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Ugh, stop twitching
august 2013 microblog digest
minutiae Posted 2014-06-22 06:33:57 by Jim Crawford
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Aug 01

  • They have a walk-in model of the new BART cars at MacArthur. Apparently they'll be made of unfinished plywood.
  • @eeJonathan Well it was in the hair on the top of my head, so that wouldn't really help. Also it was still attached to the lamp.
  • @eeJonathan It's really not that bad. Here's a photo to give you some perspective.
  • @fiskmeshi It makes me say something from this list.
  • @eeJonathan [Slowly turns to shine in your face.]
  • I like, but am also slightly appalled, that some troll has added "Don't tase me, bro!" to this list.
  • @silentbicycle I was disappointed that List of Lists of Lists of Lists was deleted as vandalism.
  • I'll take a dozen.
  • @RandomOutput "Bug juuuuice!"!
  • RT @otterborealis I have been playing this game called Frog Fractions for quite a lot of time and it is so peculiar and fantastic and frustrating
  • "It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed. Bred for its skills in magic."
  • @RandomOutput Man, that ! was supposed to be part of the URL. Joke ruined!
  • . @illustruction @jonginn My favorite is how he takes 5 seconds out of the 90-second pitch to explain that there'll be 3 difficulty levels.
  • RT @vectorpoem_txt Single Moms Walking Away From Explosions
  • @fullbright @chrisremo @sarahargodale I'm pretty sure any Linux Kernel developer would run screaming from that screen.
  • @fullbright @chrisremo @sarahargodale Give 'em the same thing in a text editor with code folding in it, though, and: no problem.
  • Know what my favorite part of any game is? When I've just figured out an idea, then the game takes a minute to explictly spell out the idea.
  • May as well have the Super Guide go ahead and do the thing for me, because you've just destroyed any illusion that I'm doing anything real.
  • Know what's more desirable than a hey-you-dummy tutorial? A game-breaking bug. When I work around bugs at least I'm *solving a real problem*
  • Nintendo EAD has a history of masterfully integrating tutorial and gameplay. Then 15, 20 years ago they decided to be garbage at it instead.
  • @TronKnotts @Fengxii The new Luigi's Mansion. Haven't played Pikmin 3 yet. The most egregious offender by far has been Skyward Sword.
  • @TronKnotts @Fengxii Skyward Sword in particular was so off-puttingly handholdy that I didn't even make it into the first dungeon.
  • @frank0127 If only the game realized this.
  • @fullbright I like a lot.
  • @TronKnotts @Fengxii Maybe that you're not yet dead inside?
  • The source code to Second Reality, released on its 20th anniversary.
  • @mcclure111 "Attach to wrong side of the cloth."
  • @Marwood Yeah. There's no shadebobs directory! I guess between Unreal and Second Reality, they went out of vogue.
  • @Marwood I was just looking at that! Amused that they namecheck Desert Dreams and Comanche explicitly.
  • He's not doing the sneak-up posture or anything. I think kitty just wanted to ride a horse.
  • @IvanDashSmith @TronKnotts @Fengxii Pushmo was *so bad*. When I show it to people, I start them on World 2 and they grasp it immediately.
  • @vectorpoem Finally, I understand what that song is about!

Aug 02

  • @IvanDashSmith @TronKnotts @Fengxii And when the game unpauses you've lost all momentum and fall straight down.
  • This is where we are, now, as a species. "Google 'Pressure Cookers' and 'Backpacks,' Get a Visit from the Cops."
  • RT @CodeSavage @mogwai_poet Time to start Googling all sorts of things. "Sir, do you know how to make a lawnmower quiche bomb?"
  • @CodeSavage "Did you mean: /lawn mower/ quiche bomb"? Thanks to that extra space, look how many more people I can terrorize!
  • "This song isn't accidentally pro-rape; the song is actively trying to convince you that rape is no big deal. " tacticaltherapy.blo...
  • RT @ID_AA_Carmack Virtual functions in C++ can defeat a lot of static analysis tools. The cost of late binding is more than just performance.
  • @slackerninja @ID_AA_Carmack I do deeply miss reading the technical notes from the trenches. Are you still writing consistently anywhere?
  • Nobody realized bread was edible until somebody on the spill cleanup crew accidentally licked a seagull.
  • Later, we discovered fish sticks when a freak bread and oil spill happened simultaneously.
  • @rachel_sala Otherwise, why did God make mute paraplegics so hot. AMIRITE?
  • Man, you know what's awesome? Fuckin', fragment shaders. Fragment shaders, where've you been all my life?
  • @pohungchen "HOLY SHIT THIS BIRD IS DELICIOUS." "Ugh, he's got that crumbly crap all over him. That's gross, son."
  • @Lokno Yes! I love that stuff.
  • @daemonpants Same thing, actually!

Aug 03

  • RT @necrosofty This is game development
  • Yep, nailed the feel of the newer Zelda games.
  • I asked a Gamestop clerk what the reaction to the upcoming consoles has been. Big surprise: Gamespot customers overwhelmingly prefer PS4.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: tattoo artist who specializes in tattooing a celebrity's face on your face.
  • Is this a thing? In the UK, is "people interested in trains" shorthand for most pathetic possible loser? butterfliesandwheel...
  • 8-letter max town name in New Leaf? Someone shake the the NOA localization team awake before they drift off the freeway.
  • . @LouisGorenfeld Perfect analogy. I'll just end my town name with "~1".
  • @illustruction Joneston... doesn't quite have the same ring, does it?
  • @alexgriendling Is that David Schwimmer? He looks young for his age, but I'm not sure he can pull off six-year-old.
  • @illustruction Hm. No "List of small town massacres" on Wikipedia. Maybe you're the one to write it!
  • @NotJoOrdinary Yes, but as I recall it was about heroin and not actually trains?
  • @daemonpants Yeah, okay, how does that stuff work?

Aug 04

  • Referring to these two interface concepts as "save" and "autosave" is just reinforcing the status quo.
  • How about we stop calling it "autosave" and start calling it what it is: "not throwing your user's data in the garbage"?
  • And similarly, "save" is just a variant of undo designed by an idiot, where you have to keep pressing the button to tell it to *not* undo.
  • (Presumably the same guy who keeps making web sign-up interfaces with checkboxes labeled "Don't refrain from unsubscribing.")
  • @piesaac That sort of marker interface has value, but it doesn't have to come at the expense of losing your data if you forget to not-undo.

Aug 05

  • Lossy compression, ladies and gentlemen. "Xerox scanners/photocopiers randomly alter numbers in scanned documents"

Aug 06

  • @silentbicycle Yeah, it seems like there must be more to it than that.
  • Quick, make a game in this awesome style before it gets totally stale! madeinhexels.tumblr...
  • @jvdgoot Vohexels? Hexolves? Xboxone?
  • @jvdgoot That's the name now. Maybe there already was a name for it, but we have a new better name now. Sorry, everybody else!
  • "Clean plate" rules make you fat. parenting.blogs.nyt...
  • @yumtacos Yeah, I think the problem is in part that this particular kind of lossy compression leads to replacement of entire glyphs.
  • @biphenyl I want to ask for to-go containers at the start of the meal so I can put half the food in there but then I wonder if that's weird.
  • Now that I live next door to the purported best Mexican food in the east bay, I guess I should develop a taste for Norcal-style Mexican.
  • "Super burrito?" Why is there rice in this? What year is it? Is this milk still good?
  • After the ice-cream truck playing "The Entertainer" goes out of earshot, I like that I can pretend it moves on to other ragtime classics.
  • @daemonpants
  • . @benprunty @Disasterpeace Tell 'em to rip samples out of this.
  • @chrisremo @vanaman @jbeaman In my experience people making bad games are never surprised when you think their game is bad. They just nod.
  • @daemonpants It's great except for the walk to/from Fruitvale BART at night.
  • Whose idea was it that I get your custody battle vendetta bullshit on my emergency alert system?
  • @daemonpants Gordo or Cactus?
  • @bmau_ro I remember the JP-8000. That was right after Roland realized "Hey wait, people still like analog-style synths."
  • @NotJoOrdinary That's the excuse they use to give the entire state of California a simultaneous heart attack, I'm sure.
  • @NotJoOrdinary Huh, is the idea that he set the fire?
  • Texts from ZZT. unlawfulinvisibles....
  • Heading over to Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday) co-working at The MADE.

Aug 07

  • "HTTPS Hackable In 30 Seconds"
  • I guess making Apple immune to patents is Obama's idea of addressing the software patent problem. bits.blogs.nytimes....
  • @bvpeck Also in Geometry Wars and Super Hexgaon. Time slows down when you're constantly on the verge of death.
  • Jason Rohrer writes about self-defense in the land of the steroid-addled pit-bulls. thecastledoctrine.n...
  • Beauty in the confluence of the natural and the artificial.
  • @antumbral @necrosofty The genre name only came about after Castlevania became like Metroid, so I guess that makes sense?
  • @mcclure111 @necrosofty @antumbral Yeah, you're right, Metroid never had the loop drops, e.g.
  • Yep, my house is pretty ballin'.
  • @polpo Mayyybe. Yes. Maybe.

Aug 08

  • Carmack's Quakecon talk about the history and current state of rendering tech. A very good layman's overview.

Aug 09

Aug 10

  • Everybody in this photo is really happy to be working on artificial fecal transplants.
  • @LorenBednar Did you kids call that a "transplant"? Maybe that's a local dialect.
  • Guess who has motivation to ensure as few people as possible are financially comfortable enough to make this choice?
  • Kids aren't the digital natives. The digital natives are over 30.
  • (I do take issue with the idea that the problem is with the people who don't make computers their whole lives. The problem is bad UX.)
  • @wavenger Wish your kid was 8 or 14 already so I could give you advice! Pretty sure said advice will be obsolete when the time comes.

Aug 12

  • Beep. This dog will self-destruct in 12 years.
  • Can't-fail startup idea of the day: novelty vacuum cleaner that repeats the first 2.5 measures of "Dixieland" instead of a monotonous whir.
  • "US to cut back minimum sentences for some drug offences." Cautiously optimistic over here!

Aug 13

  • Hunger Games summer camp is ready for your kids! "'I will probably kill you first,' she said. 'I might stab you.'"
  • @limbclock This is why we commemorate their memory with a line of novelty vacuum cleaners.
  • Man, I guess they've got a roomful of writers working on Breaking Bad anyway, they can tell this story too.
  • I guess pan meaning "all" is Greek but meaning bread is Latin. But "pancreas" as "sweetbread" comes from "all flesh"? Is that a coincidence?
  • Also, "'follow with a camera,' 1913 shortening of panoramic in panoramic camera (1878)." I'm learning more than I bargained for.
  • Also, "'pancreas used as food' 1560s, from sweet (adj.); the -bread element may be from Old English bręd 'flesh.'" Pan-pan, then.
  • Pan-pan. If you're willing to cross the Greek/Latin streams. THE ALL-BREAD.
  • @JoshGrimmer Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  • "Russia Interior Minister confirms Olympic athletes will be arrested under anti-gay law."
  • @dmmfix Not according to!
  • Game Music Bundle 5, including the Frog Fractions soundtrack:
  • My favorite Twinbeard fan mail so far:
  • On my way to Tuesday (and sometimes Thursday) co-working at The MADE.

Aug 14

  • @LiaSae That's what I'm here for!
  • Humble Origin Bundle makes it easy to play the good Dead Space but a pain to play the one that's garbage. The Invisible Hand, hard at work!

Aug 15

  • Icarus Proudbottom Teaches Typing is great. Also, somebody ran a "subversive edutainment" contest and nobody told me?
  • Sometimes a toot is good enough.
  • Game jam theme:
  • @pattheflip New game jam theme! Make every Half-Life sequel in one weekend.
  • "I got rid of gratuities at my restaurant, and our service only got better."
  • @louroboros Once I lent my 360 to a Far Cry 2 launch party. I felt pretty good about doing it until they gave me a tote bag as compensation.
  • @mrasmus I did not know about Shapeways. This is slightly mind-blowing.
  • @mrasmus I'm still at the part where the nice thing is that you can turn 3D models into physical objects.
  • "Google has made it clear that people who use Gmail should not expect their messages to remain private." sanfrancisco.cbsloc...
  • I can't think of a more Spelunky ending for my run at today's daily challenge:

Aug 17

  • @PurpleMFTW I wanted to make an actually educational game and enter that!
  • "An airplane flying through colored fog"
  • @AmyDentata I know, right?!
  • @YouOldSoAndSo It's up to us to bring fog in games back as a cool thing.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Man, I miss when rhythm games were a cool thing.
  • @watsonwelch Writing tried too hard in parts, but I liked it a lot! I'm annoyed nobody told me about the "subversive edutainment" contest.
  • @YouOldSoAndSo Rhythm Heaven is a cool thing, but it's not a "cool thing," if you see what I mean.
  • @watsonwelch I put all my points into Swagger.
  • So who am I meeting up with at PAX/PAX Dev? Make plans now, because my phone will probably still be screwy.
  • Gen-Y whistleblowers are the first to grow up in an era when employer loyalty is a joke. Shit's just getting started.
  • The enemy AI in Gunhouse turns out to map well to a state machine. I've never thought a classical FSM was a good idea for anything before.
  • @silentbicycle I've been keeping an eye out for a project I want to do that fits Erlang. Haven't built any telecom infrastructures lately.
  • @silentbicycle I read that! It was fascinating and also somewhat discouraging.
  • @silentbicycle I'm intrigued by the architecture Carmack laid out in his recent Quakecon keynote for pure functional game code, though.
  • @silentbicycle I don't know if I could learn it like that. If I'm not forced to do it the hard way, I'm gonna do it the easy way.
  • @silentbicycle Right, so the timeline would probably be: 1. Try erlang the easy way; 2. Goes down in flames; 3. "Erlang sucks!"
  • @silentbicycle Ha ha man, that reminds me, my sister's a linguistics major and I tried to help her with her Prolog homework once.
  • @silentbicycle I was trying to think of a punchline for that story but really, the punchline is the look on my face.
  • @silentbicycle I used to solve problems the cool way for its own sake. At my age, I need to at least be able to *pretend* users will care.
  • @silentbicycle Right, all I'm saying is, that's why I haven't learned it *already*. I haven't found a project that's a good match.

Aug 18

Aug 19

  • Is it just me or is it utterly ridiculous that I keep these things around the house?
  • @daphaknee I agree, but sometimes I think *that's* ridiculous.
  • They were testing the fences for weaknesses, systematically. They remember.
  • Hey, people who don't play video games (much), I have a new video game to show you next time I am at your house. thefullbrightcompan...
  • . @TomBurnsRogers I've tried having non-gamers play first-person games. It doesn't work, like, at all. Better coached than never.
  • @daemonpants I don't know your wife specifically, but I would guess that wives in general would be!
  • @zusty Great job on this, for serious. I am really impressed.

Aug 20

  • Gotta hand it to Naughty Dog. The Last of Us is the first game to make me ask "That's all the dudes? I expected to shoot way more dudes."
  • There's still the issue of me and an unarmed child repeatedly taking down entire towns full of armed militiamen, but, baby steps.
  • RT @dustbusta @mogwai_poet "Not that many dudes!" - Jim Crawford. 4 Stars.
  • . @dustbusta Get it down to zero dudes and you get the fifth star. Make the entire game about an 11-year old wandering the empty wasteland.
  • Ha ha oh man, remember the time the NSA confused Egypt with Washington D.C. and wiretapped the whole city? Hijinx!
  • @PBmajesty THANKS
  • Frictional's Thomas Grip wrote an excellent analysis of what it takes to do a good job making a storytelling game. frictionalgames.blo...
  • . @BROrayn I'm convinced that the ethos games grew up on, exclusion of the unworthy, is why it's not now the premier storytelling medium.
  • @BROrayn Yeah, I like both things a lot too!
  • @BROrayn Thanks, by the way!

Aug 21

  • On my way to Tuesday co-working at The MADE.
  • Joel is another murderous sociopath avatar you're inexplicably supposed to sympathize with. Except this time Naughty Dog did it on purpose.
  • Like, it's in the script. I'd almost call it satire if not for the utter sincerity of the string section during the final gameplay sequence.
  • @ThemsAllTook Yeah, she was genuinely likable.

Aug 22

  • Trained musicians do a better job predicting music competition winners when given video footage than audio.
  • Yep, 10+ years after Ico I am totally down to play a game that so shamelessly bites Ico's style.
  • @pazuzuplus @CPriestman Are they related? Is Sony publishing this to assuage the people who bought a PS3 for TLG and never got it?
  • Dragon's Crown's art, in context:
  • . @LouisGorenfeld Once I saw a co-worker edit a function, adding 6 blank lines to the end. He just left them there. I was screaming inside.

Aug 23

  • @TomSmizzle For a while this was my plan for Frog Fractions 2. Now I have a different plan. Maybe.
  • @cryptoguyal Funny thing, I *was* just eyeing this page:
  • "We were both sensations to each other. So, as long as I can tickle a few, I am only gone from myself. Not from you."
  • RT @Livelyivy A reviewer's 2 daughters played Gravity Ghost and this is what happened: ...and now I'm dying of cuteness.
  • RichieX sez: do one thing and do it well: commons.wikimedia.o...
  • "Six lessons for creating believable female characters" (Summary: write a human being.)
  • @Marwood He's a real mensch.
  • @JollyMrJones Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  • RT @vogon scoop: possibly the most morally-unambiguous issue in the life of Chelsea Manning right now is calling her the name she wants to be known by
  • @hoskingc Agreed! Although I'd contend that writing an accidentally-male female character beats writing a character based on female tropes.
  • Chelsea Manning hid her gender identity because she was advised that it'd result in a lighter sentence.
  • @ForneusLex I agree with you, but it seems like you're arguing that it was fear of transphobia rather than fear of a harsher sentence?
  • @ForneusLex I think one of these things is a subset of the other thing.
  • @ForneusLex Huh, I hadn't noticed that there wasn't a source. Is this The Guardian's blog section or what?

Aug 24

  • RT @abditum So I wasn't allowed in a Google Hangout. Realized the URL said "&authuser=0". Changed it to "&authuser=1" and got in. #Security
  • RT @abditum inb4 I get charged under the CFAA for modifying a link to enter a chat I was invited to.
  • Cops coerce false murder confession out of teenager; city sues defense attorney for taking too long to free her.
  • @cryptoguyal Amazing, thank you for that story :)
  • RT @cryptoguyal @mogwai_poet Playing last pm, my 9 yr old hit a lifetime laughter peak, & papa got to extol Zorkmids' deep virtue :)

Aug 25

  • I played Rock Band drums a bunch today and the Nintendo 3DS pedometer thinks I walked 16000 steps. Stickin' it to the man!

Aug 26

  • Finally! A space for I and others who define themselves by what they are not to endlessly discuss what we are not.
  • RT @dry_hugs more discussion abt the ethicality of ad-blocking this morning, so if i may: perpetuating the ad-driven internet economy is what's unethical
  • So is there a word for when a statement isn't a spoiler until somebody complains that it's a spoiler?
  • RT @c_nich It's not disturbing b/c it kills rats, it's disturbing b/c it's how humans kill themselves.

Aug 27

  • It looks like an occasional all-nighter is actually *way* better for you losing 1-2 hours a night regularly.
  • @Pandawlf I find I am happier not considering getting up at a certain time as success, instead considering getting enough sleep as success.
  • @Pandawlf "We do more after midnight than most people do all day."
  • @Pandawlf I guess the question becomes: is your productivity more or less important than theirs? I'd imagine the answer changes day to day.
  • Take note: I won't be at Tuesday co-working at The MADE this Tuesday or next.

Aug 28

  • @Archfriend Hm, you've piqued my interest and I'm not aware of the game you mean. Do you have a link?
  • RT @bengrue Preparing for my PAX DEV panel on Thursday. Myself, @mogwai_poet, @antumbral and @Ouren talking about PSM one year into it being public.
  • On my way to PAX Dev. Anybody planning game jams over the next week? Anybody want to grab dinner?
  • @codemastermm Which room? (Not that I'd know what it is anyway.)
  • @vogon @christinelove What can I say, some of us are just good people and also have good taste in people!
  • @singing_pigs Neither did I until @bengrue invited me to speak on a panel.
  • @singing_pigs Yeah, I'll be around!
  • @singing_pigs No booth but I'll be showing the new thing I'm working on informally. Remind me to swing by closer to those days!
  • RT @KenJennings Want to feel old? Frances Bean Cobain turns 40 this year.
  • @deviever It just takes a mental switch flip to make it *more* funny, and in fact every glitch game hilarious.
  • @deviever Hm. I think I'm going to have to see what you mean for myself. Also, thanks so much!
  • @deviever SR3's intro? Because that's how I felt about SR3's intro.
  • @deviever Looking forward to it!
  • Seattle, you sure have a lot of spiders and no sidewalks.
  • @UndeadManWalkin I think they learned that trick. They don't hang around at foot level!
  • @pohungchen That's the plan! Some sidewalks might help.
  • @silentbicycle ... you think they ate them?
  • @silentbicycle I will observe and report back.

Aug 29

  • RT @Flanlord @C418 @dannyBstyle @Demruth @BigGiantCircles @mogwai_poet @tylerglaiel and Dan Rosas protecting the galaxy in...(1/2)
  • Preparing for the PSM panel at PAX Dev. Preparing in the bathroom.
  • @Teknobabel It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken. So to speak.

Aug 30

  • I wonder if I should just write "ask me about Frog Fractions" on my forehead in magic marker for PAX.
  • @DMZilla Yep, in Seattle til Tuesday.
  • Aww man, leave it to @bengrue to ruin it by reminding me that face tattoos have "white power" connotations.
  • @zusty And I'll deserve it.
  • On my way to the Indie Megabooth party by way of the Destructoid party. This weekend is going to be exhausting, isn't it?
  • @rachel_sala Telesurgery?
  • Been following Adam Rippon around for half an hour. I'm pretty sure he has no idea where we're going and we're all going to die here.
  • @pohungchen The indie megabooth party. Not sure for how long though!
  • RT @bengrue On a Fetch Quest for booth supplies with @mutekicorp and @mogwai_poet. Purple cubes are Epic drops?

Aug 31

  • RT @Teanah Know the guy behind Frog Fractions? Got to play @mogwai_poet's next indie game tonight. #NerdCred
  • @doougle Was really cool to meet you today!
  • @bhsharp Hm, did you need to set that up specifically? I thought the PAX Dev talks were clandestine-by-design.
  • @kasavin Yeah! Was fun.
  • @bhsharp That makes sense.
  • @ShaneWatch Hey, was great meeting you yesterday!
  • @TheZotmeister The ending was supposed to be the part where you meet me in Berkeley Campus, but nobody showed!
  • @TheZotmeister I... hadn't thought of that. Now that the ARG is over I should probably remove that stuff.
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