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Ugh, stop twitching
june 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:30:27 by Jim Crawford
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Jun 01

  • "Man On Cusp Of Having Fun Suddenly Remembers Every Single One Of His Responsibilities"
  • @octavio189 Yep!
  • @octavio189 Thanks! Glad you liked it.
  • Frickin' accelerometers, always detecting gravity.
  • RT @kolebee I love that Dr Horrible was a villain fixated on social change. That should be more common in fiction.

Jun 02

  • "Over pitching can result in a near complete loss of banana character." Brewing is a dangerous business!
  • @mcclure111 @AmyDentata I mostly just liked the phrase "a near complete loss of banana character." Maybe I could've quoted only that.
  • Working more with Sifteo hardware this week. Still really impressed with the SDK. Super clean API.
  • Experimental result: when you're out of sugar, putting grenadine in your coffee isn't as good an idea as it sounds.
  • @Takorii The common factor in all your disastrous coffee experiments: you. Also coffee, and experiments.
  • @silentbicycle I can see that! I've also used butter in a pinch, as a subsitute for milk.
  • @corywhiteland That sounds like an even worse experiment.
  • @LorenBednar Do you mean by running electricity through it? I've been there, no heat source, so you just stick some wires into a socket.
  • @Takorii Nor should it be!
  • "'Atari Dump' Will Be Excavated, After Nearly 30 Years"
  • @ebeinke Huh, really. I'll try it!
  • My fear about the Xbox One is that some day I'll accidentally just call it "The One" and be the biggest tool ever.
  • @silentbicycle I really have used butter instead of milk! But actually no, I hadn't understood the intent of the salt.
  • @silentbicycle Alex didn't have any of that either! I ended up dipping into the 2+ gallons of honey he was going to make mead with.

Jun 03

  • Aw, bird, at least go in the corner. Aw, he's not done, awwww...
  • @EvanBalster Maybe not where you're from!
  • RT @bombsfall I'm a computer / computing dualist. Windows is just too complex and nuanced to be generated by wires and electrical charges and code.
  • @DMZilla Try this! It is good in some of the same ways Frog Fractions is good.

Jun 04

  • Co-working day tomorrow at The MADE! I remembered with more than a couple hours warning this time!
  • . @rupazero I'll probably be there from noon to like 7 to let people in? Address and intercom instructions here:
  • @ForneusLex Just remind them how much more productive you'd be, surrounded by video games.
  • Also re co-working, I will be working on a Sifteo thing at The MADE tomorrow and would appreciate playtesters.
  • @Sosowski We need a word for bugs that players love because they're awesome. Awesugs. Ags. Maybe someone else should think of the word.
  • @Sosowski Awesitches... awesomeches... atches...
  • Printing arbitrary images via Tetris.
  • RT @maxlavergne best sexuel position is 609 (girl lie one way, boy lie other way, dragon egg between them is incubated by their body heat)
  • @fiddlecub @carolynmichelle @TomMcShea It's possible that I actually got this link from Carolyn, but I'll risk it:
  • "The White House Takes Aim at Patent Trolls"

Jun 05

  • For I think the first time in my life, updating to the latest version of an API fixed a mysterious glitch I'd been struggling with.
  • "Teaching girls their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them looks are more important than anything."
  • @michelmcbride @ChrisBellDesign Choosing to stop playing is just one of several positive-ish endings, with varying degrees of meta.
  • @ChrisBellDesign In my case, it started getting interesting on replay 4, after I'd exhausted all apparent content.
  • "List of animals with fraudulent diplomas"

Jun 06

  • @frank0127 What don't they want us to know? Apparently whatever it is, it's worse than us knowing that there's something we shouldn't know.
  • "Related link"-style ads are a menace. My quality of life will shoot way up the day Adblock targets e.g. nRelate's insulting pseudo-content.
  • @frank0127 Like when you let the 800-series in the door because it looks human but actually it's a murder robot wearing human skin.
  • RT @BrianNumberOne "It's the tide. It's the dismal tide. It's not the one thing." <- I think I said that after watching that Xbox One video.
  • @mcclure111 I just spent a week writing embedded systems code. RECOMMENDED.
  • @mcclure111 Okay, yes, the pleasure I got from the process was partly that it was a game with design decisions, not an elevator controller.
  • @mcclure111 Sleep is just glue code from one day to the next.
  • "Japan's radiation disaster toll: none dead, none sick"

Jun 07

  • I want to read all these books and if you don't, you should work on it.
  • I've never encountered an iOS game good enough to overcome the rudeness of turning off the mp3 I'm already listening to.
  • @Marwood I'll make an exception for straight up rhythm games, but just having a good soundtrack isn't reason enough.
  • @picobots Apparently it's never enforced, because from what I've seen, more games than not are guilty of it.
  • @need12648430 @henkboom People always trying to talk to me in real life, making me take out my headphones.
  • "Leaked top-secret court order shows that NSA engages in bulk, sustained, warrantless surveillance of Americans"
  • Senator Diane Feinstein is investigating who leaked the NSA order. Yes, keep punishing whistleblowers, that's how you get trustworthy govt.
  • Xbone game licensing details are out and... they seem like they could fit a human lifestyle.
  • If Microsoft demonstrated having any clue why people like Steam despite its much more stringent licensing policy, they might have a chance.
  • (SPOILERS: IT'S THE 90%-OFF SALES. Have you looked at Microsoft's ludicrous "Games on Demand" prices lately?)
  • @vogon Box quotes are just one of the many-bearded services I provide!
  • @corywhiteland Yep. It's gross.
  • @code_like_hell Well, Xbox Live's community stuff is pretty decent, you just have to pay $5 a month to get to it.
  • @corywhiteland A small price to pay for a lifetime of Microsoft having a persistent video feed of your living room.
  • @benprunty Compared to what we were expecting, yes it is.
  • RT @bombsfall A lot of this movie is predicated upon your thinking of Tom Cruise as cool as opposed to a crazy cult member.
  • "Texas Says It's OK to Shoot an Escort If She Won't Have Sex With You"
  • Go on, click through to find the exaggeration! He also really is quoted as thanking the jury for being able to "see what wasn't the truth."

Jun 08

  • It's hard to believe how long the terrible name "The Swapper" prevented me from looking at a game almost literally everyone is recommending.
  • If I went back in time and told any given past me that one day I'd want to play a game called "The Swapper," I'd tell me to go fuck myself.
  • What I'm saying is that The Swapper inspires me to write time traveling bear slash fiction.
  • @Fengxii That's a better name.
  • RT @phneri @mogwai_poet this is the plot for Frog Fractions 2, isn't it?
  • @nickd3000 Come on, what kind of soulless creature wouldn't want to play a game called "Frog Fractions"? :)
  • @benprunty You don't know the half of it!
  • Protip: keep a stash of dirty shirts in a duffel bag for emergencies. After a while they smell funny but they don't smell like dirty shirts.
  • "Oh man, I'm out of clean shirts. Guess I gotta dip into the bag." "What's that weird smell?" "Not my dirty shirt! Thanks, old shirt bag!"
  • @frank0127 I think making it smell like laundry might give the game away.
  • @snickelsox I *guess* you could do that.
  • @frank0127 The basis of this strategy is to make it not smell like a shirt at all!
  • @frank0127 Hm, yes, perfect!
  • Hacker who exposed Steubenville rape could get more jail time than the rapists. He did ruin those poor rapists lives!
  • Hacker who exposed Steubenville rape also has wacky rap persona.
  • @troygilbert Good on you. Even after reading that analysis of how news is ruining my life, I keep reading the news.
  • Dear Twinbeard fan base: does this papaya look ripe to you? Also how do you eat a papaya?
  • I will say this about @cwgabriel's understanding of gender politics: he can draw very well.

Jun 09

  • @LineHollis I showed it to Aoibheall and she sniffed at it, but I don't have any earlier data points to compare it to!
  • @illustruction @kwackles I honestly think everything's forgivable except for Gabe pointedly making a hobby of gendered bullying.
  • @fiskmeshi What if I only taste papaya, am I doing it wrong? :(
  • @ShaynaWhy Hmm. That sounds like a risk I might not be willing to take my first time out.
  • @arara_ Excellent!
  • @ShaynaWhy I'll try that, thanks!
  • In a heated discussion, throwing in a "hmm" and a thoughtful pause does a lot to set a contemplative tone. If that's what you're into.
  • @kwackles @illustruction The (arguably) gross part is the offer itself, not whether people can choose whether or not to take the offer.
  • @Naklsonofnakkl I try not to argue with people who think that "winning an argument" is a thing that can happen.
  • @kwackles @illustruction I can't think of any examples that are *in* the comic. All the ones I remember are on twitter.
  • @illustruction "We'll care about your opinions for a year!" feels shady, but no more than e.g. "we'll play online with you for an hour."
  • @illustruction Or "we'll have lunch with you." Which a lot of "celebrity" Kickstarters do.
  • @Naklsonofnakkl The same could be said of pretty much anybody who owns a device that can access Twitter.
  • Vitamins give you prostate cancer now? I'll just sit in the corner over here doing neither nothing nor anything.
  • @wesleyfenlon Ack! I'll just be floating in this sensory deprivation chamber...
  • @MoviusC I guess the question becomes: do all vitamin deficiencies show up as clearly as scurvy?
  • @RunBarbara But I heard masturbation helped *prevent* cancer!
  • A thing I helped make: Winter Vacation Story, co-op survival in the Alaskan wilderness.
  • @auteurtheory @wesleyfenlon What about quivering, is that okay?
  • RT @HidetakaMiyazak A well designed world could tell its story in silence.
  • Molyjam 2013 exists! July 5th-7th. Here is the temporary sign-up sheet if you want to host.

Jun 10

  • I'd forgotten that they patched Rocksmith to support bass. I really need to start playing again.
  • @forwardresent Yeah, it's basically just a USB audio input, isn't it?
  • Ugh, you know what else I'd forgotten? That I quit playing Rocksmith because of the abysmal UX. However many patches later, it's no better.
  • $500? Everyone knows that the way you fuck consumers these days is with a cheap up-front price and a multi-year contract.
  • @vogon Shit, now *that's* business savvy.
  • RT @vogon @mogwai_poet if they're going to do that, then they're going to announce it after Sony announces they're also launching at $499
  • "Edward Snowden: the whistleblower behind the NSA surveillance revelations"
  • @mcclure111 Don't forget, it was at night, that part is crucial.

Jun 11

  • So I guess Mirror's Edge 2 is the MMA game everybody was talking about earlier?
  • @groundxaero Tattoos, check, punching, check, glove fetishization, check.
  • @gaveroid I'll play it and probably be just as angry as last time about how they hid the good parts behind terrible combat mechanics.
  • @waxpancake Breaking! NSA leak guy is a big ol' geek.
  • @groundxaero Yeah, the twit-stream blends it all together. For a while I wasn't sure whether Mirror's Edge 2 was an Xbozone exclusive.
  • @gaveroid It's ludicrous and immersion-breaking that this protagonist can just go and take out a roomful of armed, armored special ops guys.
  • @gaveroid But that happened over and over in Mirror's Edge. There was no other way to play that game. And look what the trailer focuses on!
  • @gaveroid @groundxaero It would just be first-person, not an "FPS." You can make a game in first person without putting guns in the game.
  • @gaveroid @groundxaero It's *also* possible to make a game challenging without the challenge involving hurting people.
  • You know what's a way more interesting list of games than anything at E3 so far? @webbedspace's Mario ROM hacks.
  • "This is what institutionalized misogyny looks like."
  • @PaperDino @gaveroid @groundxaero Man, you know what was fucking awesome? The "Pure Time Trials" DLC for Mirror's Edge.
  • @gaveroid @PaperDino @groundxaero I think it was $10? As I recall many people were upset about the price because it looked cheap to develop.
  • @saxifridge @lightbombmike That's why you need women in your writing process. Ideally more than one, so people don't just think she's crazy.
  • @MatlockJAB @jennatar I thought that was an effective twist of the knife for the brand. "This rape joke brought to you by Microsoft!"
  • Remember how I was joking that Sony could walk away with this thing by saying "just ordinary game discs?" I didn't expect them to *do* it.
  • I just want to take this moment to tell the Sony Defense Force circa 2007 that this in no way vindicates your ridiculous circa 2007 opinion.
  • @frank0127 But then they put the most unappetizing-looking cherry on top with $399. I guess it's better than Microsoft's no cherry at all?
  • @frank0127 I donno if that metaphor has legs or not. Time will tell!
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Oh, you know, that real gamers prefer the PS3 and Lair is fucking sweet, and Halo more like Gaylo. That kinda stuff.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I think that's pretty much what it all boiled down to, yes.
  • RT @YourAnonNews "It's the law" means NOTHING. Human slavery used to be the law in the US. Plenty of people risked their lives to change that. #Snowden
  • @NorthernlionLP @Seagaia2 @RockLeeSmile Hey come on guys, don't sell them short, it equates to 25 cents.
  • @Seagaia2 @NorthernlionLP @RockLeeSmile Stamps are expensive! Just give them a collect call.
  • @mcclure111 That's been EAD for years, and they're desperately afraid that somebody will notice.
  • God, listen to this reaction. All Sony is doing is being a *little bit* less of a corporate asshole than Microsoft.
  • Microsoft fungineers slaved day and nightfor months to make Sony look this good. It's a thankless job; give them a big hand, everyone!
  • @leighalexander People do that on purpose, you know. Entire galleries of themselves posing with hot girls. I presume they like how it looks?
  • @daemonpants Yeah, and *I* care about the Wii U. I'm getting whatever system the next 3D Mario game ships on. But nobody else cares.

Jun 12

  • @RobbyDuguay Yeah, I enjoyed that moment too.
  • @Lokno I'm sure they believed it, too. Everybody must hate consumers as much as we do, right?
  • Mario 3D World, featuring Catgirl Mario! (I'm pretty sure you call this sort of thing catgirl regardless of gender.)
  • RT @necrosofty If any of y'all, journos or otherwise, want to play my game Gunhouse, it is in the Sony digital lounge. Tweet at me and I'll try to join you
  • @auteurtheory Only as much as the Gamecube was. Nintendo is still delivering the first-party goods.
  • @JohnPolson @necrosofty Man, we've gotta turn off some of those HDR shaders.
  • @AeornFlippout Solution: make the editor use the same sim/renderer as the game! When it gets too slow to add objects, you know to stop.
  • RT @ShawnElliott @cromanionfolks Aggrieved Gamer
  • RT @ShawnElliott @cromanionfolks Genially Petulant Gamer
  • RT @cromanionfolks @ShawnElliott Expresser of the Only Emotional Affect to Which Induced Autism Gamers Respond Gamer
  • @AeornFlippout Oh, yes, that will happen, won't it?
  • @ShawnElliott @cromanionfolks You guys leave Ron Gilbert alone, he's doing the best he can.
  • Aggressively naked acrobatics in the 16th st. BART station.
  • RT @RagnarTornquist So far, not a single 'next gen' game looks any different from a 'current gen' game. CG movies already run in 1080p.
  • What do you call an object's origin in that object's local space? The point it pivots around? Flash calls it a "registration point."
  • @Vanther Yeah, that's what math would call it. Maybe I can just say "point of origin" to disambiguate.
  • So far I think I like "local origin" best. It is a few too many syllables for comfort, though.
  • @Kraznor Nope! The game I'm working on is there but I myself am not.
  • @Kraznor I'm told it's on the Vitas in the "Sony Digital Lounge."
  • @RobThez They were really only the good guys in comparison to 2006-era Sony. Same way Sony are only the good guys compared to Microsoft now.

Jun 13

  • Game jam theme:
  • Here's an unexpected data point. Wii U has by far the most announced exclusives of current/next-gen gaming machines.
  • @clintmakesagame Yeah, I guess that's always been true.
  • @Kraznor Ah, sorry, I should've specified. We're working on Gunhouse.
  • @pragmatism Much of it is still applicable to game *programming*. It was never really about design. What's the context for this question?
  • MySpace redesign deletes blog functionality and everybody's old blog entries. Hups!
  • The problem isn't with sequels per se, it's that the sense of wonder and discovery you got from Fez is not a feeling you get from sequels.
  • @Devin__Raposo That would be a good outcome.
  • @pragmatism There's a lot in there still of value about the philosophy of optimization, and general techniques.
  • @pragmatism There's not a lot about *when* to optimize, which is the harder question. Often it just complicates your code base for no gain.
  • @Devin__Raposo If it's something completely different from its surface appearance *and* from Fez I will be happy to see it.
  • @Pattoe89 I can't think of any examples. Portal 2 couldn't do it, and they had more smart people working the problem than Polytron will.
  • @Pattoe89 I probably should've phrased that in the form of a question. What's an example of a sequel that succeeds at it?
  • Heading to The MADE for Intermittent Co-working Thursdays.

Jun 14

  • @Pattoe89 Okay, yeah, I think we're talking about different things. I'm talking about this thing: loseyourway.wordpre...
  • @timbutterly Shit, man, it would've never even occurred to me to announce at an E3.
  • This is a deleted scene from Groundhog Day, right?
  • @AeornFlippout I think what he means is "you can't have these budgets AND a second hand market AND target only infantilized man-children."
  • @Pentadact Hey! You're probably getting this from multiple directions at once, but I wanted to warn you since I'm living it:
  • @Pentadact Being a full-time indie dev is much more taxing than doing in your spare time, esp. if people expect a brilliant second game.
  • @Pentadact Basically because great design ideas don't come any faster if you put more hours in, but you *are* burning through savings.
  • @Pentadact Great job on Gunpoint by the way!
  • @Pattoe89 I've heard good things about that, have to check it out!
  • @Pentadact Well, I don't mean large scale "what is this game about" ideas, I mean the thousand tiny execution ideas that make a game good.
  • @Pentadact The time between when you start building an idea and when that idea becomes fun takes indefinitely long.
  • @Pentadact But thank you, and definitely I'm looking forward to your next project!
  • Y'know, if you take the Xbone's digital distribution policies per se, and not as the only way to play games ever, they're quite progressive.
  • Would be nice to see Steam take a cue from Microsoft in this one regard. Too bad "take a cue from Microsoft" sounds so toxic right now.
  • @Dacidbro They have limited options for sharing games with "family," and license transfer. Limited is a fair bit better than none.
  • When a search engine autocompletes a query but has no relevant results, feels like a slap in the face. "Oh oh, you mean this? Well too bad!"
  • @Horse_Crimes I don't know if they *can* go back on it now. The whole console is architected around this model.
  • @Horse_Crimes Obviously they can just strip out the DRM, that's easy. But if that leaves them open to trivial piracy then they won't do it.
  • @Kraznor Hrm. That sucks, I wish I knew more about what's going on.
  • I like you, mouse-controlled gaming. You've got heart. You're going places.
  • Someone should port Barbarian to iOS. It'll fit right in with all the other virtual-buttons games.
  • @frank0127 Video games!

Jun 15

  • @mcclure111 @esdin I'm pretty sure it's so they know who to arrest for going topless.
  • @mcclure111 @esdin Gross :(
  • @IHazRabies @wavenger Residential. Pretty close to Foothill St. and Courtland Ave.
  • @IHazRabies @wavenger I'm mostly concerned with how bad an idea it is to walk to/from BART at night.
  • @sfslim @wavenger @IHazRabies Thanks! If I take off my glasses and put on this black PVC jacket I bet I'll be okay.
  • @deliciousbees @bradshoemaker Being first to put their foot down on eradicating the physical property model doomed them to this reaction.
  • @deliciousbees @bradshoemaker People like Steam because they can enter and leave the walled garden at will. PC games exist outside of it.
  • @bradshoemaker @deliciousbees Yeah, the number of times a Microsoft representative has shot themselves in the foot is basically every time.
  • There's nothing quite like a Sting bassline for making you feel like a complete badass playing almost nothing.
  • @IHazRabies @wavenger Okay, cool. Any particular streets you recommend avoiding?
  • @IHazRabies @wavenger Okay, that's about as reassuring as it gets, actually.
  • RT @Nash076 Oh, for fuck's sake, Microsoft. This shit is just sad:
  • @auntiepixelante I don't need to suggest that you get in touch with @AlexisJanson, right?
  • @fiddlecub @Nash076 A fair point, yeah.
  • @ShaynaWhy @IHazRabies I do a very good angry-at-the-world face.
  • RT @EvanBalster Wonderful thing about being a programmer is you get these little glimpses... into a thousand worlds you never meant to create.
  • RT @EvanBalster ...Horrible thing is, you generally destroy them on sight.
  • @EvanBalster This is why it's awesome to be in the same room as a working game programmer.
  • Gonna be livestreaming Hotline Miami and Monaco with some Cloudboat Armada folks at, if all goes well, 8pm Pacific.
  • About to start:
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: genetically engineered fish that can live in a lava lamp.
  • This toilet has instructions in Japanese. I bet they explain how to use the three shells.

Jun 16

  • "Not talking about money is a tool of class war."
  • RT @Fauxtaku Very disappointed. Finally watched Citizen Kane after comparing games to it so many times. There wasn't a single headshot.
  • Okay, I'm about as interested in this Mirror's Edge 2 now as I was in the rumored Kinect-controlled sequel.
  • @Marwood Just like Sands of Time, everybody complained that the fights were the worst part of the game, so they're amping up the fights.

Jun 17

  • @vectorpoem @Pentadact @nullspeak This conversation suddenly makes me a lot more cognizant of and comfortable with my semi-musician status.
  • "Lawsuit: 'Happy Birthday' is not in copyright. Warner owes hundreds of millions for improperly collected royalties"
  • PSA: Both Mario Marathon and TIGJam start in less than a week.
  • Today is the day.
  • It's not easy being a goblin.
  • "Microsoft defends Xbox One $500 price point -- 'We're over-delivering value.'"
  • @Naklsonofnakkl

Jun 18

  • I really liked Pikmin. Pikmin 2 was kind of a crappy dungeon crawler. Pikmin 3: look at this goddamned header image.
  • RT @necrosofty WHOA, I found out from a guy who deleted his tweet that if you hit Shift+CTRL+V gmail will not copy formatting when pasting. SO USEFUL.
  • If I played games online, I would buy this and fill it with, I donno, sound clips from other games. "Pills here!"
  • Or this. Only to be used with absolute sincerity:
  • RT @NightValeRadio Fun game! Say "toy boat" over and over. Do it for the rest of your life. Retreat from society and live on alms. Whisper toy boat as you die.
  • @zusty If you'd planned ahead, this could've been your 11011th and final tweet.
  • Contractor who woke me up stripping paint outside my window is still stripping paint outside my window as I get home from work.
  • @LorenBednar Mine is making people who are just trying to do their goddamned jobs desperately wish I would stop masturbating.
  • @pragmatism Does it? I should revisit that book. I remember it was a real pleasure to read.
  • On my way to Tuesday co-working at The MADE.
  • Have you ever wanted to be locked out of the house because your phone's battery died or the front door crashed? SOLD
  • (If you lose your phone, just call one of our customer service representatives!)
  • @wavenger That happened to me in a Home Depot once. Turns out the display models are nonfunctional!

Jun 19

  • @vogon Just like any other DRM, that just lets criminals in, not legitimate users.
  • @vogon Being a criminal in your own home was never so easy!
  • @vogon (Really? Why did they have video clips of people messing with Arduinos and shit?)
  • RT @neilyourself Just so you know, any time I tweet about poop, I'm probably pooping. That's where I got the idea for the poop tweet. Not this time though
  • RT @bfod I wonder how it feels to be a Java dev at Sun -- one who was there for the whole transition from world-leading programming language to malware
  • @vogon I imagine in a thousand years we'll finally have ironed out most of the kinks.
  • @silentbicycle Maybe!
  • The game says he's mastered the song, what more do you want?
  • @BenKuchera A friend of mine is building, a web-based transformation fetish game. I've been impressed with it.
  • @BenKuchera He ran a successful Offbeatr campaign to fund it ~6 months ago. I can put you in touch if you like.
  • Doom mod in which you run around collecting locked doors and bring them to their corresponding keys.
  • @acbarrentine Maybe my Molyjam project should be to mod a scoring system into a Doom level editor.
  • Has anybody I know done monophonic pitch detection a la Rock Band vocals? How tricky is that to get right?
  • Doom mod in which you throw away the banana and eat the peel.
  • (You can't compost the banana because the appropriate bacteria don't exist on Mars.)

Jun 20

  • So I'm still not buying a $500 console, but it's nice to know we're human beings again, at least for the next five to seven years.
  • @EvanBalster @KommanderKlobb Yeah, the trick I'd heard was doing an FFT of the FFT output.
  • @LorenBednar @tylerglaiel Given how integrated Kinect is into their Minority Report vision of the future, that seems really unlikely?
  • @LorenBednar @tylerglaiel But I do think they're going to try to pull some two-year Live Gold contract shenanigans.
  • @Teknobabel Giant Bomb is down so I can't even see the article about the rumor. I'm talking about a rumor of a rumor.
  • @EvanBalster @KommanderKlobb I'd hoped I could avoid 3rd-party libs entirely, but that may be unrealistic. I'll have a look at your library!
  • @EvanBalster Hm, I actually can't *find* your library.
  • @_BenAM @Teknobabel [Human Being dance.]
  • Looking at this Terminator 2-licensed chess game, I wonder where all the *other* Battle Chess clones got to?
  • @bengrue I like the idea that the entire opposing side would be Weyland-Yutani employees.
  • Every silver lining has a cloud: digitally sharing games with family members is no longer an Xbone feature.
  • @Satchamobob Probably because this was a last-minute change and they didn't have time to redesign the way the DRM worked.
  • @Satchamobob "Fine, see how you like it!" Yeah. I think that's just a side-effect.
  • Staying with a friend a few miles from the Hacker Dojo. Could hypothetically walk to TIGJam and back each day, but can anybody offer a ride?
  • @westquote @davidsgallant I'm not to be trusted, but that's a pretty good look.

Jun 21

  • At #TIGJam, working on a multiplayer game using USB mics with @mrasmus. Neither of us brought any USB mics.
  • @mcclure111 @mrasmus
  • @mcclure111 @mrasmus Yeah, I understood :)
  • @EvanBalster @mrasmus Good call! I fucked the headphone jack on this laptop a year ago, but I think the mic jack still works.
  • @Satchamobob @mrasmus Shhh.
  • I need like a sysadmin guy to follow me around all the time and do bullshit API configuration.
  • Hey #TIGJam. Need some game ideas?
  • @westquote WarioWare Collapse, by Nintendo EAD and Jared Diamond.
  • @davidsgallant I'm just happy to see somebody carrying the torch!
  • Maybe the hypothetical sysadmin guy I talked about would also go through this XML file and manually remove references to x64 builds for me.
  • @ForneusLex @mrasmus Sure, yes.
  • "Why we are not showing Gone Home at PAX" thefullbrightcompan...
  • @Teanah Seriously. I think their game's coming out soon enough that buying it amounts to the same thing.
  • Mario Marathon went live 3 hours ago. Wish I could pay more attention this weekend! #TIGJam
  • RT @bombsfall Guys, just this year a project I'm a part of went through something like this when a member made something we couldn't get behind.
  • RT @bombsfall And we talked to them, and disassociated ourselves from that something. It was amicable, no hard feelings, but we dealt with it.
  • RT @bombsfall Because that's what you do. You deal with it. If you're responsible for something, if you have an audience, if you care, you deal with it.
  • @jennatar You sound like a human being to me.
  • hey everybody let's think about sex in terms of success or failure

Jun 22

  • I'm reading a forum post troubleshooting the process of *downloading* the ASIO SDK. Remind me to never use third-party APIs ever. #TIGJam
  • Ladies and gentlemen, the API builds, links and functions as intended! I'm going on break.
  • RT @KittyDiggins dreamt about a greasemonkey script that changes the viewcount on youtube to "like a billion" if you're watching a frog fractions vid.

Jun 23

  • How did I manage to write a Vector2 template that doesn't have rotation? Screw you, 2003-me.
  • Network down at TIGJam. I can push when I'm dead.

Jun 24

  • Smart person problems: being better at debate than most people you meet doesn't actually correlate that strongly with being more right.
  • As a smart person it is your responsibility to correct for this.
  • @tipsfromkatee Try growing up with no sense of decorum about what overheard conversations not to butt into!
  • @mrasmus Hey, hey, I said "shut the fuck up." I'm being completely mischaracterized here.
  • @tipsfromkatee Which is to say, "practice."
  • RT @mrasmus #TIGJam demos starting in <10m, come watch! Wait long enough & you'll see @mogwai_poet and my game. It's ridonk.
  • @Laroquod It's a factor, but so's "nobody's been smart enough to change my mind since I was 14 so I still have the ethics of a 14-year-old."

Jun 25

  • @Laroquod @PaperDino I always use it to refer to capability.
  • Wait, Mario Marathon is over already? What is the world coming to?
  • Here's some Gunhouse coverage, in case you're wondering what I've been doing with my life.
  • RT @amnesty No one should be charged for disclosing human rights violations #NSA #Snowden
  • @YouOldSoAndSo The MS-DOS EGA/CGA game marathon has been a long time coming.
  • This Chinese bakery just hung up pictures of hamburgers up on the wall. I wonder if that's just decor or if I can go order a hamburger now.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Yeah. I owned an NES and N64, but Apogee shareware was what I had instead of a SNES. I call those the "lost years."
  • @mrasmus @CloudboatArmada I've forgotten already, do we have a theme for this one yet?
  • RT @shaktool The puzzle structure of Ocarina of Time:
  • @YouOldSoAndSo They did a great job building mystery. Monuments of Mars was my favorite of those. Did you see this?
  • Alternatively, just teach all your dissident friends to read Wingdings and they'll have to disband the NSA.
  • @Laroquod @PaperDino Yeah, but everyone's dumb about something, and everyone has dumb days, and they're just as capable as on not-dumb days.
  • @TronKnotts You also factor in health costs in your game reviews, right? "Pretty fun, but not worth becoming a sedentary man-child."
  • Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday) co-working at The MADE starts: now.
  • I keep saying co-working starts at noon, but I've been consistently 30 minutes late. Luckily I've never shown up to angry people waiting.

Jun 26

  • PSA: Free Deltron 3030 concert in Sigmund Stern Grove this Sunday at 2pm.
  • New Super Luigi U looks way more interesting than NSMBU. It's trying to do something. That's good design philosophy.
  • "By looking at this image you agree to participate."
  • RT @Fauxgyptian Damn girl if I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put ? next to ?. I bet u thought I meant the English alphabet. Damn girl u colonialist
  • @Sosowski Man, all my ideas for that image involve Box2D, and I'm pretty sure it'd take longer than an hour to figure out how to use it.
  • @NoGasta I'm unfamiliar. Was he in previous games?
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Same, yeah. I thought the new Mario game would sell me on it, but Mario 3D World isn't different enough from 3D Land.
  • The Mario Marathon folks switched streaming providers when Twitch went down, right? Where'd they go? Don't see them on the Ustream archive.
  • RT @JairusKhan I had a browser window open before they edited the vote timestamp. Old version on the right, new on the left. #sb5
  • I thought the guy doing construction work outside my bedroom window was back, then I realized he never left. *I* was out of town for 5 days.
  • thecitizenkaneofvid...
  • @droqen Yeah, that's about the size of it.
  • Hey developers, are you excited for new APIs? How many? 4998 APIs? 4999 APIs? No! 5000 new APIs in Windows 8.1!
  • Come on, we hired a guy to invent new, incompatible ways to do stuff that's been around since Windows 3.1. How are you gonna make him feel?
  • @LorenBednar All you can eat!
  • @droqen "We're waiting for the Citizen Kane of games of film. The film that does for film what the Citizen Kane of games did for games."
  • @nickd3000 In this context I believe it does. It can also be used to refer to a collection of functions, e.g. the DirectSound API.

Jun 27

  • @bengrue Deep breaths.
  • Protip: when authors use pronouns before establishing referents, they mean the last "he," "she" or "they" from the previous book you read.
  • @nickd3000 The bigger "interface" sense is more common.
  • @daemonpants I have, and I didn't really get it. I think these days you have to *study* Citizen Kane to understand its place in history.
  • California Extreme pre-registration deadline is the 30th.
  • Apparently the #tigjam stream on where we demoed "Barber Pole Position" got deleted. Wish I'd saved a local copy of it, now.
  • @randyzero Shiny Shoe built that whole thing at the jam, intro cutscene and all. I was really impressed.
  • RT @mark_cooke Made a #tigjam game. Tells the true story of golfing legend Lee Trevino's lightning strike. dl.dropboxuserconte...
  • @Kyonite Thanks for playing it!
  • @benprunty Man, if I release it people might realize how goddamn broken the pitch detection is!
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I'm looking forward to my annual 15 minutes of Major Havoc.
  • @benprunty I keep forgetting that everything I do that's terrible is actually secretly amazing, just like Frog Fractions.
  • @BlueLineGames I don't blame you or Citizen Kane for that. I'd be exhausted by watching four movies a day too.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo It's strikingly sharp. (Not with Major Havoc; color vector always looked kinda shitty.)
  • "Clinton Hails Supreme Court Overturning Law He Signed"
  • RT @MattThorson Sometimes I feel like making cool games/stuff is really easy b/c everyone is doing it. Then I realize I'm just surrounded by amazing people
  • I'm giving a talk on mystery in games at Future Is Games in Phoenix. That's happening in October, but the talk needs a name right now.
  • I'm waffling between "Preserving Discovery in the Age of Spoilers" and "Unified Scaleable Architecture for Content-Addressable Systems."
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: Asteroids-with-Poop. Like the vector monitor game where you shoot asteroids, except it's a box of poop.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: poop-death of the universe. Obsessed kids shoot the poop until it evenly distributes throughout space.
  • @halsted Yeah, it's powerful!

Jun 28

  • The Onion, breaking new ground in gamification.
  • That Onion slideshow is basically what playing Call of Duty: Black Ops was like for me, except Black Ops wasn't satire.
  • @Lokno Yeah, I thought Spec Ops: The Line was well-made in that respect.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo That a very Stumpy shenanigan, isn't it? Tie you to a chair, put a bb-gun in your hand. "Keep shootin' the poop."
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Man, I need to make more games where the avatars bantering with one another becomes the entire point of the game.
  • "Ecuador's Interior Ministry tweeted that it's offering the US $23 million in annual aid for human rights training."
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I recognized one esoteric old game reference, and you're testing me now, huh? I *almost* remember Guess Who!
  • Do they have a screen-capture Vine thing? Because I'm always wanting to Vine dumb glitches and other funny parts of the development process.
  • @mcclure111 Maybe I should just see if Vine runs on this shitty old iPod touch.
  • @mcclure111 I don't have one of those either!
  • @craigfolio Oh, that's a really convenient-looking tool.
  • @squidlarkin Yeah, you may be right!
  • National Geographic leafs through dusty boxes in its attic and finds unpublished photos. natgeofound.tumblr....
  • RT @terrycavanagh Google have yet to pay me for Super Hexagon. When I submitted a helpdesk query and asked them about it last week, they suspended my account.
  • @nickd3000 Yeah, that's a very pleasant lo-fi aesthetic.
  • RT @jeffcannata If you're feeling jaded about video games talk to a 7 year old about Minecraft. The way it has captured my nephew's imagination is inspiring
  • RT @jeffcannata The way I used to think about NES Metroid or Zelda - constant surprises, discoveries around every corner - that's what Minecraft is for him
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Man, Norm Gray sure put a ton of work into punching up that incredibly mundane game mechanic.
  • Do you hear that? That's the sound of science getting more right.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: patent all the most egregious corporate human rights abuses and patent troll your way to a better world!
  • @mcclure111 I would be very interested in the outcome.
  • Getting paid great amounts of money means you're providing great service to humanity. That's why they call it money!
  • RT @danctheduck A successful indie game is like winning the lottery. Spending wildly while thinking "Oh, I'll just win again next time" underestimate luck.
  • @Kyonite Thanks for playing it!
  • Tim says I should practice my mystery-in-games talk in front of an audience. Maybe I can set up a tip jar and PowerPoint in a BART station.

Jun 29

  • @vogon @mcclure111 My favorite text encoding scheme is the Bayesian AI that guesses what you'd've said if you used more bits.
  • Making an interesting game out of Tic Tac Toe: mathwithbaddrawings...
  • @YouOldSoAndSo I see the 3D Tic Tac Toe team took the the Pick-a-Dilly Pair methodology of making a boring game interesting.
  • Don't forget, for Frog Fractions assistance, call the Twinbeard hotline at (469) BEA-RDS4! Ask your parents before you call.
  • @notalentcombo Was this your question? We'll be sure to add it to the FAQ!
  • RT @manveerheir Deleted my original tweet, not because I said the wrong thing, but literally because I don't want to give that article more hits. It's trash
  • @CobDole @MarioMarathon Twitch deletes old archives automatically unless you check a box to keep them. I hope that's not what's happening...
  • Vihart does an awesome job explaining twelve-tone serial composition and its cultural context.

Jun 30

  • RT @Laroquod So back when Google asked bloggers to check off whether their blogs had adult content, that was basically a 'please fuck me over' checkmark.
  • Reminder: Google will not only delete its own services, it will buy existing services in order to delete them.
  • This Scandinavian Light Rye is too delicious to fit in the bread maker.
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