, so in that poll apparently everybody *except* the Penny Arcade Forum voters loved Frog Fractions.
  • I had a dream where I braided my hair into my beard and it was a perfect replacement for my erstwhile beard braids.
  • I could try it in real life, but I'd need to get a haircut before every meal. Maybe I could try being less fond of chewing.
  • @daphaknee Muh muh mer meh muh mer.
  • @buzz_clik *Is* baby food good enough for RoboCop? I question this premise.
  • @for_a_dollar @buzz_clik Enough of that out of you.
  • @frank0127 Man, did I ever tell you about my idea for a food cart selling Indian curry-with-rice in boba tea form factor?
  • @karamisaurus @frank0127 Yep, that's the expression you make while consuming it!
  • @mrasmus @frank0127 @karamisaurus Your license fee will be daily shipments to my house.
  • @mrasmus @frank0127 @karamisaurus Your license fee will be setting up shop in Berkeley.

Feb 05

  • Civil conversation with people whose value systems conflict with your own.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo You mean you have to *download it*? That's like a baby's toy!
  • @NoGasta He's always right about everything. What can you do except agree with him?
  • @BenKuchera Could you replicate this environment by turning off the wifi switch on your laptop?
  • @BenKuchera Man, that'd do it, wouldn't it?
  • RT @neilyourself Jean-Luc Lennon / Paul Picardney

Feb 06

  • I think I might've sneezed a tiny bit of decongestant up into my nasal cavity. Is that irony?
  • @n3dst4 Is that a no, then?
  • This story beat happens a lot I guess.
  • Sometimes it's more fun to let game mechanics stand on their own.
  • Who's up for some Grand Theft Auto: Saw? How about Grand Theft Auto: Kirk Douglas?
  • Some of the things that were great about Dead Space are still great in Dead Space 3.
  • @KommanderKlobb Yes, but in general the diegetic HUD conceit isn't as consistent.
  • @KommanderKlobb Same here. I liked two a lot overall, but it would've been a much better game at half the length.
  • Dead Space 3: better than Dead Space Ignition but not as good as Dead Space Extraction.
  • RT @AntiJokeCat Ask me if I'm a tree. Are you a tree? No.
  • @hamptonus Why not fight human enemies in literally every other game?
  • @hamptonus Dead Space games aren't less of a time investment! You should probably check out Gears of War 2. It's a solid game.
  • @hamptonus Dead Space's dismemberment mechanic *was* that. Fighting other humans just removes what's interesting about the combat mechanics.
  • @hamptonus My experience confirms this.
  • @hamptonus I know what you mean. Dead Space 3 is supposed to be 15+ hours long, by the way.
  • @hamptonus A fun idea for a multiplayer mechanic. The problem with that kind of idea is that you have to build an entire game to go with it.
  • @hamptonus Me too. The first two games nail the atmosphere, and 3 does a pretty good job still.
  • Out of resources in Dead Space 3. Full stop, no way to progress. TIME TO BUY THE DLC RESOURCE PACKS, AMIRITE?
  • That never happened to me in previous Dead Spaces, even on the highest difficulty. Pretty obvious that they tuned drop rates to sell DLC.
  • @untitledmage Yes. Probably poorly.
  • @GeneralBison Oddly enough, it makes a strong case for playing games on PC, where modding and cheats keep that stuff in check.
  • @Polygoblin Yeah, I did that in Dead Space as well. DS3 autosaves, though; I'm pretty sure you only have one slot.
  • @GeneralBison I was reading about that. Tempting, but I haven't gotten far enough to take advantage of it.
  • @Teanah Thanks, Tina! Glad you enjoyed it.
  • @GeneralBison One of the things I didn't have time to build was a fake microtransaction interface that purported to sell you 25,000 fruit.
  • @GeneralBison I'm told that one thing I got wrong about Frog Fractions is that bugs are actually really into durians.

Feb 08

  • RT @spikepoint Today I street passed with the guy that made Frog Fractions. Pretty much the highlight of my day tbh. #nerd
  • @hamptonus Don't worry, there are some incredibly stupid twists later.
  • If your best idea to get a story from point A to point B is to put in a scene where the protagonist acts like an idiot, please stop writing.
  • @LanzAlentzia If it's fully in-character, that's more acceptable, but I'll still be wondering why you're telling me a story about an idiot.
  • @juv3nal He's the guy they named poking yourself in the eye with a stick after, right?
  • Watching YouTube playthrough videos of Dead Space 3 to see what I "missed" after giving up playing. (Yes, my last tweet was about this.)
  • Previous Dead Spaces were hardly great literature, but they were solid sci-fi/horror, with inventive set-pieces and a high degree of polish.
  • @AmyDentata Agreed -- it kills me that every game has to be about shooting, because Dead Space is *begging* to be about running and hiding.
  • @AmyDentata My favorite part of the whole series is the haunted house walk through the Ishimura in DS2. The part where nothing happens.
  • Aside: Dead Space 2 took two DVDs because it had a huge variety of detailed environments. DS3 uses two DVDs because... endless snowfields?
  • @hamptonus You have found the true horror.
  • @Unlimited_Bacon I tried really hard not to automatically hate after hearing about those. Not sure if I succeeded.
  • @IcarusTyler My guess is that they decided players would feel shortchanged if they didn't at least pretend DS3 was just as "big" as 2.
  • @specwill Everything's Awesome.
  • The Other 11 Doctors.
  • @TheZotmeister I wonder if those historical hairstyles all fill the same role of signaling "homemaker."
  • @silentbicycle If I say no, will you keep wondering about what mysteries they might hold?
  • @silentbicycle Yes and no. (No.)

Feb 09

  • Taking a break from the Unknown Worlds game jam to head over to the Saturday jam at @STRd6's place. Nested jamming!
  • @hamptonus You're the zombie now!
  • @hamptonus Pretty sure that was revealed in Dead Space 2. Wait, are you playing Dead Space 2? Because that one's awesome.
  • @mcclure111

Feb 10

  • @hamptonus Hm?
  • Jamming is like attending a theme park. Constant high of new game, new team, instant gratification, no worrying about the long view.
  • @codemastermm You're in the Bay Area, right? There's a Sifteo jam in a couple weekends. Maybe not the best for a first-time jammer...
  • @codemastermm Have you tried not making weekend plans!
  • @codemastermm I'm for it!
  • @steverockan That idea makes me think of the kind of work you have to do to get STL objects to look reasonable in a debugger.
  • @steverockan Except way less generalizable and more specific to individual projects.
  • @mcclure111 Hm, I thought the co-op mode alone justified NSMBWii. As a point of comparison, how did you feel about NSMB2?
  • @SamoBurja @admittedlyhuman @michaelblume A decision I make about hamburgers has a measurable impact on my life.
  • @mcclure111 We should play co-op NSMB sometime. Or co-op games in general. They're pretty great.

Feb 11

  • @Elkasaurus Weird, huh?
  • @Mr_FJ It's what I do! Glad I could help.
  • @Mr_FJ In the current build, yes.
  • @Elkasaurus
  • "I accidentally enrolled in the academy twice, now I'm Two Cops."
  • Best algorithm for roguelike map generation:
  • @BlergGames You're a loose cannon, me! Get your shit together!
  • @AmyDentata Stored in grease on cardboard.
  • USPS cutting service to 5 days a week has nothing to do with the world transitioning to email from away from paper. kidcrimefighter.t...
  • RT @ShaynaWhy Whoa, @nadya just told me about Mike Diana, a US artist who was legally banned from drawing for being too obscene
  • Outside of film, the idea that widescreen is inherently better than 4:3, or should be given preferential treatment over 4:3, is ludicrous.
  • Widescreen is better for film because they're made that way. There is no best aspect ratio for games. Some of the best are designed for 3:4!
  • But you should hear 16:9 users shriek when devs optimize for 4:3. You're lucky they bothered to fill your screen at all, you entitled fucks.
  • @mrasmus Right, so if you optimize for 16:9, then 4:3 users get an unplayable FOV. If you do it the other way around, everybody can play.
  • @luxjacopo That reminds me, what's the reaction to the framerate in The Hobbit?
  • @BooDooPerson That phenomenon pretty much happens for all game graphics, I've found.
  • @elfbarf The idea that "quality" automatically means a particular aspect ratio is exactly what I'm arguing against here.
  • . @mrasmus Part of my thesis here is that widescreen users aren't happy unless 4:3 users have it worse.
  • @luxjacopo My reaction was that everything looked "too fast" for about 10 minutes but just smoother after that. Wish I'd liked the film.
  • @biphenyl Best played split-screen on a 1.175:1 display.
  • @Reetesh Ideally, the same way you know the game's system requirements.
  • There's more nuance to this that I didn't convey before, so bear with me: most screens are wide nowadays; it makes sense to prioritize them.
  • It makes sense to optimize for 16:9, and support 4:3 as well, by giving it more vertical FOV; giving those users less would be unplayable.
  • But then widescreen users complain that 4:3 users are seeing "more," even though in this context "more" is less optimal. See: Bioshock PC.
  • These heuristics, again, come from film, where "more" meant "what the filmmaker intended" rather than whatever junk was just out of frame.
  • RT @DennisJerz Targeting schools as potential buyers of edu games is still less profitable than targeting home schoolers, parents. jerz.setonhill.ed...
  • Channeling my inner 7-year-old.

Feb 12

  • @Takorii I remember enjoying working in 256x256 mode in DOS; to address a pixel you simply put X in the low byte and Y in the high byte.
  • @mikethegratest One of my most secret dreams is to make a side-scrolling sequel to Duke Nukem 1.
  • @Reetesh Plausibly, yeah.
  • @GuardianKnux That's why you just give the 4:3 players the extra FOV and be done with it. Everyone can play, everyone's happy.
  • @GuardianKnux Except for the assholes who want to know that somebody with lower status is getting the short end of the stick. Win win!
  • @Takorii I've made games involving squares!
  • "Aaron Swartz wanted to save the world. Why couldn't he save himself?"
  • @mikethegratest Suddenly my dream has come true! Thanks!
  • We're on an express elevator to Hell, going down.
  • @Noxonomus Are they things? This is the first time I've seen one.

Feb 13

  • @Noxonomus Awesome. I had no idea this wasn't just a one-off installation.
  • "Wait, you mean we spent all this money making a demo and getting it out there and it cut our sales in half?"
  • Observing this striking animal, you can imagine scurvy-afflicted sailors raving about the "centaurs" they'd seen.
  • @TomBurnsRogers Rather than this data leading to people working less hard on demos, I suspect they'll just forgo demos entirely.
  • Just occurred to me: when companies list all the latest fashionable technologies they work with, it's supposed to sound like a *good* thing.
  • RT @YouOldSoAndSo @mogwai_poet I exchanged my flooz for bitcoins and bought a cuecat.
  • Puzzle design is awesome.
  • Man, I bet I could really rack up the street passes by stashing my 3DS somewhere in the Embarcadero BART station every morning.
  • I bet I'm not the only person to think of that. Want to play Mario 3D land? Just look in obvious hiding places for a 3DS to borrow.
  • @Satchamobob Get a better city!
  • @IvanDashSmith The sequel should just have been about the bookkeeping of that whole process.

Feb 14

  • @daemonpants The 3DS is so cute though! I don't know how you could get less suspicious
  • "The Death of Romance in the Shadow of the Colossus"
  • Best lap steel guitar solo played on a Roland Jupiter-8:
  • RT @frankcifaldi Wii U sold somewhere around 55k in the U.S. last month. On a per-week basis that's less than half PS3's worst month ever. Consoles are dead.
  • RT @frankcifaldi The Gamecube did better in its third month. So did the Dreamcast.
  • RT @vectorpoem auntiepixelante.c... @auntiepixelante's comment here on why even circumventable gatekeeping is culturally harmful is dead on.

Feb 15

  • Business as usual on the streets of the former Soviet Union.
  • Game jam theme: Russian dash cam.
  • @vogon In a car, pretty much, yeah.
  • @exfauxsure Insurance Fraud Frogger.
  • @psysal @S0phieH @IcarusTyler It'd be nice to have data on the likelihood of, e.g., wheels suddenly falling off trucks in various countries.
  • @Reetesh I hadn't, but I just did now. Good stuff!
  • "asm.js, a strict subset of JavaScript that can be used as a low-level, efficient target language for compilers."
  • @MammonMachine The trick is to choose a project you believe is even more important than your thesis, so you can procrastinate doing that.
  • Dating sim set in the Aliens universe. Hatoful Boyfriend with Xenomorphs.
  • RT @psysal @mogwai_poet @S0phieH @IcarusTyler Russia is worse than the US, after all, by about 50%
  • Steam for Linux has a surprisingly decent catalog. Any word on compatibility across hardware/software configurations? store.steampowere...

Feb 16

  • Medieval soldiers seem to get freaked out when you reduce gravity unexpectedly.
  • I think the exhibit's LOD settings are glitching. new-aesthetic.tum...
  • @mcclure111 Programs that write programs are the happiest programs of all.
  • @RealReimu I always wondered what he looked like at a higher resolution!
  • @seecce Creepy!
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: using the oven as a garbage can. When it gets full, just put it on self-clean!
  • @KdotCdot @wavenger @carnivillain Nice! I never wear that color, but maybe I should start.

Feb 17

  • Life just happens. The universe happens. Any explanation attributed to events, even one widely agreed upon, is merely human interpretation.
  • Case in point, there's a .pizza TLD now. Why? Nobody can ever be sure.
  • @Rokashi I hope ICANN tries to demonstrate that it's not US-centric by creating .masala, .injera and .borscht next. Mouth-watering!
  • @KayinNasaki Here's the problem: males are sexualized by making them look powerful; females are sexualized by making them look vulnerable.
  • @mcclure111 Man, I'd start using Misc. if given the opportunity, and I'm about as cis as it gets.
  • @hamptonus If that pattern-match continues working out for you, keep it up then!
  • @KayinNasaki ... okay, that's definitely not a power outfit.
  • @cellphonegaming Sounds like you're enjoying life more than most people.
  • Sony knows what users want, but will only hint at it, not actually give it to them. Etsy sellers, your time to shine!
  • Whenever I talk about Vita games I've played I feel like I have to explain that I only own one for work.
  • @vogon I've got bad news for you: the Vita's form factor is actually a tiny rounded rectangle made of hard plastic.
  • @ChakraKnot The future of PC gaming looks bright! Except that Windows 8 is a closed platform and OS X de facto is too, with Gatekeeper.
  • @vogon 2006 was an *amazing* year for Sony being astonishing fuckups.
  • . @vogon If ExistenZ isn't hard evidence that customers are dying for the game console/fleshlight convergence, I don't know what is.
  • @ChakraKnot If anyone can make games on Linux viable, it's Valve. Also, nobody can.
  • @louroboros @vogon Is this the device that's come closest to fruition? Not counting XBLIG apps like "Remote Masseuer"

Feb 18

  • Why police officers lie under oath, and why punishing individual instances won't fix the systemic problem:
  • RT @idontlikewords Goats are the only animal with an innate sense of democracy, that's why they're called "Nature's Presidents".
  • The economic forces at work that lead crack dealers to accept Tide detergent as currency:
  • In 1950, Robert Newton's performance of Long John Silver defined the look and the sound of the pop culture pirate.

Feb 19

  • RT @wonderella I think the PS4 could be a big hit if it's a handheld device and plays mobile phone games and is a phone.

Feb 20

  • Huh, blatant Playstation Vita product placement in House of Cards. Wasn't expecting that.
  • RT @MarshallSella If I'm dating someone who marches around hoisting and waving her favorite Communist keepsake, that's a huge red flag.
  • RT @dan_schmidt Having "Play a two-player game" get localized to "Zwei Spieler Spiel spielen" #PlayStationMemories
  • RT @dan_schmidt Learning to program the SPU by reading sample code with comments in Japanese. #PlayStationMemories
  • @Kraznor @faustb Oddly enough, him playing Killzone 3 in episode 1 didn't feel forced to me *until* he name-dropped the Vita in episode 3.
  • I don't know if you guys have noticed, but game design is much harder when you're not just ripping off an existing design.
  • @GameDesignDan They're different skill sets, certainly. If you've only ever done your own thing, then I can see emulation being difficult.
  • @Kraznor "Paying homage" is what I called it in Frog Fractions, certainly.
  • @rachel_sala Good PR deflects, great PR embraces and justifies!
  • Five minutes until we find out if we have to stand up and shout "McDonalds!" before starting each game.
  • @frank0127 Hm, do you know what the origin was?
  • Hey, it's Statix/PL. That's pretty cool.
  • RT @TheJare Why do I feel that Statix has ALWAYS worn that striped shirt
  • RT @frank0127 And with that, The Last Guardian must be cancelled.
  • @mcclure111 The Witness being a PS4 exclusive was the most interesting thing for me.
  • @Emualynk @mcclure111 Timed exclusive, almost certainly. Still, super unexpected.

Feb 21

Feb 22

  • Letters of Note: Aldous Huxley writes to George Orwell about whose dystopia is more plausible.
  • Jonathan Blow clarifies "PS4 exclusive." It's *just* console exclusivity, so a PC version at launch is still likely.
  • Unfortunately, this does mean that the much-anticipated Dreamcast port of The Witness is dead in the water.
  • RT @pattheflip @mogwai_poet "The PlayStation 4 is the only PlayStation that The Witness will appear on"
  • "The PlayStation 4 errs by holding on to the idea that its particular brand of novelty is in any way novel."
  • "It would have been enough just to say, 'Look, we made a badasser PlayStation, just like you expected.'"
  • @phanboy_iv I'm pretty happy that it's basically a PC internally. But yeah, that's pretty inside-baseball.
  • RT @johnfreiler i hate that one occasional cadbury cream egg you get that has a bloody malformed cadbury bunny fetus inside
  • Pre-pounce pupil dilation.

Feb 23

  • It's 2013 and I'm rebooting so I can rename a folder.
  • Also, it's 2013 and basic command line utilities break based on the name of a folder.
  • @rachel_sala No, do you have a link?
  • @LouisGorenfeld Not sure, it's part of the Sifteo SDK.
  • @henryfaber Folder Fractals.
  • Audio equipment reviewed based on the only metric that matters.
  • RT @Naklsonofnakkl I am car pooling with the guy who made Frog Fractions. I shook his hand twice, once on introductions and once when i found out who he was.
  • @daemonpants That's remarkable. Like how in early Androids, all keystrokes went to an invisible bash prompt as well as the intended program?
  • Impressed by the Sifteo SDK. As embedded systems APIs go it's pretty goddamn clean and expressive.
  • @cellphonegaming Hm, that'd be a pretty interesting UI design challenge.

Feb 24

  • @WhyMrPink I'm getting this guy to direct:
  • "Dash-cams: Russia's Last Hope For Civility And Survival On The Road"
  • RT @mcclure111 @SeeBeeWhitman Have I told you about my theory that the only coherent way to interpret Star Trek is as Federation propaganda films?
  • @FrogCroakley 2013: the year we taught the world to fractions.
  • Just figured out why my code isn't linking: Sifteo not only discourages dynamic allocation, the SDK doesn't even define the new operator.
  • When making a retro-styled web page, is it kosher to use modern dynamic HTML to simulate the marquee and blink elements?
  • @clintmakesagame I hope someone's maintaining a Navigator 3.x for modern PCs, or much history has been lost.
  • @SkyTyrannosaur There Will Be Gifs.
  • Broadcasting our Sifteo jam game demos here:
  • Hey I won prizes! I guess I'll be able to show people my Sifteo game after all.
  • RT @vectorpoem The great thing about Hitler's death gurgle in E3M9 of Wolf3D is that it is clearly just @ThatTomHall blowing bubbles into his Big Gulp™.

Feb 25

  • RT @xMattieBrice I always forget other people can fill out your taxes for you, so whenever it asks if you're dead always makes me have an existential crisis.
  • "Honky-Tonky Double Barrel Meat Blast: A Sammy Hagar lookalike pushes your face into a leather bag filled with oil." guysamericankitchen...
  • Suzanne Treister's "Software" series, 1993-1994. Paintings of imaginary software packages.
  • @hamptonus @bwolf_ @omarionation You're a real hero, Hampton.
  • Abandoned structures. (No porn.)
  • @cellphonegaming I'm sure me being the Frog Fractions guy is sending them into full-blown Sicilian Reasoning mode.
  • @frank0127 @daemonpants I've noticed the influx of hits and tweets about it! I haven't actually gotten around to watching.
  • Nintendo could continue losing money at last year's rate for 40 years before running out of cash.
  • Eye-opening interview from 2008 with Hirokazu Yasuhara, designer of Sonic the Hedgehog, Jak & Daxter and Uncharted.
  • "I'm only a professional whatever this is because of I don't know why." Tycho sure knows his way around a sentence.
  • (Said without irony.)
  • @cellphonegaming Exactly, yes.

Feb 26

  • @Laroquod Well, except for the pleasure of the prose. I really am a huge fan of his phrasings and word choices.
  • "There's a tremendous emphasis on elegance and beauty in highbrow coding circles. Beauty rarely scales."
  • @Laroquod One of them, yes. I'd argue he succeeds at that, but his prose definitely compromises clarity in favor of a more abstract beauty.
  • @Cowmanik So far, Dvorak support works on everything except Safari on Mac. Haven't figured out why yet.

Feb 27

  • RT @webbedspace @mcclure111 Every human body is really a vast continent of adventures that we, in our vanity, have mistaken for a small singular object.
  • Remember, those who use non-web-safe colors endanger us all. If you see something, say something!
  • @IvanDashSmith A fun interview!
  • @IvanDashSmith Will you be in town for GDC?
  • @necrosofty Wow, three full minutes of it. It's like the guys with the cheese samples at Costco are like NO HAVE THE WHOLE BRICK ALL AT ONCE
  • I don't know what's worse, the new breast waggle feature, or that they dedicate a full three minutes of video to it.
  • @IvanDashSmith Indie games about parenting are the up and coming hotness, I can feel it.
  • @Laroquod I had this conversation with a friend, too. He recited a poem: "The cow is of the bovine ilk; one end is moo, the other milk."
  • @Laroquod What reason does that poem need to exist other than the joy of reading it?
  • @pklug I totally subtracted before posting!
  • Many games have sexualized content, but actual sex is taboo. The have-it-both-ways attitude is way grosser than straight-up porn is.
  • RT @LearningHowMD Having a class or a child struggling with fractions. Check out Frog Pond Fractions for $21.99. Play 3 ways. 1-4 players.
  • @IvanDashSmith Let's have it! Right now Sifteo cubes are my lens for every design idea. (Email, DM or IM if you'd prefer.)
  • Where do I enter this voucher code? Is there a search engine that lets you search for a form with three four-character text fields in a row?
  • A good breakdown of why a new Skullgirls character costs $150k to produce. (Also, $150k is seriously lowballing it.)
  • Hey man! When you want to deploy, just make App Key Ring file from PSM Publishing Utility! Uh, don't ask me what that means, I'm just a kid!
  • @davidsgallant Thanks, I needed that!
  • @bradshoemaker My favorite word is probably still "peristalsis."
  • Frog Fractions facts: "peristalsis" isn't just an awesome word, it's also Draggy Ceilingeater's biological mechanism for propulsion.
  • "Foodfight!" A children's film that casts corporate megabrands as the heroes and "Brand X" as the Nazi-esque villain.
  • RT @gwarek Indie devs should all use a logo indicating a 100% microtransaction free game, the same way they put a logo on free trade coffee.
  • @ForneusLex Hm, can you rephrase that? "A with X"?
  • @LouisGorenfeld In case you change your mind, it's evidently livestreaming all day, every day here:

Feb 28

  • "He told the judge he needed to get back into prison. The judge said 'I'll give you 14 months, go get your surgery.'"
  • Anyone who really invents a self-printing 3D printer won't need press releases. We'll know by all the 3D printers littering the countryside.
  • @Sosowski Did you find out via press release? :)
  • @codemastermm @frank0127 I would never stand in the way of Life 2.0.
  • If you're wondering whether there is any need for more video games, the answer is no.
  • @Naklsonofnakkl I always thought Chutes and Ladders was pretty dumb.
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